The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 2 FINISHED]

The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 2 FINISHED]

by Robert Blaise

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Neave is no cultivator, and if he can have his way he never will be. His desperate struggle to free himself from his father's grasp eventually leads him to a book. A cursed tome he shouldn't have touched. After being trapped in a hellish time loop for umpteen years, he is finally free. 

Oblivious to the horrors he had dragged outside. 

Unaware of the apocalypse he would become. 

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Robert Blaise

Robert Blaise

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83 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Dead ends ago
Chapter 2 - Cursed tome ago
Chapter 3 - Hell ago
Chapter 4 - Eternity ago
Chapter 5 - Overwhelm ago
Chapter 6 - Body Count ago
Chapter 7 - Paradigm ago
Chapter 8 - Madness ago
Chapter 9 - Potential ago
Chapter 10 - Foundation ago
Chapter 11 - Might ago
Chapter 12 - Transcendence ago
Chapter 13 - Reaper ago
Chapter 14 - Suspension Bridge ago
Chapter 15 - Shinier Chains ago
Chapter 16 - Petty Report ago
Chapter 17 - Mischief ago
Chapter 18 - Denial ago
Chapter 19 - Echoes ago
Chapter 20 - Ripples ago
Chapter 21 - Slime ago
Chapter 22 - Apocalypse ago
Chapter 23 - Martyr ago
Chapter 24 - Gabrias ago
Chapter 25 - Decay ago
Chapter 26 - Miscalculation ago
Chapter 27 - Organs ago
Chapter 28 - Experimentation ago
Chapter 29 - Convergence ago
Chapter 30 - Breakthrough ago
Chapter 31 - Dreams ago
Chapter 32 - Snowball ago
Chapter 33 - Bite ago
[BOOK 1 FINALE] Chapter 34 - Anarchy ago
[BOOK 2] Chapter 1 - Void ago
Chapter 2 - Interference ago
Chapter 3 - Metal Pipe ago
Chapter 4 - Ultimate Prodigy ago
Chapter 5 - Spirit Realm ago
Chapter 6 - Domain ago
Chapter 7 - Decoration ago
Chapter 8 - Apex Prey ago
Chapter 9 - Extinguish ago
Chapter 10 - No Weakness, No Limit, No compromise ago
Chapter 11 - Decree ago
Chapter 12 - Grass ago
Chapter 13 - Laboratory ago
Chapter 14 - Cannibalism ago
Chapter 15 - Inconvenience ago
Chapter 16 - Recruitment ago
Chapter 17 - Deathmatch ago
Chapter 18 - Dance Battle ago
Chapter 19 - Rift ago
Chapter 20 - Crimson ago
Chapter 21 - Eternal grudge ago
Chapter 22 - Four Sects ago
Chapter 23 - Serpent Mother ago
Chapter 24 - Salvation ago
Chapter 25 - Overcooked ago
Chapter 26 - First Disciple ago
Chapter 27 - Myth ago
Chapter 28 - Fallout ago
Chapter 29 - Shadow of Calamity ago
Chapter 30 - Punishment ago
Chapter 31 - Forgiveness ago
Chapter 32 - Tenacity ago
Chapter 33 - Hero ago
Chapter 34 - Illusion ago
Chapter 35 - Eyes Wide Open ago
Chapter 36 - Options ago
Chapter 37 - Ecosystem ago
Chapter 38 - Godslayer ago
Chapter 39 - Hosolar ago
Chapter 40 - The Plan ago
Chapter 41 - Food Chain ago
Chapter 42 - Ally ago
Chapter 43 - Crossroads ago
Chapter 44 - Mighty Glass Shrub ago
Chapter 45 - Oopsie ago
Chapter 46 - Unholy Abomination ago
Chapter 47 - Glass Golem ago
[BOOK 2 FINALE] Chapter 48 - Grand Crusade ago

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Thus far, the story has followed a young boy, Neave, raised in a cultivator sect, who undergoes a hellish time-loop experience that leaves him very powerful and a little unhinged. However, as suggested by the synopsis, the loop is more prelude than actual story. This makes an early review somewhat difficult.

The time-loop arc is well-executed. Neave undergoes fairly drastic character changes, but they are spread out over a dozen chapters and read as a natural, even inevitable consequence of his circumstances. The action scenes are exciting. While Neave ends up a little crazy, he isn't sociopathic or anything, which is a far too common trope among TR stories.

Only a few chapters have been written outside the loop so far, but they are promising. Various secondary characters have gotten glimmers of backstory and development even these few action-packed chapters, and it seems the author has given some thought to the wider world. Neave is very powerful but not overwhelmingly so, giving opportunities for meaningful conflicts. 

If you enjoyed The Menocht Loop (before the MC fucked off of the mortal plane and the story went to shit), then this story seems to have a similar structure, depth, and high quality of writing. I recommend it if you enjoy any RR cultivation stories, although if you're in it solely for the time-loop then you'll be disappointed.



Before I get into this I just want to epress how happy I am this story didn't turn out to become one of the edgy "everyone is evil" *proceeds to murder the entire planet I get that there is an appeal to that kind of story but I'm sooo happy the author let the characters develop at least a bit. Even though he said he's not good at it I feel like during the second volume it really showed that the author tried to improve and managed to do so.

Yeah as the title says this story is just plain fun as of right now, everytime Neave starts experimenting with stuff it feels like you're discovering something new together with him and it makes me giddy with excitement every time, you'd think the power system isn't anything new/amazing since it's literally just a xianxia world but the twist the author put in the formula just makes everything much more exciting, sure, the concept of spirit powers has been done many times but the depth in which the author puts into it and still makes it interesting and gives you the feeling of "which power's he gona find next?" and I cannot stress this any more, it's just plain awesome.


This story is incredible, full stop, but the reasons it's so good can be hard to pin down. The main character is definitely a huge part of it, he evolves very rapidly in terms of personality through the first book; he doesn't start out as anything very special, although even at the start he's quite interesting, but by the end of book one he is delightfully, entertainingly insane. 

But his madness has method, fascinating method. Everything he does makes perfect sense, he isn't just randomly doing shit, it's just that the internal logic he's using is absolutely bonkers. And like I said, he's a major part of why this story is great but he is not the only reason! Madness on its own is boring; it is the surrounding world and its inhabitants that give context to his insanity and make it truly fascinating. 

All in all? This story is great, the characters are great, and it's just.

Man this story is just fun as hell to read.


This is one of these novels where the quality of the writing is a step above what I normally expect from these webnovels, and usually that means it only updates weekly.

This novel somehow is that good with daily updates. 

About the story:

The premise and source of power for the protagonist was really well done. Sometimes it's just one or two chapters in the beginning of these kinds of novels but here the novel spends a lot of time actually establishing the gravity of the situation and why it is that traumatic.

As for the rest, the slight madness results in a protagonist that, in my opinion, is acting really cool but still does unexpected stuff because of his madness.

Temet Nosce

Excellent timeloop, but book 2 is a problem

Reviewed at: Chapter 7 - Decoration

I don't generally write reviews, and this won't be much of one - I just wanted to say that I'm disappointed in where this went after the first book. The time loop was very well written in general, and while the parts before and after had issues, it was still in the realm of a good rewrite with an editor fixing it. Unfortunately the second book is one of the largest drops I've seen in a while. With the character by chapter three using memes as jokes, behaving similarly to a social media influencer. There's no explanation given for it, it makes no sense in context, it doesn't follow from his prior behavior.


I suppose all I can say is that if the author maintained the level of writing seen in the time loop section, this would be among the best stories on the site. As is, I can only encourage them to write more such in the future.


As I read the first chapter I fell in love with this book, lol, you hardly find good, well written, time loop stories out there but this one has it. The characters have depth and personality which is rare for a cultivation novel,  they are understandable and even relatable in some cases.  The world itself is done just right, you are given information but not too much information, it leaves you with an idea and a need to know more.  Overall, I'm enjoying this and look forward for more exciting and interesting content. 


I'm not skilled at writing reviews and voicing my opinions so this will be fluffy but whatever.

This book has been very enjoyable so far and I expect it to continue that way. I like the craziness and unexpectedness with the mc. I like the weirdness/uniqueness of the power system in this novel, more so referring to the spirit trials. I like the stuff going on behind the scenes and the possible showdowns/opportunities/ whatever else you wanna call it being setup.

Now that I've hopefully reached the word limit l hope this dinky little review hides in some dark corners to never be seen.


Good job tho author :) ๐Ÿ‘


I thought, this was sick. Every free moment that I haven't had to do something important, I've read this. I've read stuff where the fights drag, or I just don't like the characters or don't get why they're doing what they're doing. None of that here. 

Thank you for writing this. Can't wait for more chapters. If you're on the fence about whether to read this - I say go for it. 


This Should be how Loop Novels like

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Slime

Fun , To much Fun .

Mc is a Whinny mortal . Yet he found a book make him experience death million times but open him endless possibilities. Also this should how a Loop Novel be written : Trials,  Error , Error, Error ร—3,14 ...Success ,F*cking Harder Trials...

Although many Keep complain about mc personality (like his EarthCore like Early Stubborness) , I thought that was okay for me.

Others characters (Except the Father) is mostly obscured due to little screen time. Ps: Father Shines and very Well Written, im glad for that  So the Others.

The cultivation path here seem diff and that a Plus.

So It up to u to enjoy this wonderful piece your self . I hope this wacky review of mine help. TFTC !!!!๐ŸŒ‹๐ŸŒ‹๐ŸŒ‹๐Ÿ”ฅโšก๏ธ๐Ÿ’งโ„๏ธ


Great tragic character buildup

Reviewed at: Chapter 35 - Eyes Wide Open

A lot of character development in a "relatively" short time frame but well fleshed out.

You really feel the insanity building while reading the nether arc.

I think there was a lot of potential to be had in the zithorn sect that wasnt developed and maven development was barebone but It reads as a light novel should.

Another avid reader *chained* to this webnovel. Binged in 2 days.


 With love, and until the next chapter