Another hero Tale: Nephilim

Another hero Tale: Nephilim

by Layzboi

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy

On a walk home, Nathan Lowell trips and falls into another world. When he wakes, a fairy tells him he's The Hero of Legend. With nothing else to do, Nathan decides to travel this world and little by little, discover the selfish and unwarranted expectations that come with his title.

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5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Nameless Fairy ago
Chapter Three: A Hero's Legend ago
Chapter Four: Common sense ago
Chapter 5: Magic Study ago
Chapter 6: Scribe Eater ago
Chapter 7: "Origin" ago
Chapter 8: Exploring The Study ago
Chapter 9: Slip up ago
Chapter 10: The Way Out ago
Chapter 11: A New World. ago
Chapter 12: First Encounter ago
Chapter 13: A World Shaken ago
Chapter 14: Reunion ago
Chapter 15: The Roaming Forest ago
Chapter 16: Control ago
Chapter 17: Where the Fae Fly ago
Chapter 18: To Ask a Request ago
Chapter 19: Gorgons Eye ago
Chapter 20: Method of attack ago
Chapter 21: Mother's Hand ago
Chapter 22: Party Of Four? ago
Chapter 23: Don't Call Me Hero ago
Chapter 24: To Each Her Own ago
Chapter 25: A Hero's Duty Part: 1 ago
Chapter 26: A Hero's Duty Part: 2 ago
Chapter 27: Arrivals ago
Chapter 28: All for You ago
Chapter 29: Unstoppable ago
Chapter 30: Fight and Flight ago
Chapter 31: "Myfetus" ago
Chapter 32: True Selves ago
Chapter 33: Evolution ago
Chapter 34: The Grassvalley Tribe ago
Chapter 35: Two Birds ago
Chapter 36: Persistence ago
Chapter 37: Expendable ago
Chapter 38: Bane ago
Chapter 39: A World Awakened ago
Chapter 40: The True Beginning ago
Chapter 41: Living Legend ago
Chapter 42: Refusal ago
Chapter 43: Ream ago
Chapter 44: Choices ago
Chapter 45: Rocky Travels ago
Chapter 46: Five Vs One Part 1 ago
Chapter 47: Five Vs One Conclusion ago
Chapter 48: Quincy ago
Chapter 49: The Braekuhr ago
Chapter 50: Problems in Loegrey ago
Chapter 51: Joining the Guild? ago
Chapter 52: The Merchant Ramol ago
Chapter 53: Common Sense 101 ago
Chapter 54: Welcome to the Guild, HERO!? ago
Chapter 55: Guild Master Matthew ago
Chapter 56: Fun Times ago
Chapter 57: Explanation and Confrontation ago
Chapter 58: The World Leseres ago
Chapter 59: Cheshire ago
Chapter 60: First Quest ago
Chapter 61: Failed Fox Trap ago
Chapter 62: Fox Family Affair ago
Chapter 63: Foxes Savior? ago
Chapter 64: The Fox Hunter ago
Chapter 65: Fox Rebellion ago
Chapter 66: Fox Hunters Downfall ago
Chapter 67: Freedom? ago
Chapter 68: Broken Trophies ago
Chapter 69: Square One ago
Chapter 70: Gracious Punishment ago
Chapter 71: When the day is done ago
Chapter 72: The Merchant's Circumstances ago
Chapter 73: Too Much Information ago
Chapter 74: Going out of Business ago
Chapter 75: One More Push ago
Chapter 76: Moon Shiners ago
Chapter 77: Stalling Tactics ago
Chapter 78: Men and Mice ago
Chapter 79: The Cerulean Sword ago
Chapter 80: It is to Laugh ago
Chapter 81: Two Steps Forward ago
Chapter 82: One Last Errand ago
Chapter 83: Trials and Tribulation ago
Chapter 84: Please Leave ago
Chapter 85: The Cursed Rose? ago
Chapter 86: A Tail of Two Nobles ago
Chapter 87: Returning to Deldel Fields ago
Chapter 88: Sibling Affairs ago
Chapter 89: Fated ago
Chapter 90: A Road Less Traveled ago
Chapter 91: The Night Before ago
Chapter 92: Morning Blossom ago
Chapter 93: Young and Restless ago
Chapter 94: Approaching Danger ago
Chapter 95: The Fallacious Trek ago
Chapter 96: The Mimic Part 1 ago
Chapter 97: The Mimic Part 2 ago
Chapter 98: The Mimic Part 3 ago
Chapter 99: The Mimic Part 4 ago
Chapter 100: The Mimic Finale ago
Chapter 101: The Mimic Epilogue ago
Chapter 102: Brooding Thieves ago
Chapter 103: A Deaf Ruler ago
Chapter 104: Right-hand Man ago
Chapter 105: Defying logic ago
Chapter 106: Rebirth by Fire ago
Chapter 107: Dangerous Attraction ago
Chapter 107: Aromatic ago
Chapter 108: Growing Suspicions ago
Chapter 109: A Friend of a Friend ago
Chapter 110: Early Warnings ago
Chapter 111: Crushing Defeat ago
Chapter 112: The Goblins Treasure ago
Chapter 113: Little Survivalist ago
Chapter 114: Retreat to the Surface ago

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For those with specific likes and dislikes.

Just saying, you should mention the protagonist is a Trap on the first chapter or in the summary. Some people's tastes are different and even though it doesn't affect me. I know a friend who couldn't stop complaining about this.

The Spectator

So the story has bad grammer and the most beta MC i read about. Him being a male but looks like a female is cheap humor. The story is slow paced, but the cast of characters aren't one dimensional. To improve, i'll have MC start killing people and stop being so trusting. I can't stand how he's telling everyone his secrets. If he realizes from a revenge plot, like from those slavers or gets ratted out by the guild master, that he's being too optimistic, then he should wake up from his passive delusion and change how he approaches things. Like thinking the slavers would say thank you for not killing them and decide to keep the whole thing to themselves because if they were killed, in the middle of nowhere to keep his identity secret, some how the slavers guild will find out and send swarms of grunts. See how smart he was to keep them alive and trust they won't ambush him later? Not really. This is an example how his EQ affects his thought process. Oh look this fox girl is leading me into a trap. Might as well follow her, don't want her to be suspicious. She was forced to do it?  Lead me into a stronghold of bandits with out back up. What, you lead me into another trap? I know I look like a female, but I'm a male. 'proceeds to beat head bandit.' "You're arura tells me, you're from. Earth."  I am and i hope you pinky promise to not tell anyone that i'm a hero too. 'proceeds to forgive her after subtle blackmail'. Pretty much the MC is low EQ and naive.

Rate: 3.00


Concept is unoriginal, story is good.

In all seriousness the concept is one seen all over, though this is not to say that I dislike it. 

I believe your take on it is one few manage to actually succeed in doing.

HOWEVER, you literally BUTCHERED the grammar, some of the words you use are replaced with others. Like, were you writing on your phone with autocorrect on? It actually makes it harder to read what was written and has the reader make do with other words they think would fit in the situation.