[Shenanigans] is at 50 and I don’t even get a prompt for the [Fool] class… Can’t ever change out of [Saintomancer], uh. And I can get an evolution?

Available Evolutions for [Shenanigans] Lv.50 (All levels will be lost) :

  • [Shenanigans II] : Analytical thinking is 53% (3*Skill level + 50) more efficient when used for personal gain.
  • [Way of the Fool] : Analytical thinking is 51% (1*Skill level + 50) more efficient when used for personal gain. The Fool always stumbles but never falls. Gain extra experience from performing kills with trickery and deceit.

[ShenanigansII] can go all the way up to 200%, that’s enticing… But getting bonus experience? There’s even options like this? I’m not one to pass up on free xp!

'Your passive [Shenanigans] Lv.50 has evolved to [Way of the Fool] Lv.1'

Sofia was curious about the stumbling part, she didn’t believe the scribe would add useless text. She stood on the edge of her bed, she took two steps on the thin railing but soon lost her balance. It took her a few seconds of flailing her arms but eventually she got back upright, no matter how many times she tried this, she really didn’t fall. She only managed to fall when she really tried to counteract the skill, face planting on the bed.

In the meantime, the rat was stealthily coming back from the slime room, she had it level up there until it reached level 24. Nothing wasted. The new ability to not fall was interesting, she wondered if everyone had passives like these or if this was really unusual. If only I could find the church’s library…

Her thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on the window. Which surprised Sofia, considering that the window was overlooking a straight drop of several hundred meters. But the small man just stood right outside as if there was solid ground there and waved at her.

Sofia tried her best not to appear too shocked but what her instincts told her next made it hard to keep a straight face. Much like she could feel her skeleton’s status, she knew who this was just by looking. [Hero - Lv. 243]

She blinked and the man previously standing outside was now inside, dusting his clothes. He was dressed fully in a tight fitting black outfit of soft fabric, not a glimpse of skin could be seen apart from his face, which was probably usually covered by the horned white mask currently dangling from his belt. He looked to be around twenty-five or thirty and looked quite manly despite his smaller stature. Maybe it was the short black beard that helped.

“Hey there, I’m Michael, but everyone calls me Mike, you the new saint?” he said in a friendly tone.

Is this guy here to kill me? She considered fleeing but the man could just teleport it seemed, and she was still sitting on the bed.

Seeing her hesitate, the man just kept talking.

“Don’t worry missy, I’m less dangerous to you than these guys in the church are.”

“Sofia. Why are you here? Are you not worried the guards will come?”

“Oh, no one here could hurt me if they tried, but I’m not looking to start diplomatic incidents, I’m just having some fun on my break.”

“You’re a summoned hero, right?”

“So you’re really the new Saintess. Damn right I’m a summoned hero, and let me tell you, the bread in my world tasted much better than the hard crap you eat here. How can a whole continent fail so hard at something so simple?” The man was really angry that he couldn’t find good bread; he started ranting about yeast and baking before reining himself back to the initial topic. “Anyway, Sofia, how’s life in Skyreach’s Church treating you?”

“Look at the room. I have a bed and a carpet. Isn’t this the height of prisoner luxury? I’ve known worse.” She sarcastically gestured, presenting the mostly empty marble room as a grandiose palace.

“Yeah, the last one here wasn’t a fan either…”

“Do you just stalk Saintesses for a living?”

“Heh, what would you do in my place if any random asshole could just kidnap someone from your world whenever they please because some god decided so? I’m just keeping track of who’s who. In case cleanup is needed.”

“Less dangerous, uh. I get the point. I’m not planning on summoning anyone ever, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

The guy raised an eyebrow. He slowly walked closer.

“The church ain’t going to like that, missy.”

“I don’t suppose you’d help me escape from them?”

“And risk worsening the war? The oracle can’t kill me but he’s a tough nut to crack. I tell you, he won’t just stand still if I start slapping his magisterium around.”

The room fell silent for a few seconds.

“But you know what, I’ll tell you something. The old paladin had to split his skills between the Saint related stuff, paladin skills and combat skills. He’s very limited when it comes to other areas such as, you know, surviving poison, things like that. The other paladins aren’t such easy targets. Ah, but he can kill you in a single slap, so be careful yeah? It’d be nice if next time I come I don’t find yet another girl in your place.”

She was still processing what he said when Michael looked outside and pouted.

“I have to go, nice to meet you, Saintess, take care!” he said, waving with both hands, his body gradually disappearing in thick clouds of gray smoke.

“I get why the church really wants to summon these heroes now… level 243! That’s probably even higher than the king!”

Also he had at least two different teleportation skills. Scary.

She slumped on her bed, waiting for her heart rate to go back down.

[New Classless Skill available!]

“Oh?” Now that’s something I like to hear. This place is like a gold mine for getting stronger.

Available Classless Skill :

  • [Poker Face] : Keeping a straight face in all situations is 2% (2*Skill level) easier.

What’s poker? Anyway, sure, why not. Won’t change my life but it can help. I only have one free classless slot now.

What Michael had said about Ovohen’s weakness was good food for thoughts, poisoning the guy wasn’t really an option, where would she find poison anyway, but during the next outings in the dungeon, she observed the man with great care.


A week later when Sofia got her skills for level 40, a real plan started taking form, it was risky but what wouldn’t be? The time before she hit level 50 was only two more weeks at most, she would exploit her jailer for all his worth in the meantime. The old Magisterium wasn’t exactly the worst person she had ever met, admittedly, but his faith was so deeply rooted that it took over his free will. She wouldn’t show any mercy to the one trapping her here.

The marble cell gradually got more comfortable, a reward for her ‘good efforts’ but being stuck here got increasingly more boring every day ever since she had read all the books the church had given her access to. Michael never came back, and besides Irina a few minutes everyday, she didn’t really have anyone to talk with. There had been attempts to walk around a bit more but the guards wouldn’t allow her out of the cloister without Ovohen present.


She had been here for almost a month. The heavy footsteps of the Magisterium echoed on the polished tiles outside her room. Today was the day. She took a last glance at her status.

Name : Sofia Aphenoreth

Age : 19

Class : [Saintomancer] ♢

Level : 49

Health : 245 / 245

Stamina : 245 / 245

Mana : 29000 / 29000

Active Skills (4 / 5)

  [Holy Skeleton] - Level 40 (Lv. 24)

  [Heal Undead] - Level 1

  [Summon Blood] - Level 2

  [Lead the Dead] - Level 13

Passive Skills (1 / 5)

  [Blessing of the Deep] - Level 1

Classless Skills (5 / 6)

  [Menial chores] - Level 7

  [Sprint] - Level 3

  [Fast reading] - Level 19

  [Way of the Fool] - Level 2

  [Poker Face] - Level 3

Summoned heroes (1 / 4)

  • Lv.24 Holy Skeleton (Rat)

If everything went well, tomorrow, she would be free.




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