Food For Thaught (An Absurd Sci-Fi Time Travel Comedy)

Food For Thaught (An Absurd Sci-Fi Time Travel Comedy)


Thaught, a jolly food aficionado, has her life flipped upside down when she gets hired to travel through time to stop not only criminals of the past, but also "the Constantines", an organization that wants to keep time constant!

Thankfully, she is not alone. She has the help of a talking ray gun, a robot made of tuna cans and a... caterpillar?

Join Thaught as she begins her journey with one thing in mind: taste-test every food there ever was 

In the near future, being a time-traveling agent is a real job, just like tiktokers and artists.

That is the job Thaught was hired for. Travel in time to stop past and future threats, but all she really cares about are all these delicious foods she will be able to try out in all those different eras.

Will she fight both crime and her urges? Or will she find herself diving face-first into a bowl of medieval stew? Join Thaught in her journey to find work-food balance

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I can't

Ever seen Nichijou? This is that in textual format.

It goes from 1 to 100 in three chapters.

The dialogue is insane.

I need to breathe.


Turning off your brain is a must before sliding down this 50-story spiral staircase. The humor doesn't quite slap you in the face in chapter 1, but by chapter 3, you'll look down and find your shoelaces tied, and everything's gone nuts and you can't escape.

The usage of English is 99% pretty good. The only real tip-offs are that the author sometimes doesn't use contractions in places where they would naturally be in dialogue, but doesn't matter much, anyway.

The story isn't fleshed out at the moment, same with the characters, but I like the pacing so far.


Favorited and 5/5.


I literally can not find the words to describe this story. It's funny, fast paced and doesn't waste time in establishing itself.

I find the dialogues most interesting, the quick, witty remarks and casual story really got me in at the first glance. The main character is ridiculous and I love ridiculous stuff in characters. The exchanges and interactions were fun to read through and I'm terms of grammar it's all good.

I have to be honest, I've never read something like this before so to me I just have to say it's pretty unique and simple on the best way possible.

I can't wait to see what other adventures Thaught will go through if her first day at work is just so chaotic and wild. 

To anyone looking for something easy to tickle their funny bones, please do pick this. I'm expecting more chapters Author!


Overall, I highly recommend this book. It's a quick and enjoyable read that will leave you laughing and wanting more. The dialogue is engaging and well-written, and the main character is a delightfully ridiculous addition to the story. The pacing is fast and never allows itself to be bogged down, and the grammar is excellent. 

Style: The writing is sharp and clever, with a clear and distinct voice that sets it apart from other books in the genre. The author has a knack for using just the right words to convey their ideas, and the result is a book that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The descriptions are surreal and well-detailed, and the overall style of the book is engaging and enjoyable to read. It reads like an off-beat, foodie take on Alice in Wonderland. Overall, the book's style is a major strength and adds to the overall enjoyment of the story.

Story: In addition to its engaging characters and clever writing, the book's story is unpredictable and enjoyable. The story moves at a fast pace and never feels bogged down or predictable. The author does a great job of keeping the reader on their toes and surprising them with unexpected twists and turns. The beginning could benefit from a slightly clearer sense of structure, to indicate where the novel is going and what genre it is, but the series of zany episodes is still enough to keep readers engaged.

Grammar: The grammar is fine, and shouldn't constitute an issue. The author has a clear command of the English language, and the writing is free of errors and typos.

Character: One of the standout features of this book is its well-developed and engaging characters. The main character, in particular, is a delightfully ridiculous and likable protagonist. The author does an excellent job of bringing this character to life despite their over-the-top nature. The supporting characters are also well-crafted, with their own distinct personalities and motivations that add depth and complexity to the story. Each character feels like a fully-realized individual, and their interactions and relationships with each other are a highlight of the book. Overall, the quality of the book's characters is a major strength and adds greatly to the enjoyment of the story.


It kinda added to the ongoing insanity that is hard for me to put into accurate words.

The story itself is pretty absurdist, jumpy and insane is the only word I have to describe to what is going on, whatever that is. A wild ride that takes you somewhere, I have no clue where it will end up or what will even happen next. One minute there is day old cereal, the next is full of donuts and raving bakery ladies and then you get time travel- I think you can see where I am going, I don't.

You should really give it a read for the absurd piece it is.