Alex asked, "You remember that senior I talked about the other day, the one who's been absent for four months due to mono."

Ryan replied, "Yeah, I remember. What about her?"

Alex spoke, "So apparently Jenna Resnicks swears she saw her breastfeeding at a coin-op car wash."

Ryan didn't know how to respond to this story and felt Alex had pulled a fast on him.

Alex continued, "It said her mom got pregnant in the same period. Do you think it was hers?"

Ryan felt extremely embarrassed and speechless upon hearing Alex's question.

Claire seeing Ryan embarrassed, spoke, "Alex, don't talk about such things in front of a boy."

Alex responded, "I wonder what you would do in such a scenario. If Haley got pregnant, would you hide it as yours?"

Claire - "What"

Alex - "First, it would sure be cool to see Haley that fat, and how awesome would it be if my fake little brother is actually my nephew."

Claire replied, "Haley is not getting pregnant."

Alex asked, "Just saying if."

Claire responded, "Come on, don't talk like that in front of a guest. I know how you like to make trouble for your sister, but it will not work this time."

"As there is no if here, Haley's a good girl, and I know cause I was just like her when I was"

Before Claire could complete her sentence, her words dawned upon her, and she rushed upstairs with a bunch of clothes in her hands.

Alex - "Alright, now that she is gone, tell me, what's your deal?."

Ryan was caught off guard and asked, "What do you mean?"

Alex spoke, "I mean if there was any other boy who heard that, he would have instantly left, but you are still sitting here as if nothing happened."

"So, what's your deal? What do you want?."

Ryan replied, "Maybe I am not like other boys.*

Alex - "I noticed it from the first day I met you. You have been slowly trying to get closer to me."

"Always making small talk, cracking jokes, and the like. So what's your deal? Why are you trying to get close to me?"

Ryan replied, "Fine, you caught me red-handed. I may have purposely tried to get closer to you."

Alex asked, "I knew it, and why is that."

Ryan answered, "It all goes back to the first time I saw you. I kind off have a crush on you."

Alex asked, "wha what, you have a crush on me?"

Ryan rubbed his head and spoke, "I thought it was quite obvious, to be honest."

Alex replied, "No, I had no idea."

Haley then stormed downstairs and headed towards the backyard, and soon Dylan followed her downstairs.

Ryan hurriedly spoke, "Well, I will give you time to digest it while I go check out what all that noise is in your backyard."

Ryan followed Dylan to the backyard, and the moment they arrived, Phil, as expected by mistake, shot at Dylan.

Ryan quickly grabbed Dylan and made him duck while he got shot instead.

Ryan shouts," Oww," and falls to the ground.

Phil asks, "What is with this thing" and drops the gun on the floor, and the gun shoots at him, exerting revenge.

Phil barely managed to hop back into the house on one leg while Dylan helped Ryan stand up.

Dylan said, "Damn, Ryan, you took a bullet for me."

Ryan coughed and asked, "Water, get me some water."

Haley immediately said, "I will go fetch him water while you bring dad back inside."

Dylan and Ryan then helped Phil back inside.

Alex asked, "What happened."

Ryan spoke, "Nothing much, cough your dad cough."

Dylan interrupted Ryan and spoke, "You rest your vocal cords, dude."

Claire then walked down and saw Ryan gulping water while Phil put an ice pack on his leg.

Claire couldn't help but ask, "What happened? Why is your dad injured?"

Haley spoke, "You remember Luke's bb gun? Dad shot it at Ryan and somehow shot it at his own leg."

Claire - "Phil."

Phil spoke, "You were right that gun was a bad idea. It started shooting by itself as if it had a mind of its own."

Ryan, who had finished drinking water, spoke, "I think you mean there was some kind of recoil issue in the gun."

Phil spoke, "Yeah, I just barely touched it, and then probably after the long delay, it suddenly shot at them."

Dylan spoke, "I think it best if I get going. Today has been quite the day."

Ryan spoke, "Says the man that didn't get shot."

Dylan replied, "Nice one. I think we both should leave."

Ryan looked at his watch and spoke, "Yeah, it's already five. Plus, I think you guys have to go out somewhere."

Phil asked, "How did you guess that?"

Ryan spoke, "I assumed that auntie doesn't make a cake every day, so it must be for some special occasion."

Claire confirmed, "Well, your assumption is correct. We have to go to my brother's house for a get-together."

Haley - "You guys can tag along if you want to."

Dylan replied, "I think we have had enough fun for one day."

Ryan - "Speak for yourself, Dylan. Of course, I would be down for it, provided your parents are okay with it."

Although just getting shot alone had made Ryan a total of 6,000 points bringing his grand total to over 24,000 points.

He still wanted to go and attend this dinner party, as how could he say no to earning more points.

Haley - "I am sure my parents won't mind after all my dad shot at you. It's the least we could do, right mom?"

Claire spoke, "Fine, but I want you guys to be well dressed, alright?"

Ryan replied, "Yes, ma'am, I will go and get my mom's permission."

Claire responded, "I will accompany you and ensure you get her permission."

Ryan and Claire then headed to Ryan's house, and Amanda quickly gave Ryan permission.

She felt it was a good thing for Ryan to make new friends.


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