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Author's note: Well, here's the very very last chapter! I hope you've enjoyed reading all the side stories! And again, I would like to thank you for reading this story! *bows* If ever I get the chance to write again in the future, I will. My wordpress page will be just here :3 ! Now I have to face my own demons (aka medschool) hukhuk *battle pose*

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Daddy is a funny person.

Every time I cuddle mommy, and she starts kissing me, daddy gets a bit jealous. Because he is jealous, he hugs both me and mommy in his arms and we stay like that for a long time.

Sometimes I get mad. I only like mommy's soft arms. Daddy's arms are too hard.


Daddy told me a secret.

He said when he was young, he had told mommy she was ugly!

Mommy is the most beautiful person I know that it shocked me so much, I ran to her crying!

Mommy was angry after I confessed the secret, but I was not feeling guilty. Daddy was a bad man!

Mommy and daddy started arguing, and I was in a corner, watching carefully. Go mommy, go mommy, I cheered!

But they suddenly laughed and started kissing each other.

I went back to my room.


I like staying at home.

Mommy is there.

Daddy is busy sometimes, so he can't always play with me.

But daddy is a good person.

Mommy tells me he defeats the bad guys so we could live peacefully in Heaven.

Sometimes I look up to daddy like a hero.

I tell daddy this, but he shakes his head. He says the true hero is mommy.

I think mommy and daddy are both heroes to me.


Every night mommy tells me stories of her adventures with daddy in the mortal realm, and I always get excited.

When daddy is home, he joins in on storytelling, and he makes it so much more fun!

He says mommy turned into a boy but dressed up as a girl one time! I can't believe mommy was a boy! Maybe she even looked like me!

Daddy makes me ride on his shoulders during storytelling, and he acts as if he were an otomobeel from the planet Earth. He likes pretending to be a dynosoor and a choo choo train too!

Then he pretends his arm is a big snake, biting my ankles. I squeal in fake panic.

"This poisonous snake killed me in my first life," daddy says as he starts tickling my tummy. I start laughing.

Mommy looks at him worriedly. "A snake?"

Daddy says that even while he was walking in the forest with his disciples, this snake kept repeatedly aiming for him for no particular reason.

Mommy looks thoughtful. "I think it's my fault."

Daddy and I turn to her. I don't understand how it's mommy's fault.

"It must be the Emperor of Ku," mommy says. She then tells us how she had dumped him in the animal reincarnation pool when he was full of blood-thirst for daddy. "I guess his brain wasn't that addled, after all."

Daddy just laughs it off saying it's fine. "At least I got to see you sooner."

I turn away from the hearts in their eyes.


I love mommy because she feeds me good food!

She makes my favorite dish. Hamburgers!


So yummy!

But mommy only makes them once a week so I could have something to look forward to, and I get sad sometimes.

When I'm sad, daddy tries to make hamburgers instead for me, but mommy makes better hamburgers so I don't like it!


Uncle Seiran is a fat white cat.

Mommy says he is her soul beast and he will protect me when they are not around. She says he is very dependable. In mommy's third life, uncle Seiran was the one who helped her deal with a new kingdom!

And I feel sad when mommy and daddy go out on a date without me. They always visit their friends and family from their past lives in the other Heavens, and wouldn't bring me along. Only when I'm older, they said.

But uncle Seiran is a funny person so it's okay. But he likes sleeping too much, and keeps hiding somewhere in the house.

He turns into a human when my parents are not around, and he looks almost as beautiful as mommy and daddy.

Uncle Seiran feeds me a lot of food too, so I like him. He says he wants me to look good like him, and I'm happy! But my arms are getting fat.


My grandmother and the Jade Emperor come to visit the house sometimes.

They are very nice.

The Jade Emperor gives me lots of gold toys, but mommy gets upset because she doesn't want to spoil me.

What does it mean to be spoiled?

I ask uncle Seiran this question.

He answers that it will harm my character if my parents are too indulgent.

I ask what indulgent means.

He answers that it means being overly-generous with affections.

Then does that mean I'm spoiled?

Mommy and daddy spoil me with their love!


It is my mommy's birthday!

Last night I stayed up all night to draw a portrait of her. I put flowers and birds in her hair, and I also included my hand prints! So that mommy will know that I made it for her.

I wake up early in the morning, before mommy and daddy could go out of their room and wake me up.

I quietly open their bedroom door.

I hear my daddy's soft whisper, "How is it possible that I love you more than I did before?" He holds the silently weeping mommy in his arms. "Happy birthday, my heart."

I silently close the door.

I guess I'll just come back later.


Auntie Siming and Uncle Chan came by the other day with their baby. It is a girl.

Mommy kept exclaiming about potatoes, and I didn't understand her. She is weird sometimes. But I still love her.

Daddy told her she was a potato.

Mommy said she took care of him when he was a potato.

They both said I still looked like a potato.

They are both weird.


Mommy is pregnant!

Daddy says it is a blessing because pregnancy is rare in Heaven, and he says it is because he is so hardworking.

Mommy rolls her eyes.

"What does daddy have to do with your big belly, mommy?" I ask. Don't all babies just appear in a mother's tummy?

Mommy punches daddy for some reason, but daddy can't stop laughing. It's annoying.

Mommy says she will tell me all about it when I'm 50,000 years old.

I'm still 50 years old! You're so unfair mommy! You're hiding a secret!


Mommy tells me that I also have a half brother in Amara's Heaven.

She says she will bring me to meet him when I'm old enough. She says she met him with daddy before his new soul got reincarnated again on Amara (daddy says the gods and goddesses of Amara are weird, reincarnating the people who they like and giving them powers just for fun), and when she came home one day she couldn't stop crying.

Daddy says that my half brother is a very nice person because brother said that mommy was the one who taught him how precious love was. That he would never forget mommy even when he encounters different parents in all his lives.

But I'm scared to meet him, because he is from a different daddy. Mommy and daddy says my brother's daddy is a good person, but I don't like him. I can't bear to think of mommy having another man other than daddy!

But daddy says I shouldn't discriminate.

I ask him why he's not mad.

He says my half brother is a part of mommy, and he loves mommy's everything. Also, mommy's past husband was in the past, and that husband reincarnated again in Amara with already a family of his own! Daddy says that husband doesn't count because daddy is mommy's husband forever!

It makes me happy.


I get jealous of the new baby in mommy's tummy.

Mommy always has a sweet smile when she's rubbing her tummy, and daddy starts kissing her belly all the time.

I don't feel loved anymore.

But when mommy and daddy see me just standing there, they open their arms wide for me.

They make me place my hand on mommy's tummy, and I can feel something moving inside!

I feel warm in my heart.

I suddenly can't wait for my new baby brother or sister!

"Will you be a good big brother?" Mommy asks me as she strokes my cheeks.

I nod my head happily and embrace her big tummy.

I love my family.

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Bio: First and foremost, I am a neko who loves to write. I'm a cat lady~ and also a medical student in the throes of insanity lol. I'll probably only write one story on here before I completely vanish into thin air, so all I can say is:

Thank you very much for reading! *bows*

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