Wizard with the flower blades

by klinH

Something goes wrong when Jun tries to create a character in the latest VRMMO, and he finds himself alone in a strange fantasy world as a girl – but wait, he hadn’t finished his character yet!
Although he had no items and few skills to start with, Jun is blessed with a body(female) that manipulates magic effortlessly, as well as an obsession with sword-smithing inherited from his grandfather. In this chaotic world between feuding countries, where power and magic can give you everything and the powerless and magicless have nothing, Jun begins her life as an adventurer.
This is the beginning of the greatest Blade Wizard of Orelia.

Main Site: https://honyakusite.wordpress.com/wizard-with-the-flower-blades/ (Illustrations and the latest chapters - and a more aggressive update rate - can be found on the main site)

Author's Description: A gender bender where the MC's sexual orientation can be described as 'swordsmith'. 
Not even kidding.
As this was written for the audience that reads translated LNs, there is a strong J-light novel influence plus some Japanese jargon.
You have now been forewarned. 

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Jun Imamiya, 16-Year-Old High School Boy ago
Chapter 2: Some People Take Forever in Character Creation ago
Chapter 3: “command” is not Recognized as an Internal or External Command, Operabl... ago
Chapter 4: Even a Benchwarmer Participates by Watching from the Sidelines. ago
Chapter 5: Take Out the Snipers First. They Ruin Everything. ago
Chapter 6: Think Before You Act ... Unless You’re Out of Time. Then Just Don’t Think. ago
Chapter 7: Always Keep an Eye on Your Stats. You’ll Regret it Otherwise. ago
Chapter 8: It Pays to Know the Local Culture to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation ago
Chapter 9: There’s Always a Lot of Things to Get Used to When You Move to a City ago
Chapter 10: Some People Just Can’t Look at Something without Wanting to Take it Apart ago
Chapter 11: Sometimes Bullet Points Give Clear and Concise Information. Other ti... ago
Chapter 12: The Odds for Getting Caught Up in Something Increases the Longer you W... ago
Chapter 13: Always Take Care to be Aware of How Much You’ve Drunk in Order to Avoi... ago
Chapter 14: There will be People You Get Along with and People You Don’t, But Tha... ago
Chapter 15: There’s Always a Distinction Between a Mob and a Boss. ago
Chapter 16: It’s Easy to Forget that Difficult Things are Difficult When You Ca... ago
Chapter 17: Medieval Guilds were Started as Organizations to Protect the Comm... ago
Chapter 18: Money Flies Away Quicker than You Think ago
Chapter 19: People with “Second Name” Titles Always Sound Like Mary-Sues. ago
Chapter 20: There’s Always Some Friction When a New Manager Transfers to Your Bran... ago
Chapter 21: Sometimes You have to Wonder whether Your Boss can’t Read the Mood o... ago
Chapter 22: Sometimes you Just have to Hit things to De-stress ago
Chapter 23: In Shounen Manga They Say “Our Adventure has just Begun” Right at th... ago
Chapter 24: Sometimes Shopping Clerks are Helpful, and Sometimes They’re Downrig... ago
Chapter 25: Even if it’s Bad for You, Fried Food is Delicious ago
Chapter 26: Every Country has its Own Bathing Customs ago
Chapter 27: A Quiet Night is a Blessing Young People Sometimes Don’t Understand ago
Chapter 28: Good Timing is the Key to Good Opportunities ago
Chapter 29: This is the Most Use I’ve made of My Materials Classes Lately; Sor... ago
Chapter 30: I Wonder how Many Logos were Last Minute Scribbles on the Back of a Napki ago
Chapter 31: Small Fry Antagonists are a Pain to Write for, and it’s not Like He’ll Sh ago
Chapter 32: What One Man gets Tricked Out of is Another Man’s Treasure ago
Chapter 33: There are a lot of MCs that get their Best Weapons Right Away. Well, ther ago
Chapter 34: Whether it’s “Stealing the Dragon’s Treasure” or “Touching the Dragon’s ago
Chapter 35: Before a Boss there’s usually a Safe Room to Recover in; Wish that was Tr ago
Chapter 36: Sometimes, even if the Situation doesn’t Change, just Changing your Outlo ago
Chapter 37: Knowing Geography is a Sign of Understanding how the World Works ago
Chapter 38: Sometimes You Get More Excited Building Someone Else’s Characters than they do ago
Chapter 39: For Operations to run Smoothly, People with All Sorts of Different Expertise are Needed. ago
Chapter 40: In almost every OtherWorld LN, there’s magic and crafting ago
Chapter 41: The teachers who just can’t stand wasted potential are the most energetic ago
Chapter 42: It always feels like you don’t have enough time to level both your combat skills and your crafting skills in a game. ago
Chapter 43: I wonder why Twintails suit Little Girls more than Women. ago
Chapter 44: Game Designers always Nerf Mages with Monsters Immune to Magic ago
Chapter 45: Every time I Read a Harem Story with a Bunch of Jealous Girls... ago
Chapter 46: While it’s Fun to Play Games with Realism, being OverEncumbered is too much of a Trial for Packrats ago
Chapter 47: Holding Back is a Skill on its Own ago
Chapter 48: Different Worlds have Different Technologies that Take Off and Grow ago
Chapter 49: It’s not like Anyone can Tell them What to do, so Why do Final Bosses Always Wait Their Turns to Attack? ago
Chapter 50: After a Boss Fight, it’s Like There’s Always a Filler Episode ago
Chapter 51: Aren’t Timeskips like Curses for Jump Series? ago
Chapter 52: Personally, I like to Avoid Escort Missions ago
Chapter 53: MCs that Know Everything can be Annoying, but MCs that don’t Know Everything can also be Annoying ago
Chapter 54: It’s Hard to Keep Track of the Topic when You’re all out Drinking ago
Chapter 55: There are Times When People use their Parents’ Influences for Good, but because of Human Nature, That’s Always Kind of Rare ago
Chapter 56: Somehow it can be Nerve-Wracking when Your New Friends Meet Your Old Friends ago
Chapter 57: Is there a Name for that Feeling when You’re Dragged to Visit Peo... ago
Chapter 58: I wonder if People who Make Cursed Things Think Like the People who Make Computer Viruses ago
Chapter 59: There’s Always Room for Improvements in Prototypes. Although Looking at it Another ... ago
Chapter 60: Some Peoples’ Personalities just Change when They Pick Up the Tools of Their Trade ago
Chapter 61: Even if there’s a Sense of Foreboding that Something Bad is Coming, Sometimes there’s... ago
Chapter 62: You Know those Puzzles where You have to Balance both Sides to Get them to Equal Each Other? What are They Called … Oh Right, Algebra. ago
Chapter 63: Sometimes, People just Need to Walk Away from Things and Punch Something ago
Chapter 64: Everything in Moderation is a Good Thought to Live By, but Sometimes it’s Just not Possible ago
Chapter 65: When People Start Talking all at Once in a Meeting, My Habit is just to Zone Out and ... ago
Chapter 66: Everyone is Competitive in Some Way or Other; You just have to Find the Right Neuroses to Trigger ago
Chapter 67: Different People have Different Levels of Stress for Different Types of Things ago
Chapter 68: Sometimes your Friends will Act Different in Front of their Friends than with their Family ago
Chapter 69: There are a lot of Guys that Like to Show Off How They can Get Pretty Girlfriends, but Strangely... ago
Chapter 70: I’m Just Saying, Shopping is Like Staring into the Rotting Soul of Humanity ago
Chapter 71: For the Record, the Filler Chapter was Last Chapter, not This Chapter ago
Chapter 72: In a Slice-of-Life, Plot Holes aren’t Mistakes; They’re Opportunities ago
Chapter 73: People Going in Different Directions ... ago
Chapter 74: Some People Get Really Angry When There’s Some Sort of Annoying... ago
Chapter 75: It’s not Like There’s Not Bad Things in Modern Society... ago
Chapter 76: When the Victim is Sneaking Through a Forest in the Darkness and Steps on a Stick ... ago
Chapter 77: Sewers are Gross ago
Chapter 78: Sometimes Unconventional Methods can Pull Through. Other Times… ago
Chapter 79: Even if they Lived on the Other Side of the Country... ago
Chapter 80: After Finishing a Big Project, the Answer to your Future Steps Should ... ago
Chapter 81: Sometimes Your Most Powerful Allies can be the Most Unlikely People ago
Chapter 82: Great Alibis are Meaningless if Your Conspirator is a Useless Liar ago
Chapter 83: As We Move from 1 Arc to Another, Please Forgive the Transition Pains ago
Chapter 84: The Preparations Before a Journey should be Well-planned Out … ago
Chapter 85: Goodbyes are only the Beginning of the Next Adventure ago
Chapter 86: No Sir, Our Warranty Doesn’t Cover Nuclear Bombardment from Space... ago
Chapter 87: Even if there’s Magic, it’s not like You can do Anything without Proper Preparation. ago
Chapter 88: Getting to Know People is Always Harder When there’s Extra Pressure to Do it. ago
Chapter 89: Seriously, How Many Medical Breakthroughs were made with Not-So-Ethical Methods? ago
Chapter 90: That Feeling When People Think You’re an Authority ... ago
Chapter 91: Demons often Leave the Confines of Religion in Fantasy ago
Chapter 92: Some People get Really Irritable when Under Pressure. It’s Best to Avoid those People ago
Chapter 93: Some people just have ideas that are too advanced for mere mortals to understand... ago
Chapter 94: Chapters with a lot of random stuff happening is hard to come up with titles for ago
Chapter 95: Nature will totally overtake human infrastructure in almost no time ... ago
Chapter 96: The problem with contractors is that they don’t have any personal investment... ago
Chapter 97: People who grew up with siblings tend to be more used to... ago

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This feels like an anime with all the good and bad points that intails.


The story is entertaining and light-hearted, the characters are simple but interesting, the grammar is excellent, the style flawless (as far as I am concerned).

The main character is polite and earnest like only a japanese person could be (I mean, who gets flustered because they are TOO good at something?), frustratingly uncomfortable with women (Come on! Grow a pair, man- Oh wait.), and is so kind Jesus would feel ashamed standing by her side...

But Jun (that's the mc) can also be decisisive when pushed, is understandably skittish about violence but isn't weak-willed for the cause, and is also passionate and reliable. And, above all, NOT dumb.


Really, if you can get past the fact Jun freezes everytime she meets a busty woman, you will find this a simple but enjoyable comedy with just the right amount of OPness and silliness to make it (very) worth your time.

~Traveling Chef~

isekai GenderBending done right.

to preface this if you don't like Japanese style Isekai or genderbending then go, get out while you still can. no one will fault you. If on the other hand, you eat that kind of shit up for breakfast well then.... also while the main character could be considered OP it's been shown that the other people who came here are just as if not more so OP and there are even residents of this world of comparable power so that kind of power isn't unheard of.

Jun isn't weak-willed. she is just airheaded, doesn't care, and finds it easier to go with the flow. He knuckles down and does what needs doing when is appropriate but, for the most part, moves with events like the currents in the ocean, and she lets things flow over her like water on a duck.

I’m not going to lie. this, out of all the novels I’ve read on NovelUpdates and RRL, this novel has me the most intrigued, captivated, and hopeful for more. I’ve reread it like 4 times(including whats on the authors WordPress) and I really do love all the characters, how they talk, how they act, and how they play off one another. The world building has been phenomenal so far. A little bit here, a little bit there, just enough to let you know whats going on and inform you of everything but, not so much it bogs you down. I'm never more excited than when I see WFB has an update.

I really enjoy how Jun’s gender swap has gone. Changing physically but not mentally(perhaps). I saw a people in the comments saying that she should just get over it, but it wouldn’t be something you just get over especially if you spent your formative years growing up and into a completely different gender. I’ve seen some novels where they change physically but are still a guy inside and go through none of the physical problems women would have to go through at those ages. So they just accept what happened and the story immediately moves on. which, for the record, I’m not saying is wrong if that is where you want your story to be heading. I’ve also seen stories where instead of just accepting it, the change is complete, on a physical AND mental level so they didn’t just swap to a girl they completely became one in body, mind, and soul.

It’s fresh to see this type of story handled well(?) (I’m not a woman so I don’t know how that side of things would go except for what a bit of reading can tell me) and shows an ACTUAL real physical change in gender, but not mentality. Showing us the reader that he can’t JUST accept what happened to him, he can’t JUST suddenly BE a girl, that’s not how it works, he now has so much more AND less going on with his body than he can understand.

while I am a big fan of a little romance in stories I greatly appreciate it not being rushed to one side or the other. There have been hints here or there like an apprentice smith who seemingly has a crush on Jun or even some of the reaction from her Oneesan from The Queen Mary. Of course, Jun doesn't notice those kinds of things, he had no experience in romance or love in his old world and she hasn't had any kind of experience in her new world.
I honestly can’t wait for the next chapter in Jun’s life and how she plans on living.

I SUU~PER~ enjoy the other POV’s, Seimei’s especially (because I can understand that kinda guy a little better) they add a little bit of color to the story. they let you know more detail about what's going on around the events circling Jun along with some world building, insight into other characters' personalities, how they see Jun, and even a little sprinkle of far-reaching foreshadowing. I hope there is more planned in the future~


Yes..!! an Adventure type Gender Bender

I really love Action, Adventure, Gender Bender Tags in one Story Thank you for sharing your time for this FF, I love this kind of story and hoping that you continue your work I am now a Fan and Follower of yours.


Not perfect, but love the twist

Love the GB moe, absolutely fascinated with the blacksmithing parts of the story, feel it cut off just as it was about to really take off. It is fun.

Didn't care for the overly OP parts of the MC and would have loved to see more with the various other crafts she would eventually get into. Really the only major disapointment is that there isn't a new chapter out today.


Like a Light novel, really like one.

 This series is really fun! I haven't read a translated LN in ages, and this scratches that itch without having to worry having to worry about poor translation.

The author knows how LN's work and has done a great job at imitating the tone and appeal of one, it isn't to series but can be intense, the action doesn't have to be turned up for it to be interesting.


Author needs a cheatsheet?

Not to double many other reviews about it being like a light anime yada, yada and so on i might point out something that personally disturbs me a little.


(based on a version on 'the main site' so it should be more ... polished than the one here)

Some lore pieces are inconsistent as if author forgot what was written 5-10 chapters before. For example the closest (to where i am currently in) case :

Spoiler: Spoilery spoiler


There are more cases like that but I would have to dig to get exact info and I have still much to read, so please excuse my lazy self.

Winged Thing

It's the closest thing to Swordsmithing porn in word form that you'll find. Originally read it on authour's blog along with their translations, all in all it's good stuff. Wish the update frequency was a bit more regular though, other than that I don't have critisism I can level at it other than the odd bit of grammar that needs tweaking. KEEP GOING klinH! Fighting!!!


Slice of life, well done

This story knows what it wants to be and does it splendidly.

The idea is to play with the style of a Japanese light novel, in a world built up much better than what an average example of the style tends to have. 

I mean, it takes a certain kind of attention to detail to create a logical metallurgy system for a magical world that takes into account modern material science up to and including the grains that form in alloys. 

The way the story moves forward is slice of life in face of turbulent times. 

Which I find excellent, as I tend to hate the idea of plot driven stories where the MC is for reasons unknown - aside from deus ex machina and writer bias, of course - the absolute center of their universe, with every single event being connected to them, more, being made into the only solution... Instead in this story we have events happening that the MC actually has to work to join, that feel like the presence of said MC is incidental instead of compulsory. Well done. 

Now to the MC himself - his character is complex, even if it heavily draws from some genre archetypes. He has personal motivations, talents, flaws - and most importantly he manages to feel complete. His adaptability, for example isn't just based on his usually lackadaisical personality, but also on some rather serious denial of some elements of his new life - we could debate how healthy his approach is till we drop from exhaustion, but there is no denying that it is an approach that quite a lot of people take, making his character that much more believable. 

The rest of the characters also make use of standard archetypes, but there are enough details included to flesh them out and make them more like the usual cookie cutter background ornaments that usually plague the genre. 

Grammar is excellent, even simple typos are a rarity. 

All in all, I seriously recommend giving this story a chance. 


I'm at chapter 40. I dont have much to say about the style, grammar, and story except they are all good. But the reason for this review is because the main character. usually i would have a problem with the gender bender but after reading crashed into fantasy it doesn't bother me that much. What does bother me is coupple of things. Firstly, the main is stupid and dense. He/she dosen't realise practicly anything that hinted to the readers and at times is quite obvious, like the thing with pieta's crush on him/her. When the protagonist is as stupid as a 5 year old it really takes my interest from the story.

Secondly the politnes. I don't know if japanese peopple are really that polite but usually on japanese novels the main are. That's really annoying cause even if he/she doesn't do anything he/she still end up beggin for an apology. Like if someone does something that hurts the main more than the perpetraitor the main still goes to knees and starts saying sorry. I font really see how a society can work if peopple are like that. I'm so tempted to use harsh language and stomp the main along with the social interactions culture he/she practises to the ground but I dont know if this gets censored then.

So as a summary. A naive, stupid dense idiotic overly polite main hwo grovels at the feet of everybody just annoys me and is bad for my blood pressure. I found myself asking and yelling at the story, myself author and higher forces, why the f'*** he/she acts like that and basicly in no matter what the social sitsuation, he/she always places him/her self under the others in social hierarchy. So for those reasons, i'm dropping this. there were some entertaining parts in the story but I just can't over look the fact that the main is a groveling piece of uncertainty, naivety and humility. too much is too much, okay?


throughly hooked would buy.

good story.

a little slow to develop but adds aoot of depth.


mc make the change over to sweet it real a little to easy. add some explantion to it.

all the charaters seem alive and pretty intelligent even the bad guys.

all in all pretty good lowkey op mc doing stuff.