Three Lifetimes [completed]



Chapter 43: The Kingdom of Alastriona


In the verdant and opulent Kingdom of Alastriona, a baby's loud cry pierced the tranquil atmosphere of the castle.

"Queen Aiyana has given birth!" Everyone in the castle could not remain still, as this news was carried off from one mouth to another.

"It's a beautiful baby girl!"

"Finally! Her Majesty has always wanted a girl after bearing two sons!"

"I cannot wait to see!"

"Hurry, hurry!"

The maidservants scuttled about in a frenzy, almost knocking into each other, but they could care less. They had to see the princess right away! This called for another round of festivities! All the Royal staff hastened to the Royal bedchamber to peek through its gilded doors.

In the Royal bedchamber, the Queen cradled her newborn daughter in her arms, hoping to lull the princess into slumber. The Royal wet nurse stood at the edge of the bed, smiling at this peaceful and loving scene.

King Altair drew closer to his wife on the bed as he looked on adoringly at the sleeping baby. He could not contain the happiness he felt in his heart as he gratefully looked at his young wife.

"Thank you," the King said to his wife, his eyes moist.

"You're very welcome, dear husband. Don't forget, you contributed to this too." The Queen laughed when she saw her husband turn red in the ears.

"Mother! Father!" The two princes rushed into the bedchamber, their faces flushed with unfeigned excitement.

"Alasdair, Alaric! No running!" The King chastised, afraid that they would cause unavoidable anxiety to the Queen who had just given birth.

The 10 year old Alaric stopped running to grab his 5 year old brother in the arm. "Sorry, father!" They cautiously crept nearer to the bed, their eyes starry as they gazed upon the sleeping baby in their mother's arms.

"What's her name?" Alasdair whispered loudly.

"We have not named her yet," the Queen replied. "Unless you have any suggestions, little Alasdair?" The Queen smiled at her second son fondly.

Alasdair's eyes brightened up even more. "It should start with an 'Al' too!" His body trembled with giddiness, excited at being given such a monumental decision.

"Alan!" Alasdair said after much thought.

"That's a guy's name!" Alaric rebuffed his younger brother's suggestion with a scowl.

"Alan...air?" Alasdair said meekly after racking his brain for a good whole second.

The Queen chuckled. "Alenaire it is." She stroked Alasdair's head as he looked on his sister with a pleased expression on his little face.
In the distance, the bells of the grand cathedral resounded, extolling the birth of another Royal. Everyone in the kingdom cheered.

At the same time, on the same day, another piercing cry emanated from within the walls of the Great General's manor.

"Our lady Evadne has given birth to a son!" The servants in the manor cried in happiness. It was a blessing to everyone, as the Great General and his wife had longed for a child of their own after many years of fruitless attempts.

"My baby!" The lady Evadne clutched her newborn son as the tears spilled down her cheeks. "Luce. His name shall be Luce!"

"At last, my dear. At last." General Cassius cradled his wife and son in his arms, as he sniffed back his tears.

The grand cathedral's bells tolled an auspicious morning.

"General, it is indeed a time for a celebration! Can you hear the bells?" The wet nurse exclaimed as she placed a blanket over lady Evadne's legs. "The castle as well is in festivity! A princess has been born!"

"How wonderful!" Lady Evadne smiled as she softly stroked her son's cheeks. The little baby had stopped crying, and was now hungry, his little mouth searching for a breast to suckle on. Lady Evadne happily complied.

"I can't wait to introduce my dearest son to His Majesty!" General Cassius stood up, pumping his fist triumphantly in the air.

Lady Evadne giggled at her husband's pose. "His Majesty will be very glad to hear about this! Perhaps you can even make the princess and our Luce meet!" She winked at her husband several times, mischief in her eyes.

"Perhaps I can arrange something," General Cassius pondered with a hand cradling his chin. "A princess needs her own personal guardian knight, am I not right?" The mischief in his eyes mirrored his wife's.

"How ingenious!" Lady Evadne laughed silently, careful not to disturb her son's meal. "This is one of the reasons why I love you!"

General Cassius coughed, slightly embarrassed. Suddenly, his wife tugged the front of his shirt, and as he leaned forward, her lips caught his with much fervor.

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