Lucas Hewitt pored over the results from the latest pass. The neural network had parsed through the results from the quantum's analysis, and selected several viable areas of investigation.

All of them were ones they had checked before.

Lucas let out a frustrated, shaking exhale, balling his fists.

"I think," Clive said, "the only thing left to do is to have computer run tests on each one of the potential problem areas."

"It already took me fighting all day yesterday to get access to the thing," Lucas said. "All these people are lined up to use the quantum. They all are searching for ways to make it less intense, to prevent it from turning cancerous, all that - they have got their minds on important things, but no one is actually searching for a lynchpin to all this."

"It's because one doesn't exist Lucas," Clive said, leaning on the lab counter. "There's not a line of code in the canine genome that says that 'this is what stops the cancer, you can remove everything else.'"

"But there is code," Lucas scowled at Clive. "We made the transmitter all those years ago, we can... I dunno we can put limiters on it..."

"Lucas," Clive met his eyes, "you need to take a break. How long have you been awake?"

"Not long enough."

"Go get some sleep, if you go down the hall and - "

"No Clive. I'm not sleeping. My son and countless other kids are alone - "

"Save me your speeches Lucas. I'm not like the suits that are trying their darndest to close up shop. I just think that you are going to do better work if you can actually keep your eyes open."

"But that's why we need to go as fast as possible Clive. They are trying to get the hell out of dodge, all those kids be damned. If I could I would stuff the quantum computer in my pocket and run off with it if it would buy me more time to help these kids."

Clive sat silently in his chair. He pulled a pen and notepad out of his pocket.

"That's just the way of things Lucas," Clive said, beginning to write. "We'll try to do all we can in the time we have left, and hope that other labs and universities can pick up the slack."

He'd finished writing.


Lucas nodded.

Obviously the computer can't be moved, but we can start downloading the data.

"I think you're right Clive," Lucas said. "I need to get some sleep."

Lucas wrote down a response.

If we're in for a penny, we may as well go in for a pound. I have some people at the company who would be willing to get some other stuff for us.

"Alright Lucas," Clive yawned, standing up. "Are you going to head out then?"

"Meagan is coming to check in on Matt in about an hour. I'll probably go home with her and get some sleep."

Lucas selected one of the options on screen, and had the computer start running it. He didn't expect much, but it was all he could do for now.

"How is the boy holding up?" Clive asked as they left the room.

Lucas sighed. "I don't know. Not all that well. I don't expect him to."

"And there's that girl that came in last night too right?"

"Jackie. She and Matt are friends."

"Oof. The embarrassment alone from all this sounds difficult enough."

"I can only pray," Lucas said, running his hand through his hair, "that embarrassment is the worst thing they'll have to deal with."


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