One afternoon, as baby Alenaire was left sleeping in her crib in the Royal bedchamber, one little boy decided to sneak in while his parents were in court and his older brother was busy with his sword lessons. The pageboy assigned to the chamber doors looked at the small figure, but did not ask any questions as he opened the doors for the little boy to pass through.

Alasdair tiptoed silently across the room, afraid that he would awaken his baby sister if he were to be noisy. He couldn't wait to see her again.

The crib's height was more or less the same as he, and he inserted his arm between the wooden bars to tickle one soft white cheek with a finger.

Alenaire turned over in her bed. She suddenly opened her small eyes, grabbed his finger with both hands, and stuffed it inside her mouth.

"Uwa!!!" Alasdair cried silently as his whole hand was soon covered with baby drool. But he didn't have the heart to take away his finger, so he just stood there, letting her suckle on it diligently.

"You can stop now," Alasdair said after a few minutes. "I'm getting cramps!"

Alenaire looked at him with her big, purple eyes. Suddenly, she giggled as she pushed his hand away, as if noticing his distress.

Alasdair was rooted to the ground. He had never seen anything so adorable in his whole entire existence! At this very moment, he wanted to smother her with love!

"What are you doing here, little Alasdair?" His mother's amiable voice shook him in his trance.

"Mother! I...I..." Alasdair had his tongue tied. He was embarrassed to be seen so eager to visit his baby sister.

"Do you want to hold her?" The Queen asked as she bent towards the crib, scooping Alenaire into her arms.

"C-Can I really?" Alasdair looked hopeful. "But I'm afraid I might drop her!"

"Don't worry, I'll hold you." The Queen sat on a divan as she made Alasdair sit on her lap. "Here," she said as she delivered the bundled up baby into his arms.

Alasdair could not help but look at his baby sister with twinkling eyes as he gently jiggled her round pink cheeks.

"Mother! Can I look after her?!" He asked, his voice raising in anticipation.

"Shh, don't be so loud." The Queen placed a hand over his mouth. "You'll make her cry."

"Okay," he replied with hushed tones after his mother took her hand away. He uneasily looked at the baby in his arms. Alenaire did not flinch nor cry, however, and he was glad. She simply smiled, revealing her pink toothless gums.

"How can you look after her when you have your Royal lessons?" The Queen replied with humor.

"I don't have lessons everyday! Only thrice a week! Big brother has them everyday because he's the Crown Prince, but I don't need so much! I don't want to study!" Alasdair pouted, the volume of his voice escalating with each word.

"Shhh!" The Queen reprimanded. "Quiet down, Alasdair! I see you need more etiquette lessons if you can't even follow such simple instructions!"

Alasdair panicked. "No mother, no! I hate etiquette lessons the most!"

"Then stop raising your voice," the Queen admonished as she took Alenaire back into her arms.

"I wanna hold her! I wanna hold her!" Alasdair threw a tantrum.

"Alasdair, quiet!" The Queen said sharply. She placed her baby back into the crib, smiling gently as she tickled Alenaire's neck. Alenaire started giggling and throwing her hands and feet in the air in a dance. The Queen's heart melted at this sight, and she placed a hand to her chest to express her strong affections. However, her emotions were quickly disturbed by a little Alasdair who kept shoving his arms between the bars of the crib, and she pulled him away hastily.

"She is trying to sleep, Alasdair. Leave her be," the Queen took Alasdair's hand in her own.

"But I wanna watch her sleep!" Alasdair complained, tugging his hand away from her grasp.

"You can, when you learn restraint." The Queen motioned for the pageboy to open the heavy oak doors.

"But I am restraining myself from complaining!" Alasdair complained.

"You need to be schooled in vocabulary as well," the Queen said as she dragged her wailing son away.

The pageboy quietly shut the doors behind them with a smile tugging at his lips.

For one whole month, the kingdom could be seen singing, dancing and in jocund festivity in celebration of the princess' birth.

The Kingdom of Alastriona was the largest nation in the central continent, and it held authority over many other smaller and lesser kingdoms and unclaimed villages who pledged their allegiance under the High King Altair.

Because the King Altair had exceptional foresight enlaced with business and political acumen, he had enlarged his kingdom two folds during his reign, following his own father's footsteps and astuteness.

What differed Alastriona from the other kingdoms was that Alastriona thrived on the ideals of liberty and equality, despite the different social classes present, and the fact that some people were not born with mana. This was a privilege not known by many others, and was decreed by the current King's own grandfather after witnessing how deliberate social prejudice could cause a country's own undoing.

Thus, women were allowed the same freedom as men, such as: becoming adventurers, choosing their own class, and taking part in subjugation missions. Although slavery was also abolished, the noble houses could not be abrogated. As long as they treated their serfs well and offered them their protection, they were allowed to keep their land and title.

The King Altair's father had enforced an act against vagrancy, which aimed to provide for the care and rehabilitation of destitute persons in the kingdom. And so, welfare homes were established, different kinds of jobs were opened to accommodate the poor, and a public school was put up in the middle of the city square to increase the educational and literacy rate of his people.

Because the kingdom flourished, as it endeavored to make the people happy, the people themselves gave back to the monarchy in terms of their loyalty and trust. Thus, they happily celebrated the birth of another Royal, a princess who, although they had not seen, they already loved.

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