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Hey hey, it's me again (`• ω •´)

I've received a lot of love and support from you all, I've been on cloud nine for a while now, again thank you all. In the meantime, several fellow authors here on Royal Road have also been very helpful and welcoming, and I'd like to give some shout-outs to give back some of the support they gave me. So I'll be sharing some other people's stories these next few days!

I'll be honest, most of them I haven't had time to read since you all keep me so busy, so I can't vouch for the stories themselves, but I don't doubt you can all make your own opinion, please be as nice to them as you have been to me (⁠っ⁠.⁠❛⁠ ⁠ᴗ⁠ ⁠❛⁠.⁠)⁠っ

The first one will go to zechamp (username checks out) who was one of the first to reach out and give me a hand.

His story: [Maid] to kill was one of those that inspired me to write SSS, need I say more? He's back from his hiatus and stronger than ever. Go give him some love (๑>؂•̀๑)

Sofia woke up to a wet sensation on her face. Alith had her eyes closed and was leaning over her, kissing her cheek.

“Wh- What, what are you doing!” Sofia complained, flustered, she pushed Alith away. “I’m not...”

Alith couldn’t resist the pushing, “Stop, stop! You’re hurting me with your gauntlets! I was just healing you!”

“By slobbering all over my face?!”

“Yes! Calm down ok, you have no idea how much we’ve worked to protect you since you blacked out.” Alith claimed. She looked at something Sofia couldn’t see for a second or two. Then, the description of a skill appeared in front of her. “Here, just read that.”

Sofia sat up to read the system prompt. She couldn’t believe what she was reading.

[Maiden’s kiss] : The love of a beautiful maiden is a universal cure, old as time itself. You can heal someone else by kissing them. Efficiency proportional to your attraction and affection towards them. Costs 100 mana per use.

(Next function unlocks at Skill Level 100)

“Don’t you dare laugh at me! I didn’t get to choose.” Alith muttered, her face was unusually red.

“No, ok, that’s… that’s a skill alright. Why on the cheek though?”

“Where else? I couldn’t remove your armor, opening your visor was all I could do, the skill needs direct contact.” Alith explained and paused for a second, then smirked “Unless you wanted something else?”

Sofia rolled her eyes, closed her visor and let herself fall back on the floor. She took some time to gather her thoughts.

“Were you not affected by the poison gas?” she asked, her voice a bit muffled by the heavy helmet.

“Ever tried to poison an undead?”

“Oh. Yeah I guess not.” Sofia answered as she looked around, they were on the open last floor of a spire, a lot like the one they had teleported to. “You carried me up here… Care to fill me in about what happened?”

“You could probably tell most of it by looking at the messages, I managed to down the thing that came at us from the dead end, it was blocking the door. Pareth killed a few of the things outside but he was outnumbered, lost an arm and a few ribs. Then I grabbed you and we fled. Well, I say I grabbed you but Pareth did most of the lifting.”

“The walls are still following us?” Sofia panicked a bit, wearily looking at the stairs going down the spire.

“No we managed to lose them by going up a level then jumping back down to the third, I don’t know why but they didn’t follow after that. They are quite slow anyway, and not that strong. What’s scary is the camouflage and numbers. There was a lot more of them waiting outside than you probably think. Then we went up the spire because it seemed safer, if they come up one by one Pareth can defend forever. And they can’t hide well against the curved walls with their rectangular bodies.”

Sofia nodded along with Alith's retelling of the events. “By the way, you might want to check your messages, we got a lot of experience out of the whole ordeal.” Alith added. “And heal Pareth, also.”

Pareth sat on the ledge of the tower, the healing light Sofia summoned outside only grazed his legs but that was enough for his lost parts to reform. Then she checked her system notifications.

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 104]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 87]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 124]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 122]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 110]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 99]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 109]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 109]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 112]’

‘You have defeated [Lesser Phageid - lv. 103]’

One kill for me, one for Alith, eight for Pareth… He really packs a punch. The effect from the blessing of bloating boosted by [Consecrated grounds] is something else. Even his first strike did most of the job on the one I killed.

This was followed by a bunch of level up messages and new available passive skills.

Sofia Aphenoreth

Age : 19 -> 20

Class : [Saintomancer] ♢

Level : 71 -> 84

Health : 355 / 355 -> 243 / 420

Stamina : 355 / 355 -> 120 / 420

Mana : 30000 / 30000 (-10000) -> 36500 / 36500 (-10000)

Active Skills (6 / 6)

  [Holy Skeleton] - Level 58 (Lv. 49) -> Level 59 (Lv. 70)

  [Heal Undead] - Level 2 -> Level 14

  [Summon Blood] - Level 5

  [Lead the Dead] - Level 14

  [Angel’s bolt] - Level 13

  [Maiden Banshee] - Level 71 (Lv.71) -> Level 84 (Lv.84)

Passive Skills (2 / 5)

  [Blessing of the Deep] - Level 17


  [Armor of Bones] - Level 6 -> Level 8

Classless Skills (6 / 6)

  [Menial chores] - Level 7

  [Sprint] - Level 3

  [Fast reading] - Level 19

  [Way of the Fool] - Level 3

  [Poker Face] - Level 3

  [Identify] - Level 1

Summoned heroes (2 / 4)

  • Lv.70 Pareth (Elf Holy Skeleton)
  • Lv.84 Alith (Maiden Banshee)

That’s some good progress for being poisoned half to death before the fight even began. Without Alith and Pareth there I’d be fucking dead! Killed by damn walls…

I need to work on filling in these other two summon slots, my life depends on it even more than I thought. I really can’t be fighting in the front-line with my physical stats.

Available Passive Skills :

  • [Pristine ] : Your soul is in
  • [ Essence] : per second.
  • [Avatar of ] : Become a walking
  • [ death] : necrotic aura.

Hmm I might not get more passives for a while, at level 100 at the earliest but even then it might be more active skills… I really need the added power now. What if more of the walls come? These were ‘Lesser’ walls, that has to mean there are stronger ones out there. Looking at it, I didn’t want to make [Pristine Essence] but it looks like I might have to. [Avatar of death] sounds really strong.

“Hey, Alith, I need to build two passives.”

The small girl acquiesced. “Go on.”

“I can either make [Pristine death] and [Avatar of Essence] or [Pristine Essence] and [Avatar of death], what’s your opinion?” Sofia asked, she opened her visor to look Alith in the eyes, who was busy cleaning her knife from the dried white blood.

“I have no idea, but [Avatar of death] is a fitting title for a necromancer in bone armor if you ask me. You can’t really make ‘pristine’ anything be a good skill I think. I can’t think of anything to do with that. Pristine skin? Not like you need that,” Alith pointed out. “Maybe if you had ‘Pristine lungs’ you could stop snoring at night. That’d be a nice upgrade.”

“Can’t you be serious for twenty seconds straight?” [Avatar of death] it is then… I hope I won’t regret it… Actually let’s start with the other one.

"I'll be serious when I'm the one who gets serious shit like 'Avatar of god damn death' and not 'Grandma's slimy kisses'."

You have acquired the passive : ‘Pristine ’

You have acquired the passive : ‘ Essence’

[Pristine Essence] : You are the unblemished. Immunity to memory alterations. Augmented resistance to perception alterations.

Ok, I’ll take it, it’s not incredible but I do like knowing that nothing can mess with my brain now.

You have acquired the passive : ‘Avatar of ’

You have acquired the passive : ‘ death’

[Avatar of death] : Grow to become the embodiment of death in this realm.

You may reap the souls of the recently passed, all is equal in death.

When a nearby enemy's health reaches 25% or lower, they cannot regain life.

Reaped Soul Value : 0

(Next function unlocks at Soul Value 100)

Sofia narrowed her eyes at the description. Another upgradeable skill, like [Holy skeleton] and [Blessing of the Deep]. That’s only been extremely strong skills until now; and the first tier is already not bad. Anyone we mess up enough can’t heal, against regenerating monsters it could be very useful. I’m not sure how I feel about the reaping souls part. Comes with the job I guess. Can’t be that bad if they’re already dead…

Alith was looking at her expectantly, “How is it? My advice was good, right?”

“Let me show you…”



A note from Mornn

*Puts on shameless skeleton mask*

Don't want to make a huge song and dance about it, but I now have a Patreon! (`• ω •´)b

It's a whole 15 chapters ahead, so if you can't wait to read more or just want to throw me a bone... go grab that OP [Advanced Chapters] skill!

Each one of you coming over is me getting that much closer to being able to do this as my full time job, and nothing could ever make me an happier skeleton.

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Take care everyone,

And happy reading!

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