Gary, Sarielle, Kina and I were known for being the popular coterie in highschool. I didn't bother with things such as popularity, but when things just go out of hand and the sole cause was your own popularity, I truly thought it was a nuisance instead.

In class, I noticed that this girl named Tina who sat in front of me kept throwing her eraser on the floor. The first few times I picked it up for her as she seemed to be unaware, but the next few times seemed to me a calculated move on her part. How could an eraser fall five times in a span of an hour?!

When recess began, I stood up and sat at the edge of Sarielle's desk. If that girl's eraser fell again, no one would blame me for not looking.

"I know what you're thinking," Sarielle smiled deviously as she perched her small face on both knuckles. "And you're right." She peered at the girl behind me.

"If any guy ever did that to you, I'm going to shave my head," I announced. No one liked a baldie. Oh...sorry Gary.

Sarielle raised an eyebrow. "If any guy ever puts his hands on you, I'm going to run around naked."
I didn't really understand her sentence as I was also a guy now, but the mere thought of Jin naked drove me nuts.

"Here." Sarielle held out a handkerchief to my bloody nose with amusement.

While I was busy soaking my nose with the handkerchief, Sarielle looked behind me and started suppressing laughter.

"What's up?" I asked.

"You're the Knight in Shining Armor, right?" She grinned. "The eraser is on the floor again."

I didn't turn around. Instead, I rolled my eyes.

Suddenly, Sarielle nudged me. She blinked furiously with her eyes pointing towards a scene behind me. I turned around to see what was going on, and I saw one of my classmates named Mike walk over to pick up the eraser for Tina.

However, Tina glowered at him. "That's not mine!"

"Eh?" Mike was stupefied. " has your name on it..."

"I said it's not mine!" Tina repeated in harsher tones, and Mike blanched.

"Okay...okay..." Mike started returning the eraser to where it fell, which was beside the leg of Tina's desk.

I turned away from the miserable spectacle to look back at Sarielle.

"Poor guy," we both said at the same time.

"Jinx!" We said together, our fingers pointing at each other.

"Jinx!" I repeated hurriedly.

"Aw, man!" She sighed as she scribbled another line on her notebook. Sarielle : 2 points vs Ryle : 10 points.

My favorite time of the day was noon. Because it meant one thing: lunch at the cafeteria!

In my past life, I thought my cooking was legendary, but how pretentious I had been! Earth's food couldn't even compare to the cooking I learned in Heaven in my past life, and I was serious. Even the fast food joints were delicious! If Seiran were here, he would devour them all! And because of that, I was kind of glad he wasn't here...but of course, I still missed that little fat rascal.

It was really a good thing I was physically active. If not, with all the food I currently ate, I was pretty sure I was going to be obese. I had to thank my parents for sending me to a high class Academy which served food comparable to five star hotels. Ah, now that I had Sarielle beside me, I was more than content with my life. Food and Sarielle were a great combo.

I kept munching on the pistachios Sarielle handed to me after she peeled off the shells. This was actually the same behavior Jin had done for me in my past life, and I was overcome with joy. Perhaps Sarielle still retained a bit of Jin's memories! I was a bit giddy.

"You know what, you guys seem like you know each other too well," Gary said as he cracked open a pistachio the cafeteria ladies were handing around.

Kina narrowed her eyes at Sarielle, but did not say a word.

"Of course! We're next door neighbors!" I said. We also had two lifetimes together, so we obviously knew each other a lot more than one would expect.

"Sari, what do you think of Ryle?" Kina suddenly asked.

Sarielle continued to peel pistachios for me. "I think he's an idiot."

I felt like an arrow struck my heart, accompanied by a herd of cows stepping over it in determination.

Kina and Gary looked a bit pleased, but I was definitely bewildered.

"Hey! You're an idiot as well!" I countered. Jin was an idiot for...for calling me an idiot!

"Whatever, idiot," Sarielle said as she stuck a pink tongue out at me. Despite her words, I suddenly blushed. Bah! She was so annoying! How could an insult make even my heart race? I was doomed to insanity!

My favorite sport was swimming. I loved the feel of water against my skin especially during humid weather, and I liked how I could feel my muscles ripple with strength every time I did a stroke. 

Because of all the time I spent on sports, I did not have time to scour the bookstores for random novels anymore. Although I thought it was a pity, I also had many school books to read as well, so I wasn't actually missing out on anything Earth had to offer me.

"Nice lap," Gary commented as he helped me up the pool. "Fifty yards under twenty-five seconds!" He looked at his stopwatch then gave me a high five.

"It was nothing. I had fun." I smiled at him.

"Here's a towel," Kina suddenly rushed over with Sarielle trailing behind her.

I took the towel and started rubbing my head with it.

"Your fan club has been increasing these days," Sarielle could not help but comment as she jerked a thumb towards the benches where a group of freshmen and sophomores were giggling and ogling me.

I suddenly felt goosebumps raise over my arms. Their gazes were quite predatory, and I felt naked even when I was wearing my swimming trunks. Adolescent girls were the scariest beings on Earth. I had to blame it on the skyrocketing hormones. Too bad they didn't know that what lied inside this youthful hunk was actually an aging grandma.

"Uh...lets take a shower," I told Gary. I wanted to get far away from the evil gleam in those girls' eyes.

In the locker room, I started peeling off my swimming trunks without care and quickly took the nearest shower stall. It was funny how the men's shower room had only simple divisions for each shower head, but I didn't mind much. I wasn't affected by seeing other guys' bodies. The only body I wanted to see was Jin's and no one else's. They couldn't even compare.

My other friends from the swim team came barging in after their practiced laps, and they quickly started showering beside me. The room was immediately filled with steam.

"Ryle," Gary said. He had taken a stall beside mine, and he was looking my way. I couldn't see much because of the steam, but I thought I saw a red face.

"Hey, you okay? You look like a lobster. Maybe you should get out and get some fresh air," I suggested as I lathered shampoo over my hair.

"Can...can you wash my back?" He asked timidly.

"I'll wash your back for you!" One of our teammates suddenly joined in.

"Shut up!" Gary said as he turned away from me.

"Hey Prince!" The swimming captain, Jack, shouted over the sound of streaming water. "I never knew you actually got a huge package!" Everyone started laughing and teasing.

I was busy washing my hair and didn't bother to comment on such obscene observation.

"The captain's just jealous cause his package is thumb sized!" Someone shouted over the noise, and everyone guffawed.

"Ooh, burn!" They jeered.

I think my teammates from the swimming club were the most vulgar and raunchy bunch among my club friends. In the locker room, most would start showing other people porno on their phones, and I would only look on in disgust. It wasn't that I abhorred them for having such lewd thoughts, as I knew it was common for guys in that age, but it was just that I didn't find it so enjoyable. If Jin and I did those smutty acts together and someone was videoing us and watching us on repeat, I wouldn't like it one bit.

Ah, pardon the sudden nosebleed.

"Look here Prince!" A junior, Marlo, started waving me over as he held his phone in his hands. Many of our teammates were behind him as they looked on at the screen with lascivious smiles.

"What about it?" I was already buttoning my shirt and was prepared to leave.

"Why don't you have any interest in this stuff?" One senior asked in astonishment. "We're at the peak of adolescence! We have the drive! We have the skill!"

Jack smacked him on the head. "What skill are you talking about, you old virgin!"

"You know...we're good at free style." The senior winked at Jack. "We do lots of strokes with enthusiasm..."

I was turning red from the vivid imagery I had in my head. Dammit these boys and their ribald jokes!

"Let's go," I told Gary, who was putting on his shoes slowly. He looked up at me, his cheeks a little red.

"Oh, c'mon Prince! Look at this! Damn, that swimsuit is hot!" Marlo couldn't contain himself as he inhaled his fist, his other hand holding his phone with heated anticipation.

These apes were disgusting.

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Bio: First and foremost, I am a neko who loves to write. I'm a cat lady~ and also a medical student in the throes of insanity lol. I'll probably only write one story on here before I completely vanish into thin air, so all I can say is:

Thank you very much for reading! *bows*

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