Three Lifetimes [completed]

by kerbasi

Juju fell in love with Jin Lei, the God of War, at first glance. Determined to sweep him off his feet, she accompanies him down the mortal realm as he takes on his three trials to attain greater divinity. However, in those three lifetimes that were given to them, will she be able to make him love her back?

Cover photo: Art by Art.te <3

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The Bishie's Queen

Word Count (11)
5th Anniversary
Top List #400
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - God of War does not know love tactics! ago
ARC 1 Chapter 1 : Father, I fell in love! ago
Chapter 2: help me, Uncle Jade Emperor! ago
Chapter 3: Father, I'm leaving! ago
Chapter 4: I'm going on a trip! ago
Chapter 5: Soul Beast ago
Chapter 6: Hello Potato! ago
Chapters 7&8 : Potato Jin! ago
Chapter 9: Thief! ago
Chapter 10: Jealousy! ago
Chapter 11: The Really Merry Wives! ago
Chapter 12: The Thief is Back! ago
Chapter 13: Stronger! ago
Chapter 14: Open Them Meridians! ago
Chapter 15; Revolution! ago
Chapter 16: Sect Master?! ago
Chapter 17: Moonlight Sect! ago
Chapter 18: Flying Lotus Competition! ago
Chapter 19: The Battle ago
Chapter 20: The Emperor's Little Dragon ago
Chapter 21: Snow ago
ARC 2 Chapter 22: Three Worlds ago
Chapter 23: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 24: New Life ago
Chapter 25: Off to kindergarten! ago
Chapter 26: No to bullying! ago
Chapter 27: Defeating the bully! ago
Chapter 28: Reformed! ago
Chapter 29: I miss my husband! ago
Chapter 30: At Last! ago
Chapter 31: New Girl! ago
Chapter 32: Men! ago
Chapter 33: Valley of fluff! ago
Chapter 34: Happiness ago
Chapter 35: Control! ago
Chapter 36: Tenacity! ago
Chapter 37: Late Night Yearnings ago
Chapter 38: Polaroid Memories! ago
Chapter 39: Midnight Wishes ago
Chapter 40: Under the Rhododendron tree ago
Chapter 41: Pain ago
ARC 3 Chapter 42: Together ago
Chapter 43: The Kingdom of Alastriona ago
Chapter 44: To Prosper ago
Chapter 45: Gaiety! ago
Chapter 46: First Meeting! ago
Chapter 47: Wuce and Awi! ago
Chapter 48: A Big Brother's Worries ago
Chapter 49: Bastian?! ago
Chapter 50: Mermaid Problem! ago
Chapter 51: Element of Fire! ago
Chapter 52&53: Heal! ago
Chapter 54: Ah, Love! ago
Chapter 55: Sir Knight and His Princess! ago
Chapter 56: Affliction ago
Chapter 57: Masquerade ago
Chapter 58: To Part with Love ago
Chapter 59: The Kingdom of Rhiannon ago
Chapter 60: Epithalamium ago
Chapter 61: The Wedding ago
Chapter 62: War ago
Chapter 63: Let There Be Dragons! ago
Chapter 64: Promise ago
Chapter 65: Goodbye, Love ago
Epilogue ago
Side Story: Jin Lei ago
Side Story: Siming ago
Side Story: Seiran ago
Side Story: Taren ago
Side Story: Gary ago
Side Story: ??? ago
Tapas Webtoon! ago

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Deserves more attention than it has.


Could be better, could be worse. Parts feel like snippets of a diary, others like a full blown novel. But that's to be expected of a story with such a long timeline. Maybe making it read like an actual diary would give it more atmosphere.



Full points, minus one. That minus one is just because the few action scenes could have gotten a little more love.

But you get a light and funny romcom with a scatterbrain MC and all the major characters have their own feel to it.

I hope the gods get a good story arc at the end. Would love to hear more about Heaven and the Jade Emperor.



No major mistakes. As far as I can tell.



It's original, maybe a little too much inspired by Xianxa, but where Xianxa made me stop reading, this one kept me going. Mainly because it has a light feeling to it and isn't just a chest of wishes which have to be fulfilled.


This story is so ludicrous, “Juju” acts like a little girl when she is older than the oldest person on earth; it’s so funny that it makes me want to read more.


Keep it up. :)


Original Story [UPDATE]

I, to be honest, only picked up this novel because it seemed similar to sansheng. However, it’s completely different and original! Each life is completely and utterly different from each other. They have their own set of unique side characters, plot, and twists. The third arc is my current favorite, for various reasons.


Anyway, a little off topic, but I seriously recommend this novel, whether or not you’re a sansheng fan or a regular reader.


June 12, 2016.



What I liked about this story is that it felt like an original idea, rather than being inspired by another story. In Sansheng, the three lifetimes were more or less similar to one another in which all three took place in ancient China and in Heaven. Whereas Three Lifetimes felt more flexible because each lifetime was set in different eras and worlds.


However, there were certain things that occurred which left me feeling a little… mixed- not necessarily distaste or anger, just mixed feelings.

For one, I felt as if the 1st arc’s romance wasn’t as good as it should be. The feelings felt a little rushed and one of the arc’s male leads felt as if he were randomly put there with no other use except to kill Juju.

The ending of the 3rd arc felt too rushed, as well. Luce dies too abruptly and Alenaire becomes depressed. While, yes, the story says Alenaire felt depressed and fell ill about Luce and Zephyr dying, but I didn’t exactly feel her agony and pain from separating from her love, Luce.


All in all, this is definitely one of the better stories in RRL. It’s not mindlessly focused on getting OP or creating a (reverse) harem. It’s a story with a PLOT that MOVES and has relationship development, along with some side character development as well. 


One of the better stories around here on RR

I like this story, a lot. It's light hearted, fun, endearing, and dramatic all in different proportions across the 3 arcs. The grammar is very good and the prose is often quite hilarious. If you have not read this, you should, because it's good. All in all, this is very solid 4/5. I actually took off half a star because of some issues I had with the story construction, but those are relatively minor.


Below is a more spoiler ridden review, mostly for the author and those who've completed the story:


What I liked:


1. The humor is great. I loved all the jokes, singular or running. I will always think of children as little potatoes from now on. The humor is not just only in isolation though, as a lot of it derives from how well the characters play off of each other (i.e. juju's birthmark of stalking +100, her/his hilarious misunderstandings in the second arc). Finally, the jokes come in all different types. Some stories can only manage one time of humor, like romantic comedy , smut humor, or gag humor. Three Lifetimes hits you with all different kinds like domestic humor (the Merry Wives), standard romantic comedy, stalker humor. The lists go on and on.


2. The characters, while seemingly 1-dimensional at first, manage to be endearing and show depth, especially in the last arc. As I mentioned before, they play really well off of one another and I came out of this reading experience liking the entire main cast.


3. I really really like the side story epilogues. They managed to show a lot of the existing relationships in a new and interesting way. Seiran's feelings shocked me. I did not expect that and I really enjoyed it. The SS epilogues for Arc 1 and 2 were also very well done and nostalgic, except the seriousness of the latter was kinda ruined by Juju's trolling.


What I did not like (and hope you can improve on in future stories):


1. You seem to have trouble concluding story arcs. All three arcs had rushed and forced endings and I feel it's consistently happening because you know how each is supposed to end, but have trouble getting there naturally. I think you would be better served writing such conclusions out longer, as your beginning and middle parts of each arc were really well built.

Arc 1 ends abruptly with JuJu taking a sword in the back. The whole execution subplot came out of nowhere and really blindsided me. It also didn't explain why such a powerful practictioner like JuJu couldn't just stop the sword or armor herself. And all of this happened in the course of a few chapters and basically can be summed up as "and for reasons, she died".

Arc 2 ended even worse. The lead up to that moment (Kina's confession scene) was really heartfelt and wonderfully written. Then, Kina suddenly has a crazy breakdown and gets into a tussle with Sarielle that just happens to conveniently get the MC killed? This ending was as bad as just saying "and then rocks fell and everyone died"

Arc 3 had the best ending of the 3, but was still mediocre. Your action scenes in general were lacking throughout the story (no real action, just characters using OP skills) and while that is generally forgivable in a comedy story, it is not in the far more serious third arc. Jin gets killed a way that seemed to lack any impact. The only part that was good was Juju dealing with the aftermath and Calleh letting her go.


2. The story has no credible antagonists. Pretty much all of them (the king from the first arc, proto-Gary in the second, and corrupt nobles and mysterious evil invaders) fit in the category "look at me! I'm evil because i'm evil" type of villain. They have no depth and seem to do bad things because that's what the plot demands. Your story definitely could have used some work here.


3. Finally, plot developments in your story, not just in the endings happen too abruptly.

For example, in arc 1, it felt like the Moonlight Sect came into being almost overnight. And the entire time, this secret army was being built without any interference from the kingdom or anyone else? I wish Juju faced more interesting adversity in establishing the Sect, rather than just a Step 1: wave hands Step 2: commoners OP now.

In arc 2, Gary's transition from super evil bully to possibly gay harem member happened way too fast. It really left me scratching my head as that transition happened over the course of a few chapters and felt out of place.

Arc 3 is where my most blatant complaint lies. This arc was the serious one and therefore deserved serious storytelling. I felt like Seiran's coming out and having his dragons solve not only ALL national military problems (the northern border) but ALSO ALL domestic political problems was way, way too much. It was just a "boom! dragons stronk. all problems smashed" moment and I felt physical pain reading that part.


In Summary:

Your story excels in its comedy and character interactions. My favorite moments throughout were when the main cast was sitting around talking or having a fun romp around the countryside. The drama as a whole was also fairly well done and really invests the reader in the characters and their lives.

Your story, however, suffers in plot construction and pacing of important events. It also suffers from lack of interesting antagonists and conflicts for its main cast. While this second point is fine for the comedy portions, it becomes very apparent in the more serious portions.

Thank you for your story and I look forward to reading your next.


This story incorporates different worlds nicely in one story, is funny , romantic, a bit tame (which is refreshing and a good thing) and leaves you craving for more.

You have my thumbs up! Too bad you have set a deadline, but I hope we can see some more storys (or even a sequel) when you have enough time and inspiration again!

Thank you for sharing your story.


Honestly.. Y IS IT SO GUD?

The best argument that I can bring is: Read it. Read it and see for yourself my child!

Easily one of my favourites fictions.

Romance done right.


Here is a xianxia fantasy through a woman’s perspective. If you are looking for fun moments and xianxia development with a tinge of womanly touch then this novel is for you. Romance is simple, wont hurt the pride of those manly men. Comedy is always present. Although the plot is pretty basic it is easy to follow and very entertaining. 

What i’m afraid of is that Gender-bender tag. That’s very dangerous. My best hope is that Juju turns into a man and Jin into a woman. If they ever go to yaoi/yuri route then that would be very very scary.


Such a well Written story

Usually when I read things on RR, I expect an entertaining story that has the completion level of a first draft on a high school paper.


But this story is really well done, So well done in fact that I am supprised that it has not been published into book form.  The characters are relateable and likeable, and are well developed. The paceing and plotline are also excellent.


I would have to say that my only complaint is that I wish that there were more about the endings of the side characters. There is enough there for a second book from the information given in the epiloge section.


Amazingly wonderfull love story

Characters well depicted, lot of emotions (be it hapiness or sadness) and 3 different worlds with different kind of stories make this story a gem (even if it is actually a hidden one).

Moreover it's a light romcom which is a hardly seen genre on RR.

Thanks for the story !


Why is the third arc so sad Q.Q

It isn't a trial for him it's a trial for the readers. Expert mode: listen to sad music while reading the third arc.