Author's note: so here's a better understanding of those trials. It's all her fault really!

My best friend was Her Royal Highness, Juju.

How did we become friends despite being polar opposites?

One could only guess.

I had a bad habit of staring into space as various would-be scenarios floated into my head like a dream. My mother, who was also named Siming, was the previous God of Fate and had passed on her daydreaming ways. Perhaps this was what being the God of Fate entailed.

I always had a notebook tucked beneath my arm as I scribbled whatever scenes I could think of in my head. When I was in deity school, I would rather study my own fates than learn the geography of Heaven.

There was a certain classmate of mine who was like the sun. She smiled so often, I wondered why it did not seem like an effort for her as much as it was an effort for me. I didn't like the brightness she exuded, and I was sadistic enough to want to tear off her face and peek at what was underneath. No one was this beautiful.

"Siming!" She happily came to me one day with her fairy lackeys trailing behind her. I didn't even give them a sideways glance.

"Siming! Jing told me you love to write stories. Can I read them, please?" She asked, her eyes lighting up.

"No," I replied succinctly.

"How dare you reject Her Highness' good intentions!"

"Take out your notebook immediately!"

"Relax, guys!" She placated her fairies with a panicked voice. "She has a choice not to, it's not her fault."

I sneered. Well how about if I give Her Highness the most morbid story I had? Perhaps it would make her stop coming to me.

I tore off a few pages of my notebook and handed it to her. "Here, it's a classic." My voice dripped with sarcasm.

She was surprised as she took the pages from me, then smiled brightly. Ah, it was too blinding. I did not want to see the sun.

I did not have much friends in deity school. Perhaps the only one I could rely on was Chan, who I had known since infancy. He and I were like two peas in a pod, and we valued each other's saturnine disposition.

"Hey, look. It's that boy again," Chan said as he munched on an apple in the back gardens of the school.

I looked to where he pointed and saw a boy standing by the roses, gazing deeply at the figure of Her Highness in the distance.

"What is this, some sort of drama?" I scoffed, grabbing Chan's wrist to bite on the same apple.

"Hey, get your own!" Chan tried to pull his hand away as he turned red in the face.

"Don't be so stingy," I said with a mouthful of apples.

I glanced at the boy who stood desolately in the corner. "Isn't that guy in your class? Do you know him?"

"I don't really know him. He's usually very reticent, and likes staring into space." He gave me a sidelong glance. "Like you."

I kicked him in the legs.

"Ow!" Chan rubbed the phantom pain in his legs. "I forgot his name, though. It sounded like Jek or Jil or Jon..."

"Jin?" I guessed. None of his suggested names sounded even remotely plausible.

"Yeah!" His face lit up. "Jin."

I looked at the aforementioned person. He was still standing by the rose bushes despite how Her Highness had long been gone.

"That's the look of love right there," Chan sighed.


"I know."

"What a stalker," I could not help but say. These kinds of men were repulsive. If they wanted the girl, then they should have a backbone!

"I can't believe there's someone else who's more of a weirdo than you are." Chan looked at me smugly.

I kicked him in the shins.

"Stop being so violent! No one will ever like you," Chan said as he rubbed away the foot prints I had placed on his pants.

"But you like me," I said nonchalantly.

"It's a tragedy."

Chan immediately ran away from my raging fists.

One day while I was sitting at my desk, I heard someone start sobbing.

"It's sooooo sad!" Her Highness was weeping as she pulled a chair to sit beside me.

"Is there something wrong with your head?" I asked her cautiously.

"It's the story you wrote!" She wailed. "It's so sad!"

All the grisly details I had written was actually sad enough to cause her to cry? There was definitely something wrong with her head.

"Right guys?" Her Highness turned around to meet her fairy boys, and they all nodded their heads with certainty. They looked like they had practiced their expressions for a long time.

"Do you have any more?" She looked delighted as she clasped her hands together.

I actually was not expecting this. I had never shown anyone my stories before, as it felt like someone was actually reading a part of my soul. It was something that was unfamiliar to me, but I could not seem to say no to this person in front of me who seemed to like it very much.

As the days passed and she eagerly awaited for new stories, I had become quite fond of her. 

Despite all the pain, the angst, the ghastly descriptions of mayhem in my works, she loved to read it all. And slowly, in time, as my works represented my soul, it seemed she loved me the way I was. 

Me, the dull and shoddy person that I was, actually had a girl friend for the first time.

I could not unsee the brightness, and I had no choice but to step into the light.

I was an awkward person. I did not know how to gracefully show my feelings without inserting a vulgar word or manner. All I knew how to do was bully.

I loved to bully her as a conduit for my own affections.

"You know, I never had close girl friends before," Juju said one day while I was writing the fates in my rooms. It had been thousands of years since we graduated from deity school, and my mother abdicated from her position, forcing me to take over.

"So what am I? A guy?" I rolled my eyes at her.

"What I meant was," Juju started blushing, "You're the best girl friend I could ever have."

"Is that supposed to flatter me? I'm your only girl friend." Although my words were cutting, I felt warm inside. I did not want to admit it, but Juju was the sweetest person I knew.

Juju had done many things for me, but they were in a sense, invisible. She did not know many things she did had softened my heart nor did she know that her smile I had once derided made my heart smile in turn. She was the first one who saw my soul and appreciated it.

While I was walking around Heaven, trying to look for inspiration, I met a familiar person at a forked river in the middle of the Enchanted Forest. He was in a lotus position by the bank of the river, and I could see he was busy meditating.

I sat beside him out of curiosity.

I continued to stare at him as the hours passed until he finally opened his eyes.

"Hey, Jin." I waved at him.

"Hello Siming," he replied. Of course he knew who I was. He watched Juju like a hawk, and ever since Juju and I had become friends, we were always seen together.

"You did something pretty embarrassing during the graduation ball, huh," I said with a snigger.

"Please don't remind me." He blushed then looked away.

"You know, if you like Juju so much, do you want to hear my advice?" I asked.

I knew Jin was a good person, and although he had been a creepy stalker back in school, his feelings were true. But that would have to be tested. I did not want to hand over my friend to a half-hearted person.

"Please." He looked at me with all seriousness, that I wanted to mock him.

"Cultivate to become a great celestial. Reap achievements for Heaven, and the Jade Emperor will recognize you. Juju's hand in marriage is no easy task to obtain."

"I know that very well." Jin nodded solemnly. I saw the determination in his eyes as he fisted his hands in his lap. "Thank you very much! I will heed your advice."

"You don't have to thank me," I said as I stood up, stretching. I started to prepare to leave. "Good luck with that." My imagination, as always, started running wild and I had come up with an idea. 
"Oh, perhaps if you became the God of War, things would be easier for you."

"God of War?" He asked.

"Yup, no one has gotten that position before, cause most of Heaven's celestials are a bunch of sissies." I shrugged. "But you're welcome to try."

"I will."

Many thousands of years had passed since the beginning of my friendship with Juju, and I wondered when she would ever get to marry someone she loved. I wondered if she would fall for the God of War who seemed to have fallen for her greatly, but it seemed as though Jin had not made his advances yet. What was he waiting for?

One day, Juju came barging into my palace once again during one of my busy days.

“I’m here~” She announced.

“I know, I know,” I said, slightly annoyed. “Can you just shut up for a moment? Give me peace for maybe…5 hours. This damned brat in the mortal realm keeps on changing the fate I made for him! Damned brat, this was for his own good…” maybe I should kill him off instead, this damned brat.

“Hey, do you know a guy with long black hair?” She asked dreamily as she stared in fixation at the ceiling.

“Your father?” I quipped, even though her father was bald. 

She looked like she was about to cough up blood.

“Let me continue. Beautiful brows, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips…” what disgusting descriptions.
She quickly fanned herself with a nearby parchment.

“Hey, hey! Don’t touch that! That’s the paper I use to wipe my butt with," I said with haste. That parchment actually contained a love letter from Chan, and I did not want her to read it.
She threw it away instantaneously, not bothering to read its contents. I was relieved.

“You have such expensive and brutal toilet paper…” She said faintly.

“Go on. Tell me about this deity.” Jin Lei would be devastated if he knew she loved another.

“He has some sort of sword at his waist which appeared magical. The hilt was shaped like a coiling dragon, and he exuded such a divine presence, he couldn’t be some ordinary deity!”

This girl! Did she really not know?! Was she living under a rock in the netherworld all this time?

“Because he’s Jin Lei, the God of War," I said, helplessly.


“He’s the God of War.” I looked at her with a smirk. Did they finally meet? How did Jin Lei make her fall in love with him?

“I see, I see,” she muttered. “God of War, huh. Interesting. I’ll make him submit to me! He might know battlefield tactics, but does he know love tactics, ah!”

“…” this girl was actually idiotic.

It took me a long time to figure out that Juju did not realize Jin was someone she knew from deity school.

I personally pitied Jin, and thought of making the fate of his trials in the mortal realm for him. I decided the trials should be love trials. It was for the best if Juju and Jin would get to know each other more through these three lifetimes. I did not want Juju to merely fall for Jin because of his looks, after all. Jin was already too pitiful.

I picked up my quill and started writing.

I did not want to completely be involved in Jin's love trials, so I simply placed a header for all of his three lifetimes : To Love Who He Cannot Have. The degree of difficulty increased by the third lifetime, and I inserted a few scenes to test not only Jin's, but Juju's resolve as well.

Perhaps I was feeling a bit sadistic, but this was the only way to tell if Jin had enough patience and determination to complete this test. Jin had to be worthy of my dearest friend, after all.

Because I wanted to push Jin and Juju together, I did so discreetly with the aid of Juju's mother.
When I told Juju's mother of what I had planned, she looked very happy. "Finally! I can finally be at peace knowing that my daughter will be wed!" I told her that when Juju would come over to the Jade Palace for tea, her mother would start talking about Jin taking on his trials, thus, prompting Juju to follow him.

After Juju left for the mortal realm, I discussed my plans with the Jade Emperor who willingly complied (as he had already given his approval to his niece), though I could still see a hint of reluctancy in his words. Perhaps he feared his niece fell in love with the wrong guy who could not take care of her. But that remained to be seen.

I didn't know for certain if a satisfactory result would happen, though. It depended on their own emotional development in the mortal realm, and if their reactions to certain situations were morally acceptable. I just hoped Juju wouldn't do something idiotic such as mass produce high ranking practitioners. She could be quite an idiotic muscle head. I made a mental note to lie to her inconspicuously if ever she wanted to know the details of Jin's trials that she shouldn't know about yet.

"Well, you are a very kind person, aren't you, Siming." Juju's mother smiled at me affectionately. 

"You're doing so much for the idiotic daughter of mine." I was glad we shared the same sentiments.

"Not at all." I shook my head. "I just wanted her to stop bothering me in my palace. Having something to divert her attentions is ideal." I did not want to admit that I would sorely miss that silver haired girls' incessant ramblings.

"Oh?" She smiled at me with a knowing look. "You aren't very honest with yourself, mmm, Siming?" She laughed, hiding her mouth behind an embroidered fan.

"I try my best." I could not help but smile.

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