Saintess Summons Skeletons

Saintess Summons Skeletons

by Mornn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Who needs a Hero? I only want skeletons!

She wanted to be a Necromancer, but awakened as a Saint! Somehow her summoned heroes are all undead?

How will the church react when their Saintess summons a skeleton in place of a mighty hero? Sofia isn’t too keen on finding out.

To many a summoned hero, this world looks oh so familiar. 

Beastmen, Dwarves, Trolls, Dragons and Elves!

Saints, adventurers, dungeons, maybe an evil demon lord to be vanquished?

A video-game like system! Classes, skills and levels!

Although... why is the system even a thing to being with?

Do gods really choose saints like you pick your next meal?

There are great powers at work beneath the surface, this is their world, and you're living in it.

Follow Sofia as she unknowingly gets tangled in power struggles far beyond what she had bargained for.

Be ready for a wild ride. Break a leg, skeleton!

New chapter out every day until the day it doesn't

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Chapter 1 - Un-Holy Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - Holy See ago
Chapter 3 - [Blessing of ] ago
Chapter 4 - Level Up! ago
Chapter 5 - [Maiden bolt] ago
Chapter 6 - Rat ago
Chapter 7 - Sensitive nose ago
Chapter 8 - Passively useless ago
Chapter 9 - Tomfoolery ago
Chapter 10 - On edge ago
Chapter 11 - Hanging on ago
Chapter 12 - Boneanza ago
Chapter 13 - Dog’s life ago
Chapter 14 - Money Making ago
Chapter 15 - Money Wasting ago
Chapter 16 - To dust ago
Chapter 17 - Freedom? ago
Chapter 18 - Baptism ago
Chapter 19 - Judgment ago
Chapter 20 - Alith ago
Extra 1 - Oracles, Shackles ago
Chapter 21 - Hot business ago
Chapter 22 - Change of plan ago
Chapter 23 - In the ring ago
Chapter 24 - Avatar ago
Chapter 25 - Pest control ago
Chapter 26 - The stars ago
Chapter 27 - Exterminators ago
Chapter 28 - Drakron ago
Chapter 29 - Monster ago
Chapter 30 - Adventurer guild ago
Extra 2 - Slaves ago
Chapter 31 - Filters ago
Chapter 32 - Investments ago
Chapter 33 - End of leisure ago
Chapter 34 - Saint Of the Sea ago
Chapter 35 - Drifting ago
Chapter 36 - Incoming Funerals ago
Chapter 37 - Ocean’s call ago
Chapter 38 - Queen ago
Chapter 39 - Adrift ago
Chapter 40 - Towers ago
Chapter 41 - Trial ago
Chapter 42 - Grandcourt’s court ago
Chapter 43 - Day 8 ago
Chapter 44 - Kingslayer ago
Chapter 45 - The Princess Class ago
Chapter 46 - Unethical ago
Chapter 47 - A fine night to die twice ago
Chapter 48 - Arising ago
Chapter 49 - Orvod the mountain shaper (1) ago
Chapter 50 - Orvod the mountain shaper (2) ago
Chapter 51 - Orvod the mountain shaper (3) ago
Chapter 52 - The great storm ago
Chapter 53 - Heartless task ago
Chapter 54 - Is that it? ago
Chapter 55 - True Solstice ago
Chapter 56 - The real thing ago
Chapter 57 - Fading ago
Chapter 58 - Rewards ago
Chapter 59 - Level : 100 ago
Chapter 60 - Skilling ago
Chapter 61 - Specializing ago
Chapter 62 - Livestock ago
Chapter 63 - The leveling never ends ago
Chapter 64 - Cursed lands ago

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Was Great Before Chapter 20.

Reviewed at: Chapter 32 - Investments

There is no need to go into the style and grammar of the story. These two aspects are great, if not fantastic. 

My problem is the characters and to a certain effect, the story.

If it were before chapter 20 I'd probably have given this five stars across the board; but oh boy.

My first problem came in chapter 20 where:

MC summons a girl who- after being on the run for days- was captured, tortured until she lost an eye and was on her way to being burned at the stake. Her first words after being summoned were, "I'M NOT A WITCH!" which shows just how traumatic an experience she's had. 

And yet one chapter later she's cracking jokes as if her traumatic backstory never existed!

Which brings me to my second problem, chapter 26. This one's not that bad except for the fact that it came out of no where. After after MC and sidekick throw a couple of jibes around the conversation suddenly becomes serious in a way that felt plastic. I think the author tried to portray the characters as serious for once but it ended in a massive failure as MC assuring sidekick felt like reading a book for five year-olds.

Finally we have the infamous chapter 30.

Chapter 30 introduces us to a character who- by the simplest definition- is an impetuous and self-righteous bully. After all:

She tortures MC for no reason and has this holier-than-thou speech about causing the same pain Heroes feel when they're summoned, while not having an inkling of MC's situation.

Of course the character apologised and even offered MC an item the previous owner regarded as cursed.

Great apology gift right? Maybe she should not have mentioned its origins!

Finally, the author tries to make the charcater justify her actions like this:

What happens to you when you're going about your daily life, and suddenly, congratulations! You have unlocked the class [Slave]. Here's a traumatic experience you will never forget, with an added foreign world and your family gone as a bonus.


As more justification for her actions character then goes on to explain that she's met plenty of [Saint]s and this is the only method she knows which has been proven to work; which honestly I doubt considering the rogue [Saint]s are fleeing from organisations who wish to exploit them. The only way to protect themsleves is via Hero summoning.

If the character really met as many [Saint]s as she claimed, then she should be aware of this and should know her actions won't amount to much. After all, it's not their fault for being designated as [Saint]s. It has been stated multiple times that no one wants the class. Also, if a [Saint]s is unwilling to summon Heroes she will be killed. So what would these [Saint]s who were warned do after agreeing not to summon Heroes, rendering themselves defenseless; get captured by other organisations and get killed wheb they refuse to do a summoning?

It irks me that a character who's supposedly lived for centuries has failed to think about these things. She wants to stop the summoning of Heroes without suggesting an actual solution. To add to that she seems to put the blame solely on the [Saint]s. After all,

It's not like the class was forced onto them, and even if it was they can just change it; right?

<note sarcasm>


My biggest problem with this whole ordeal though, is how the MC reacted.

After a soul-shaking experience where she ends up bawling uncontrollable tears she decides to shrug the experience off as if it's nothing, was even grateful for the fact that her summons don't work the same way and she doesn't subject her summons to that kind of pain.

Then she goes on to have a casual conversation with her torturer and accuser.

There was no indignance, no resentment, no hatred; which would all be justified considering the fact that she had been falsely accused. MC just accepts that the world is unfair and laughs it off. It makes you kind of wonder why she didn't do that when she was imprisoned by the church.

After that the enjoyment factor just died out for me and I could no longer enjoy the story, so I'll be taking a break from it. 

Hopefully the author takes my advise and starts to think deeper about a concept before introducing it.


Funny adventure with mishmashed class and skills

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Hot business

(as of chapter 21)

Orphan girl Sofia wanted a class, but in addition to the [Necromancer] class she worked towards, she received the very special [Saint] class. But then the stupid LitRPG system mixed those two together without regards for usefulness or even functionality, combining skill parts that should not go together and leaving Sofia with the resulting abominations. And now the church, after having identified her as the newest [Saintess], wants her to summon Heroes to fight for the country. Nope, Sofia has to get out of there.

This is a LitRPG story with a very damaged system and the MC has to suffer for that. It's not primarily humorous but has a certain number of funny moments. The pacing is rather quick, with lots of stuff happening and no quiet moments in between. The narration is in third-person style seen from Sofia's point of view, keeping close to her internal thoughts (including showing literal thoughts) and showing her direct actions. Word choice is okay, nothing too complicated. Grammar is good, with a few typos or slight errors here or there.

Characters: So far we only have one real character, meaning it's a bit early to really judge. Sofia is rather straightforward and does not appear to be a very complicated personality. We learned a little bit about her past and she acts in a mostly comprehensible way, but we haven't delved too deep yet.

This story seems to be written mostly as light entertainment and not as a piece of the highest literature. So far it does very well in that regard. It's easy to read and I enjoyed bingeing all the available chapters.

Jamie Brewer

Solid, interesting start, clear conflict arc planned, well written. Leans hard on game mechanic style setup, but if thats your thing it'll be fun.


If the overall arc keeps this pace, and the escalation in conflict is paced well I expect to end up with a finished, well constrained novel in a couple more arcs.


I don't really have anything complex to say about this story. This is just a fun read. The way the MC's two classes fuse is more interesting than most implementations of that concept I've seen. She essentially has to mix and match words given from each seperate class to create her skills and then the system creates the actual description of the skill.

The progression is really fast but the protagonist never feels too op for her level. She gets lucky once or twice against really powerful enemies but she isn't regularly hitting above her weight class. Mostly she just seems like she grows really fast which makes sense for any kind of summoner protagonist who can get experience from their summons.


Good read with potential to spare

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Towers

Really great story man, I devoured it this morning and I enjoyed the characters and world building so far. My only thing is that it seems a bit barebones "structure" wise, like the difference between a rough draft and a final draft. I don't know if you're the type of writer who goes back after completing the story and re-editing with the feedback you've received, but there's definitely a lot of potential to make parts of the story really shine. I won't tell you how to write your story, but think about the small things that could add to the emotion of the story.
Spoilers- For example have more dialogue between the Magisterium, don't know how you spelled it lol, and Sofia, make him out to be more zealous about his faith as he clears the dungeon of sinner zombies and how it's his duty to punish those who come from the dungeon and to send them back to death and use the exposition to build more background of the religion and its objectives, or make him more sympathetic to Sofia, maybe he reminds her of his daughter and he pities the young girl for having to be locked up till her death, add to their relationship so that when she inevitably has to take his life to escape and gain her freedom back, it hits Sofia and the reader harder as there's more of a bond between the two, instead of an old man we had no connection to getting pushed off an edge and that's it, he could become her first real obstacle that Sofia must overcome to set herself free and start the journey to become who she wants to be. Another would be Alith and her immunity to fire, if she was burned to death for being a witch, wouldn't she be more emotional about picking an ability to be immune to fire, regardless of now being a ghost? Maybe add more exposition on her death and a fear to fire, that causes her to immediately pick the immunity buff without giving Sofia a chance to hear the other ability cards first and make her more fleshed out as a character, one we can sympathize with over the... "more basic" character we are introduced to, she's the first friend our MC has, and she'll hopefully last long into the story, her development as a character and their relationship should be more fleshed out than just two girls on a journey together. 
Again it's your story, your world, so write what you want to write, and make something you can be proud of, and, either way, I'll be looking forward to the direction you take your story! 


Okay yeah we have all been there, it's class day and you finally get to ditch being an (orphan/student/helper/runner/whatever) and be a productive member of society with a decent class.

What happens when your first pick crashes into the fickle whim of fate?

Do you own the resulting mess?

Do you crater hoping nobody kills you over the mess?

Come find out in this romp thru travesty, monsters, and word association.

The characters are good, the peril low, and the world fairly interesting.


After reading hundreds of stories on RR, all incorporating a 'system' of some kind, the LitRPG / GameLit genre starts to get rather repetitive and boring. And eventually those stories rely on numbers going brrhhrhrhrhrhhr to drive the plot forward.

Saintess Summons Skeletons brings a fresh new look to the genre. Introducing Sofia, an unwilling Saintess/Necromancer that may or may not have sociopathic tendencies. Sofia is a relatable and bittersweet girl that leaves clumsy catastrophe and awkward armageddon in her wake as she struggles to escape an admitedly cliché corrupt religion. All while avoiding death from big, scary monsters and picking up friends along the way.

It's also quite nice to see a non-male protagonist, there are unsurprisingly not many stories with female MCs.

Definitely recommend to read if you want a change of pace from traditional 'system' stories.


Holy skeletons approaching

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - To dust

I started reading the book in the bathtub and I tell myself I'll get out after the next chapter. In the meantime, I'm slightly shriveled.


But seriously the chapters are fluidly written and fun to read. The concept is rather new and refreshingly told. I'm curious to see where else Lady Aphenoreth ends up and what the heck the deep is.


Clever and unique, An incredible read.

Reviewed at: Chapter 17 - Freedom?

Incredibly unique and flexible system leading to endless creativity from this incredible author. It leaves you on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what new clever wording can be exploited.

A unique premise with the juxtaposition of a saint - necromancer gives endless creative freedoms and by the looks of things the author is making it shine. I have seen many stories where they attempt to be creative in the use of their elements but they always end up cut and dry by the end. Thankfully this story doesn't need to worry from what I can see and I've only just started.

Some occasional Grammer issues but never a problem when it matters, nor immersion breaking. Generally a pleasant read and errors or holes can be filled in yourself. Plus the author seems very open to edits. Everything just leads to a very nice reading Experiece 

Character wise everyone seems so charming regardless of how shortly they are there. From the MC to the random sympathetic guard who is just following orders. Everything feels cohesive and charming.

Overall I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys creative stories with game like systems. 


(P.S. I also kinda enjoy this cause I used to run a necro-bard character in dnd and this story reminded me of them.)


This is a really enjoyable story with good pacing and an interesting premise. There are some hiccups to it but outside of some informational issues things seem to be smoothing out nicely. Well worth the time to at least check out.

The world and system are being described to us from the MCs POV. This isn't a bad thing and does flow nicely with the story. The system seems odd but once you get into the story you gain some understanding on the way of things.

The MC is likable and fun to follow on her adventure. So far she is learning as she goes and it's helpful for the reader. She has a bit of plot armor but does pay the price sometimes so far.

Overall an enjoyable read and a nice addition to the genre. This story is a nice fresh addition to the rest.