The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 2 FINISHED]

The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 2 FINISHED]

by Robert Blaise

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Neave is no cultivator, and if he can have his way he never will be. His desperate struggle to free himself from his father's grasp eventually leads him to a book. A cursed tome he shouldn't have touched. After being trapped in a hellish time loop for umpteen years, he is finally free. 

Oblivious to the horrors he had dragged outside. 

Unaware of the apocalypse he would become. 

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Robert Blaise

Robert Blaise

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83 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Dead ends ago
Chapter 2 - Cursed tome ago
Chapter 3 - Hell ago
Chapter 4 - Eternity ago
Chapter 5 - Overwhelm ago
Chapter 6 - Body Count ago
Chapter 7 - Paradigm ago
Chapter 8 - Madness ago
Chapter 9 - Potential ago
Chapter 10 - Foundation ago
Chapter 11 - Might ago
Chapter 12 - Transcendence ago
Chapter 13 - Reaper ago
Chapter 14 - Suspension Bridge ago
Chapter 15 - Shinier Chains ago
Chapter 16 - Petty Report ago
Chapter 17 - Mischief ago
Chapter 18 - Denial ago
Chapter 19 - Echoes ago
Chapter 20 - Ripples ago
Chapter 21 - Slime ago
Chapter 22 - Apocalypse ago
Chapter 23 - Martyr ago
Chapter 24 - Gabrias ago
Chapter 25 - Decay ago
Chapter 26 - Miscalculation ago
Chapter 27 - Organs ago
Chapter 28 - Experimentation ago
Chapter 29 - Convergence ago
Chapter 30 - Breakthrough ago
Chapter 31 - Dreams ago
Chapter 32 - Snowball ago
Chapter 33 - Bite ago
[BOOK 1 FINALE] Chapter 34 - Anarchy ago
[BOOK 2] Chapter 1 - Void ago
Chapter 2 - Interference ago
Chapter 3 - Metal Pipe ago
Chapter 4 - Ultimate Prodigy ago
Chapter 5 - Spirit Realm ago
Chapter 6 - Domain ago
Chapter 7 - Decoration ago
Chapter 8 - Apex Prey ago
Chapter 9 - Extinguish ago
Chapter 10 - No Weakness, No Limit, No compromise ago
Chapter 11 - Decree ago
Chapter 12 - Grass ago
Chapter 13 - Laboratory ago
Chapter 14 - Cannibalism ago
Chapter 15 - Inconvenience ago
Chapter 16 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 17 - Deathmatch ago
Chapter 18 - Dance Battle ago
Chapter 19 - Rift ago
Chapter 20 - Crimson ago
Chapter 21 - Eternal grudge ago
Chapter 22 - Four Sects ago
Chapter 23 - Serpent Mother ago
Chapter 24 - Salvation ago
Chapter 25 - Overcooked ago
Chapter 26 - First Disciple ago
Chapter 27 - Myth ago
Chapter 28 - Fallout ago
Chapter 29 - Shadow of Calamity ago
Chapter 30 - Punishment ago
Chapter 31 - Forgiveness ago
Chapter 32 - Tenacity ago
Chapter 33 - Hero ago
Chapter 34 - Illusion ago
Chapter 35 - Eyes Wide Open ago
Chapter 36 - Options ago
Chapter 37 - Ecosystem ago
Chapter 38 - Godslayer ago
Chapter 39 - Hosolar ago
Chapter 40 - The Plan ago
Chapter 41 - Food Chain ago
Chapter 42 - Ally ago
Chapter 43 - Crossroads ago
Chapter 44 - Mighty Glass Shrub ago
Chapter 45 - Oopsie ago
Chapter 46 - Unholy Abomination ago
Chapter 47 - Glass Golem ago
[BOOK 2 FINALE] Chapter 48 - Grand Crusade ago

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Public nuisance

If there was a tag for bat shit insane mc this would be it's rightful owned


Random auto sentence time:

I have high functioning autism and I have been banned from the school and I have been banned from the site and I have to be a part of an online terrorist organisation to help me find a manga where the protagonist has a better understanding of the retard and the majority said one of these days was the only thing I had no hot water 


I love this story. From the moment I read there was a time look in the synopsis I knew I had to read it. There aren't many good stories that tackle them, and even less with enough chapters to satisfy me. But this story manages both. 

One of the things I worried about was the transition out of the loop, because usually the protagonist is so powerful that things tend to fly by or character's we get to know before or during become forgotten. However it is handled well here and I realy like the rest of the story and where it's headed despite the loop being my initial reason to read.

So hurry up and read it


Fantastic character that has been built here. The MC starts out as the son of a powerful cultivator who hates cultivation and views cultivators as stupid and violence as not a solution to problems. This changes as he goes insane after being trapped in a time loop where he masters the ability to manipulate life energy to a degree in which the strongest his world has cannot match as well as gain an ability which allows him to break free of his impossible to escape time loop.

The MC has a broken sense of morality and believes that his previous beliefs weren't wrong but can only be brought to the world through force and seems to have that as a late-game goal. 

That as well as the subjugation of the Gods and anhiliation of Demons as the latter were responsible for the eternity he spent within the time loop.

One of the few natural cultivation novels that I have seen made by an English-speaking writer. I personally hate cultivation novels that try to emulate a Chinese background that they don't understand so I'm refreshed to see that they didn't try that but have adapted a cultivation system that has its own background and lore.


The MC is truly insane and lacks any sort of morality and is only barely kept from his more extreme impulses by other characters. Examples include him being stopped from executing someone who was making noise while unconscious during a trial (he put the guy in the spirit trial) for being too loud which has demonstrated that he doesn't think too deeply and tends to act on his intrusive thoughts without a second thought.



The loop started in a very abrupt way and the author managed properly portrayed the main characters mental state and how it changed over the course of many chapters. Out of the loop the sequence of events, everyone's reaction and the ensuing chaos was very well written and foreshadowing suggests that he author has a clear picture of where he wants this all to go. It was a captivating experience reading so far and I'm excited to see how the story moves forward. Also the supporting characters are also nicely fleshed-out. It's a good read. 


This story is very well done. It keeps a quick pace, avoids being annoying, and has many creative aspects in a cultivation world. The MC is not a standard xinxia character and while the world has some familiar tropes, it avoids being misery porn in any way. The time loop and the power progression are great and the handful of alternate POV tend to be quite purposeful. There is a certain degree of anime or LN feel to things, but the story is fresh enough that it isn't a problem. Being a bit vague to avoid spoilers about how it is different. If you're combing RR seeking that next gem, this just might be it!


Ok I'm conflicted. I normally don't really like the anti hero storyline, they just seem to be an excuse for the hero to act evil. That being said this story is fascinating. 

  The MC is under the influence of an eldritch being. and can rightly say to not be in his right mind. I'm hoping he gets to clear that influence and maybe grow as a character.

Patryk Rys

Okay, I will admit it, it took me by suprise.

Start of this novel was like... Typical xianxia lightnovel, with somewhat asshole MC and his depressed op father... The start of the loop, also not impressive, I tought it will also be typical loop, with hur dur few chapters of harships and then boom op mc.

Don't get me wrong, it is KINDA what happened, but there was so much more...

But dayum, what happened later, is beyond what I had ever read anywhere. The dread, the horror of loop, the insane descent to the madness and all the psychological almost impossible changes in our MC. Impossible? Just very not probable, but if you have infinite monkeys and give them infinite time and writing keyboard, some monkey by random will finally write a Helmet from Szakespear. And our MC got... Lets say almost infinite time, and we, as humans, are not supposed to life for that long, so his mind just... Broke. But it broke in most satysfying way.


And holy shit, I still have nightmares about what he found in this cursed cave. When you will read it, you will know what I mean.

I havent feel dread like that in long time. I really Hope that second book will hold up to that and will not change to typical xianxia cultivation... I really hope for even more insanity from our MC. And this insanity is kinda bad ass, ngl.


First 3 chapters. 3/5 next 80% of the novel 5/5. 



Cultivation time loop story. MC is justifiably driven insane by his adventures in a truly hellish timeloop. He starts out a little cracked after the time loop and slowly gets driven even crazier.

Now I don't find the MC likeable which normally isn't a problem but as his behavior becomes more and more unhinged he becomes less and less compelling which is a problem. Unlikable MCs can be compelling although it is surely difficult to make them so. The author attempts it but in my experience falls short.


I'll start out by saying I haven't read something this good in a long time. I was thinking of giving the story a less than perfect overall score because the story spent more than a few chapters where the only character was the protagonist but the story is just too good othewise.

While it did detract from the story, I couldn't bring myself to remove anything from the character or story score because I think this was an intentional move on the author's part. Not only did that part of the story serve as a buildup for future events, it also served to develop the protagonist as a character.

Not only that, I'm impressed enough at how much character development and plot events happened within the span of such few chapters that five stars feels like too little for the character and story score.

Although worldbuilding doesn't have a score I'd like to give it an honorary mention. This story manages to strike the balance between revealing enough about the world for the reader keep making guesses about what's going to be revealed next while still leaving a lot unanswered.

In terms of grammar and style I didn't notice anything off. Really I'm not the best judge on those sort of things but I can say there's nothing glaring.

For anyone thinking about reading the story but aren't completely sure I'll just say that if you like the progression fantasy genre you will absolutely like this story.


I'm always down for a good cultivation story, so I've given this one more leeway than most.

At the story's start, the main character is abrasive, stubborn, foolish, and intelligent. He then gets stuck in a time loop of sorts. All of these character traits actually become somewhat benifical in this situation. I also love time loop stories for the tension trying and failing repeatedly brings. 

He eventually frees himself from the loop, at which point he's basically the same characterwise except both powerful and insane. Which is fair considering the circumstances, but what worked for a time loop story doesn't work what ever the story is turning into. 

In my opinion, he is unlikeable, unrelatible and without motivation. Neave wants to survive, get stronger and kill some people at this point. Combined with his insane, foolish, self destructive tendencies with no indication of getting better, I was honestly more interested when he just wanted to run the library. 

There were some neat ideas, however I just can't see whatever path the author is going to take to bring this story to a satisfying  conculusion.