Pantheon of Balance [A LitRPG D&D dice roll adventure]

Pantheon of Balance [A LitRPG D&D dice roll adventure]

by Dungeon_Mistress

An avid gamer and his friends are drawn by powerful deities into a medieval world of fantasy. Will they bring balance or invoke the ire of an evil serpent god?

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Escape Reality; Experience possibility!

Word Count (8)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
33 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Into An Other World ago
Chapter 2: The First Traveller ago
Chapter 3: Discovering Lo’Kryn ago
Chapter 4: An Errand... ago
Chapter 5: Down Into Darkness ago
Chapter 6: Slimy, Smelly, Sloughing ago
Chapter 7: Coin Carrying Capacity ago
Chapter 8: Ribbit! ago
Chapter 9: Large Loot and Low Level Characters ago
Chapter 10: Well... That Sucked! ago
Chapter 11: In This Together ago
Chapter 12: Is It Magic? ago
Chapter 13: Level Up... ago
Chapter 14: Shopping Episode! ago
Chapter 15: I Cast Identify! Artificer Ritual Edition... ago
Chapter 16: Meeting The Book Baron ago
Chapter 17: Fair Distribution of Magic Items ago
Chapter 18: Magic and Mayhem ago
Chapter 19: Creepy Crawlies In The Dark ago
Chapter 20: What An Incredible Smell You've Discovered! ago
Chapter 21: Blood Suckers and Teeth ago
Chapter 22: Fenlyn, Paladin of Dunerath ago
Chapter 23: Gadgets And Gizmos ago
Chapter 24: Dreams and Fine Dining ago
No Chapter But Free Book!!! ago
Chapter 25: Guest of the Archive ago
Chapter 26: The History of Travellers ago
Chapter 27: Destiny, Divine, and Dice ago
Chapter 28: The Bible of Balance ago
Chapter 29: At the Feet of my Master ago
Chapter 30: Finding Oneness ago
Chapter 31: Leaving the Rise ago
Chapter 32: The Book They Took ago

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For context: I'm a D&D 5e player and dungeon master myself. I'm also sort of a rules lawyer, so from that perspective I had big expectations for this story. So far (chapter 27) I am not disapointed.

Style: I like the style a lot, the idea with the dice rolls and the colors is very good, with advantage/disadvantage you could possibly mark the roll that is used, e.g. highlight it in bold and/or underlined, like this: (Skill(disadvantage source): x/y +z=a). Then there are the pictures, I haven't seen that very often, I like it very much and I'd love to see more of them!

Grammar: A few small mistakes here and there, usually just one letter is missing, I know that from my own attempts at writing. Nothing that would greatly impede the flow of reading.

Story: A kind of Isekai story mixed with D&D. I like the world building very much, the description of the places and people is clear and concise and together with the pictures (again, more of them are welcome!) a good picture of the world is drawn. Especially in the last few chapters there are a few hints that indicate that this isn't going to be just a more or less generic good versus evil story, but something with a little more depth. I just hope it doesn't drift into a love story, they are firstly mostly boring and secondly when not boring then hard to write in a way that's believable.

Characters: The, so far, three main characters are very different and easily distinguishable. We have the main character, the hero, the seriousness, the situation and the leadership overview. Then the scholars, always in search of new knowledge. And then the paranoid loot enthusiast. All are well written and fun to play with. I just hope that the love affairs that are hinted at remain small and don't end in cringe. I also hope that in the end 5 characters with ten (!) names not become too many. There's only so much room in a story and with 5 characters, hopefully well written antagonists and a whole range of supporting characters you have to be careful that no one comes up short. Also I would love to see all the characters sheets combined with a picture of them!

All in all, I'm looking forward to the next chapters!

Pairing another note: Jake/Cambrin should know that an artificer rarely attacks with weapons, but rather with cantrips, since the chance of hitting is higher thanks to the high intelligence and either the damage is also higher (firebolt, poison spray) or other effects are triggered (Ray of Frost, Acid Splash, Frostbite). And with Bec/Ceyla's Patron you have an incredibly powerful narrative tool in your hands, I can't wait to see what you will do with it!