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The three day trip went by too fast.

In that short amount of time, we had the whole mountain of Kreuk to ourselves, as our Academy had paid for the summit's reservation. No other hikers were allowed to enter, and my junior batch was thrilled. We practically owned the place.

We had done many things, such as fishing, kayaking, boating, and swimming. Many of the others went to explore the mountains more, but I stayed with my group of friends as they wanted to go swimming to expunge the blistering heat.

Kina was wearing a two piece bathing suit, and proudly walked around the camp with a knitted bolero over her swimsuit. She had always been known for her curvaceous body, and now that she was wearing a swimsuit that left nothing to the imagination, many guys started wiping the drool dripping from their mouths.

Kina approached me, her hips provocatively shaking with each step she took. I began to wonder if she had neurologic problems. I thought she would be the only girl brave enough to wear such a skimpy outfit, but numerous girls started parading in front of me, flaunting their bikinis as well. There were also a few guys whose heads were turned away from me while their biceps were flexed in my direction...


Hey, why were there some guys mixed in there?

Sarielle was laughing so hard beside me, that she held on to my shoulder for support.

"You said I was creating a harem before, but now...look who's talking!" She wheezed. "But I understand how they feel. You're an easy person to love."

Please stop being so adorable, or I might do something bad to you.

"How do I look?" Kina twirled in front of me, both her chest and buttocks jiggling with the effort. I think she should be asking Sarielle that question, as Sarielle was actually a guy inside. But looking at her current disinterested face, it would seem she didn't care much for Kina's looks. I was glad.

I aimed for standard flattery. "It suits you well."

She looked pleased, and sauntered off to a group of girls by the lake who were dipping their toes in the water and squealing.

"Aren't you going to swim?" Gary asked. He was wearing the complete swimming set: green swimming trunks, red goggles and a yellow head cap.

"You look like a traffic light," I observed. Gary chortled, not in the least offended. Another classmate of ours came and started engaging Gary in a lighthearted conversation about color schemes.

I looked at Sarielle, wondering if she wore her bathing suit underneath her flower patterned sundress. She looked so cute, I wanted to squish her in my arms.

Must. Resist. Urges.

"Don't you feel like you're cross-dressing?" I asked. She was, after all, a man at heart. I wondered if she felt odd about dressing up in such girly clothes.

Sarielle shrugged. "I'm used to it. My mother dressed me up even more gaudily as a child, and I couldn't complain. I've learned to deal with it. She was the one who picked this dress out for me, as well."

"She has good taste." I tried to suppress my leering look.

"I'm wearing a swimsuit underneath," Sarielle said after she rolled her eyes at me.

"Bikini?" I was hoping.

"School swimsuit," she replied with a deadpan expression and I wanted to cry.

"I'll be heading off first," Gary said as he waved at us. "Maybe I can catch a trout with my hands."

"Be careful not to scare them away with your face!" I called out and he laughed.

My classmates were now heading in groups to the lake, as the sweltering heat had risen and they wanted to wash off the sweat and grime. Sarielle and I stood at the edge of the waters, awkwardly shifting our feet. I didn't want to take off my shirt first, nor did Sarielle want to take off her dress first either. So we just stood there.

"Take it off," I commanded. Show me that school swimsuit! I don't care!

"You're a pervert."

"Sadly, I can't even deny that." My male hormones were raging, it wasn't my fault! Or maybe I was originally a pervert and it multiplied tenfolds in this body. Mmm...that also seemed to be the case.

"Fine, I'll take mine off," I grumbled.

For some reason, everything was silent as I slowly took my shirt off. My shirt got stuck midway, and I had to keep turning, to wiggle out of it. Sarielle helped me get the collar past my head, and when I was completely free, my hair had become disheveled and I was sweating. I heard people gulp mouthfuls of air.

"Your turn." I smiled devilishly at Sarielle.

Sarielle turned red as she fumbled to open the buttons on the front of her dress, revealing a blue spandex beneath that actually wasn't the school's swimsuit. Yes, yes! I touched my nose in case I was going to get a nosebleed. With slow movements, she unbuttoned further down, as if she were teasing me. She unbuttoned even further, and I saw it was still blue. Huh? When she took off her sundress, I could see that the blue spandex came down to her knees.


It wasn't sexy at all!

I could see that Gary had also kept Kina at bay. I think he was trying suppress any sort of interloper in my relationship with Sarielle, but I was feeling bad about it. After all, we were all friends. Although I wanted to spend quality time with Sarielle, it was bad if it was just her and me all the time. You just didn't gain friends and leave them behind. They were called friends for a reason.

Hence, despite Gary's antics, Sarielle and I both agreed to approach them although Gary was trying his best to leave us both on our own.

We all sat together around the campfire on the last night of our excursion, and our teachers had given us no curfew this time. We were allowed to do whatever we wanted, as long as it was within the boundaries of the summit, and many of my classmates were night swimming and dancing horrendously without constraint.

I saw that Edrie had asked Amy for a dance with a struggling face, his eyeglasses mirroring the fiery flames of the campfire. Amy looked a bit bashful, and consented albeit reluctantly. They were now dancing slowly in a corner, their silhouette sometimes in illumination.

"Have some peanuts," Kina said, handing over a bowl of boiled peanuts towards me.

"I want some," Gary said as he took two handfuls from the bowl, leaving only a few remaining peanuts for me. Kina glared at him.
"Thank you," I said, taking the bowl and getting a few before handing it to Sarielle to finish.

It was a bit noisy now, as people were handing out papaya lassies and pomegranate mojito mocktails given by the teachers, and sometimes we had to shout to be overheard over the ruckus.

"We'll be seniors in a few months," Kina mused as she sat between Gary and I. "Have you guys decided on which college you're gonna apply to and what course?"

"I haven't thought about it yet, actually," I confessed. This was probably the only life where I could choose who I wanted to be. In Heaven, there were not much professions one could choose from, unlike on Earth. We weren't poor nor were there any sort of mortal illness that befell us, unless it was caused by a curse. We were immortals that simply had too much time on ours hands. I turned to Sarielle to ask what she had planned.

"A lawyer or a doctor," Sarielle said with a smile. "I want to do work that could benefit the people." I was a bit amazed by her answer, as I always thought that since she was the God of War, she would choose to be in the military. But I guess one's views shouldn't be so limited. External factors in this second life of ours also played a major part.

"Amazing," Gary could not help but mutter. "I can't be as virtuous as you. Is there a job that entails sitting and eating all day?"

"Don't even think about it, or you'll turn back to being obese," I warned him. "I'm gonna use you in the ocean as a floater."

"Or you could eat me if you ever turn into a cannibal," Gary suggested. "Lots of fats to go around."

"No, he could eat me!" Kina declared, her cheeks on fire. My face stiffened. Why did it sound like an innuendo?

"Sorry, I've already got Ryle reserved since our past lives. He can't eat anyone else," Sarielle said seriously. I wish she added "but me" to her sentence, but I wasn't going to be picky.

"Sorry," Kina said a little scathingly that I frowned.

Gary laughed as he tried to smoothen the tense atmosphere. "You could also eat me if you want, Kina. We're friends after all."

Kina made a disgusted face. "Thank you for being so considerate, but no thanks."

"What, you don't like my rock hard abs?" Gary patted the so called abs underneath his shirt for effect. "It took me a lot of effort to get these!"

"What's so rock hard about them? They look like massive marshmallows on your torso!" Kina began punching Gary's torso while he laughed, finding it ticklish.

"You guys should just get together," Sarielle said as she smiled secretively.

"No way!"


Kina and Gary retorted at the same time.

I chuckled. Actually, they were quite compatible together.

I raised an eyebrow at Sarielle, my eyes conveying, "You think they look good together too?"

Sarielle replied by raising her eyebrows twice in agreement, with a little smile on her face.

"It's the yearbook committee!" We heard our classmates shout out. We turned to see a group of people going around the campfire taking pictures with their DSLR and Polaroid cameras.

One girl went to us with a Polaroid in her hand. "Pictures! I'll take two. One for you guys and one for the committee!"

"Okay!" Kina said readily as she fixed her hair.

"Sitting or standing?" Gary asked.

"Guys can stand up, girls sit down!" The yearbook girl said with a smile.

Gary and I stood up as Kina and Sarielle squatted in front of us.

"You're only going to get one picture so make this good!" The girl said as she gestured with her hands for us to move closer to each other. "Everybody, do a wacky pose!"

I raised my arms in the air as I made an ugly face while Gary pretended to kiss my armpits. Kina and Sarielle were busy flailing their arms as well.

"Okay, one...two...three..."

We were all blinded momentarily by the light, and we started massaging our eyeballs after we got our picture taken.

"Can I take this home? I'll scan it and send the picture to all of you," Gary said as he waited for our image to appear on the film.

"Sure," we all agreed.

When we finally saw the image appear, we couldn't stop laughing. We were all a bunch of lunatics.

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