Three Lifetimes [completed]

by kerbasi

Original COMPLETED Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead Gender Bender Reincarnation Wuxia Xianxia

Juju fell in love with Jin Lei, the God of War, at first glance. Determined to sweep him off his feet, she accompanies him down the mortal realm as he takes on his three trials to attain greater divinity. However, in those three lifetimes that were given to them, will she be able to make him love her back?

Cover photo: Art by Art.te <3

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The Bishie's Queen

4th Anniversary
Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - God of War does not know love tactics! ago
ARC 1 Chapter 1 : Father, I fell in love! ago
Chapter 2: help me, Uncle Jade Emperor! ago
Chapter 3: Father, I'm leaving! ago
Chapter 4: I'm going on a trip! ago
Chapter 5: Soul Beast ago
Chapter 6: Hello Potato! ago
Chapters 7&8 : Potato Jin! ago
Chapter 9: Thief! ago
Chapter 10: Jealousy! ago
Chapter 11: The Really Merry Wives! ago
Chapter 12: The Thief is Back! ago
Chapter 13: Stronger! ago
Chapter 14: Open Them Meridians! ago
Chapter 15; Revolution! ago
Chapter 16: Sect Master?! ago
Chapter 17: Moonlight Sect! ago
Chapter 18: Flying Lotus Competition! ago
Chapter 19: The Battle ago
Chapter 20: The Emperor's Little Dragon ago
Chapter 21: Snow ago
ARC 2 Chapter 22: Three Worlds ago
Chapter 23: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 24: New Life ago
Chapter 25: Off to kindergarten! ago
Chapter 26: No to bullying! ago
Chapter 27: Defeating the bully! ago
Chapter 28: Reformed! ago
Chapter 29: I miss my husband! ago
Chapter 30: At Last! ago
Chapter 31: New Girl! ago
Chapter 32: Men! ago
Chapter 33: Valley of fluff! ago
Chapter 34: Happiness ago
Chapter 35: Control! ago
Chapter 36: Tenacity! ago
Chapter 37: Late Night Yearnings ago
Chapter 38: Polaroid Memories! ago
Chapter 39: Midnight Wishes ago
Chapter 40: Under the Rhododendron tree ago
Chapter 41: Pain ago
ARC 3 Chapter 42: Together ago
Chapter 43: The Kingdom of Alastriona ago
Chapter 44: To Prosper ago
Chapter 45: Gaiety! ago
Chapter 46: First Meeting! ago
Chapter 47: Wuce and Awi! ago
Chapter 48: A Big Brother's Worries ago
Chapter 49: Bastian?! ago
Chapter 50: Mermaid Problem! ago
Chapter 51: Element of Fire! ago
Chapter 52&53: Heal! ago
Chapter 54: Ah, Love! ago
Chapter 55: Sir Knight and His Princess! ago
Chapter 56: Affliction ago
Chapter 57: Masquerade ago
Chapter 58: To Part with Love ago
Chapter 59: The Kingdom of Rhiannon ago
Chapter 60: Epithalamium ago
Chapter 61: The Wedding ago
Chapter 62: War ago
Chapter 63: Let There Be Dragons! ago
Chapter 64: Promise ago
Chapter 65: Goodbye, Love ago
Epilogue ago
Side Story: Jin Lei ago
Side Story: Siming ago
Side Story: Seiran ago
Side Story: Taren ago
Side Story: Gary ago
Side Story: ??? ago
Tapas Webtoon! ago

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Dodge Chance
  • Overall Score

I'm really enjoying this

This is an amazing novel. I cba going into massive detail, i'll just say that if you're looking for something to read you should seriously consider this

Eater of Books
  • Overall Score

As many other reviewers said this story started out being a cute romance story with the keyword being “started”.

The first lifetime was a ancient chinese cultivation type world with a cute and sweet romance. With a lighthearted mood it was enjoyable. My favorite character is Seiran however he doesn’t come back in the second arc and in the third arc he just isn’t as funny as in the first arc. While this arc has a bittersweet ending it is still a very lighthearted sweet arc.

Then comes the second arc where the MCs reincarnate as modern teenagers. This arc was good as well but I personally did not like it, not because of your writing being bad but just because it wasn’t my taste. One thing I did not enjoy was how the MCs personality changed so much from arc 1.  While you can argue that  experiences make up a person and since the MCs were raised differently they became different I would reluctantly accept this argument. One thing that surprised and amazed me was how your writing style changed from arc 1 to 2, so much that if I didn’t know you wrote it I would have thought someone else did. Another thing that impressed me was how you could write from male povs as well as female ones. The fact that you can grasp the way males may think (yours being a more realistic portrayal) impresses me. While this story may have some darker elements like bullying overall it was a relatively cheerful story.

Finally comes arc 3 *sigh …. You are a sadistic person you know. Starting from arc one to now you have constantly emphasized their great love however in the middle of arc 3 you had to add THAT development (its like saying isn’t this cute then burning up the what we were talking about in front of our faces). The story had constantly been lighthearted and happy up to this point with you emphasizing their love then adding that heart breaking development if that doesn’t make you sadistic what is! To be honest if you like this story I would only suggest you read arc 1 and arc 2 (arc 2 has some slightly more mature development) then skip to the epilogue. Arc 3 is only for those who can withstand really dark topics. While you may say to me “what are you saying arc 3 is very cute and sweet” all I can say to you is that is what I thought as well until near the end of arc 3. The development in the third arc was awful just awful making the story light and sweet then putting in that dark upsetting development I repeat you are very sadistic.

Some problems I had during the story was that while you mentioned the love trials and how Juju doesn’t want to mess them up you never tell us what they actually are. You didn’t need to but it would have made us feel better knowing they didn’t suffer for nothing. You also tell us of her lifetimes however she lacks attachment to people she spent her lifetimes with making it strange. Especially since you mention she values her family in epilogue but she doesn’t care to ask what how they are after she returns to the underworld. Her feelings, sadness, and anguish disappeared too quickly when she returned to the underworld after arc 3 making it seem superficial. You mentioned that she married another man (not the male lead) in arc 3 but after arc 3 when she returns to the underworld you said that the male lead understood and respects her decision. Yeah that sounds nice and all that seem too fake like plot armor. At the very least he should be jealous and upset after all the suffering he been through but you say he doesn’t care at all. At least try to make a reason for it like ………… um um wait give me a second to think of one ………….. maybe saying he doesn’t care as long as she is by his side. While this is a bad reason and I would prefer you writing him show jealousy this is still better then just brushing it to the side.

It’s just that while your story is good each lifetime changes the way the story is written making it an entirely different story from when we started. Ever since arc 2 the characters just seem so different from the beginning and after that development in arc 3 I feel that despite ending off cheerful in the epilogue, arc 3 just leaves a bad feeling. When she regains her original personality in the epilogue I felt happy but it wasn’t as fun reading the parts where her personality changed a bit in arc 2 and arc 3. Thank you for writing this.


  • Overall Score

I like this story very much  but the last one make me  cry  

  • Overall Score

I liked the story, but I also have some mixed feelings about it.


First: Where the story shined was the comedy and interactions between characters, I never failed to be entertained while reading about them. However, sometimes the character development felt rushed.


Second: The plot was alright. It started off well, but as it went on it felt really rushed and forced. Really the whole story felt rushed. I think it would have been better if each arc had taken more time establish itself and end itself properly.


 Third: While i liked the character interactions, and that they were all different; I also felt that for side characters their development felt so rushed.


As I’m  sure you can tell my major problem with the story is that it all felt so rushed. That why i rate it at a 3.5; I won’t really give it a higher score when i felt that it was so rushed.


Edit- I just realized something fairly stupid in the story: Our protagonist, someone who has lived in a chinese monarchy for 50 to 70,000 years, and is a royal princess has no trouble adapting to the concept, and rule of 21's century western democracy something most likely completely foreign to her; the total opposite of how the kingdom she lived in, and was member of royalty rules. Logic.

Also why I'm at it, she has a similar 21's century Western, way of looking at the world. Which is something that should be completely foreign to her if the world she lived in was the world of chinese myth.

  • Overall Score

Three life times is a semi-serious story about our 70,000+ years old heroine stalking her first love throughout his three trials in the mortal realm. Let me start off by saying that at one point I truly loved this story. While there was some slight tragedy in the first two arcs, it was generally lighthearted. However this all changed during the halfway point of arc 3. For some reason the author decided that since their other lives weren't so bad their last one must SUCK. I mean come on give your characters a break. Other than that there are only like one plot hole, the grammar is well done. The most well done part of the story has to be the characters. They are interesting to the point that i care about more than just the main character. This would have been perfect if not for he third arc. So when I reread this (as i will enviably do) I will stick to the first two arcs because the third has too much unnecessary drama.

8/10 Would recommend


Sour Patch The Kid
  • Overall Score

bascally a copy of a novel: Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion

lol ive read the novel before and they r basically the same thing 


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Couldn't stop reading

Reviewed at: Tapas Webtoon!

I absolutely loved everything about this story.  I found myself literally laughing out loud, and fangirling all the time, to crying several times. 

The characters are so lovable, and their development was beautiful.  There wasn't a single character I did not like, because I understood the reason behind all of them at the end with the side stories. 

The gender-bender arc was interesting, it continued to follow the sweet romance and reveal different aspects of the two main characters. 

All I have left after reading this are sweet emotions and lasting admiration.  I will never forget this story. 

  • Overall Score
















  • Overall Score

Worth a read but skip the second world

Reviewed at: Tapas Webtoon!

I don't think this was one of the best works I read but it was worth a read and if better quality than a lot of RoyalRoad. It kept my interest, even though the story itself didn't really seem to have any really good twists.

The writing was adequate, even if I felt like things could have been more developed and is seen more actual scenes that developed the relationships between characters. There's an edge to the story where everyone talks about falling for Juju even though the actions of the story never really explain why some do or it seems too sudden for it to build up to the extent they seem to imply their love for her is.

My final complaint and why I don't give this a higher score is the second world. Without spoiling anything, it's boring and then it ends without any real foreshadowing of its ending. The second world is essentially a dense Japanese Harem Protagonist school slice of life story heavily sped up. There aren't really any interesting twists on that genre and then it ends. Unlike the first world where we learned what happened afterward through other souls, the second world does not get a proper denouement within the confines of the main storyline which is a travesty for the arc. I may have chuckled here and there but the more time I spend thinking about that world, the angrier and the lower a star rating I'd want to give it on its own. 

So, I'd say the story is worth a read if you have free time but don't expect to be blown away and skip the second world, it's not worth it.