Available Active Skills :

  • [Dispel ] : Dispels
  • [ bolt] : projectile from the hand.
  • [Maiden ] : Invoke the power of a maiden
  • [ mist] : in a thick mist.

All my skills are going to be like this aren’t they? I’m already feeling the headache. Maiden feels like I could use it to summon something with the right combination. What can I do though, a maiden zombie? Not sure I want that in my team honestly. Also what the hell would [Maiden bolt] even do? I need to be really careful how I deal with this.

[Dispel bolt] might be interesting if I need to go against a mage… as long as they throw projectiles with their hands. I don’t think it would work on physical throwing weapons. Unless it’s crossbow bolts? I can’t see it being worth a slot.

[Dispel mist] is a hit or miss. The syntax of the description would be a bit weird. If it creates a mist that dispels everything it touches it’s absolutely insane. If it only dispels mists it’s the worst skill I’ve ever heard of. It could also be: dispel anything as long as it’s cast from within mist? Either way, I can't risk wasting such a valuable keyword. I’ll wait for a dispel magic or any safer sounding combination really.

[Maiden ]... Can’t do anything with that right now. Unless I want to lure old men in a [Maiden mist]? Hard to imagine what that would end up being, maybe the skill just wouldn’t do anything at all.

Guess I’ll be keeping all of these for later.

My skills didn’t really go up besides [Holy skeleton] reaching level 8. But I gained a lot of stats.

Name : Sofia Aphenoreth

Class : [Saintomancer]

Level : 2 -> 23

Health : 10 / 10 -> 115 / 115

Stamina : 10 / 10 -> 3 / 115

Mana : 2892 / 5500 -> 358 / 16000

I’m not so sure but I think that’s an insane amount of mana I have. The regeneration speed also shot up to about 3 mana points per second. If I remember correctly paladins have 1000 health at level 20… Wow my body is weak. The mana makes up for it I guess but unless I want to flood a room with blood I can’t really make use of it right now…

Wait am I dumb? I can level up my skills so fast with this! Did I break the system? Well yeah I definitely did, my class doesn’t even exist. Being a captive here isn’t so bad for now, when I’m strong enough how can they stop me from leaving!



“Maybe I shouldn’t get excited, I’ll still die from a single stab…”

It was night already when she came up from the slime room, she had been killing them in the dark for a few minutes at the end. Thankfully the door wasn’t locked, it revealed the empty and dark kitchens, some rare rays of moonlight surging between the curtains. Time for a free meal. She couldn’t discreetly make a real meal but it shouldn’t be too hard to steal some bread and vegetables she thought. She also ordered her holy skeleton to go back to hunting as it was safe now.

She made a quick meal of white bread, cheese and carrots she pilfered in the cupboards. I get that they can summon me back here whenever they want but I still think it’s weird how lax they are on guard duty. Just how bad are the Saintess class skills? She considered stealing a knife but that felt like it probably wouldn’t really help. If they find it they’ll just think I’m up to some bad stuff, better let them think I’m resigned to obediently staying here.

What could a knife even do? Since the Magisterium was her only target, and there was no way the guy couldn’t survive a sneaky knife stab, if she even managed to deal one. His class has to be at least as strong as a paladin and he’s at least level 50 since he can get all the Saintesses there… I have no idea how to go about this. If I cut off his head he’ll die no matter how many health points he has left, right?

She had to be ready to dispose of him if an opportunity presented itself, but she also had to be able to escape the place without anyone noticing afterwards, or she could never outrun the church’s forces. Even then, she would have to be very careful about hiding while she was still in the kingdom.

If this isn’t a perfect time to explore a bit I don’t know what is.

She first checked the kitchen’s third and fourth door. One was for a cold room with tons of meat hanging on hooks. The other led to a big banquet hall. I’ll save this way for later.

She went back to the previous corridor and explored the many storerooms one by one. There wasn’t anything useful she could hide on her or in her bed but she made note of some items that might help in her later escape. The only room left unaccounted for was the one full of books as it was too dark to read the titles. She was going to go back to the cloister part of the fort when she heard it. A rat! It came from the room with the grain. She closed the grain storage room’s door, hopefully locking the rodent inside. She had previously left it open because it was open in the first place.

Sofia walked back to the kitchen. She looked at the knives first, but ended up rushing down the stairs to the slime room instead. Almost tripping in the lightless spiral staircase, she then felt her way around the slime room, searching for the basket. She grabbed a sturdy unused wooden pike from the back of the lot.



It wouldn’t be easy to corner the rat in the room full of barrels, especially with the low light, it was good that the room had at least a tiny barred window. She grabbed a handful of grain from a barrel, closed it back up, and set it down on the floor in a corner. After that, it was a waiting game. She had closed the door to make sure the rodent wouldn’t leave the room but she was still worried it had another way out. A good twenty minutes later, the rat finally noticed the unprotected food. She patiently observed, immobile, as he was feeding. When it looked like it had let down its guard to eat, stuffing its mouth with the wheat, she attacked.

She mustered all of her remaining strength, trying to be quick to kill the animal before it noticed her. Once it was alarmed and felt unsafe it wouldn’t be possible to corner it again. She clenched her muscles, and extended her weapon forward.

It was a shoddy looking stab. It didn’t even go where she had aimed. But the rat, having felt it coming, dodged, running for the safety of the barrels, only to find the pike still coming for its body. It was through sheer luck that what could only be a miss ended up being a perfect hit.

‘You have defeated [Rat - lv. 1]’

She was careful to clean up the scene as much as she could, and returned the pike to the slime room. Her legs hurt like hell from all the running around. Her stamina had been showing a clean 0 for a while now. One could still move without stamina, but they would get weaker and weaker and eventually faint.

Her night wasn’t over yet. In the kitchen, she butchered the rat. It wasn’t a clean job, rat blood and guts spilling everywhere, the taps used water magic to produce water so she still managed to clean everything up in the end. She had almost puked many times during the whole process, barely holding on. The dirty rag she had used to wipe the blood and hold the meat and guts ended up in the hatch labeled ‘Composter chute’. Hopefully no one would notice it was missing. She ended up stealing another one to hold the rat bones, and a sturdy looking small knife.

The rat skeleton had some broken and missing pieces by the end, but it would have to do.

She felt really faint after all this. Snatching some dried meat to eat on the way, she trudged back to her bed. It was a good thing there was nobody out in the corridors at this hour. The guards were clearly awake in the room next to hers, they made a lot of noise and didn’t seem to care about her at all. After hiding the things under the mattress, she didn’t need long to fall asleep.


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