Bizzare changes, covert secrets, and lurking mysteries from the past overwhelm Matt Hewitt as he endures shifts in the state of the world, and shifting in his own life...


As of January 2023, this story is complete!

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Esbe Esi

A story of the boy slowly changing into his fursona.

As much as I find it interesting premise, and the entirely valid idea for the story itself, the story itself is extremely slow without any sign of the real plot.

Originally, my review was convering merely a thee chapter. Now, at the chapter 15 it feels I reached the very end of the story as all the conflicts presented to me in the beginning of the story has been resolved. The boy came in term with this changes, boy got the girl, girl is alive and well. Happy end.

Problem is, I am certain this isn't the end of the novel as the author envision it, and that he has more in store for the plot, but if the story can't provide the hook in 15 chapters, it's too later for it. Even for the endless light novel.


A slice-of-life pure romance story with furry elements.


+ An actual romance with ups and downs

+ Relatively realistic potrayal of the innocent boy falling in love with the girl from boy's perspective, tragic undertones with girl being ill.

+ It is not depressing, even with tragic undertones. Romance is easy.

+ Written for furries by a furry


- Written for furries by a furry

- sci-fi only on the surface, explaining the transformation, providing nothing interesting to the plot or the settting

- no real conflict or challenges other than mentioned in positives, boring for people looking for action adventures.

- transformation isn't presented to be a huge issue psychologically, and it not handled as the fetish either. Girl is relatively easy to get, but only on platonic level since they are children.