Amelia (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)

Amelia (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)

by MelasDelta

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.

Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of finding herself on Earth, she is in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.

And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.

“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”

After all, who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?

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I saw this in one of the trending tabs and saw all the reviews were good, so I gave it a try. After reading all the way up to the latest chapter, I was bored out of my skull, another victim of the site's algorithm. Definitely not a five star fic.

A quick note: There's obvious surface level comparisons to be made between this fic and One Punch Man, but there are crucial elements that differ between the two. I won't be making any comparisons in this review however, and leave it as an exercise.

Anyways, to start off, the writing style seems designed to be digestible by the lowest denominator of reader, eschewing complex vocabulary and nuanced descriptions until it finds an equilibrium at a middle school reading level. It's readable, but not evocative. In my opinion, this writing style holds back the entire fic, from characters, action scenes, worldbuilding, etc, turning what could've been interesting ideas into bland descriptions.

One of the major issues I have with this fic is that Amelia has no distinguishing traits whatsoever beyond being OP. There is nothing she likes, only things she finds annoying. Her reaction to eating and sleeping for the first time in 10 years of nonstop danger is tepid at best, and that's her reaction to everything. Tepid. 

As such, she's a terribly boring character to follow around all the time. The other characters are better in that they have personalities, but the vast majority of them are irrelevant and lack crucial character elements like motivation and relationships. Noele is the most developed character in the fic, but isn't strong enough of one to carry the entire story by herself.

Additionally, the premise of Amelia wating to live a peaceful life despite what the system wants her to do falls flat for two reasons. First, the system doesn't actually do anything beyond just showing Amelia the option to be a Hero a couple of times, leaving her free to do whatever she desires (that is, if she had any desires at all). Secondly, she is perfectly capable of settling down but doesn't for some reason. She cites money as an issue, but

is directly stated to have acquired enough money to retire on comfortably. So the logical thing for her to do is to not go live her peaceful life, and instead stare at an empty job request board in the Adventurer's Guild for 45 minutes like an idiot.


But let's be real here, the actual premise of the fic is seeing Amelia use her OP strength to humble the arrogant. So how does it fare there? Not well, as it turns out. The nonevocative writing style mentioned earlier in this review really comes into play here to create incredibly dry fight scenes. Amelia stands there while her opponent unleashes their best attack at her, she moves/slashes too fast for the eye to see, rinse and repeat. Yay.

The one sided beatdowns are not incredibly satisfying either, since those she beats down have little to no buildup to them getting their just desserts. They basically ineffectually attack her thinking that Amelia's a nobody. And that sums up everything bad that they've ever done to her. Never have they threatened the things Amelia cares about (she doesn't care about anything), nor have they had the chance to showcase their strength against someone who isn't the literal pinnacle of strength. They essentially are props with fancy titles for Amelia to smash. 

But is it funny though? No. The main gag about people's common sense being destroyed by her displays of strength compared to her lack of levels is repeated a lot with no subtlety or variation. With how nonevocative the writing is, it usually boils down to the reader being told how shocked a character is instead of shown, usually through the character outright stating their thoughts on the matter in plain dialogue. The other gags suffer from much of the same, not being evocative enough to paint a funny image in my mind, nor nuanced enough to support being used multiple times. 

Overall, not my cup of tea. If you like the elements present here, power to you, but I personally would recommend passing over this one even if you're into dumb fun.


I'm usually cautious towards these kinds of stories, but, having seen some reviews praising the character interactions, I  took the plunge.

Unfortunately, having read up to chapter 15 (Half the story at the time of this review!), I can't say I have quite managed to spot this illusive character interaction they've been talking about. Is that something you eat? Characters are nothing special, world is nothing special, and interactions between characters are nothing to write home about.

As some other, more recent reviews have stated, this is kind of similar to One Punch Man—but, well, boring.


Bland MC/setting, enjoyable supporting characters

Reviewed at: The Level Zero [Hero] Chapter 30

Style and grammar are flawless. 5/5 stars.


As far as the label of LitRPG goes, this story offers very little. The MC refuses to take part in the "system", actively deciding against chosing a class, the corresponding skills and the usual progression that comes with it. As the title says, the MC is OP enough she can do without, but this removes a huge part of the expected character progression of a LitRPG setting. I expected the MC to go through enough progression/change/character development on a personal level to make up for this but here the author failes to deliver - the MC is introduced ready-to-go and very set in her ways. I feel there has been zero progression or change in this regard.

The setting and world seem generic to me and very little lore has been conveyed as of chapter 30.


MC: 1.5/5 stars. Except for being OP the MC as a whole is a bland experience and forgettable. The few amusing moments happen when the "NPCs" interact with the MC for the first time, usually by realizing she's abnormaly strong and an anomaly in their established world of classes and levels.

Supporting Characters: 4.5/5 stars. The story's one redeeming point in this regard are the people that meet and interact with the MC. They are interesting, unique enough to be enjoyable so far and given enough background to become invested in. If only the MC had as much appeal...


A great and fun story, but still filled with stake

Reviewed at: The Level Zero [Hero] Chapter 30

Amelia, the level zero Hero, is a pretty great story in my opinion. You shouldn't approach this as a classic progression fantasy LitRPG story however, as you'll be quickly disappointed. See, Amelia is strong. OP even. Based on what we've seen so far, I don't think we'll ever see her struggle in a fight. While that may be rebuking to a lot of people, you should try to hang on at least a few chapters. Because if you were scared about the lack of stakes or tension within the story, then think again. Amelia is not really the main character. She's more of an excuse to develop a world around her. This is, in my opinion, not a bad thing at all, and where you don't have any stakes at all coming from Amelia, you do feel some coming from every other characters she meets and interracts with. She's the only immortal one, and she cannot be everywhere at once. So while she's off doing something, trouble can still and will happen. 

So yeah, don't go into this story expecting a grand and long progression fantasy like Salvos, but more a slice of life story, with some strong action scenes and a bit of tension from time to time. Also, the characters are great, I really like what MelasD did with Amelia in particular. She has the perfect personnality to make this story work, and it's really cool to follow her. 

I wanted to wait until a bit more chapters to leave a review initially, but I decided that 28 was a good number to finally get a move on. There are still some fears remaining on my mind though. The problem with a story where the main character is too strong isn't lack of tension, but repeatability. It is very easy to fall into the pattern of "thing happen, op character gets away cause of reason, stress, op character comes back to save the day". So I'm a bit scared of that happening, but the author seems to understand it and has taken steps to prevent it, by making Noele the target of a progression story herself. And as everyone knows, if you want to get stronger, you have to face troubles and not get helped. 

Anyways, it's a good story, and I like it! (Sorry if the review is a bit messy, writing it on a phone which isn't prone to the cleanest reviews ^^)


The story is a lot of fun. Although Amelia is obviously the strongest around, that doesn't make the story any less interesting. Why? Because of the characters and their interactions! As expected from the author of Salvos. 

The One Punch Man influence is definitely apparent, but after a bit, the story really comes into its own. 


I am glad I found this story when I checked Rising Star. It is light and suitable for my taste.

As a newcomer in litrpg community, I find it hard to integrate myself with stories with over-complicated system, but this story is focused on a plot where the main character needs to do something in order to live in an unknown world, not solely focused on the system. Even though it sounds ordinary, this story's simpleness is what I need.

The other element I like about this story is the side characters. There are many side characters I love to hang around with. Having read a few progression stories, I realized the stories I have all read always abandon side characters, which are a shame because side characters are what make a story lively, and this story seems to be a type that won't cast away side characters, and I wish they will appear more as importan characters for the main character.

Overall, this story is good, and I am thankful for this story because I think I can integrate myself into litrpg community (because of this story). Love from me, thanks for writing this wonderful story ❤️


Reached the final chapter for this year and still love it.


For future chapters, I'm hoping for a little more fun interactions with the side characters and also a real challenge or two for the heroine. 

If she keeps marching through every obstacle, it might get boring at some point. 

But the story is written quite nicely and until now I had a lot of fun... So let's just see what will happen.  😉




Standard jp isekai fare plot wise. MC is "Ore Tuuueee", op basically.

Read dozens of Ln's like these, main focus in these are the world and the characters. In this work neither the characters or the setting has dragged me in really. Additionally the op comedy gets repetitive pretty quickly.

Author has become quite good at writing though, and is leages beyond normal jp writers. Still, nothing hooks me. This kind of lacks the orignality Salvos has, so feels very standard to me.

Readers who are new these kinds stories will prbly love this. Can't really reccommend it to more well read people though.




Fun story that doesn’t take itself to seriously

Reviewed at: The Level Zero [Hero] Chapter 30

If you are here looking for a strict magic system, complex and morally challenging problems, and some intense MC, you are in the wrong place.

this story is an excellent take on the kinda light and fluffy overpowered MC stories.  If you are here for some relaxing fun (that still has some legitimate challenges and potential for an overarching plot), you are going to have a lot of fun.


style: it is just a pretty solid, funny story.  It doesn't fall into any weird wish fulfillment tropes like harems or world conquest, and it makes situations where there is still some conflict.  There is some humor mixed in pretty well.  Overall, just a really good execution, though it doesn't have as strong a stylistic flavor as some other stories.

Story score: very slow build, but that is the promise on a story like this.  It is honestly kinda hard to evaluate at this point.  So far, the world seems well set up, there is some clearly foreshadowed conflict on the horizon, and the sidekick has a clear story ark.  Amelia is mostly chilling, but does have a bit of a story.  It is just really early to judge.

Grammar: good grammar.  If there were any errors, there were few enough to be forgettable.

Character: I like the characters, and they are built uniquely (rather than just being tropes), but they are still a bit flat.  Some of that may come with time, but right now besides Amelia and her side kick, everyone really only has one dimension.  But the main cast is starting to have some interesting character development, so I hope to change this review to increase the character score as we spend more time with everyone!  

TLDR:  fun, fluffy book.  Very slow burn.  Neat take on JLN op mc story without falling into tropes.  


A hilarious send-up of isekai litrpgs from one of the best writers on RR. It's essentially One-Punch Man with some elements of Konosuba and sprinkles of Salvos' silliness. Suitable for anyone looking for comedy. Read the description, and give it a read if it sounds remotely interesting.

Also, let's all hope that Amelia can eventually get the Cook class.