Surprisingly his father sitting in the car, didn't tell the driver to take them home but instead asked to be taken to the nearest Citi Bank.

Ryan asked, "Why are we going to the bank?"

Nathan replied, "We are going there to open a joint account where the money you earned in the afternoon will go."

Ryan said, "A joint account together means I probably can't legally open an independent account, right?"

Nathan answered, "Obviously not. The minimum age to open an independent account is eighteen years."

"Even if someone your age could open an independent account, their parents wouldn't allow it. As you need to be responsible with your money and invest wisely."

Ryan replied, "Yeah, that makes sense."

Ryan then opened a joint account with his father at Citi Bank, which would be credited with his earnings tomorrow, a total of 380,000 dollars.

Luckily for Ryan, tomorrow was also the day when he could once again claim his weekly salary. So he could claim 4,800 dollars tomorrow (1,000 + 1 percent of 380k).

Ryan even learned that the bank account opened by the system was done through legal loopholes, so it was under his actual name and identity.

Ryan also learned that tax wasn't charged on this account because it was done offshore through Delaware.

This eventful day ended with Ryan returning home while his father had to leave for work-related issues due to a phone call.

This new week passed away quickly, and the day he awaited finally arrived.

Ryan was currently standing in the audience of a football match. It was a match between the under-13s team of his high school and another school.

His coach assigned him to look from the sideline and see if he spotted any talent that could be inducted into the under-16s school team.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ryan had now become part of both the under-16s team of basketball and football.

Ryan felt this school really lacked sporting talent and knew that if it were not for the fact that being in two teams was already very taxing. His coach would have probably put him in the under-16s American Football team.

Thankfully this gig was not a complete waste of Ryan's time as he found a familiar face in the match. It was Manny.

Which meant this was the match Manny played in the pilot. After a quick search of the crowd, he soon found Gloria and Jay.

He headed their way, stood nearby but didn't talk with them. He just minded his business and didn't confront them so as not to appear sketchy.

The school under 13s team soon started losing as expected, and the score became zero to six. The coach occasionally looks at Ryan in embarrassment.

The scene from the pilot soon begins -

Gloria - "Come on, Manny, kick it. Kick it. Manny go. No, no, he tripped him, Jay. That's a penalty."

Jay - "Gloria, they are o and six. Let's take it down a notch."

Then a player dribbles past Manny as he is distracted by his crush riding a bicycle.

Soccer mom - "Come on, coach, you have got to take that kid out."

Gloria - "Wanna take him out? How about I take you out? Why don't you worry about your son? He's spent the first half with his hands in his pants.

Ryan observes the situation but does get involved yet."

Jay - "Honey, honey."

Ryan continued to observe in silence.

Soccer dad appears out of nowhere - "I have wanted to tell her off for the last six weeks. I am Josh Ryan's dad."

Hearing this, Ryan looked over for a second and sighed. This Josh guy was sullying his good name.

Gloria - "Hi, I am Gloria Pritchett, Manny's mom."

Soccer dad - "Oh, so this must be your dad?"

Jay - "Oh no, that's funny. Actually, no, I am her husband. Don't be fooled by the uh."

As Jay struggled to get up, Ryan swooped in and gave him a hand.

Ryan - "There you go."

Jay - "Thanks, kid. As I was saying, I am her husband."

Soccer dad - "But aren't you a bit."

Jay - "Too old. I get that a lot."

Jay was too embarrassed to talk more with this Soccer dad, so Ryan interjected. Ryan - "Mind your own business, pal, don't go judging other people."

Soccer dad backed away in a hurry and exited the scene.

Jay - "Thanks, kiddo."

Ryan spoke, "No problem."

Jay asked, "By the way, what are you up to? I saw you standing there next to the coach, writing something. Don't you want to play?"

Ryan - "Actually, I am part of the under-16s soccer team, and the coach asked me to scout if there were any talents here we could use."

Jay - "But you look so young. What's your age?"

Ryan - "I just turned thirteen a few months back."

Gloria - "You should consider Manny. They might be losing zero to six, but Manny is carrying this team."

Ryan - "Ah"

Ryan was left speechless, not knowing what to say next, but thankfully Jay helped him out.

Jay - "No, Gloria, I think he still needs to sharpen up in his current team before taking bigger challenges."

As Jay took Gloria to the side, he signaled Ryan to escape, and receiving the signal, Ryan immediately acted.

Ryan - "Coach, here's your notebook. I have written a few things. You can check that out. I will return to class now as my lunch break is about to end."

Coach - "Alright, see you in training."

By the next moment, Gloria had turned around to find him. Ryan had already vanished.

Gloria - "Uh, where did he go?"

Ryan checked out his points while returning to the classroom and found that his points balance had increased by one thousand and five hundred. His points tally instantly doubled and became 3,000.

It really opened Ryan's eyes. A little interaction during the plot earned him two weeks' worth of points.

Ryan really wanted to spend his points and purchase the third season of Southland but didn't do so as he wanted to save up his points to grab a new tv title.

"The Haunting of The Hill House"

It would cost him a grand total of 8,600 points, but Ryan felt it would be worth the price tag.

Ryan was previously worried that he didn't know when he would amass these points, but now it seems his worries were for nothing.

Maybe by the end of the pilot, he will have more than enough points to purchase the script.


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