Yuuto woke up drowsily and with a smile on his lips. He tried opening his eyes, but the eyelids were too heavy. Yawning, he rubbed them and finally managed to open them just a bit. I don’t know this ceiling, he thought as he focused on it. The thought lingered in his mind for a moment and then he dismissed it. He was too happy to care.

The teacher scratched his chest and realized the shirt he wore was too loose. This isn’t mine. He tried thinking, but again he shrugged the thought off after a second.

He stretched his arms, but he stopped after a second. His lower back pained him. Did I fall or something? He tried remembering while massaging the place, but his mind refused to work. For some reason, he was too happy to think.

Yuuto tossed languidly on the mattress. This isn’t my bed… it’s too comfortable, he thought. It feels like I’m in a cloud… his smile grew and he also dismissed the thought, his hands looking for the covers.

But while his hands searched, he found something else. Something breathing. He turned his head and his fuzzy vision focused on a tangle of black hair.

Yuuto wasn’t alone on the bed that wasn’t his.

At once the sleepiness went away, his eyes widening. Why, why, why is Seiji-kun here? He looked around, finally noticing where he was. Why am I on Seiji-kun’ bedroom? With his mind at full speed now, Yuuto realized, blushing, that the shirt he wore belonged to his former student.

How, how, how… even his mind couldn’t form a question. Part of him vaguely remembered something about taking off his shirt. Probably because the cosplay, Yuuto thought, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t remember how he ended up wearing Seiji-kun’ shirt. Ah, damn it! He screamed in his mind, messing his hair out of frustration.

He turned to his former student once more. It’s the first time I see his sleeping face… Now I get why he likes doing this, he thought, remembering that Seiji-kun had seen the teacher sleeping on a few occasions. The slightly open lips that usually had a smile on it, the cheeks, the nose, the face that seemed innocent… he’s too cute. Before the teacher realized it, there was a smile on his lips and he gently stroke Seiji-kun’ hair. A second later, Yuuto shook his head and pulled the hand back. Now isn’t the time for this! What happened last night?

Taking a deep breath, he glanced at Seiji-kun again. Only now he noticed the man lying beside him was shirtless. Yuuto’s eyes looked down at the shirt he wore. It’s just a coincidence… right? We didn’t… nothing happened… I’d remember. Yes, if something like that happened, there is no way I’d forget, he said to himself over and over.

But no matter how many times he thought, he couldn’t shake the feeling. Half needing to see to calm his mind, half-curious, his hand slowly pulled the dark blue silk sheet they shared up… and then he put it back on its place, his eyes widening.

Seiji-kun was completely naked underneath the blanket.

Yuuto’s mind refused to accept. Was he really naked? Rich people like to wear weird underwear… his family company does makes underwear… It’s just to confirm, he said to himself. The teacher lifted the blanket again, this time forcing himself to look at it, his eyes widening again. After a long look, he let the sheet down.

Yuuto cheeks reddened a second later. It’s… bigger than mine… was the first thought that crossed his mind, along with a déjà vu feeling. I bet he knows how to use it… Wait, it’s not time to think about Seiji-kun’ member! Did something happen between us or not?

Yuuto messed his hair again and tried his best to remember what happened last night, without disturbing the cute man sleeping by his side.

Yuuto didn’t know for how long they hugged. All he cared was finding a way to cheer Seiji-kun, but he had no idea. All he could do was feel the warm coming from his former student and try to convey some of his feelings through his arms.

After a long time, one of them broke the hug. The moment they stepped away from each other, Seiji-kun cleaned his face hurriedly with the hands. Though he tried to hide it, the teacher saw the red in his eyes.

Yuuto pretended he didn’t see. “How about we finish the painting?” he proposed with a smile.

Seiji-kun blinked a few times, rubbed his eyes and then took a deep breath. “Yes. Let’s do it,” he said a bit too loud, forcing a smile on his lips. 

The teacher turned towards the couch, and then the lights went out. Even in complete darkness, Yuuto looked up out of reflex.

“A blackout.” The teacher could hear the irritation on Seiji-kun’ voice.

Yuuto pictured the apartment in his mind; he had been there so many times it was easy. After a second, he walked to the window and pulled the curtains open. The entire city was a sea of darkness, saved by a few dots of lights here and there. That was all he could see with the storm raging outside. “It’s amazing we didn’t hear a thing,” the words escaped from his mouth before Yuuto knew.

Seiji-kun walked next to him and tapped the glass with a finger. “Soundproof,” he said, pulling his phone out. “Apparently the storm suddenly changed direction an hour ago. The government is advising to stay inside until it passes.” He turned to Yuuto. “Guess we’re spending the night just the two of us. What can an artist and his muse alone do in the dark all night long?” His tone was much brighter and in the tiny light provided by the phone, the sly smile was back on his lips.

Yuuto only half listened though, all his thoughts on his sister and grandparents. Wasn’t Yuuka working at a friend’s house? Is she still there? Hope she’s all right… How about grandma and grandpa? Is the storm there too? Before he could think about anything else, the screen of his phone shone like a spotlight in the dark. Yuuto raced to the table where it was and stared at the screen. It was Yuuka, and it wasn’t the first time she called him. Four missed calls? Why did I put it on mute? He thought while pressing the button and bringing the phone to his ear.

“Hey little brother,” she said before he could say anything. “Are you alright? I called home, but I guess yer not there.”  Her voice sounded sluggish.

“I’m fine, but I don’t think I can get home today.” He looked at the dark sea. Though there was no sound, somehow the winds seemed stronger. “How about you? Are you still at master’s?”

“Yeah, I’m still here. We’re all fine,” Yuuto heard other voices cheering in the background. “The lights here went out half hour ago, so master proposed a drinking game. Am I winning, guys?” There was a loud yes and Yuuto moved the phone away from his ear. “I won’t be getting home either. I just talked with grandpa. The storm isn’t strong there, but the entire village took shelter at the school just to be safe. Apparently, grandma’s loving it. She’s drinking with her friends, saying it reminds her of school fieldtrips.”

Yuuto imagined for a second his grandma talking and drinking with her friends, like she did many Sundays while he was a kid and then sighed in relief. Thank the gods everyone’s all right. “I’ll call them right now.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll call them and tell yer fine.” Yuuto heard a big gulp. “Where are you anyway? At your boyfriend’s?”

It took Yuuto a few seconds to process his sister’s words. When he finally did, his eyes widened and he turned away. He was hiding his red cheeks from Seiji-kun even in the dark. “What did you say, sister? I couldn’t hear you…” he trailed off, hoping the drunk Yuuka had misspoken. She’s just drunk, right? There’s no way she knows about Seiji-kun… right? He gulped.

“I asked if yer at your boyfriend’s apartment.” She hiccupped, burped and there was silence for a moment. “I’m asking if yer at Seiji-kun’.”

He didn’t know why, but Yuuto felt the room grow quieter. The teacher gulped again and his mind try thinking. His head was a blank. Out of nowhere, Yuuto felt a breathing down his neck.

“Is that Yuuka?” Seiji-kun whispered on the teacher’s ear. “Let me talk to her.”

Yuuto turned and flushed even more. Seiji-kun was right behind him. Too close! He thought, covering the phone with his free hand. It was too late though.

“Is that him? Guys, he’s really there,” she said to someone else and Yuuto heard giggling on the background. “Let me talk with him. If he’s gonna date my little brother, he needs to know the rules.”

The teacher widened his eyes and placed a hand on the former student’s chest, pushing him away. “Yu-Yuuka… I don’t k-know where you got… that idea… b-but we’re not… he’s not my… you know…”

“I don’t get what yer saying. He’s not yer what?” For some reason, her voice didn’t sound drunk anymore; it was full of excitement. The background noise had ceased and it was a dead silence now. Did she put me on speaker?

Yuuto glanced at Seiji-kun. It was impossible to look at his face without thinking what his sister had just said now. The teacher blushed and went to a corner, placing a hand over his mouth. “He’s not my… boyfriend,” he whispered. Just saying the word was enough to make his face burn hot.

His sister on the other hand laughed. “Sure, sure. When you say it like that, I totally believe you,” she laughed again, and the voices on the background did the same. “Give my best to Seiji-kun. He sounds hot.”

He gritted his teeth and held back his immediate reply. “Since you seem all right, I better turn off my phone. To save battery.” Yuuto already had enough of that conversation.

“Ah, come on, don’t be mad. I’m just making sure my little brother is safe and sound,” she said. “Before yer off to spend a night alone in the dark with yer friend and personal artist, can I give you a piece of advice?” suddenly she was serious.

“What is it?” Even taken aback a bit by the sudden change in her tone, Yuuto said louder than he wished.

Yuuka cleared her throat loudly. “Since yer the uke, make sure Seiji-kun uses protection.”

His sister’s laugh was the last thing Yuuto heard before ending the call.

“Why did you do that?” Before the teacher realized, Seiji-kun was standing behind him again. “I wanted to talk with your sister for a bit.”

“I, I, I…” Yuuto was struggling with words and still blushing when he remembered something. “How come you know her? How come she knows you?” Though he wanted to know, his real intentions was taking the attention away from him. Why does she thinks you’re my… boyfriend… that question stayed with him. Even in his mind, he could barely think without his face reddening.

“Ah, that?” Seiji-kun shrugged his shoulders slightly. “Remember the wedding? When you used my phone to call her?”

“Yes…” Yuuto was starting to understand.

“Well, after you fell asleep on my couch, she called my number worried about you. Didn’t I tell you?” He said smiling.

And you both keep quiet? What did you two talk? Oh no… does my sister knows… everything? Oh no… Against his will, he relived everything that happened between them… when Seiji-kun was still his student and fondled the teacher… when he almost pleasured Yuuto… their almost kiss at the wedding… If she knows… it’s amazing she kept quiet all this time… But now… He didn’t want to imagine what she’d say now that the secret was out.

“No, you did not tell me,” Yuuto said at last, trying to put his anger on his voice.

“Guess I forgot. My bad.” The smile on his face suggested he forgot just to see the teacher’s reaction. “Is your sister okay?”

“Yes, she’s fine. Thank you for asking,” Yuuto blurted out, his mind still thinking about his situation.

“Thank the gods. You were blushing so much I thought something might have happened.” Seiji-kun beamed in relief.

Yuuto gulped. How can you change from smiles so quickly? That face’s not fair! The teacher was weak against that. He rubbed his eyes with both hands. Now that Yuuka had revealed she knew, Yuuto wouldn’t get out of the embarrassing talk. But at the moment, he had to leave the situation with his sister for later. Now his focus should be on Seiji-kun. Unfortunately for him, the word boyfriend still ringed in his mind. Damn it, Yuuka. Now I can’t get it out of my head!

“Is everything okay?” In the dim light provided by the phone, Yuuto could see Seiji-kun leaning in closer.

The teacher needed some time to sort his mind. And with any luck, calm down. “I… I… I need to change clothes!” he blurted out the moment the excuse popped in his head. I’m safe!

Yuuto pictured the apartment and where everything was again and dashed to the bathroom. In the middle of the living room, he hit something where nothing should be and fell along with whatever it was.

Trying to find a place to put his hand, he touched a sticky liquid. When the teacher smelled, he realized he had bumped the canvas. He had forgotten the easel and the stool. “My back…” Yuuto complained, rubbing his lower back.

“Did you trip on my easel?” Seiji-kun’ voice came from somewhere in the dark. Even then Yuuto could feel the mocking tone. “Where are the watercolors?” He looked for a moment and found Yuuto’s belly. Seiji-kun felt it for a moment and his finger went to the teacher’s bellybutton after a second, playing with it.

“Stop that!” Yuuto tried pushing the hand away and move at the same time. He ended up rolling on the watercolors. “Look what you did! You got me all sticky!” Seiji-kun laughed loudly. Only then Yuuto realized what he had said and blushed. He thanked the darkness for hiding his face.

“Sorry, sorry,” the former student finally said when he stopped laughing.

“Don’t move.” Yuuto stood up, but his foot was slippery and when he took a step, he fell. Seiji-kun held him just in time. “Thank you.”

“You need to get out of these dirty clothes. You need to be clean for the rest of the night.” And why is that? Yuuto thought, but held his tongue while Seiji-kun helped him standing up. “I took a shower before you got here, so the water should still be good.”

“…Thanks,” Yuuto said it again. He knew there was something behind Seiji-kun’ words, but the former student was right; the teacher couldn’t spend the night like that. He proceeded to the bathroom, this time cautious with every step.

Even if he had been there many times, it was impossible to know where everything was in the complete darkness. I should’ve brought my phone, Yuuto thought, scratching his head with the clean hand. Should I ask Seiji-kun to bring it? He dismissed the idea after considering for a moment. He didn’t want the former student to see his face right now; the teacher still felt his cheeks burning. Why did he do that…? His hand went to the bellybutton, remembering how Seiji-kun played with it.

By touch, he managed to find the sink and the tap, cleaning his hand and his arm as best he could, but it wasn’t enough. Am I really gonna take a shower now? Though Yuuto had been a muse for a little over two months, it would be the first time he would shower at his artist’s home. Maybe a cold shower will help...

Yuuto undressed the panties and bra, throwing them on top of Seiji-kun’ dirty clothes, and went to the bath area. He looked for the stool, soap and shampoo. It’s kinda relaxing taking a shower in the dark, he thought as he watered his head. He had almost finished cleaning himself and was washing away the soap when he heard the bathroom door opening. His hand stopped moving and he slowly turned to the sound.

“Are you done?” Seiji-kun’ voice came through the glass partition.

“W-why are you here?” Yuuto finally managed to say something. Why didn’t I lock the door?

“You got me dirty when you fell. And I’m all sweaty from cleaning everything, so don’t I need a shower too?”

Even if he couldn’t see, Yuuto knew Seiji-kun had a smile on his lips. “Can’t you wait until I’m done?” Even if he tried suppressing it, there was a hint of desperation in his voice.

 “Sorry, no can do. There’s only water for one more bath.” There was some light with him, and Yuuto could see his shaky shadow taking the shirt off. “Besides, it’s been a while since I showered with someone. I can wash your back,” he said happily and then opened the partition.

“I already washed it,” Yuuto said, blushing. For some reason he didn’t know, he half turned to hide his body, though he kept stealing glances at Seiji-kun.

While holding the phone in one hand and the towel in the other, it was hard not staring at Seiji-kun’ manhood, especially when the former student made no effort to hide it. “Why are you so nervous?” Seiji-kun asked tilting his head. He place his phone on a corner, creating a sort of dim shadow over the room. “It’s not like you haven’t showered with guys before. Or is this your first time with another guy? Am I gonna take your fist time?” Suddenly Seiji-kun seemed excited and now Yuuto confirmed he was really smiling.

“Of course I’ve showered with other guys!” he blurted. But no man has made me feel nervous like you do! He screamed in his head, but held his tongue. Calm down Yuuto! Down let yourself be caught by his words!

“Okay, okay. Though I have to admit I’m a bit sad I’m not your first man.”  He dropped his shoulders exaggeratedly, then took a deep breath and gave Yuuto the sly smile. “If you’re done, then you can wash my back,” Seiji-kun said standing next to Yuuto.

Yuuto quickly turned his head. Close! Too close! He didn’t know if the former student was doing on purpose or not, but Seiji-kun’ manhood was inches away from the teacher. Despite his willpower, Yuuto kept stealing glances again. It’s… bigger than mine… he thought, suddenly dejected. 

Thanking the dim darkness for hiding his burning cheeks, Yuuto wrapped the towel around his waist and when Seiji-kun watered himself, the teacher washed the former student’s back.

They’re... rather small... Yuuto thought. Although Seiji-kun was only bit taller than he was, the teacher always felt his presence overwhelming. Normally he’s so sure of himself, but the truth he’s just a child… a child that’s in pain. Yuuto held the impulse to hug him. After everything, the teacher forgot that he wanted to make Seiji-kun feel better. I wished this was enough, he though, but he knew it wasn’t. What can I do to help him?

Make sure Seiji-kun uses protection. Out of nowhere his sister voice echoed in his mind, and his manhood reacted, hardening. His hands flew to hide it. “It’s enough!” His voice came out high-pitched. Did he notice? He looked desperate at the man he wanted to cheer up.

Luckily Seiji-kun didn’t notice at all. He washed the rest of his body while whistling and then he stood up, turning to Yuuto. “Let’s get in the tub,” he said with a smile.

The teacher turned his head to the tub, more to avoid looking at Seiji-kun’ manhood than anything. Stop prancing that on my face! “I doubt it fits two people…” Despite the tub being much bigger than the one in his house, Yuuto hoped it couldn’t fit.

“Don’t worry, I already know it does,” Seiji-kun said with confidence.

It was meant as a joke, which he was already used to, and yet Yuuto felt a little pang in his heart. He’s talking about Amira-kun... or those other girls. From time to time, when he caught himself thinking about Seiji-kun, the teacher remembered the comments about the ‘parade of girls’ his former student had after he broke up with his ex. And for some reason, it bothered him every time.

Before Yuuto could refuse, however, Seiji-kun pulled him into the tub and they sat facing each other. “This is great. Being in hot water in this cold,” the former student said with a genuine smile.

It’s good, indeed, Yuuto agreed, but he kept quiet. While Seiji-kun seemed to be enjoying the bath, humming with his eyes closed, Yuuto could not enjoy. His sister’s voice ringed in his ear.

The teacher hid half his face under water, never taking his eyes from Seiji-kun. How would he feel if he knew what’s going on in my head? Would he feel grossed? Yuuto tried imagining a bit. No, he conclude after a second. Seiji-kun would be flattered and somehow twist these weird feelings to make me embarrassed… But what would he do? The image of them almost kissing at the wedding popped in his mind, and he blushed lightly.

This wasn’t the first time Yuuto thought about their almost kiss. He was glad it didn’t went beyond that. At the time, they were still teacher and student. As an educator, he’d feel awful if he did something like that. But at the same time, a big part of him wished they hadn’t been interrupted. Would that end up just a kiss… or our relationship could be more than what’s right now? If we had kiss… would he be my boyfriend now…? Would I want that? Yuuto himself had no idea.

Suddenly dizzy, the teacher stood up, the water spilling from the tub. “I think this is my limit,” he said in a weary voice. Yuuto dried himself, wrapped the towel around his waist and got out of the bath area before Seiji-kun could say anything.

In this area, the phone’s light didn’t shine, so he used his hands to find the counter, where his clothes were. After a few seconds touching around, he found it. With his hands on the surface, he felt the marble… and ended up pushing his clothes into the sink with a splashy sound. Oh no… Suddenly nervous, he moved his hands… and realized the sink was full.

“Damn it!” Yuuto pulled his clothes as fast as he could, but it was too late.

“What’s wrong?” Seiji-kun calm voice came a second before the partition opened.

“I dropped my clothes on the sink… Why is it full of water?” he asked, shaking his completely wet clothes.

“Did you pull the plug after you washed your hands?” Yuuto thought about it for a moment and then cursed himself. “I’m sorry for you.” The teacher could feel there was no apologizes in his former student’s tone.

“Even my underwear is wet…” Yuuto complained, more to himself than to Seiji-kun. There was a muffled laugh from his former student, but the teacher ignored it, squeezing boxers. There was no way he could wear it tonight.

Seiji-kun moved a bit and then shone the light from his phone on the mirror, walking to the teacher’s side. He watched the damped boxers for a moment and then a pair of red panties showed up in front of Yuuto. “Guess you’ll have to wear this,” he whispered in the teacher’s ear with the sly smile.

He looked at it for a moment, and then sighed. I can’t catch a break, he thought while taking and wearing it. “I can’t wear only underwear all night…”

“Don’t worry,” Seiji-kun said, suddenly excited. “You still have many options!”

Yuuto understood what he meant immediately. “I won’t spend the night in cosplay.”

“Then I can lend you some of my clothes, though I think, I think they might be a little too big for you,” Seiji-kun said while putting his own clothes on.

For some reason, the image of himself wearing nothing but Seiji-kun’ shirt popped into Yuuto’s mind. His cheeks reddened at once. That’s like wearing your boyfriend’s shirt after making love! He covered his face to hide his cheeks and rubbed them, pretending to think. “You’re… right. It’s too big…” he managed to say.

“Then there’s only one option, apart from the cosplays you rejected mercilessly.” He raised his eyebrows.

This time it took Yuuto a second to understand… and then he sighed again. “Fine, fine. There’s nothing I can do anyway.” Despite the hot shower, it was already getting chilly.

Seiji-kun beamed. “Wait here. I’ll get the uniform.” And he left.

Yuuto looked at his clothes again and lowered his head. It’s like there’s some invisible force making everything go wrong for me.

Seiji-kun came back with the uniform in hand a few moments later. I can’t believe I’m really gonna wear my own school uniform. Yuuto took a deep breath and put on the skirt. It’s surprisingly long, though it still shows more than it should, he thought as he looked at the uncovered area above his knee.

Despite his complains and refuses, he found himself intrigued and looked himself in the mirror. With a knee high black sock, it might make a wonderful cosplay. He had to hold the impulse to twirl around. He usually did that to check the risk of exposing his manhood, but he couldn’t do it with Seiji-kun next to him somewhat regretting that fact, Yuuto grabbed the shirt and realized it was too big for him. Raising his eyebrow and the shirt, the teacher looked at his former student.

“Some paint fell on the shirt and jacked, so I decided the shirt from my uniform would be perfect. You know, to match,” he said it casually, but the teacher saw his lips quivering slightly.

Yuuto opened his mouth… but then closed it, taking a deep breath instead. An invisible force indeed… he thought while putting on the shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror again. Thought it was big, he could still see the hem of the pleated black and blue skirt, but only if he raised his shoulders. If he relaxed and stood normally, it looked like he wore nothing underneath. The boyfriend shirt… this time Yuuto didn’t blush; he was too tired for that.

Seiji-kun’ lips quivered even more, but he did his best to hold the laugh. “It looks erotic,” he said.

“It doesn’t feel like it,” Yuuto lied and got out of the bathroom before Seiji-kun said anything else.

“Are you hungry?” Seiji-kun followed the teacher. Yuuto shook his head; he ate less than a couple hours ago, on his way to here. “I am,” the former student said and went to the fridge. “Damn… there’s nothing… oh, I forgot I had this.” He took something out.

In the dim darkness, Yuuto couldn’t see what Seiji-kun was holding, so he got closer. “You can’t. I won’t allow,” the teacher said in a firm voice when he saw the wine bottle. “You’re a minor.”

Seiji-kun seemed puzzled, and it wasn’t the fake expression he sometimes used. “You’ve seen me drink before.” It wasn’t a question.

“The wedding was different. Do you really think I’d let you drink like this?” He tried taking the bottle, but Seiji-kun raised his arms, taking the wine out of Yuuto’s reach. “As an educator, I won’t let you drink,” he said it. Damn it! Why is he that tall? He thought. They struggle for a moment, and their faces became close. They stared into each other’s eyes, the bottle forgotten for a heartbeat.

They both blushed and Yuuto took a step back. “Then you drink it,” Seiji-kun said with a sly smile.

“Why would I?”

“Because if you don’t, I will.”

“Fine, give it to me then. I’ll drink it some other time.” I bet Yuuka would love this, though I might as well try. Knowing Seiji-kun, it must be expensive.

Seiji-kun narrowed his eyes. He was still for a moment… and suddenly he went to the window, opened it. The wind howling outside, but he ignored it. He pulled the cork, threw it and closed the window again.

Yuuto was baffled for a second and then ran to the window. “Why you did that?” he said, trying following the cork with his eyes, but he couldn’t even see it anymore.

“Now you must drink it right away.”

“And why is that?” Yuuto sighed; he was too tired to get angry.

“It’ll go bad if you leave it without the cork.” Seiji-kun said.

“Then just throw it out.”

“This bottle costs around one hundred thousand yen.”

The teacher eyes suddenly widened. How much? He knew nothing about wine, so he couldn’t tell if that was true or not. He knew about his former student though, enough to tell if he was lying or not, but this time he couldn’t say. “Why are you trying this much to get me drunk?”

Seiji-kun thought for a moment, his face unreadable. “Better doing something than nothing,” he shrugged.

Suddenly Yuuto understood. He’s trying to avoid talking about the future… An idea crossed the teacher’s mind and he turned his palm to Seiji-kun. “You’re right.” The former student narrowed his eyes again, but he handed the bottle. Yuuto shook it a bit. There’s around a third left. Thanks to all the nights going out for to drink with Sawa-chan, this much wasn’t nowhere near enough to get him drunk. “There’s a condition. I’ll drink every time you answer a question.”

Seiji-kun’ face became unreadable. He barely seemed to breathe while considering his former teacher’s proposal. After some time, he opened his eyes. “Let’s do it.” He went to the cabinets, and grabbed six small glasses. It was the same as the ones on the wedding, the shots of tequila. Yuuto recognized them and then stared at Seiji-kun, his eyes widened. “My brother-in-law forgot them here,” he said, his face serious.

Yuuto saw through him immediately. “If we’re gonna play this, you can’t lie.”

Seiji-kun breathed out slowly. “Fine. I promise.” He sat on the floor, rested his phone on the table and organized the glasses in front of him. Yuuto handed him the bottle and he filled them, not wasting even a drop.

“You seem used to this…” Yuuto said.

Seiji-kun scratched his head for a moment and then let out a big sigh. “I did this a lot back then… but that was before I…” He left the sentence in the air.

The teacher could tell Seiji-kun was telling the truth, but he still wanted to hear the rest. Before what? Before me? Before we got to know each other? He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t use a question for this.

Yuuto sat on the floor, facing Seiji-kun and the drinks. The former student raised one glass. “You own me a drink.”

Yuuto accepted the wine shot, but didn’t drink it. “That wasn’t a question.”

Seiji-kun bit his lips for a moment. “Fine. Then ask.”

Even though he already knew the answer, Yuuto needed a starting point. “Do you have any future goals? Anything at all?”

“No. Not at all. Now drink.” The artist answered almost immediately.

“Seiji-kun…” Yuuto stared into his eyes. The former student avoided the teacher’s look, but after a second, he looked back.

“I’m serious… Right now, I can’t see myself doing anything…” He looked the floor. “I don’t have anything that I love to do. I… I wished I had something like you have.”

Seiji-kun… Yuuto drank the wine in one gulp and lined the glass along the others, facing down.

The former student widened his eyes a little and then the smile returned to his lips. “You seem used to this.”

“If you ever go out with Sawa-chan, you’ll see this is nothing,” Yuuto said, though I’ve never drank wine shots. The drink wasn’t unfamiliar with him, but drinking it in one gulp made him a bit lightheaded. He shook his head and blinked a couple times, concentrating.

Seiji-kun noticed, and offered another shot. “Next question.”

“You seem awfully excited now,” Yuuto said, accepting the drink. “I know you’re not on good terms with your family, but they don’t care that you have no plan at all? Not even your sister?”

The painter picked up another shot and offered. “Two questions, two shots.”

Yuuto didn’t move. “It’s only one question.” He left the drink hanging, holding his stare.

There was a long silence and finally Seiji-kun lowered the glass. “My father’s too busy running the company. I think the last time I saw him was at the wedding and even then he never mentioned my future. My mother says I should stop acting like a child, go to college and graduate in business school to, as she says, help the company,” he scoffed. “If she knew me just a little, she’d know I suck this kind of stuff and probably would ruin the company. Besides, that’s my older brother’s future. He’s on the path to inherit the Red Stone Company and make it even bigger… that is if he can wait that long. He’s so ambitious I’m surprise he hasn’t tried to take over the company yet.”

Yuuto couldn’t help but chuckle. Seiji-kun’ description matched the image of the man he met at the wedding perfectly, all business and ambition. “He has never said anything about your future?”

“All he says is to not embarrass the family,” Seiji-kun said, shaking his head.

“And what about your sister?”

“We hang out and talk and stuff… but we rarely have a serious conversation.” He looked at the floor. “Ever since grandpa… ever since then, we avoid talking about my future,” Seiji-kun said in a low voice.

I guess they aren’t as close as I thought… After meeting her at the wedding, and after hearing Seiji-kun tales about what she did to him growing up during their sessions, Yuuto believed the siblings were just as close as he and Yuuka were. Guess I was wrong… He brought the glass to his lips and turned it over his mouth.

This time he didn’t wait, picking another one. “You say you don’t see yourself doing anything, but don’t you like painting? You’re so good you could become an artist.” Though I hope you don’t leave my side, Yuuto thought, but left those words in his heart.

Seiji-kun showed a tiny smile. “You’re the second person to tell me this,” he said. He rubbed his face slowly and closed his eyes. “I think I told you before, but I don’t like painting. I like painting you. For some reason, every time I look at you, it stirs my mind in so many ways I feel the need to pick up the brush… But I never felt this with anything else. Nor anyone else, even Amira.” They stared at each other’s eyes in complete silence. “You’re the only one who makes me feel this.”

Seiji-kun… Yuuto drank the shot. I only have three more questions now… he thought about them carefully. “What… what…” he hesitated. Don’t back down now. It’s for Seiji-kun’ own good. The teacher took a deep breath. “What kind of man you think your grandfather wants you to be?”

This time the silence was a long and heavy one, each second stretching. They stared at each other, Seiji-kun’ face completely unreadable. Yuuto could see the pain in those eyes though, but held his stare. It’s for his own good, he said to himself again, trying to drive away the pang in his own heart for hurting someone he cared about.

Seiji-kun looked down. “I don’t know.” Yuuto knew he wasn’t just avoiding the question. The teacher could see his former student truly had no idea. “Grandpa was like my dad, always thinking about his job, but there was a big difference. Grandpa born after the war, and he grew up thinking how he could change the lives of the people around him for the better. When he had the power, he created many charities and donated a lot. But after grandma died, he changed. He started saying there was more to life than money. ‘I give food and clothes for the body, but what can I give to a soul?’ he started saying. After that, he spent his retirement encouraging people to read, to practice sport, martial arts, to create art…” Seiji-kun rubbed his eyes, hiding his tears. After a while, he looked back at the teacher. “He was the first person to say I should be an artist,” he ended with a genuine, but small, smile.

Seiji-kun… Yuuto wanted to cry, wanted to hug him, to comfort him right now. But he held himself. I can’tnot yet. He had to ask another question, one that Seiji-kun wasn’t ready to hear. But I have to… I have to ask him to see his future self in a world without his grandfather. Yuuto himself couldn’t see that. If it was my own grandpa…

Yuuto drank the shot and picked up another. He opened his mouth, but the words never came out. Come one… it’s for his own good! He said to himself again, ignoring the pain in his own heart. “Seiji-kun… can you—”

Before he could finish, the former student reached out, grabbed the glass from Yuuto’s hand, and drank the wine shot himself.

Yuuto widened his eyes for a moment, and then a second later a weary smiled appeared on his lips. Guess this is the limit… He wanted to ask, but he knew his former student too well. He took a deep breathes.

Even though Yuuto barely drank, the wine had made him more lightheaded than he thought it would. Shaking his head, he looked at the floor. There’s still one glass left. What can I do with one more question? He picked up and looked at Seiji-kun, who was playing with the shot glass in his hand.

A thought crossed his head and out of impulse, Yuuto drank the shot. “How do you feel about me?” he blurted out.

Seiji-kun tilted his head, his cheeks slightly pink. Yuuto couldn’t tell it was from embarrassment or not. He smiled. “Before that, you owe me an answer,” he said, knocking the glasses aside and leaning in closer. He stared Yuuto right in the eyes. “I want to kiss you.”

Yuuto’s mind went blank, his heart thumping loudly in his chest. “That’s not a question,” he said.

Seiji-kun closed his eyes and his lips met Yuuto’s.

Yuuto widened his eyes and then closed them, kissing Seiji-kun back.

The former student gently pushed the teacher on the floor, and his tongue was inside Yuuto’s mouth. The teacher wrapped his arms around Seiji-kun’ neck.

“Seiji-kun,” Yuuto said when the former student parted their lips and kissed the teacher on the neck. “Is this happening because you want to… or because of something else?” The words came out before he could stop them. Why am I ruining the moment? He didn’t mean to ask, but his mouth seemed to have a will of its own.

Seiji-kun stopped kissing him for a moment and stared the teacher in the eyes again. “Does it matter?” he said slowly.

It does, it totally doesand it doesn’t. Yuuto pulled Seiji-kun closer and kissed him. He dreamt of this for so long, and even if he denied to himself, his body didn’t; he still woke up with his manhood hard because of those dreams, because of Seiji-kun. Even if it was just for one night, he wanted this… he wanted to be one with Seiji-kun.

Seiji-kun kissed him back, and then stopped. “Let’s take this to my room,” he whispered in the teacher’s ear…

So that’s what happened! Yuuto’s entire face became an alarming shade of red and he covered with his hands. He shook his head, trying to dismiss the embarrassment. The teacher couldn’t make it go away, neither could he make the smile he had disappear.

Yuuto looked at Seiji-kun through his fingers. Even after all we did, he can make such innocent face, the teacher thought. Before he noticed, he was running his hand gently on Seiji-kun’ head, all the memories coming back to him.

Seiji-kun kissing him, carrying him, unbuttoning the shirt. Seiji-kun kissing Yuuto on the lips, on the neck, the chest, kissing the nipples until they were hard, kissing the belly and then down there. Yuuto remembered the weird sensation of Seiji-kun’ finger wet with lubricant inside him, and then how it became strangely better when he slipped the second finger in.

Yuuto remembered how they faced each other when they became one. How Seiji-kun hesitated, moving slowly, and despite the pleasure he felt himself, the artist was always asking if he was hurting his muse, even if he was ever gentle. Yuuto remembered how his seed flew out of him and the sensation of Seiji-kun’ seed gushing inside him. When they weren’t one anymore, the former student asked breathless if it had hurt, and when the teacher said only a bit, he was worried.

Yuuto remembered how Seiji-kun hesitated when the teacher said he wanted to try again. No matter how much he said it was okay, the artist was afraid of hurting his muse. The teacher got impatient and kissed him longingly and when his former student was hard, Yuuto pushed and sat on top of him. After a moment, Seiji-kun’ manhood was inside him again, and Yuuto moved up and down, until he found the pleasure spot.

Yuuto couldn’t remember the moment they weren’t one anymore. His mind was a complete haze of pleasure. But he did remember he was completely breathless and couldn’t stop smiling. When he lied back, he tried catching his breath. He didn’t know how much time had passed, but Seiji-kun suddenly was on top of him.

Yuuto remembered how Seiji-kun seemed just as breathless as he was, but that didn’t stop him from hardening again, and when he realized the teacher wasn’t in pain anymore, he didn’t held back. Seiji-kun turned and lifted the teacher’s hip and then his manhood was inside Yuuto again. After that, Yuuto could only remember that he completely lost his mind in a haze of pleasure. It was very different from the first time. Seiji-kun was gentle and intense at the same time.

When they finished, Yuuto remembered Seiji-kun picking up the teacher’s clothes and handing to him. When he was dressed, the former student whispered. “Don’t leave me. Please.” He held the teacher tight in his arms, and when Yuuto hugged him back, he relaxed and then they fell asleep.

Yuuto remembered everything, and he would never forget.

Seiji-kun yawned and Yuuto pulled back his hand out of reflex. The former student cleaned the little drool on his mouth before opening his eyes. He looked around and when he saw he wasn’t alone on the bed, he blinked a couple times.

“Good morning,” Yuuto said, smiling.

“Morning,” Seiji-kun said confused. He rubbed his eyes and then his hands moved to his temples. “Last night…” Yuuto held his breath. What’s he gonna say? Is he embarrassed? Even after he did all that to me, though I did a lot too… The teacher couldn’t help but blush. “…is a blur. What happened?”

Yuuto felt the happiness evaporating from him. He… doesn’t remember… That wine shot was enough to make him drunk? Isn’t he used to drinking? Or is this one of his jokes? The teacher tried seeing past Seiji-kun’ drowsiness. I can’t tell if he’s lying or not… maybe if he was hungry, he could get drunk with only that…

“How much do you remember?” the teacher asked.

Seiji-kun sat up. “I recall the blackout… and then the drinking game.” He blinked his eyes again. “Ah, and I remember you washing my back,” he said with the sly smile. “You were very gentle.”

That part you remember? Yuuto sighed. “Do you remember anything else? Nothing about what happened between us?”

“I… remember our talk…” Seiji-kun looked down. “Thanks for that. I’m not ready, but I need that.” He took a deep breath and then stared at the teacher, the genuine smile on his lips. “Thank you for always putting up with me.”

Yuuto gulped… and then smiled too. No matter how happy he was, no matter how much he wanted to be with Seiji-kun again, now wasn’t the time. More than a lover, Seiji-kun needed a friend right now, someone he could count on. And the teacher would be that person.

But I won’t give up. If I can’t make you remember our night together, I’ll make it happen again!

“You can always count with me, Seiji-kun,” Yuuto said, with a tiny smile.

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