Sofia woke up in the deep of night, still fully clothed on her bed. She looked at her available skills.

Available Passive Skills :

  [Pristine ] : Your soul is in

  [ of Bones] : against physical projectiles.

Of course the descriptions don’t help, and they don’t go well together.

[Pristine of Bones] ah yes, everyone needs clean bones don’t they. If it was a skill I can give to my skeleton maybe it would be interesting but why do I care about MY bones? Talk about a passive skill, it would passively do fuck all wouldn’t it? Even if I mash the description together then what? Defend my soul against physical projectiles? As if that was needed…

How can I do anything like this? I don’t even know how half my skills work exactly. Where do I file a complaint?


I feel like I might have thought something I shouldn’t have.

[SDS Discrepancy detected]


[Admin action required]

[Available admins : 0]

This again! What’s an admin even? At this rate won’t my class change to [System Error] at some point?

[Initiating emergency recovery. Please wait]

[Following procedure ERR-0675 : assigning tier two Scribe]

[Error fixed. Thank you for your patience]

Fixed? Scribe?

She looked through her status, but nothing was different from before she fainted the previous day. The system fixed what, the useless descriptions?

She checked the skill with the weirdest description previously.

[Summon blood] : Summons liquid human blood anywhere in a 2 meters (1*Skill Level) radius from the Saintomancer (Must be free space). The quantity of blood summoned this way is : (1*Skill Level*Mana Spent) Milliliters.

That’s a lot of new information! Did I just win the jackpot by complaining? The system had a function like that? Also this clearly means it knows my class is weird and it didn’t do anything about it. Good. Wouldn’t want it to only realize what it’s done later and try to erase it or something.

She took a few seconds to process the math. So I can summon forty liters of blood right now? Is that a lot? It kinda feels like a whole lot but also not enough to really do anything…

She checked her other skills, the Classless skills hadn’t changed at all, but everything else did.

[Holy Skeleton] : Allows the Saintomancer to control a ritually created Holy Skeleton wielding the Holy Light of gods. The Holy Skeleton will keep experience when switching bones. Physical and magical capabilities are influenced by the current bones.

Lv.1 : The Saintomancer always knows where their Holy Skeleton is.

Lv.10 : The Holy Skeleton boasts a glorious [Halo] empowering Holy related skills.

(Next function unlocks at Skill Level 20)

This is my main skill for now. I like that it can evolve more, I need to level it up faster! Now how can I find a good strong skeleton in the fort, do a ritual large enough for it, hide it afterwards? This is going to be hard. The host must mean the current skeleton. I can’t really expect to get out of here alive with just a holy rat, no? Also this pretty much confirms that I can only have one…

[Heal Undead] : Invokes a pillar of Holy healing light. Only heals the undead.

Max range of 1 meter (1*Skill Level).

Heal the undead for 11 (10+Skill level) Health per second while the light is channeled.

The light pillar’s upkeep is (100 * pillar's meters width * pillar's meters width) mana per second.

Does not work in restricted spaces.

Not in restricted spaces? So basically not indoors? She thought the limitation made the skill quite bad, not even mentioning how visible a pillar of light coming down from the sky would be. Doesn’t this skill just tell everyone my exact location? It’s so bad… But since I can only have four summons, healing them is an obligation. Unless one of them ends up being a healer? I’ll think about it but I can’t use it at all until I’m out of the country and able to defend myself. I’ll try to make a better healing spell if I can.

[Blessing of the Deep] : The Saintomancer was granted a name.

They may see the inhabitants of the Deep.

Lv.1 : The Saintomancer and their summons are immune to the [Mind control], [Hypnosis], [Confusion], [Insanity] and [Instant Death] status effects.

(Next function unlocks at Skill Level 200)

So the whole name thing really came from there, uh. Still no idea what ‘The Deep’ is supposed to be. The effects are… Yeah, this is very good I think? Won’t help me get out of here but, sure, I’ll take all of that. Sofia was a bit shaky, she had a tremor just from reading the skill’s description. There’s skills like [Instant Death] out there in the wild?!

She recalled the grimoire and the few necromancer spells mentioned in it. Death… The only one it had was [Aura of Death], but that's a passive skill. Maybe I’ll be the one dishing out instant deaths someday. If the saintess class spells allow for that. Oh but I could make [Pristine Death] as a passive. Not quite sure I want that. Can my own skill kill me? I’d probably be the first idiot in the history of the whole world to be killed by learning a skill. Wait no, I’m immune to [Instant Death] so maybe I can still try it out.

I don’t know about the other skills but I’m never replacing this one for sure.

Overall, whatever the tier two Scribe was, it sure did a good job.

Sofia was quite curious about the Scribe, but she wouldn’t ask anyone about it. Talking about the inner workings of the system was a great taboo, saying too much in public was usually the last thing you would be able to say. Even books always avoided the subject. The only part of the system that was public knowledge was the very basics of getting a class and leveling up. It was clear that someone or something was actively preventing any advanced information from spreading. Was this scribe even a living being?

She giggled on her bed as she imagined some scrawny guy in a cramped room full of documents, looking through her broken skills, wondering how he could fix them up to make sense. Keep up the good work, buddy.

Can I get more goodies if I complain more?

Maybe it was for the best that she didn’t push her luck further. Her mana had fully refilled while she was out. She spent the next hour trying to give increasingly complex command chains to the rat.

‘[Holy Skeleton] reached level 19’

‘[Holy Skeleton] reached level 20’

She only had 400 mana left by the time it reached level 20.

Let’s check out the new function. Please be good!

[Holy Skeleton] : Allows the Saintomancer to control a ritually created Holy Skeleton wielding the Holy light of Gods. The Holy Skeleton will keep experience when switching host bones. Physical and magical capabilities are influenced by the current bones.

Lv.1 : The Saintomancer always knows where their Holy Skeleton is.

Lv.10 : The Holy Skeleton boasts a glorious [Halo] empowering Holy related skills.

Lv.20 : The Holy Skeleton can create and wield a sword of Holy light. Proficiency depends on the host bones.

(Next function unlocks at Skill Level 30)

She was quite pleased with that, it was very funny observing the rat on his hind legs, trying to use a tiny sword of light. It looked like the skill would keep evolving every ten levels, all of her mana would go there as much as she could.

Irina came early in the morning pushing in a cart loaded with food and new clothes, Jeff and Yannick, the guards, followed behind her, carrying a small wooden cabinet and a fancy carpet. Ovohen must have been pleased with my performance, I am very interested in leveling up for sure. Although I maybe should try to slow it down a bit. When I hit 50 is my deadline cause there’s no way I can summon any dumb hero for them with my skills.

Not one that’s alive at least.

Today and tomorrow were days off, the Magisterium had many things to attend to. It was time to start putting in some serious work to get out of this dump.



‘[Holy Skeleton] reached level 21’

‘[Holy Skeleton] reached level 26’

‘[Fast reading] reached level 15’

‘[Fast reading] reached level 17’

‘The hero : ‘Holy Skeleton’ gained a level!’ *19

‘[Shenanigans] reached level 50’

[A new evolution choice was unlocked for the skill : Shenanigans]




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