Nothing eventful happened until school ended and Ryan got home. At four clock sharp, he dressed in casuals and sat at his doorstep, waiting for Dylan to show up.
While in the Dunphy house, Phil had just gotten Luke's head out of the staircase, and the reveal that Haley was having a boy over had just begun.
Haley - "I am having a friend over today."
Claire - "Who?"
Haley - "You don't know him."
Claire - "Him? Him?"
Luke - "Ooh, a boy, you gonna kiss him?"
Haley - "Shut up"
Phil - "Easy, easy."
An argument unfolds, but it is soon resolved by Claire.
Claire - "Luke, Alex, why don't you take it outside, okay."
Alex - "And do what?"
Phil - "Fight in the sun it will be a nice change."
Alex - "But I also want to say something?"
Claire - "What is it?"
Alex - "I am also having a friend over."
Phil - "Huh"
Alex - "Yeah, and he is also a boy."
Haley - "What, you are also bringing a boy over? Let me guess, it must be that Ryan guy."
Claire - "What do you know him or something, Haley?"
Haley - "Well, he is a new transfer student in Alex's class, but he is also part of both the basketball and football team."
Phil - "An athlete, huh, good."
Haley - "Yeah, he is very handsome and popular. I don't know why he is hanging out with Alex."
Alex - "He is not only popular but also very smart. He is at the top of the class, so I agreed when he asked me to study together."
"Plus, it's not like he lives far away. He lives right across the street."
Claire and Haley - "He lives right across the street?"
Alex - "Yeah, but I think you are forgetting the topic at hand, Haley bringing someone unknown guy over."
Claire - "Hmm, that's right, I trust Alex won't do anything stupid, plus she is far too young."
Alex - "Mom"
Alex is embarrassed and runs outside towards the back garden.
Luke - "Wait for me," and luke chases after her.
Haley starts walking upstairs and is stopped by Claire.
Claire - "Who is the boy?"
Haley - "His name is Dylan. You know, I might as well just tell him not to come. You guys are going to embarrass me."
Claire - "Sweetie, hang on a second, you fifteen, and it's the first time you have had a boy over. Even Alex is bringing a boy over, so I am bound to be a little surprised, but I will not embarrass you."
Phil - "I better charge the camcorder."
Haley - "Uggggghhh"
Phil - "I'm kidding. Come on. Who are you talking to?"
After about ten minutes, Ryan finally saw Dylan walking down the pavement towards the Dunphy house.
Ryan headed straight over towards him and the Dunphy house.
Ryan asked, "Hey Dylan, I wasn't expecting to see you here."
Dylan - "Ryan, right? What are you doing here?"
Ryan - "I should be asking you that."
Dylan - "I am visiting my girlfriend's house."
Ryan - "Let's see, so your dating Haley, correct?."
Dylan - "Yup, what about you? Why are you here??"
Ryan - "I am here to study with Haley's sister Alex. I am not sure if you know her or not. Plus, I live like right across the road."
Dylan - "I will make sure to visit sometime."
Ryan - "Yeah, anytime. Shall we get in?"
Dylan rings the bell to the Dunphy family house.
Haley - "Don't answer it. I will get it."
Haley then starts rushing downstairs, but Claire manages to reach the door before her.
Claire then opens the house door to find Ryan and Dylan standing outside. Seeing two boys of different heights, Claire is left confused, so Ryan speaks out.
Ryan - "I am Ryan, and this is Dylan."
Claire - "Oh, so you two know each other?"
Ryan - "He is on the school band, and I am on two different sports teams, so yeah, we know each other."
Claire then shook Dylan's hand and spoke, "I am Haley's mother."
Haley - "Hey, come on, let's go."
Claire - "Okay, hang on one second. Dylan, you are still in high school?".
Dylan - "Yeah, I am a senior."
Claire - "Phil, honey, he is Dylan, a senior, while this is Ryan."
Claire then whispers and points at Dylan, "can you just kill him."
Phil - "Yo, let me meet this playa" and offers Ryan a fist bump.
Ryan then whispers, "I think she meant the other guy."
Claire signals toward Dylan, and Phil heads up the stairs and says, "Phil Dunphy, yo."
Phil - "Yo"
Dylan - "Yo"
See it happen live in person. Ryan barely manages to keep a straight face.
Haley - "Okay, I think you guys."
Phil stops are climbs a step higher than Dylan as he feels intimidated. Phil says, "To keep a real, know me, son."
Dylan - "Not really."
Haley - "Please stop."
Phil - "That's cool."
Phil then slips and ends up hurting his back. Phil - "Outch, stop. I slipped in the baby oil." Ryan then picks up Phil and puts him on the sofa.
Claire - "Should we call a doctor."
Phil - "No"
Phil to Ryan, "You're very strong, Homes."
Phil, after landing, "Okay nice, very soft landing."
Everyone except Ryan starts leaving. Haley and Dylan head upstairs while Claire goes out to call Alex.
Phil - "I am on my side, so just put me right back, and we are good,"
Ryan then flips Phil right back straight.
Phil - "Thanks, have a seat."
Ryan - "Alright."
Alex then arrives and says hello to Ryan before bringing her books downstairs. Alex and Ryan then start studying at the dining table.
After studying for a few minutes, Alex couldn't help but ask, "Why do they get to be upstairs alone?"
Claire - "You have to respect their privacy."
Ryan - "I don't mind sitting here either."
Claire - "See, he doesn't have a problem. Then why are you sulking."
Alex then writes something in her book and passes it to Ryan. Ryan reads, and it says, wanna do something fun?. Ryan writes a yes and passes the book back over. She then writes then follow my lead.
(Author - Do you remember Ryan's five hundred extra points in the last chapter? Those came from his interaction with Dylan. I felt it just makes more sense for the popular kids to know each other.)


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