Ryan wore a dashing green full-sleeved buttoned shirt on top of a plain blue shirt with pale yellow pants and white shoes (Pic Attached).

After getting ready, Ryan got into his family car, where Dylan had been waiting for him.

Dylan - "Thanks once again for the ride."

Ryan - "I dragged you into this, so it's the least I can do."

Ryan's driver started following behind Dunphy's Toyota Sienna. As although google Maps did exist in 2009, Ryan's driver felt it was better to follow someone when going somewhere new.

Ryan coming from the future, where the world heavily relied on google maps, felt it was foolish behavior.

Still, as he wasn't sure how developed google maps were back in 2009, he didn't make any comments.

The car soon arrived at its destination, the Mitchell household. Ryan and Dylan then got out of the car and joined the Dunphy family.

Jay arrived and parked next to Ryan's car as everyone headed towards Mitchell's house.

Mitchell opened the door and let everyone in.

Mitchell - "So, who are these two gentlemen?"

Claire - "This is Alex's friend and that Haley's friend. Sorry, I took the liberty to invite them over."

Mitchell - "No problem, the more, the merrier."

Phil then handed over the wine he had brought.

Mitchell - "Thank you."

Claire - "Don't thank him. Dad is coming right behind."

Then Jay rang the bell several times before opening the door, shouting, "Ah, we are here. Coming in"

Mitchell - "Don't worry, dad, nothing gay going on here."

"May I take your multi-colored coat and jeweled cap?"

Jay - "Yah"

Then, Claire, Phil, Jay, and Gloria hugged it out.

Phil - "Gloria, how are you? Oh, a beautiful dress."

Gloria - "Ah, thank you, Phil."

Phil said okay and started touching Gloria's dress before Claire took him away and explained that it was her accent, and she said, Phil.

Jay then spotted Ryan sitting in the crowd, which left him puzzled.

Jay - "Hey, what are you doing here. You are from that football match, right?."

Ryan - "I didn't see this coming. So your Alex's grandpa?"

Mitchell - "Wait, do you two know each other?"

Jay - "Yeah, he was at Manny's game searching for football players for the under-16s team."

Gloria - "Ah, it's you. Tell me, where did you vanish before?"

Ryan - "Sorry, I had to leave as my lunch break was about to end."

Ryan looked at Jay with his eyes asking Jay for help.

Jay - "How was your trip, Mitchell?"

Mitchell - "There something to tell you guys, Uhm, we didn't just go to Vietnam for pleasure. We kind of have some big news."

Jay - "Oh god, if Cam comes out here with boobs, I am leaving."

Claire - "Dad"

Ryan - "Sorry for getting involved as an outsider. I think we should hear what he has to say."

Mitchell - "Thank you, so about a year ago, Cam and I started feeling this longing, you know, for something more like maybe a baby."

Jay - "Oh, that's a bad idea."

Mitchell - "What do you mean a bad idea."

Jay - "Well, the kid needs a mother. If you guys are bored, get a dog."

Mitchell - "Okay, we are not bored, dad."

Gloria - "I support you, Mitchell. I know you will always be there for the child and not suddenly vanish, leaving it behind."

Ryan couldn't help but wipe the sweat off his head when he saw Gloria's evil glare.

Claire - "I think what dad is trying to say is that Mitchell, you are a little uptight, and kids bring chaos, and you don't handle it well."

Mitchell - "Oh, it's not what dad's saying. It's what you are saying, and it's insulting in a whole different way."

Phil - "Okay, people, let's all chillax."

Alex - "Hey, where's uncle Cameron."

Mitchell - "Someone who is not insulting me notices he is not here."

Jay - "Oh, so that the big announcement, you two broke up. Well, a baby wasn't going to help that anyway, and let me say you are better off. He was a drama queen."

Ryan spoke up before Mitchell, "Wait, everybody, just pause for a second. I think I got what uncle Mitchell is trying to say. Are you trying to say you adopted a baby from Vietnam?"

As Ryan finishes his sentence, the lion king theme song starts playing, dimming the lights in the room.

Cameron then walks out behind Mitchell with a baby girl in his arms. He then dramatically raises her up, and a light shines on the baby girl.

Mitchell - "Yes, we adopted a baby. Her name is Lily."

Cameron - "How exciting."

Mitchell - "Just stop."

Cameron - "I can't turn it off. It's who I am."

Mitchell - "The music."

Cameron - "Okay."

Then all the kids and Gloria surround Cameron and have a look at the cute baby.

Claire - "Here, let me see it."

Cameron - "Okay, here's Lily.''

Phil - "Lily, isn't that going to be hard for her to say?"

Jay - "Excuse me, okay, I know I said this was a bad idea, but what do I know? I mean, it's not like I wrote a book on fatherhood. I have been trying all my life to get it right I am still screwing up, right Manny?"

Manny - "I wrote a song about her in the car."

Ryan - "About who?"

Gloria - "You remember Manny staring at the girl riding a bike which caused him to concede a goal."

Ryan - "Yeah, but what about her."

Gloria - "He is talking about her."

Jay - "May I continue."

Ryan - "Sorry, please do."

Jay - "Anyway, I am happy for you, and ah, you should know that I am not here to spit in your face. I am here to blow at your back."

Ryan - "What I don't understand."

Alex - "Me neither."

Claire - "Same"

Jay - "It's supposed to sound better in Spanish."

Gloria then translated and spoke the sentence in Spanish

Cameron - "Ah, it's beautiful, and thank you."

Jay - "Any, how Mitch."

Mitchell - "No, dad, it's."

When Mitchell leaves, Lilly starts crying, and he quickly takes her back into his arms.

Mitchell - "You wanna meet grandpa?

Jay - "Come on, you kidding? She is one of us now. Hey, you are a cutie, aren't you."

Everyone played around with Lily the rest of the night before finally sitting down to have dinner. Later on, Ryan drops Dylan over before heading home.

While in the car, Ryan looked at his points tally of thirty-six thousand and smiled.


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