The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 1 COMPLETE]

The Jester of Apocalypse [BOOK 1 COMPLETE]

by Robert Blaise

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The martial path of death and destruction. 


Now, the only way out.


Back to where monsters, gods, devils and ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ bring forth their calamities. 


A superior apocalypse is about to arrive. 

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Robert Blaise

Robert Blaise

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Starts decently but goes off the rails

Reviewed at: [BOOK 1 FINALE] Chapter 34 - Anarchy

The story starts at a decent pace and the entire loop section was enjoyable to read, but the raise in power level of the MC when he exits is so ridiculous that the only solution is to just crank the power levels of the opponents he is facing to the point of insanity (especially since the MC is continuing to gain extra power from non-standard sources). Maybe if you like that sort of thing then you'll enjoy it, but it was quickly becoming evident towards the tail end that things were going too quickly for the authour to keep a lid on things.


As I read the first chapter I fell in love with this book, lol, you hardly find good, well written, time loop stories out there but this one has it. The characters have depth and personality which is rare for a cultivation novel,  they are understandable and even relatable in some cases.  The world itself is done just right, you are given information but not too much information, it leaves you with an idea and a need to know more.  Overall, I'm enjoying this and look forward for more exciting and interesting content. 


Thus far, the story has followed a young boy, Neave, raised in a cultivator sect, who undergoes a hellish time-loop experience that leaves him very powerful and a little unhinged. However, as suggested by the synopsis, the loop is more prelude than actual story. This makes an early review somewhat difficult.

The time-loop arc is well-executed. Neave undergoes fairly drastic character changes, but they are spread out over a dozen chapters and read as a natural, even inevitable consequence of his circumstances. The action scenes are exciting. While Neave ends up a little crazy, he isn't sociopathic or anything, which is a far too common trope among TR stories.

Only a few chapters have been written outside the loop so far, but they are promising. Various secondary characters have gotten glimmers of backstory and development even these few action-packed chapters, and it seems the author has given some thought to the wider world. Neave is very powerful but not overwhelmingly so, giving opportunities for meaningful conflicts. 

If you enjoyed The Menocht Loop (before the MC fucked off of the mortal plane and the story went to shit), then this story seems to have a similar structure, depth, and high quality of writing. I recommend it if you enjoy any RR cultivation stories, although if you're in it solely for the time-loop then you'll be disappointed.


I would give this author 5 stars for his worldbuilding, character development, and insight into the psychology of what its truly like to suffer a mind shattering ordeal. But I will not give him those points because he committed what I consider to be classic sins of all LITRPG stories. 

Sin number 1: He made the protagonist edgy and wiser than everyone around him.

Sin number 2: He made the protagonist female weak and pining for Mr edgelord. 

High-school me would have eaten this book up and asked for seconds, but I'm in my thirties and I need more meat on the bone. This is no shade on the author. Honestly it's doing a wonderful job for what it is, but if your like me, looking for another book that stirs the heart and mind as well as delights the inner child; this writer needs more experience before he can tell that story. My message to the author would be: You are a wonderful writer with a great deal of promise. You think very deeply about many aspects of character development and I see in you a future writer of great caliber and success. This story wasn't for me but as your storytelling develops, I look forward to seeing what you produce. 


This Should be how Loop Novels like

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Slime

Fun , To much Fun .

Mc is a Whinny mortal . Yet he found a book make him experience death million times but open him endless possibilities. Also this should how a Loop Novel be written : Trials,  Error , Error, Error ×3,14 ...Success ,F*cking Harder Trials...

Although many Keep complain about mc personality (like his EarthCore like Early Stubborness) , I thought that was okay for me.

Others characters (Except the Father) is mostly obscured due to little screen time. Ps: Father Shines and very Well Written, im glad for that  So the Others.

The cultivation path here seem diff and that a Plus.

So It up to u to enjoy this wonderful piece your self . I hope this wacky review of mine help. TFTC !!!!🌋🌋🌋🔥⚡️💧❄️


Cultivation time loop story. MC is justifiably driven insane by his adventures in a truly hellish timeloop. He starts out a little cracked after the time loop and slowly gets driven even crazier.

Now I don't find the MC likeable which normally isn't a problem but as his behavior becomes more and more unhinged he becomes less and less compelling which is a problem. Unlikable MCs can be compelling although it is surely difficult to make them so. The author attempts it but in my experience falls short.


The first chapter was a pain to read because the author just doesn't understand proper tense use. This gets better in the following chapters but never entirely goes away.

And then the characters goes to hell in chapter three and the entire things slows to a crawl, utterly destroying any pacing the story had because the author feels the need to give far too many details on far too many loops the character goes through.

And on top of that you've got a thoroughly unlikeable main character. You kno wthe type, the unsefferable know it all with an over inflated sense of their own worth because they're "smarter" than everyone else.

The MC is supposedly 11 but really acts more like a 16 years old. That shows the author does not have a good grasp of how people behave, on top of that the MC is made into a very particular brand of Mary sue, the type where horrible things happens to them just so they can show off how strong willed and better they are than other people.

TLDR: unlikeable character, horrendously paced and in dire need of an editor.


I'll start out by saying I haven't read something this good in a long time. I was thinking of giving the story a less than perfect overall score because the story spent more than a few chapters where the only character was the protagonist but the story is just too good othewise.

While it did detract from the story, I couldn't bring myself to remove anything from the character or story score because I think this was an intentional move on the author's part. Not only did that part of the story serve as a buildup for future events, it also served to develop the protagonist as a character.

Not only that, I'm impressed enough at how much character development and plot events happened within the span of such few chapters that five stars feels like too little for the character and story score.

Although worldbuilding doesn't have a score I'd like to give it an honorary mention. This story manages to strike the balance between revealing enough about the world for the reader keep making guesses about what's going to be revealed next while still leaving a lot unanswered.

In terms of grammar and style I didn't notice anything off. Really I'm not the best judge on those sort of things but I can say there's nothing glaring.

For anyone thinking about reading the story but aren't completely sure I'll just say that if you like the progression fantasy genre you will absolutely like this story.


This story is good, but quite rough around the edges. First of all, I'm glad the author fixed the tense and 3rd person issues. Very jarring to swap between present/past and 1st/3rd person. However, I believe that there are still problems that need to be refined.

First of all, the beginning. Way too much time is spent in the infinite time loop. I got to the fourth chapter of infinite time loop and was shocked it kept going. At one point the author lists twenty different enemies the mc must face in the time loop with paragraph long descriptions. Literally all twenty, like enemy 1: sword wielder that is tall, etc. Just skipped straight over it and missed nothing.

Secondly, the author skipped explaining the magic system. I can figure it out barely through context clues, but having him talk about "iron path" and so on without explaining if that's specifically body cultivation or just normal qi cultivation is a bit confusing. I've read like 30 cultivation novels so I can't tell how easy it would be for someone who is new.

Overall, I think the author should have gone for a much more sedate pace. The number of powers the mc has gained, his extreme personality caused by the insanity of being trapped in a time loop, and the rapid plot shifts are jarring and not very engaging. A slow burn would do much better in my mind.

MASSIVE SPOILERS ABOUT TIME LOOP: Another big issue is how 

OP he becomes. I understand he's trapped in there for trillions of years, but it's just not good story telling. I would have much preferred the time loop giving him a good foundation for when he left then he strikes it big with a little bit of time in the real world.

Not only does he become a master at fighting, he learns something called a true strike that only people at Gold can do. Even then, he learns like 1000 true strikes. This is something that not even Diamond rankers can do, the strongest on the continent. Then spends an eternity dancing, eventually learning how to do over 400 movement techniques.

He freaking learns how to teleport by accident. He then masters lifeforce manipulation, something that lets him do some more absolutely ridiculous stuff. At first, he tries mixing life force and qi (something that generates random elemental effects) in parts per hundred; so 99 parts qi, 1 part life force, then 98 parts qi, 2 parts life force. Then, he breaks the composition down into parts by hundred million and goes through all of them until he learns how to create spirit, something that can only be found in monster cores. This gives him massive OP benefits that just don't feel very interesting.

Once he finally leaves the eternal realm, he can fight and kill someone 9 stages ahead of him. He then does a number of other insane things that derails the plot and adds like 50 different abilities to his repertoire. It becomes ridiculous and tedious.

If the author wants to salvage this, I think they should go back and edit a lot of this stuff out. The true strikes, the teleportation movement techniques, and the lifeforce mastery should go out the window. Instead, the mc should get really good at fighting, learn maybe one or two true strikes (which I think shouldn't even be available yet. I think the mc should master swordsmanship and then gain a few true strikes later when he reaches silver as a benefit of his firm foundation), learn two or three movement techniques (sudden dodge, sustained movement, etc), invent a few basic qi techniques (reinforce weapon, reinforce body, etc), and finally gain strong mastery over his lifeforce that lets him heal and empower himself.


As for once he escapes the time loop, I think the author should have executed it very differently. By the end of book one we are dealing with an 11 year old child still. Even if he is mentally the oldest being alive I just don't care. 

He repeatedly does crazy and lifelong altering things. Murdering those elders for poisoning him is overboard. I understand the need and that he is crazy, but he's in such an insane rush that it just makes for bad storytelling. You would think someone who has lived for trillions of years and died billions of times via extremely agonising methods would, you know, take the slow route and do things safely.

I would have much preferred he got his footing, excelled within the sect through his teenage years, quickly reaching silver rank over, say, 50 chapters while the main plot slowly ramps up. Now, things are so chaotic and extreme I just really don't like where things have gone. Too many powers, heaps of character shifts, and just not very compelling storytellling.


Patryk Rys

Okay, I will admit it, it took me by suprise.

Start of this novel was like... Typical xianxia lightnovel, with somewhat asshole MC and his depressed op father... The start of the loop, also not impressive, I tought it will also be typical loop, with hur dur few chapters of harships and then boom op mc.

Don't get me wrong, it is KINDA what happened, but there was so much more...

But dayum, what happened later, is beyond what I had ever read anywhere. The dread, the horror of loop, the insane descent to the madness and all the psychological almost impossible changes in our MC. Impossible? Just very not probable, but if you have infinite monkeys and give them infinite time and writing keyboard, some monkey by random will finally write a Helmet from Szakespear. And our MC got... Lets say almost infinite time, and we, as humans, are not supposed to life for that long, so his mind just... Broke. But it broke in most satysfying way.


And holy shit, I still have nightmares about what he found in this cursed cave. When you will read it, you will know what I mean.

I havent feel dread like that in long time. I really Hope that second book will hold up to that and will not change to typical xianxia cultivation... I really hope for even more insanity from our MC. And this insanity is kinda bad ass, ngl.


First 3 chapters. 3/5 next 80% of the novel 5/5.