Nathan said, "Come on, Ryan, we can't arrive late for such an important meeting."

Ryan replied, "Just one more minute. I am finishing combing my hair."

Ryan walked downstairs wearing a creamy light blue shirt with a black tie and grey pants.

Ryan asked, "So, how do I look ?"

Nathan answered, "Like a decent handsome young gentleman. Now shall we get going?"

Ryan replied, "Yup, no problem. By the way, you still haven't told me where the meeting will be held."

Nathan looked sideways and coughed, "Starbucks."

Ryan asked, "What you had me dress so well to go to a Starbucks?"

Nathan spoke, "It's your first meeting. Being well dressed helps project a more positive image."

Amanda (mom) pulls Ryan's cheeks and speaks, "You also look so cute."

The father and son duo then head towards their Mercedes and sit in the passenger seat. Their driver starts the car and takes them to their meeting location with a 20th-century fox.

Ryan asked, "By the way, why are we having a meeting with Fox first instead of Warner Bros?"

Nathan sneers and answers, "It's due to the stunt you pulled in the morning.

Their tv staff already had another meeting so they could only postpone it to tomorrow. In contrast, Fox could arrange the staff on short notice.

Ryan spoke, "I see."

Nathan - "By the way, we will do as planned. You will negotiate your own salary just like I taught you."

Ryan replied, "Yeah, and you are there if I need help."

Nathan spoke, "Of course, this is a practice of sort. After all, I might be busy one day, and you will have to do this on your own."

They soon arrived at their destination and met with the lawyer outside the Starbucks. Entering the Starbucks, they found it empty except for three people sitting at one table.

The group of two men and one woman waved at them and greeted them. Then a quick introduction left the group of executives dumbfounded as they found that a 13-year-old had written their movie script.

Anna - "Your son really wrote this script?"

Nathan replied, "Yup, I was just as surprised as you when I found out."

After a brief momentary lapse, the executives soon returned to their senses. They returned back to the topic at hand, the purchase of a movie script called "Friday the 13th".
Bryce spoke, "The budget we will be offering for this movie is four million. One million will be the filming budget, and three million will be the marketing budget."

Bryce continued, "The temporary release date is in mid-January."

Nathan spoke, "I see so in one of the dump months where low-budget movies dominate."

Bryce replied, "Yes, so there won't be much competition, as long as the movie can stand the test of the audience. It will definitely be able to recover the budget."

Nathan spoke, "Alright, you can start negotiating with him."

Bryce asked, "You want me to negotiate with the kid?"

Nathan answered, "Yeah, I want to train him for the future."

Bryce replied, "Fine, but you can correct him anytime."

Bryce - "Alright, we are willing to offer 250,000 dollars, plus three percent of the box office."

Ryan replied, "200,000 dollars with a twelve percent stake of the box office."

Bryce countered, "Ha, no way. How about 120,000 dollars and six percent of the box office."

Ryan asked, "145,000 dollars with eight percent of the box office."

Bryce spoke, "125,000 dollars with seven percent of the box office."

Ryan asked, "How about 100,000 dollars and ten percent of the box office."

Bryce replied, "Last offer 100,000 dollars with eight percent of the box office."

Ryan spoke, "Fine deal."

Nathan pondered for a while and gave his approval to the deal. He felt this was risky, but you must have faith in your movie as a screenwriter.

This deal also showed that Fox valued his son, as it's not easy to get a box office share even in a low-budget movie. This made the offer irresistible.

If the movie does well, Fox and his son will make lots of money. If it flops, it can also act as a learning lesson for his son. Either way, this lose-lose deal looked like a win-win in his eyes.

Liam spoke, "Okay, now that the movie deal is done, let's get back to the TV deal."

Ryan spoke, "Yes, please go on."

Liam continued, "While you were negotiating the movie deal, Anna and I took a good look at your pilot and felt it was quite wonderfully done."

Ryan spoke, "Thank you for your compliment."

Anna spoke, "It is quite remarkable. Do you have the desired episode length in mind?"

Ryan answered, "Yes, I have already written down a full season of eight episodes."

Nathan said, "It is already in the pen drive I provided you."

Liam - "Alright, that's good will check the rest and email you if any change is needed."

Ryan replied, "Got it, so what's your offer?"

Anna said, "We will offer you 35,000 dollars per episode."

Nathan responded, "Alright, that works for me."

Ryan asked, "Wait a minute do you want to make things interesting?"

Liam asked, "How so?"

Ryan spoke, "How about giving me an additional 100,000 dollars per episode if the viewership remains above 10 million throughout the season."

Liam replied, "Haha, kid breaking 10 million alone isn't a joke, and you want it throughout the season."

Anna spoke - "Add it as a fun little joke. After all, he's just a kid."

Liam replied, "Alright, as a fun little joke, I will add the clause to the contract."

Ryan asked, "By the way, how long will it take to shoot Southland."

Anna answered, "It will roughly take four months before the show airs."

Liam suggested, "If you want, you can come anytime on set to see the shooting."

Nathan spoke, "Well, seeing as both the movie and TV show will be done by mid-January, maybe he can visit during his winter vacation."

Bryce spoke, "That works with us."

Nathan replied, "Then it decided."

Finishing up the deal with Fox, both father and son headed towards their car. When Nathan saw Ryan full of joy, he pointed out his flaws and how the contract for the movie was very risky.

Ryan agrees with Nathan but assures him that he is fully confident in his work. Nathan also reminds Ryan that being overconfident about your work is the worst thing a writer can do.

Ryan felt he had done well as his father might not understand how successful the movie would be, but he knew from experience that it would never flop.


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