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Chapter 20: The Emperor's Little Dragon


When it was Jin’s turn on the ring, my fists were again clenched against my lap with worry. No matter how confident he was, I would always worry about him.

“Jin from the Moonlight Sect against Zedong from the Hua Clan Sect!” Announcer Ping’s voice echoed throughout the stadium.

Jin actually made himself a part of the Moonlight Sect? I was secretly happy. But why did this Master not know of it?!

After the introductions were made, Jin and Zedong took up their stances. I could see that Zedong was also at the elementary stages of Xian Profound, so Jin had an advantage. [The Jade Emperor’s Little Dragon] was a skill that surpassed the Jade grade in terms of effects, and I already knew Jin would win in just a matter of minutes. I was just curious to know how he was going to do just that.

Zedong materialized a spear in his hands using his spiritual energy, and it was flaming red, mirroring the hatred that he didn’t bother to conceal in his eyes. What was he so mad about anyway? Well, Dewei and Zixin both won during the Nascent realm round, and it would just be a matter of time before they announced them to take either first or second place, so perhaps it bothered him? Ah, the Hua Clan was supposed to always take the top spots, I forgot. It was too bad. I started snickering in my head.

Jin held his right hand out, and a silver light emanated from within, his own energy forming a long sword, with trails of dark silver flowing from the tip as if it were smoke.

When Zedong threw his spear, it suddenly split into two. Then the two spears continued splitting apart until the whole ring was half-filled with them, forming a wall between both opponents, leaving no openings for Jin to pass through unscathed.

Jin, however, did not seem to panic. He raised his left hand, and another silver long sword appeared. As the spears launched towards him for an attack, Jin twirled both swords in his hands so fast, cleanly cutting the red spears of flames that came within a meter’s distance.

This type of swordplay was so outstanding that no one in the crowd was able to utter a sound, as they all gaped in amazement at Jin with his swords, looking almost as if he had created a silver shield that surrounded him. Everyone started leaning over their seats to get a better view. I felt immense pride well up in my chest.

When all of the fiery spears were dispersed, Jin launched the [The Jade Emperor’s Little Dragon] skill, synchronizing it with both of his swords. Soon, his two swords became silver dragons that flew intimidatingly in the air. The crowd was surprised, and they began to chatter loudly. This was a skill that was never seen before by these mortals, and my chest puffed up more with pride.

“What…what is that!” Zedong screamed, as he hastily collected all his broken spears from the ground to turn back into his energy. Unfortunately, before he could gather enough energy to fight back, he was knocked out by a dragon’s mighty kick. Zedong became unconscious in but a moment, and the winner was decided. Everyone felt it was too anticlimactic, and I agreed with them. The Hua clan was actually so weak…

“The winner is…Jin from the Moonlight Sect!”

Jin calmly retracted his dragons back to his palms, and he bowed deeply to the crowd before returning to the sidelines. As the match progressed and the losers were eliminated, Jin came out victorious through it all. It was then the last match where the official winner of the games was decided, and Jin’s opponent was another disciple of the Hua clan, with the name Qilang.

“Now that I know your hidden card, I won’t be played a fool! This is payback for my Brother Zedong! I will kill you!” Killing was not allowed in the tournament, but if it was accidental (or seemed to be one), it was looked over. However, this abrupt declaration of annihilation made him unable to escape the penalty that awaited him after his killing, and when Qilang realized this, he turned pale.

At this point in time when Qilang was worriedly standing on the stage, he did not realize that Jin had already dispatched a white dragon behind him to knock him out on the head.

“I…It was a mere slip of the tongue!” Qilang declared before diving head first into the ground, a slim dragon resting languidly against his unconscious figure.

Sigh. Yet another anticlimactic battle.

This victory was so easy, I felt truly disappointed. Even his first battle was ten times more exciting than this. This was a championship game, and yet Qilang had been so stupid as to recklessly blurt out nonesense that caused his downfall! It was his own fault for standing so idle even when the battle had already commenced. I thought I was the only one thinking of such things, but it seemed like the rest of the nobles did as well. I heard bits and pieces of their chatter flowing into my ears.

“That Qilang boy is a disappointment!”

“The Hua clan has lost my favor. Why did they send out such dissatisfying disciples!”

“It is the Moonlight Sect that is so strong, you would not believe it.”

“A bunch of trash commoners actually know something!”

“It is hard to believe, but they are not the trash we knew of.”

I was happy that they changed their views about the commoners, however, most of them still believed that winning was merely a stroke of good fortune, as they repeatedly said the Hua clan had sent out low-grade disciples for the tournament. Whatever reasons they came up with was refuted by what they saw during the championship rounds for Nascent realm. Zixin and Dewei battled against other clans, standing victorious through all of them until they had to battle each other for the championship.

“Since I’m the eldest one here, I should take first place,” Zixin said as he faced Dewei.
“Sure, no problem,” Dewei replied as he closed his eyes.

Everyone in the crowd wondered how this would go. The people had already seen their prowess on the ring, and most were excited to see the top players battle it out.

Zixin closed in on Dewei, and the crowd held their breaths. Perhaps it would be yet another unknown skill? But why was Dewei closing his eyes and not responding? When a loud resounding pak! was heard, everyone was shocked to see the red hand print on Dewei’s left cheek.

“Ouch!” Dewei complained as he theatrically fell, striking a pose on the ground.

“I won!” Zixin raised his fist to the sky. He was met with complete and utter silence.

There really were too many amazing things that happened today, and this was the last of it. But hey, was this even allowed? My stupid disciples were a bunch of fools!

“Ah…ah…” Announcer Ping didn’t know what to say. He was as baffled as the rest of the people, and he raised his eyes to look at the Emperor, pleading for him to make a decision.

The Emperor, who was actually busy flirting with his imperial concubine, had no idea about the happenings around the tournament. Furious that he had been interrupted during his leisure time, he completely ignored the announcer and waved him off with a fat hand.

Announcer Ping sweated. He cleared his throat and declared anyway, “The winner for the Nascent realm tourney goes to Zixin of the Moonlight Sect!”

Taren had his gaze on the Emperor who was coddling his beloved concubine, and there was a disgusted expression on his face. He turned to me and said, “Doesn’t it bother you to see your parents act all lovingly in front of a crowd of people?”

I remembered my parents in Heaven. Before their divorce, their nauseating display of affection always caused me to run away. Being confined to a room with just the both of them gave me the chills.

“I feel the same way,” I responded dejectedly.

“The victors of the tournament will now be presented with a gift from His Majesty! Victors please walk to the platform in front of your King to be awarded.” Announcer Ping led Jin and Zixin to the platform, and both of them had to kowtow in ceremony.

The Emperor had already detached himself from his woman, and walked down the carpeted aisle to reach another gilded throne on top of the stage. He looked down at the kneeling Zixin and Jin with a pleased expression on his face.

“So you are both the victors of today’s tournament,” the Emperor said. Uh, was that a rhetorical question? He was obviously mentally absent during the whole battle, as he was preoccupied with canoodling his lover.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Zixin and Jin responded in unison after the Emperor raised a hand, allowing them to speak.

“You will both be given 1,000 Jade coins for your participation. Also, I will bestow upon you a title most revered in this country.” Revered my butt. The Emperor stopped talking, using the silence as a means to increase one’s anticipation of his upcoming words.

“I will bestow upon you both titles of first and second Lieutenant General of the imperial army!” He raised his hand, prompting a cheer to erupt from the crowd.

Zixin and Jin kowtowed again with scripted replies, “Many thanks to His Majesty! May he reign in longevity!”

I knitted my brows. I knew that Jin was a mortal and didn’t know that he himself was the almighty God of War, but it didn’t sit well with me at all to see him kowtowing subserviently towards the stupid man on the throne. As the God of War, it was beneath him to do such a thing, and I had to remind myself that this current Jin was a mere mortal who did not know anything. Slighting the Emperor would cause one’s own head to roll, and he didn’t want that to happen to himself or anyone else.

When the competition ended, the sky had already darkened and the lamps around the colosseum had been lit up. The spectators started streaming out the doors in waves, and I waited on my seat because I didn’t want to be swallowed by the crowd.

“I have to go back to my family now,” Taren said rather regretfully.

“Okay,” I replied succinctly without any emotion.

“You could at least look more sorrowful, you know?” Taren huffed.

I change my expression to that of sorrow, and Taren chuckled. “Let’s meet again in two years.”

“You met me earlier than expected,” I retorted. “Shouldn’t that be null and void already?”

“No, today is just an extra.” He winked at me, then strode off to where the royal family was sitting. I didn’t understand his words at all, and pegged it to be words born from insanity. That second prince was definitely up to no good.

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