Entry 11: That Time Tabitha Found a Ghost Alley


Tabitha strolled through The City of the Lake, her steps relaxed. She whistled as she walked, checking out the sights casually, enjoying the feel of the sun’s warmth. Beneath the lake’s surface, a few curious fish (attracted by the ever so soft thuds of her steps) followed her.

Suddenly, the pink haired girl paused, and the fish scattered. Her body tensed up as the feeling of being watched fell upon her. “Someone there?” Slowly, she looked back, finding naught but the entrance to an alley. Cautiously, she peeked around the corner into said alley.

“Just my imagination, I guess.” She continued to peer down the alley, her brown eyes curious. “Odd that I didn’t notice this when I walked by.”

Pristine described the structures lining the street she had been strolling down. This alley, though, stood in contrast. Its cerulean buildings appeared older (more weathered) but possessed their own charm.

Tabitha stepped into the alley, an odd sensation coming over her. The place felt strange (wrong even). Shivering, she turned to leave but quickly found a problem with that plan. Instead of finding the street she had expected, she just found more alley (alley as far as the eye could see).

She stood there dumbfounded, blinking her brown eyes in confusion. The place began feeling much more foreboding (much more creepy). She shivered, finding the weathered look of the buildings more ominous than charming at this point. Hoping to find a way out, she started down the alley.


Entry 12: That Time Tabitha Found a Ghost Alley (Part 2)


The alley stretched on and on, seeming to never end. Lining its sides, side alleys and bunches of weathered buildings crowded. Tabitha tried turning down one side alley and then another but found no difference. Regardless of which alley she stepped into, the dreary uniformity remained unchanged.

She stopped, her brown eyes glancing upwards. Overhead, a sea of gray clouds had begun to gather. She shivered at the thought of adding rain to this mess, but at least the clouds didn’t look that threatening as of yet.

A faint mewing caught her attention, coming from behind her. Twisting around, her brown eyes came upon a cardboard box. “Kitty?” She crouched down, reaching for the box’s top (an ever so slight tremble in her hands). Something felt wrong about this (about as wrong as when she had entered into these endless alleys).

“Is that blood?!” Her face went pale. No cat was to be found in the box, just a red fluid filling it. “Red water. Not blood. Just red water. But why red?” A look of relief came over her, but then she remembered that nightmare with the red lake. Her blood ran cold, and she rose up to her feet. Shakily, she stepped back from the brown box.

“Eek!” She jumped at the crack of thunder, quite clearly on edge. Above her, angry gray clouds hung, a downpour threatening to start at any moment. She broke into a panicked run, fleeing down the alley as fast as she could.


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