Three Lifetimes [completed]

by kerbasi

Original COMPLETED Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead Gender Bender Reincarnation Wuxia Xianxia

Juju fell in love with Jin Lei, the God of War, at first glance. Determined to sweep him off his feet, she accompanies him down the mortal realm as he takes on his three trials to attain greater divinity. However, in those three lifetimes that were given to them, will she be able to make him love her back?

Cover photo: Art by Art.te <3

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - God of War does not know love tactics! ago
ARC 1 Chapter 1 : Father, I fell in love! ago
Chapter 2: help me, Uncle Jade Emperor! ago
Chapter 3: Father, I'm leaving! ago
Chapter 4: I'm going on a trip! ago
Chapter 5: Soul Beast ago
Chapter 6: Hello Potato! ago
Chapters 7&8 : Potato Jin! ago
Chapter 9: Thief! ago
Chapter 10: Jealousy! ago
Chapter 11: The Really Merry Wives! ago
Chapter 12: The Thief is Back! ago
Chapter 13: Stronger! ago
Chapter 14: Open Them Meridians! ago
Chapter 15; Revolution! ago
Chapter 16: Sect Master?! ago
Chapter 17: Moonlight Sect! ago
Chapter 18: Flying Lotus Competition! ago
Chapter 19: The Battle ago
Chapter 20: The Emperor's Little Dragon ago
Chapter 21: Snow ago
ARC 2 Chapter 22: Three Worlds ago
Chapter 23: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 24: New Life ago
Chapter 25: Off to kindergarten! ago
Chapter 26: No to bullying! ago
Chapter 27: Defeating the bully! ago
Chapter 28: Reformed! ago
Chapter 29: I miss my husband! ago
Chapter 30: At Last! ago
Chapter 31: New Girl! ago
Chapter 32: Men! ago
Chapter 33: Valley of fluff! ago
Chapter 34: Happiness ago
Chapter 35: Control! ago
Chapter 36: Tenacity! ago
Chapter 37: Late Night Yearnings ago
Chapter 38: Polaroid Memories! ago
Chapter 39: Midnight Wishes ago
Chapter 40: Under the Rhododendron tree ago
Chapter 41: Pain ago
ARC 3 Chapter 42: Together ago
Chapter 43: The Kingdom of Alastriona ago
Chapter 44: To Prosper ago
Chapter 45: Gaiety! ago
Chapter 46: First Meeting! ago
Chapter 47: Wuce and Awi! ago
Chapter 48: A Big Brother's Worries ago
Chapter 49: Bastian?! ago
Chapter 50: Mermaid Problem! ago
Chapter 51: Element of Fire! ago
Chapter 52&53: Heal! ago
Chapter 54: Ah, Love! ago
Chapter 55: Sir Knight and His Princess! ago
Chapter 56: Affliction ago
Chapter 57: Masquerade ago
Chapter 58: To Part with Love ago
Chapter 59: The Kingdom of Rhiannon ago
Chapter 60: Epithalamium ago
Chapter 61: The Wedding ago
Chapter 62: War ago
Chapter 63: Let There Be Dragons! ago
Chapter 64: Promise ago
Chapter 65: Goodbye, Love ago
Epilogue ago
Side Story: Jin Lei ago
Side Story: Siming ago
Side Story: Seiran ago
Side Story: Taren ago
Side Story: Gary ago
Side Story: ??? ago
Tapas Webtoon! ago

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I cried at arc three. Tragic love stories always get me.

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I love this book, highly recommended

this is probably my favorite romance on this site. I also read a large amount of chinese novels such as

Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang,

Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes,All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse, and

Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

i know that a few of these had a strong influence on the auther's insperation for this novel. I myself wish there the was more in this sort of genre so im thankfull that i had a chance to find this. 

im not a grammer nazi and dont know how to judge style so im mostly skiping over that, i didnt notice anyting outrages to note.

although the story wasnt anyting too unique, one part that is fresh is

Spoiler: Spoiler

i really like the characters, juju is so cute and you just wana see how she developes relationships with jin lei in each world. she is very strate forward and optimistic. she is basicly a runofthemill wuxia romance FL... but i really like her. 

jin lei is also surprisingly cute...especialy in the first world. he works hard for his goals and that goal is...just read the book. he is also basicly just a runofthemill chinese wuxia romance ML though. nothing realy unique or TOO surprising about him.

all the side characters are also really well conceived too. nothing too anoying or overly cleché. 

all in all, i highly recomend his novel. not only for people who enjoy chinese romance novels, but romance novels in general will find something to love. also, if you like the novel, there is a web comic being made. ive seen some of it, and its very good. here is the link: 3 lifetimes web comic


  • Overall Score

I got through this book in 2 days I must say holy holy cow yes two holy holy cow this was one of those romantic stories u wish to live through yourself once I gotta to the 3rd life and it ended I must say some how I had known what they and I mean they did something just tipped me off to that background plot ya know anyway this book is a must read

  • Overall Score

Used to love this...

Three life times is a semi-serious story about our 70,000+ years old heroine stalking her first love throughout his three trials in the mortal realm. Let me start off by saying that at one point I truly loved this story. While there was some slight tragedy in the first two arcs, it was generally lighthearted. However this all changed during the halfway point of arc 3. For some reason the author decided that since their other lives weren't so bad their last one must SUCK. I mean come on give your characters a break. Other than that there are only like one plot hole, the grammar is well done. The most well done part of the story has to be the characters. They are interesting to the point that i care about more than just the main character. This would have been perfect if not for he third arc. So when I reread this (as i will enviably do) I will stick to the first two arcs because the third has too much unnecessary drama.

8/10 Would recommend


Sour Patch The Kid
  • Overall Score

bascally a copy of a novel: Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion

lol ive read the novel before and they r basically the same thing 


  • Overall Score

Fine story, but not much fulfilling

It starts in a silly but good note, but in each arc the tragedy that befalls Juju and ends it abruptly is not believable, and the third one, that should be the best in my opinion (although I can understand why many would dislike it),ended in a stupid way – not rushed because that’s how author wanted to end it, but what happens simply discart every action done by both MCs and made it pointless -. The epilogue, what we expected to happen does, and while I was quite happy for them, and surprised with the twists, I feel it didn’t connect well with their experiences in each arc, making them all unnecessary for the development, meaning anything else could happen without any difference on the outcome.

By the way, author says the inspiration is on xianxias, but if you check the novel “Wangchuan Wu Shang”, the plot is pretty much the same – except it’s better written, the motifs are more connected, each tribulation has a stronger meaning and how it unfolds is influenced by the MC in a more believable way, plus has a more satisfatying ending.

Points in common: 
-War god became famous after leading thousants of gods against a giant army of demons, and achieving an overwhelming victory
-War god is going to make a tribulation to become a higher god, having to fulfill three different challenges in each incarnation
-MC is a stone born in the Wangchuan River and is rather known in the underworld, talking with the big shots in a familiar way, and like Juju has something akin to “falls in love at first sight” and decides to follow the wargod in hope to seduce him in each tribulation (difference is that she starts asking for his name and he is the one who gives the bracelet so she can find him)
-The male lead drinks the soup from Old Meng and loses his memory, starting each time as a baby
-The potato joke in that one is about the plum flowers, but becomes recurrent and important for both because that’s how their first meeting is marked
-His human destiny is done by a fate god
-Destiny wants them apart in each lifetime, even if she suceeds in “seducing him”
-The female lead uses her magic in the incarnation
-After the first lifetime, he vents on the MC for what she did to finish her time in the human world (in Juju’s case, she ran away, but in this one, she is forbidden to enter his next incarnation until he is fifty)

And probably a bunch more, so I assume author based this whole story in that one, but I feel this one lacking in comparison to the other one. The two life-times that you can feel the author's persona have an abrupt and shitty ending, one that does not make sense or even destroys the purpose of MC's sacrifice just so the arc can end.

  • Overall Score

I like this story very much  but the last one make me  cry