Ryan has been typing away for over an hour. After all, scriptwriting is not a joke.

A feature-length movie script alone consists of an average of 95 to 125 pages each.

Not to mention Ryan already had a final draft of the script in his mind and didn't have to think about what he was typing.

Usually, screenwriters have to think and see if the dialogue fits, which takes much longer.

Statistically, it can take ten to twelve weeks to write down the first draft for a movie, which would later go through various additional changes that the studio might advise.

Still, even after various revisions, there is never a guarantee of how the audience will react to the movie, which is why the writer's background matters.

Meaning the writer's creditability depended entirely on his experience or his connections.

It has made breaking into the industry one of the biggest hurdles a new script writer would inevitably face.

In our case, Ryan wasn't a youngster but a literal 13-year-old child, so even if he wrote an Oscar-winning script, he would still never be taken seriously.

Luckily he knew from his memories that his father in this life was a fierce kind. If he felt the script was garbage, he would say it right in his face, but if it were good, he would do his best to help his only son.

Ryan recalled that his dad had previously even encouraged the other Ryan to try writing.

So, coming up with a complete movie script out of the blue won't be so strange.

As Ryan finished the script of Friday the 13th, he suddenly heard a car engine downstairs.

Looking out of his room window, Ryan saw his father's car arrive. He then headed downstairs.

He didn't directly approach his father to show him the script as he knew his father must be tired after a hard day's work.

So first, as a well-behaved child, Ryan took the plastic bags from his father's hands into the kitchen and gave him a glass of water.

Then he returned home with a plate of chocolate chip cookies made freshly by his mother.

He headed back up and added the last few lines to the script. Then after a few minutes, he heard a knock on his door.

Nathan spoke, "What you up to, champ?"

Ryan replied, "Nothing much, just typing away at the computer."

Nathan asked, "What are you writing? Hmm, the font looks like you are writing a script."

Ryan spoke, "Yes, it is indeed a script. You remember how you had told me a while back to use my ideas and write down a story."

Nathan answered, "Yeah, I remember, so what are you writing about?"

Ryan replied, "Well, I am writing a horror movie script."

Nathan spoke, " Good, you keep doing that. If you need help, then you can always come to your old pops."

Ryan spoke, "Actually, your timing was perfect. If you are up to it, can you review the script I wrote as I just finished writing."

Nathan sat down at the extra chair and spoke, "Alright, let's have a look but don't get your hopes too high."

Ryan responded, "Ya, don't worry."

The black clock on Ryan's wall turns from 4:00 to 4:20, and Ryan's father, Nathan, finishes reading his son's script.

Nathan asked, "Tell me the truth. Did you really write this script?".

Ryan answered, "Yes, I wrote the script. Why is it that bad?".

Nathan asked again, "No, be serious. Did you really write this, or is this some sort of a prank?."

Ryan, flabbergasted, replied, "Really, I wrote it all by myself. As a matter of fact, I wrote it within a few days."

Nathan asked, "What you wrote this in a few days?".

Ryan knowingly asked, "Ya, but why are you asking me this? If it is not up to standards, then don't worry. I am sure I will improve over time."

Nathan hurriedly spoke, "No, no, it's not that the script is bad, but instead, it's too good that it feels unreal that you wrote it."

Ryan asked, "Really?"

Nathan answered, "Yeah, it's quite good. As a matter of fact, it might already be perfect. I don't see any improvement I can make."

Ryan asked, "So does this mean I am now officially a screenwriter?".

Nathan answered, "You can say so, but not really, as you are missing one step."

Ryan asked, "What's that?"

Nathan replied, "Having the script produced, obviously."

Ryan asked, "Wait, but how do I do that?"

Nathan replied, "Well, you do nothing, as your father will take care of everything."

"I will take your script in my pen drive and get the Copywrite registered. Then I will forward the script to a couple of my friends in different studios."

Ryan said, "So if a studio is interested, they will reach out to you and negotiate."

Nathan replied, "Bingo, you will obviously be at the negotiation table as it is your work. Plus, I will be there with our family lawyer."

Ryan continued, "I see so that they don't take advantage of us through some legal loophole."

Nathan spoke, "Correct again, your on fire today."

Ryan replied, "Well when you dream of being a financial analyst, you pick up some accounting knowledge along the way."

Nathan rubbed Ryan's head and spoke, "Alright, kiddo, I will go freshen up."

Ryan replied, "Alright, dad, I will also go out to play. All this sitting is killing me."

Nathan, "Alright, but do tell your mom before leaving."

Ryan replied, "Yeah, of course."

Ryan changed into a sports outfit and headed downstairs. He then informed his mother while tying his shoelaces.

Mom - "Be back before seven."

Ryan - "Alright, mom."

The real reason Ryan headed outside was not to only stay in shape but also to see if he could meet Phil by any chance.

Unluckily he didn't really see anyone from the Dunphy family outside. He really wanted to earn points but didn't approach their house.

He didn't want to seem like some creep that followed Alex where ever she went.

At the end of the day, he had just met Alex today and could barely be classified as a friend.

He wanted to take things slow and slowly improve their relationship. While walking, he recalled that the hint had mentioned that the pilot hadn't started.

So he decided to purchase a hint and get the exact time frame he had. It would cost him all his earnings, but Ryan felt it should be worth it.

[Hint calculating your question.]

[Solution: There are still two weeks before the 1st episode begins.]

Ryan couldn't help but feel surreal as it was perfect.

During these two weeks, he will slowly build his relationship with Alex and then ask her to come over to study on the pilot's day.


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