"So how do you feel bathing with guys?" Sarielle asked with a chilling undertone in her voice.

Sarielle and I were having our daily homework sessions in my room. We were currently doing our science homework, and ever since I stumbled upon the realm of Earth's science, I was overwhelmed by the many facts that humans unearthed. How wonderful it truly was! To think that there were such things as atoms and molecules in the elements. I held but a scintilla of knowledge of such things, and it couldn't be compared to what Earth held in store for me.

But what most shocked me was their advanced mathematical system.

What was wrong with their math? Why did they suddenly include letters in their numbers?! The alphabets were supposed to stay put together, ah! What were these symbols for? I didn't think I needed to know that in order to buy a piece of burger!

"Can you please stop spacing out?" Sarielle threw a paper ball at my head playfully.

"Sorry. What were you saying again?" I started to twirl my pen in between my fingers. If only I could bring these gadgets with me to Heaven and sell them, I would be filthy rich!

"How does it feel to bathe with guys?" She looked at me sternly.

"I don't really care?" I shrugged. "It's not like I'm seeing something I don't have after all."

Sarielle burst out laughing.

I was being honest here. I felt nothing towards a random female and male body that weren't Jin's. It was odd, but it was better that way. I wondered if Sarielle felt the same.

"And you?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "I saw a guy confessing to you under the rhododendron tree. You sure are popular." My tone was bland because I kept my jealousy hidden. If another guy stole her away from me, what would I possibly do?!

"Oh?" The corners of her lips raised. "You saw that?"

"Of course!" My Sarielle-stalking abilities were top notch.

"Why were you stalking me?" She leaned over the table, moving her face closer to mine. She was changing the subject so adroitly, hey!

"Because...because I was curious!" I stammered. I turned my face away. Her face was too close.

"Have I told you how cute you are?" She peered at me as if she was memorizing every inch of my face.

"Huh?" I covered a portion of my blushing face with my hand. "No you haven't, but you can say it as many times as you like."

Sarielle laughed again.

"I think I'm going to take a shower," I said. I was suddenly feeling very hot right now, and I didn't want to smell like a fish in front of her.

"Go ahead," she smiled provocatively at me, and I blushed even harder. Dammit! My heart was weak.

"I'm going to help auntie Yvonne with dinner while you shower," she said as she stood up, patting the creases on her skirt.

"You're not going to shower with me?" I teased.

As expected, Sarielle turned red, and she threw a paper ball which she had stacked up on the table at me with ferocity. She left the room in a huff. She was so cute.

After I finished my shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and started flexing my muscles in front of the full length mirror I had in my room. As a fifteen year old, I had to be honest. My rippling pectorals were amazing! This was all due to my hard work, and I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I started posing in front of the mirror. I curled my arms and flexed. Ooh, my abs looked tight. Niiiice.

"You're turning into such a narcissist."

I turned around and saw Sarielle who had on a jaded look.

I shrieked like a little girl and covered my nether regions with my hands. Even though I had a towel over my waist, it didn't keep my package in the proper position...if you know what I mean...

"Are you here to rape me?" I said, my eyes wide with shock and a little bit of...thrill?!

"Who wants to rape you?" Sarielle threw a disgusted glance my way and strode towards my bed.

"Are we going to do it on the bed?" I almost said out loud, but Sarielle's glare caused me to shut my trap. I sucked in my nosebleed.

Sarielle started looking under my bed. "You're a healthy boy. Where do you keep your porn?"

"I don't read those things!" I said, aghast.

Although this body I had always had the urges, I restrained myself. As she said, this was a healthy human male's body, and it was a typical thing to do. However, this kind of conversation was too bizarre!

"Want me to help you?" She asked.

WITH WHAT?! What was she saying!

"You're such an idiot! I was asking if you wanted me to help you clean up the random junk under your bed." She lifted the comforter to reveal random toys I had shoved under the bed from when I was still five years old. I started blushing with embarrassment.

"Oh." I looked away. I think I really gotta change into real clothes now...

"Don't worry, I'll wait until we're married to do those things you want to do." I could see the mirth in her eyes as she glanced at me while dragging out the toys.

"I don't want to do those things you think I want to do!" I lied. Wait, what had she said before that?
My wardrobe was beside my bed, behind the area where Sarielle squatted, piling up my old toys. I carefully walked over to the wardrobe as I held the towel securely around my hips, hoping I wouldn't stub myself on the foot.

I jinxed myself. As I was only a step away from my closet, I accidentally stepped on a Lego. I howled in pain and stumbled backwards. I looked back and saw the stricken expression on Sarielle's face. Oh no, I was going to land on her!

I twisted my body so instead of landing on my back, I landed face-front. I didn't want to hurt her, so I caged her body with my arms instead, my hands landing on either side of her face. Whoosh~ My butt suddenly felt cold as I heard something flap away. I think it was my dignity.

"Ouch...ouch..." I cried. My hand had landed on Captain America.

I stared back at Sarielle, who stared back at me with unconcealed surprise. Her ears were red.

The door creaked open. "Oh my my my!"

I turned my head and saw my mother at the door, carrying a tray full of snacks.

"I thought you were doing group study, but I didn't know it was THIS kind of studying!"

What the hell!

In horror, I lost my balance and fell face first into the valley between soft breasts. My friends from the swim team liked to call it the Grand Canyon, but that was reserved for girls with DD cups. Sarielle, on the other hand, had a humble B cup, so I opted for the term valley instead. My cheeks were pressed against the soft mounds and I could hear a heartbeat running wild. So this was what all the hype was about, I thought randomly with my cheeks on fire.

"Oh my my my! How forward! Don't be so harsh during studying okay? Be safe, that's my only advice for you!" The door immediately closed.

I slowly pulled my face away from the famous valleys. I could not even look at Sarielle in the eye.

"...please put on some clothes..." Was all she said.


Yes, it was getting really cold down there.

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