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[Souteneur Merchant Level 8]

[Skill Gained: Price Is Right]

I was riding from the guild toward the establishment when a text appeared in front of me.

I had leveled up in my base class and even gained the skill. It couldn’t help but surprise me, but soon that surprise morphed into a smile.

I have finally got it; Price Is Right. It is a staple skill of merchants.

Every merchant above level 10 has this skill; more than 50% of people gained it when they gained the mercantile class.

With this advancement comes an attribute point.


Souteneur Merchant (Lv. 8)

Lawyer (Lv. 5)

Warrior (Lv.2)










1. Trusty Presence

2. Worthy Goods

3. Contract

4. Shop Open

5. Quick Steps

6. Consecutive Strikes

7. Fast Reading

8. Price Is Right

Attribute Points:


Earlier, I wanted to spend the attribute point on vitality, but after some deep thinking, I decided to use it on strength, and I did not waste any time doing that.


Souteneur Merchant (Lv. 8)

Lawyer (Lv. 5)

Warrior (Lv.2)










1. Trusty Presence

2. Worthy Goods

3. Contract

4. Shop Open

5. Quick Steps

6. Consecutive Strikes

7. Fast Reading

8. Price Is Right

Attribute Points:


The moment I did, I felt the change. I felt the power coursing through my veins. I knew I had gotten a little stronger.

It is not just strength that has increased, but nearly all physical attributes; strength and vitality increase one's constitution, agility, and defense.

People allot points in combination to focus on any of these things; old Remus had focused on agility built, but I find balance more suitable for me.

So, I need both my vitality and strength near the same.

Soon, I reached the establishment and got out of the carriage; when I reached the door, Carla was there.

“Everything is ready,” she said, and I nodded in thanks.

A minute later, I walked into room 11, which was filled with girls, one of them I recognized from the last time.

She looked away as I glanced at her.

My office is not big enough to accommodate all the girls and seeing I did not want to talk to them in batches, I put a small table in room eleven to finish it all once.

“Hello, I hope you all have a pleasant journey to the Greltheaven,” I said, and they smiled nervously.

“I will come straight to the point then,” I said and looked at two piles of contracts; one was the old contracts, and the others were the new ones they would have to sign.

“Today, you will sign the contracts and become an employee of the Velvet Garden,”

“I am sure Carla had explained every point in the contract to you and told you, you still have a choice if you want to leave with severance,” I said and looked at them.

In return, I got a look like I was mad for asking these questions.

“This is the last chance; anyone wants to leave?” I asked in direct terms to be sure, but no one had opened their mouth.

“Since all of you agree, we will begin signing the contracts,” I said and turned to look at Carla, who nodded and took the first contract.

“Della Sharp,” she said, and woman late fifties walked forward.

She was a little nervous, but after her name was called out, she quickly came forward and began to sign the contract.

She likely feared I might not accept her, and her fear is valid, as most brothels did not use women who looked over fifty, and some high class did not use those who looked over forty, but I have no qualms.

I wanted women of her age; there are certain people who like them and seeing I want to serve to every taste, I will use her.

There are two more women other than her, who looked over fifty; one seemed to be in the early fifties, while the other.

“Esther Reese,” Carla called as Della finished signing the contract, and the second woman came and began to sign the contract; as she finished, the third woman was called and then forth.

One by one, they begin to come to the table as their names are called and begin to sign the contract, and soon, fifty-one women have signed the contract.

“From today, you are the employees of the velvet garden; you will follow the rules in the contract and will receive all the benefits according to it.”

“I hope we will have a pleasant working relationship,” I said. To that, they smiled nervously and began to walk out of the room till only Lola remained in the room and me.

She is looking at me with nervous eyes; I have never seen anyone as nervous as her. She is so nervous that she is shaking it; I fear that if I simply so much touch her, she might fall down.

“Miss Lola, you have put me in quite a dilemma,” I said as I looked at her.

“It was not my intention, Mister Silver,” she said. Her words were clear, despite all the nervousness.

“I have told you before I will not take those who will leave, but now I have brought your contract; it had put me in quite a dilemma, you understand it, right?” I asked as I looked at her.

“I will accept your decision,” she said, and I continued looking for a couple of seconds before finally sighing.

“Fine, I will give you one more chance, but I truly hope you will not disappoint me,” I said and pushed the contract forward.

I could see joy lighting up in her eyes, and at the same time, tears started to stream from them

“You will not regret giving me a second chance, Mister Silver,” she said as she wiped her tears.

“I hope not,” I said with a small smile, and I truly hope I do not.

The one reason I had accepted her is Carla; she had asked me that personally yesterday, and while I could have easily said no, I decided to agree to her request.

As any mistake made on her part would be her responsivity, I had made it clear to her, and she accepted.

She quickly signed the contract, and I felt it click, with the headache increasing slightly, but it was minor, not like last time; it was quite bad.

The levels in my class and the mental attributes have really helped me a lot; without them, it would have been impossible to sign so many contracts.

[Lawyer Level 6]

I had just gotten up from my seat when the text appeared in front of me, and immediately I felt the headache lessen.

Seeing the level up, a smile couldn’t help but appear on my face. I have leveled twice today, once in my base class and now in my Lawyer class.

This day just keeps getting better.

Though the smile would have been brighter if I had received the skill, still, I am happy with the level; it will help me a lot in Namdar.

Things will be hard there, as it is a tiny city like Grelthheaven but one of the most prosperous cities of the Empire.

A place in which those monsters of the S class reside.


“Anty Della, big sisters, you all need to be quiet when we enter the manor,” said Gloria as she led their group of five toward the building.

There is huge construction going on around the mansion; while Carla had informed her of it, it still surprised her.

There are nearly a hundred workers working on different things; she had even spotted mages laying the enchantments into the ground.

Carla had said they were building around the mansion, making it bigger. When the construction is finished, the mansion will be big enough that a hundred girls will easily be able to do the business.

She even said there would be a big underground residential area for them, for which she is feeling very grateful.

Currently, their living arrangement is tents, which by the way, is the most comfortable arrangement she has ever lived in her life, with the softest bed she has ever slept in. It even has a temp disc to adjust the temperature according to their needs.

Still, she would like to live within the solid walls; it will not matter if they are underground or above ground.

Soon, Gloria led their group of five through the small entrance, and they have made the steps as silent as possible.

It had been an hour since the establishment had opened; she wanted to watch from the start, but Carla declined as Mister Silver started his round in the first hour.

Since every girl was excited to see how the establishment worked, Carla had divided them into groups, and each group would get a tour of the establishment and see how it worked.

They only have half an hour, but I think it would be more than enough to see how the establishment work.

Soon, they reached the tiny room, which had a small window and a chair.

Seeing the window, every girl ran toward it, ignoring Gloria, who was asking them to take turns looking through the window.

Soon, all five of them squeezed themselves and looked through the window, and what they saw shocked them to their core.

She was a huge hall that was mostly empty a few hours ago, now lit with the most beautiful lights and filled with tables.

Where the girls were sitting wearing beautiful dresses, which now looked more enchanting on the girl's bodies than the racks they had seen them on earlier

She is not shocked by the clothes they are wearing, but by how they are behaving and how the clients, patrons as they called them, are behaving with them.

They do not look like whores, but women from rich families; the way they are talking, they are moving.

Every movement of theirs is graceful; every word coming from their mouth would be captivating, and the men in rich clothes would talk to them with smiles and praise them with flowery words.

She could see the lust in the eyes of men, but it was not desperate or forceful. There is restraint in them, which she had seen very few times.

Every table was filled, and every girl was occupied with patrons; she even saw a few men sitting alone drinking in the bar as no girl was available to accompany them.

It is so different from the brothels she had been in, where she needed to use everything she had to attract clients, but here, they would come to girls.

It had been ten minutes since she was looking, and since then, only one pair had gone to pleasure rooms.

“It is so different,” Lola whispered, and she couldn’t help but nod. “If I had not seen with my eyes, I would have believed what Carla had said,” she said softly, and the girls nodded.

They watched for another five minutes before Gloria took them to the makeup room, and it was a sight to behold, just like the hall.

Two beauticians, one woman in her mid-thirties and the most beautiful man she had ever seen, working on a Lenore together.

She is standing naked as two brushes slide across her skin while the women work on her face.

She was so engrossed in watching that she did not notice the man had no hands. She did not react to it and gave the looks to two girls, who were staring at his stumped hands.

“Dress from the thirteenth hanger, lingerie from the 24th hanger, shoe…” he gave the order, and two young girls brough them quickly.

As they had brought it, they began to float, just like the brushes did.

Lenore seemed to know what to do as she raised her hands forwards, and the blue bra slid through them; at the same time, she lifted one leg, and another, and panties slid through them.

In a few seconds, she is in blue lingerie before the indigo dress comes floating toward her and slides across her skin, and a second later, the bright red shoes come floating and fix themselves on her feet.

They watched with gaping mouths as Lauren got readied in a few seconds in what was supposed to have taken her minutes.

She smiled, looking at their wide mouth, and gave them a nod before walking out of the room.

“Madams,” said the man, and within a minute, they found out how easy he was to talk to.

It is quite a regret that they needed to leave soon, as their half an hour was coming to an end.

She did not remain sad for long when she remembered she was going to be working here. Experience everything these girls are experiencing, and for the first time in decades, she is feeling excited.

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