Entry 13: The Lake of Red Comes for Tabitha


Tabitha came to an abrupt halt, staring forward in abject horror as the patter of rain reached her ears. In the distance, a red downpour closed in, painting the lake a deep crimson. Her mind went back to the nightmare, back to The Lake of Red.

Trembling, the pink haired girl looked to the sky, her breath catching. Bits of red peaked out from behind the fearsome clouds. “No.” she murmured before about facing. She didn’t run though. Instead, she broke into a cold sweat at the sight of a second wall of rain.

Glancing down a side alley, she confirmed her fear. The reddish rain approached from all directions, her little island of blue lake rapidly depleting. She squeezed her eyes shut, taking a deep breath, pressing herself fearfully against a cerulean wall. Her hand brushed against a doorknob.

Tabitha’s brown eyes snapped open, and she frantically grasped at the knob. Luckily, the cerulean door swung open without resistance. Throwing herself through the opening, she pivoted around, watching as the downpour reached the door’s frame.

“Red Water Morphs. Dangerous.” Terror flew through her as she gazed out. Malformed creatures hobbled about, their reddish forms obscured by the heavy rain. They appeared to be wandering aimlessly, their movements making unsettling squelching noises.

With a shaky hand, Tabitha shut the weathered door, its hinges creaking unnervingly. The squelching began moving closer. Nervously, she set the lock and stepped back. A moment later, a squelch sounded from just beyond the door.


Entry 14: Tabitha Flees the Lake of Red


The fluorescent lighting flickered sporadically, casting an ominous glow about the place. The depressing beige walls displayed a hint of mold, a multitude of cracks snaking along them. A bang reverberated through the room, Tabitha stepping back fearfully from the cerulean door, her shoes pressing into the spongy yellow carpet.

She jumped at another boom, the door shaking (threatening to give). The door’s hinges had started to buckle yet still managed to hold for now. Another loud thud sounded against the door, causing it to creak in complaint.

From beneath the failing door, a horrible red leaked, hungrily seeking to enter. Tabitha shivered at the sight of the dreadful red liquid. Another bang almost knocked the door from its hinges, tears of fear forming in the pink haired girl’s eyes. She glanced back, considering her options. She had to run, so she did.

She fled deeper into the musty building, the muffled thumps of her shoes on carpet sounding. Her breath caught at a crash resonating from behind. Against her better judgment, she glanced back, her blood going cold. She caught a glimpse of something vaguely human yet not (something made of red water). It pursued her, its movements making sickening squelches.

She ran harder, fleeing even deeper into the building. More squelching came to her (far too much for just one Red Water Morph). She quivered at the thought of what gave chase to her as she reached the back of the building. There, she found a stairwell.


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