Saintess Summons Skeletons

Saintess Summons Skeletons

by Mornn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Who needs a Hero? I only want skeletons!

She wanted to be a Necromancer, but awakened as a Saint! Somehow her summoned heroes are all undead?

How will the church react when their Saintess summons a skeleton in place of a mighty hero? Sofia isn’t too keen on finding out.

To many a summoned hero, this world looks oh so familiar. 

Beastmen, Dwarves, Trolls, Dragons and Elves!

Saints, adventurers, dungeons, maybe an evil demon lord to be vanquished?

A video-game like system! Classes, skills and levels!

Although... why is the system even a thing to being with?

Do gods really choose saints like you pick your next meal?

There are great powers at work beneath the surface, this is their world, and you're living in it.

Follow Sofia as she unknowingly gets tangled in power struggles far beyond what she had bargained for.

Break a leg, skeleton!

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Table of Contents
59 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Un-Holy Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - Holy See ago
Chapter 3 - [Blessing of ] ago
Chapter 4 - Level Up! ago
Chapter 5 - [Maiden bolt] ago
Chapter 6 - Rat ago
Chapter 7 - Sensitive nose ago
Chapter 8 - Passively useless ago
Chapter 9 - Tomfoolery ago
Chapter 10 - On edge ago
Chapter 11 - Hanging on ago
Chapter 12 - Boneanza ago
Chapter 13 - Dog’s life ago
Chapter 14 - Money Making ago
Chapter 15 - Money Wasting ago
Chapter 16 - To dust ago
Chapter 17 - Freedom? ago
Chapter 18 - Baptism ago
Chapter 19 - Judgment ago
Chapter 20 - Alith ago
Extra 1 - Oracles, Shackles ago
Chapter 21 - Hot business ago
Chapter 22 - Change of plan ago
Chapter 23 - In the ring ago
Chapter 24 - Avatar ago
Chapter 25 - Pest control ago
Chapter 26 - The stars ago
Chapter 27 - Exterminators ago
Chapter 28 - Drakron ago
Chapter 29 - Monster ago
Chapter 30 - Adventurer guild ago
Extra 2 - Slaves ago
Chapter 31 - Filters ago
Chapter 32 - Investments ago
Chapter 33 - End of leisure ago
Chapter 34 - Saint Of the Sea ago
Chapter 35 - Drifting ago
Chapter 36 - Incoming Funerals ago
Chapter 37 - Ocean’s call ago
Chapter 38 - Queen ago
Chapter 39 - Adrift ago
Chapter 40 - Towers ago
Chapter 41 - Trial ago
Chapter 42 - Grandcourt’s court ago
Chapter 43 - Day 8 ago
Chapter 44 - Kingslayer ago
Chapter 45 - The Princess Class ago
Chapter 46 - Unethical ago
Chapter 47 - A fine night to die twice ago
Chapter 48 - Arising ago
Chapter 49 - Orvod the mountain shaper (1) ago
Chapter 50 - Orvod the mountain shaper (2) ago
Chapter 51 - Orvod the mountain shaper (3) ago
Chapter 52 - The great storm ago
Chapter 53 - Heartless task ago
Chapter 54 - Is that it? ago
Chapter 55 - True Solstice ago
Chapter 56 - The real thing ago
Chapter 57 - Fading ago

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A great story that details the adventures of someone who gains their skill with a twist,  making them desired and making the best of it whilst staying low key. 

The mechanics of the world are revealed slowly, without an infodump. As the charcoal learns, you learn. 


It's lighthearted, but also serious at times, and the world feels large, yet largely unexplored, with a mystery history. 


Following the saintess as she learns all the things and overcomes obstacles is fun. Battlescenes are skimmed over sadly, as that could be interesting, but it doesn't detract from the exploration of this world. 

Cynical Pasta

This story is just good fun, good old fashioned Fantasy LitRPG, when the fun take that the system is a tad bugged, there aren't too many characters in the story, but the ones present are fun. Though the story evidently needs a bit more time to develop.

I can't wait to see more of the world and it's wacky shenanigans.


A story of clear quality. It immediately ropes you into the story and doesn't let go.

The basic premise is orphan girl finds dusty Grimoire on necromancy in orphanage, decides to then pursue that as class. Only, she is "blessed" with the class of Saint, which glitches the system and creates a new class, with a whole bunch of bugs.

Not needlessly humorous, the story weaves an excellent premise together with great grammar, pacing and level ups for the litrpg junkies.

A definite recommend for anyone who's a fan of any kind of fantasy. Excited to see what's next for this fantastic story 🐸


For the systemchads, fear the [Maiden Bolt]

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Money Making

Among the RR readerbase, there exists a certain feared group of people: The systemchads. 

Do you love to theorycraft character builds? Do you crave an interesting and unique system for your daily LitRPG fix? Look no further.

The saintess summons skeletons. And uses... [Maiden Bolt]? What the heck does that do? I don't know, and neither does the system. The mc's system is broken, and she only gets broken halves of each skill, which she then has to combine into unholy flex-tape abilities.

Would the [Maiden Bolt] make her summon a maiden, or make an enemy maidenless? I don't know, but these are the questions this fic makes me ask myself. And then the [Maiden Musk]... That one haunts my sleep



saint runs away from the church.

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Avatar

Great story.

There is a necromancer. She also a saint. Her classes are bugged together. Thus she has stupid amounts of mana, but really low life. Summons undead heroes to help her.

Problems: The church wants to lock her up and let her mass-produce summons.

So she runs away. Defeats dungeons and so on.

I hope it stays somehow important that she is a saint and necromancer, not just your random hero summoner.

Also she's called a "Saintomancer". To me this sounds more like a summoner of saints than a Saint Necromancer. "Necrosaint"?

Also the Patreon was announced, but not linked. So you are gonna have to look it up yourself.


Will start off saying Im a terrible critic since if i dont like something i just stop reading and move on so there are rarely bad reviews. So far I've taken this story for exactly what it is, fun entertainment.  I dont expect a polished piece or the next blockbuster.  I just want to spend time outside of reality and enjoying my time.  This book provides that.  Are there different directions that i would have gone or interactions between characters i would have done different? Sure, but im not the one writing and I have no idea whats going to happen next.  So if you want to just relax and enjoy a good book then i recommend this one.  


This is a very fun story. It's pretty light-hearted and interesting in a novel way. I wouldn't go into the story expecting Epic Fantasy, it's more like a fun little Adventure book with a interesting protagonist. I'm not the best at grammar so I won't comment but I haven't noticed anything to bad so far. If anything the worst I can say is it's a pretty basic plot but I think it uses that to its advantage.


This is a good one everyone! Necromancer stories are generally interesting cause it causes so many problems: where and how do you get the corpses? Is there a manual like How to care your undead army? How many liters of blood can you keep in storage and for how long? 

Maybe this novel will answer those, maybe not, what's for sure is the system is super interesting in the way it works, the worldbuilding is slow and steady which makes it more realistic. The best thing is the MC, she has such a chaotic neutral energy without being omnisicient-like or crazy, makes it much more entertaining and endearing. 

Eager to see what comes next, if you like Litrpg stories this one is for you, and if you dont like them, I would still give it a shot.


If I can't have more I'll bury the world in bones

Reviewed at: Chapter 22 - Change of plan

Holy bones, of course.

A saint necromancer with mixed skills, not annoying MC (with both her choices and what she says), art at the end of most chapters, and massive world building outlines. All greatly enjoyable attributes. 

I was worried that she would be trapped in the Holy See for quite a few chapters, but it was a relatively quick escape while being acceptable in execution.

Right now, my only worry is her new banshee summon. Either, they'll both grow and become better characters, or it's possible that the childlike demeanour they display around each other could be a major downfall.

My expectations are pretty high for the start, and I'm wishing luck to the author in succeeding.



I've read a few stories that start with an interesting concept and then don't properly follow through. I'm relieved to say this one does. Saintess summoned skeletons is just as fun as I expected it to be. Also an actual intelligent main character. There's also interesting concepts and clever ideas like the two part spell crafting I'm really looking forward to see where this story goes.