Ghost in the City: Cyberpunk Gamer SI

Ghost in the City: Cyberpunk Gamer SI

by Seras

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Night City, it's a place of endless wonders and horrors. Opportunities and dangers, but before Motoko Kusanagi can access any of them. She first has to build up enough strength to walk again. Learn the basics of living in a world that was just a game to her before. Good thing she found a Shard hidden in her stuff that opens the door of opportunity. But like all opportunities in Night City, it usually ends up in a gunfight.

Self-Insert with a modified Cyberpunk 2077 Gamer System. Not a direct Ghost in the Shell Crossover. MC just happens to share the name.

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Addictive pre-canon exploration of Night City

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

(Reviewed at chapter 29, have read more than is available here on a different website)


This is a great story with (mostly) believable characters, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next update.


The style for this story is great, just the perfect mixture of progression and worldbuilding, while not stalling out on the story aspects.


The grammar is seemingly perfect, or at least I didn't notice anything wrong with it by the time I read it, it might have been fixed by error correctors on the website I read this on, not the author before posting.


The story is exactly what I wanted basically, a solid exploration of Night City without jumping right into a canon storyline, but obviously building up to that point so the MC can intervene. Also it's pretty funny imagining someone who apparently looks like a cute little girl performing feats of badassery on par with V.


The only thing I can say negatively about the character score, is that sometimes the MC acts a little strangely and seems oddly oblivious about their capabilities/reputation, but she has some brain damage stuff going on (if The Gamer didn't fix that) so that might be an explanation, or it could just be that the author has a better handle on non-main character behavior.


A good story that seems to not have much recognition yet. It manages to depict the world of cyberpunk pretty understandably, even to someone like me who hasn't played the game and only watched 3 episodes of the anime.

The system seems pretty good and not like the protagonist is going to get powerful enough to kill all stakes anytime soon (which will hopefully stay that way).

The characters seem pretty decent, none sprung out to me as overly stereotypical or inconsistent.

The protagonist has a likeable personality and acts reasonable, I also haven't had an "oh god how could they be thsi dumb" moment, which is good.

The Updates are pretty consistent and i haven't noticed any dealbreaking spelling or grammar mistakes.

This story reminds me of Skitterdoc or Steel Waste if anyone knows those.


This new SI into the world of Cyberpunk has gotten off to a very strong start, with very little to complain about. The MC is smart and competent without it being ridiculous and Seras has done an excellent job with incorporating the essence of Cyberpunk 2077 into words.

There is an RPG (litRPG I guess) aspect with the leveling/skills/perk system from the game being adapted into story form that only the MC, Motoko, has. There are a few necessary changes from the game to make things work and I was glad to see that only the MC has the System; it would have been odd if everyone did. So far it's been the part of the story that has gotten me hooked the most: Motoko's progress to eventual queen badass of Night City.

The MC's name is Motoko Kusanagi, but it's not the actual character from Ghost in the Shell getting transmigrated, rather she's someone from our Earth who's seen the anime that happens to have the same name in the Cyberpunk world.

Seras continues to show skill with prose and flow that I saw in their previous Pokemon SI (check it out if you're interested, it's quite good). I will always admire a talented author's ability to breathe life into their characters and I've seen plenty of it here. 

I've also loved the constant updates lately, I really can't get enough of this story. If you're into self-inserts (or you're interested in trying one out) this is one to try. Even if you're not familiar with the Cyberpunk universe it's still an engrossing sci-fi!


It's good. Really good.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

I've never played or seen anything Cyberpunk related other than a little bit of Shadowrun.

This story is fire. The main character is super engaging and fun to read. The Gamer aspect is kept light. It was very easy to picture the Cyberpunk setting and, although I looked up a couple of references out of curiosity, no prior knowledge of the setting is required to enjoy this story. 

Highly recommend. 


Its The Gamer in Cyberpunk.. Done well

Reviewed at: Chapter 19

It's pretty much exactly what you'd want from a novel like this.
Overall great writing, a driven main character and a familiar but interesting system.
I love seeing how it interacts with our MC and the world around her.

I hope this story keeps going, it could be the best C2077 fic on RR.


I simply can't get enough of this. The story is both good and fun to read. Basically everything one would want from a story. 

I hope the author doesn't drop this. 


A perfect combination of 'ghost in the shell' and 'cyberpunk' both the philosophical and psychological aspects of them combined,  And juiced up with perfect action and POV switches. 

Basically a story deserving 5 stars 


Enjoying this a bunch!

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

I'm only peripherally aware of the story setting and inspirational characters, so I'll only address the writing style. >> It's refreshing!

The author has kept the story focused and hasn't introduced too many major characters or increased the scope past what the narration can support. The character progression is moving towards OP, but this is very in keeping with the genre and she is still a small fish in a small pond, with much room for both to grow.

The progression system has enough structure to support the character's increase in power, and the author has avoided weighing the reader down with too much information and stats. No Info Dumps! 

As of Ch. 18, this has been a really enjoyable story and I'm looking forward to much more!


Much better than expected

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

You might typically think that self-insert stories are just going to be another half-baked wish fulfillment story, but this one feels solid. I'm a sucker for skills that give the main character knowledge of said skill. The pacing and actions in this story feel genuine and real. Overall, it's a well-done story.


Much less a Ghost than a Wraith in the city.

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

Its not everyday you get a "real" feel style Gamer story. The SI for this story does a good job in expanding the world, and the frequent perspective shifts makes it feel alive without cramping the MC's style. The MC is genuinely powerful, but there is a sense that a lucky shot, or bad luck is going to do them in.

I dont want to talk too much about the story, so what you see here is generalized.


Story: It does have a story, that is a certainity. However it should be noted that the story presented is a mixture of the base setting for the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the Gamer trope, and a bit of something else. Putting an exact pin in it is difficult. 

For definition on the above, Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian world set in the 21st century, Corporations rule the world. A  lot has gone down over the last several decades, from more generic wars, a full apocalyptic AI scenario, etc. Im not qualified to give an overview of the story due to not having read the books, or played the game. (Unless you count me watching Edgerunners, and having a low to moderate understanding from watching videos and reading on the web.)

Check the web if you want more info. The story is definitely typical to the Cyberpunk 2077 story, and Gamer tropes. Gratefully it isnt grating, or intrusive, there are no blue screens, magic, loads of stat pages, etc. There is alot of action, mercenary jobs, and a slow, clear scaleup that feels right

The thing I like about these types of Gamer stories, is that a bullet to the head is a bullet to the head. The MC thus far does not have any capabilities that exceed what is possible inside the story, be it through cybernetics, new guns, enhanced learning capabilities, etc, it feels earned in a way. 

The use of perspective is a pretty important part of stories like these, getting an outside view on what the MC is doing, and things going on around them enables the plot to feel active, and alive. 

It also helps that the story is currently getting frequent updates and is already up past 400 pages on RR.

Style: It reads well, I can definitely get in the headspace, the idea that this is a Cyberpunk story. This can be hard to achieve, however there isnt exactly a big pool of Cyberpunk 2077 stories out there yet- but of the ones out there, this one nails it. There is a just right amount of inverse between the characters persepective and those around her to make the story feel alive and active.

The use of perspective is one that is well done, and well utilized in this story. 

Grammar: The story reads well, with little to no grammatical issues. The story is also well formatted and easy to read. Not sure what else to say on this matter, as the above covers sections of what could be considered "grammar".

Character: If you read this story, you might get the feeling the MC is a bit of a Murderhobo. Technically correct, until you realize the setting of the story is dystopian- and corporate to boot! Mercenaries, gangs, corporate wars, bioweaponry, rouge ai, slavery, etc.

Its all normal here, this world is post apocalyptic, and the majority of characters both inside the game (Cyberpunk 2077) and in the story (Ghost In The City: Cyberpunk Gamer SI), including the anime (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) agree that morality is much looser in this World. Or atleast in Night City. 

There is alot of heavy talk inside the game about concepts of personality, morality, souls, and sense of self. Cyberpsychosis, a highly debatable topic, is deadly, common, and causes frequent massacres in-universe. Corporations run mind-control experiments on the downtrodden, Psychotic murderers are utilized as special forces operatives, and that ambulence you see is full of well armed paramedics that WILL kill you if you look at them funny. Oh, and dont hope they will patch you up either, thats a premium service. Afterall, only people with money matter.

What im trying to say here, in the Character section of the review is a bit of a response to what I was seeing in the comments for a chapter or two. The character is alright, but its important to understand what this story is, and where it is. I doubt there will be a happy ending. More than that, I doubt the MC will have a happy ending either.

Its pretty heavily debated what actually causes Cyberpsychosis.


Another great hit by Seras

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

I have read 30 or so chapters of this already and have been hooked. 

Seras has done a wonderful job bringing night city to life in all its gritty glory, without letting it get too dark. Our MC has lots of plans to get strong, but has to contend with all of the different factions that are also vying for strength. 

Definitely recommend giving it a try.