Ryan exited the bathroom and headed towards his locker to get his Geometry textbook for his first class.

Seeing the thick geometry book, Ryan almost couldn't help but sigh. He has pretty much-forgotten everything he learned in school.

He previously studied in the UK, so even if he knew things, it might not be of much help due to different curriculums.

The worst part about all this was that Ryan knew that he had to excel in all his classes.

Not only did he have to keep his reputation as a genius intact, but it would also help him have a familiar footing with Alex.

He knew Alex would pay attention to anyone who scored more than her. So he had to do his best and ace everything.

Ryan mumbled in the absence of anyone, "It's not like I have other things to do. Plus, with my already adult and powerful brain, I should be able to grasp a hold of all the subjects easily."

He then reported to the class teacher. Who took him to his classroom.

David, the head teacher, said, "This is Mr. Ryan Williams, a transfer student from Townsend Harris High School in New York."

"He has had an excellent record of always getting full marks in all subjects and was also part of the basketball team there."

David asked, "Ryan, please introduce yourself."

Ryan spoke, "As you have heard, my name is Ryan. My favorite sport is basketball, as you may have guessed."

"I transferred here due to my family relocating to Los Angeles. My dad owns his own movie production company and has worked with all the big six studios."

"I dream of becoming a financial analyst who looks at a company's assets, stock market, and the like."

After Ryan finished talking, there was no awkward silence. Instead, everyone was discussing loudly.

David tapped his wooden desk and spoke, "Everyone, please calm down. You all can talk and discuss with Ryan in your spare time."

David looked at Ryan and then pointed to an empty desk next to Alex.

"Please take a seat next to Alex. She will be your buddy. If you have any doubt or need help, you can ask her for help."

Ryan headed to his desk with a straight face, and the class finally started. The day slowly passed, and lunchtime arrived.

Alex and Ryan still hadn't talked much, as both were too focused on learning.

Finally, they sat at the same table in the cafeteria with a couple classmates and started talking.

Alex broke the silence and spoke, "So, how are you liking school here?"

Ryan spoke, "Well, it's not bad."

Alex spoke, "Good, good."

Ryan asked, "How long have you been at this school ?"

Alex answered, "I have been here since I started schooling."

Frank spoke, "Ryan do you have any siblings?"

Ryan said, "Nope, what about you?"


Frank answered, "I have one younger brother."

Ryan seeing Alex silent, asked, "What about you?"

Emily spoke, "Oh, she has one elder sister and one younger brother."

Ryan spoke, "That makes you the middle child that rough."

Alex replied, "Yup, it's pretty rough."

Frank spoke, "Look who here," and pointed toward Haley, who entered the cafeteria.

Ryan knew it was Haley but did not break character and asked, "Who is that"

Emily spoke, "It's Haley, Alex's elder sister."

Alex ducked under the table in hopes that Haley would not see her. Unluckily for her, Haley had spotted them sitting at the third table and headed towards them.

Haley spoke, "Oh my, what a crowd you are sitting with, Alex. That strange I don't seem to have met you before."

Ryan responded, "I am a new transfer student Ryan."


Haley asked, "Ryan, is it? Why are you sitting with my sister?"
Ryan spoke, "I can sit wherever I want. Not to mention she is my buddy in class."

Haley spoke, "I see that makes sense. I knew there was no way my sister could pull someone like you directly."

Alex spoke, "Haley don't you have something better to do?"

Haley spoke, "Alright, I am leaving. Bye."

Ryan ignored her and continued enjoying his lunch. As soon as Haley left, Alex apologized for her sister's behavior.

Ryan spoke, "There is no need to apologize."

Like that, an eventful school day soon came to a close. A car came to pick up Ryan, and he sat down and headed home.

Feeling bored, he started chatting with his system in the meantime.

Ryan learned that he earned a net income of 200 points with his last interaction and that if it's a plot-relevant interaction, the points he makes will be higher.

The system also opened a bank account for him and credited it with his weekly minimum wage of 1,000 dollars. Ryan also learned the basic principle of how his salary is calculated.

The increase on this base of 1,000 will be calculated by taking 1 percent of his net worth. For example, if he earns a million dollars through his craft, the minimum wage would become 11,000.

The only sad thing is that the minimum wage earned is not considered in his net worth. Otherwise, his minimum wage would constantly be increasing.

The car soon arrived at its destination, Ryan's house. The next thing that unfolded left him shocked. As he got out, he saw that the house across the road looked familiar.

A Toyota Sienna pulls up at the house across the street, and three kids get out of it. Ryan sees Alex getting out as well. Then it clicked to him that this was the modern family's Dunphy house.

Alex saw Ryan looking over and waved at him, wondering why he was there. Ryan crosses the road and informs her that he lives across the street and feels it is quite a coincidence.

Ryan then parts ways as he has to dump a bunch of scripts stuck in his head.

After heading home, the first thing Ryan did was turn on his computer and open Microsoft word. He changed the font to Courier New and size to 12 and started writing.


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