Dual Class


Arthur Inverse

Chapter Seven: Intermission #1 - Chris Springs


Chris walked behind the group of people he had expertly gathered, going over his stats as they all walked deeper into the forest.


[Chris Springs]

Tutorial Alias [NA]

[Race: Human]

[Base Class: Warrior] Level 5

[Vitality] 62

[Strength] 94

[Dexterity] 32

[Intelligence] 26

[Wisdom] 30

[Endurance] 30

[Free Points] 0

[Skills] Basic Heavy Strike [Level NA]

[Titles] First Blood, Level Headed, Leader of Sheep, Schemer, Murderer


Chris smiled to himself as he looked over his stats and new level. His group consisted of around 25, well it was closer to 20 now after some mishaps. And some of the people that got mouthy may or may not have had a few accidents during the fights.

There weren't any casualties after their last fight that netted him level 5. He had been growing at a steady pace with this new world and its system. All while he was safely being protected.

He would pretend to fight at the front with the rest of the warriors while only dodging the Vampiric Apes, letting the rest of the group he was in do all the real fighting and he would just come in for the final blow on some of the beasts. Filling up his experience and quest nice and steady.

His stats had exploded with his fresh levels and newly obtained titles. Giving him more than enough strength to make sure anyone who saw him not fighting or maybe getting a little too ahead of him, a small little accident. And this was just the beginning.

“Chris! How are you feeling? Are you alright after that last fight?” Asked a girl around the age of 20. She wandered over to him from the front of the group. She was a short, petite, gullible, blond, classic college party girl he had seen time and time again. And she had taken a liking to him right away when he told her that he would protect her while he was first forming their group.

She had even gone as far to start recruiting people herself. And what was even better was that she was a Priest.

“I’m alright. It wasn’t as tough as the other ones, we are getting pretty strong, haha. How is everyone else doing, Megan?” He asked, immediately moving the conversation focus off of himself.

“Well some people had some scrapes and cuts from those nasty Vampiric Apes, but thanks to me, Julia, Jacoline, and Mr. Park, it wasn’t any problem!” She answered excitedly, hopping slightly on her toes.

Chris looked over to Megan who was now walking besides him. He was surprised that she was able to integrate so well into this new environment, after how distraught she was when he found her at first. But he had to give her credit, if it wasn’t for her keeping everyone motivated to keep going and healing them; they definitely wouldn't have made the progress they had. She was almost like a bubbly poster girl for their group.

She knew everyone by name now, and made sure to check up on everyone after every fight. And sure when anyone had a ‘accident’ or just straight up got unlucky by no part of his own, she was downtrodden for a time, but quickly bounced back to keep the group's energy and morale up.

“That’s good, you four are doing a fantastic job. I know we wouldn’t be here without you Priests healing everyone. We just need to push a little bit more, we're halfway to 10 and almost finished with the Vampiric Ape quest.” He answered back

Megan beamed a smile at his compliment. “Yeah! You’re right! Only a little more to go. I’ll do my best to keep spirits up. We have to keep getting stronger if we don’t want to lose anyone else after all.” She finished slightly saddened but immediately perked back up. “I’m going to go talk to everyone again and see if they need anything.” She said, as she waved while running back to the front of the group.

Chris waved back briefly, going back to looking over his stats, the last thought he had as she left. Dumb gullible bitch.

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Drim ago

Chris was definitely off but wasn't expecting full murderer so quickly.

EducatedFool ago

You may want to change either the title of the chapter or his status window as he has different surnames (Spears and Springs)

Gopard ago

Thanks for the chapter!

He is too Clichee to my liking and if you want to make him like that, at least provide some backstory from earth that would help justify MURDER so quickly.

Also but this may just be me, this time-skip went a little far as we have no idea how this group was doing before this or in their first fight, another Interlude of that would definitely have helped portray why Chris acted like this and that he would do so. As now this feels like you just told us instead of showing, like "Drake feels something is off about Chris" this was good as it teased Chris eventual rise as antagonist and alterear motives but then you go "I'm Chris and now I did this and that killed all who seemed capable of competition and also I randomly insult people".

I just want to add, that I am writing these comments in this way to hopefully give contrustive critism to you and help you make a wonderful story out of this nice premise, so far it is very Primal Hunter like and I liked that one a lot.

    Arthur Inverse ago

    With all due respect. This is not Primal Hunter and the character's name is Drake not Jake.

      Gopard ago

      Thank you for pointing this really, I appearently misread the Name somewhere at the beginning and then just saved in my brain like this, since I am reading Primal Hunter and thus used to a "Jake" as a Protagonist.

      I just went back into all my comments and changed it I made the mistake in 3 different comments. And I am sorry if this makes it seem like I read Dual Class just as "Fledgeling Copy of The Primal Hunter". I do not feel that way. I only referenced that Novel so much since it's one off my favourites and I saw that you used it as a big inspiration in one commentsection of an earlier chapter.

      I honestly like your Novel so far and like I said in the comment above andespecially the premise is one of my favorites in the general "Apocalyps LitRPG Terms".

Radion18 ago

Chris is definitely gonna die a grizzly death. Definitely.

RC2020 ago

Thank you for the intermission!

Buddah222 ago

Gotta love the bad guy, gives you the motivation to actually go out and plan a vindictive murder for the bastards. Thanks very much for the chapter. Really loving the story so far mate absolutely fantastic thank you very much👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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