A Nerubian's Journey

A Nerubian's Journey

by Fizzicks

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

If he had to be reborn in a fictional world, then he would prefer that world to not be violent.

Instead, he was reborn in Azeroth.

If he had to be reborn in Azeroth, then he would prefer to be born in a society in which he could live in peace.

Instead, he was reborn in a kingdom fated to be destroyed by an evil necromancer intent on creating an army of the undead.

If he had to be reborn in a kingdom fated to be destroyed by an evil necromancer intent on creating an army of the undead, then he would prefer to be reborn as a human in Lordaeron.

Instead, he was reborn as a nerubian in Azjol-Nerub.

Join an unfortunate nerubian on his journey as he tries to live in a world that would very much prefer him to die.

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Refreshing take on Warcraft

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

I have been readng this on Spacebattles where its quite a few chapters ahead so what im gonna say is influenced by that.

Fizzicks' story has been a breath of fresh air among all the terrible Warcraft fiction I have read which tread the same path as canon mostly and stay in the more well know areas of Canon, but in this story Fizzick explore the Nerubian empire before its fall to the scourge. Will our Hero be able to avert his people's terrible fate or will the might of the scourge prove too much?


Rekindled my love for a beautiful world

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

Everything about this story I loved. The main character is empathetic, relatable and has a true love for the world and he's willing to work hard enough to survive it without any kind of BS plot armour or freebies giving by the author.

The side characters and settings are actually great, the cast members have depth and clear motivations, the Azjol-nerub kingdom is intriguing and offers such world building potential, it's criminal blizzard never delved too deep in it...

Anyways, I made an account just to review this, thank you author for making my day!


I like Warcraft, this fan fiction is well written, the time of the story will not confront the "main story" at least for now. I like the way the MC impact the whole world by simple action. He worked to be where he need to be to be impactful, no cheat, no plot armour. It's only 14 chapters but we can see progress without it being forced. I hope the author keep writing this story.


Unbelievably good

Reviewed at: Chapter 24

Was just looking at this prepared to laugh a bit.

This is without a doubt the best fic I have ever read in like 5 years. The last time I read a story I liked this much was when I read Lord of Mysteries!!

Keep up the great work!!!! You deserve it. I think this has so much potential!!!

Unholy Knight

Not really a WOW fan, haven't played much since DOTA 1 back then as a child and barely has any knowledge of its history. 

Didn't expect much when i decided to read. I'm glad I was mistaken and I found myself enjoying this novel. The worldbuilding is 5/5, the exploration of the culture and history is excellent, story is fast paced, the characters are well written and properly fleshed out with distinctive personalities, and the direction the story is heading to excites me.

For those who are worried that they might not understand where the story goes, the author has clearly made careful consideration not to make things hard to understand to non-WOW fans like me while also keeping it enjoyable. And even after doing minimal research of the characters, I don't feel like getting spoilers at all because this story is going through a conpletely new, unknown direction. This feels like one of those fanfictions that offers better resolution to the canon, resolving conflicts better and gives a happier ending. 

The update is also quite fast, and every chapter has a reasonable length and pace to keep you satisfied. 

I am eagey looking forward on how this story develops.


An incredible and unique journey

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

Man, this story is awesome! It follows the progress of Krivax, an isekaied human from Earth who is now a massive spider in the Warcraft universe, and needs to quickly navigate spider society to ensure it isn't destroyed by a near future invasion.

So far, it has been a wild ride. I personally did not have any knowledge of Warcraft lore before reading, and I've still found this story clearly, without lore/exposition dumps either.

In terms of style, the POV changes occasionally to add detail to scenes, but generally it is centered on Krivax. Dialogue, description, and action are all balanced quite well.

In terms of story, it has been an engaging journey, with the right mix of magic growth, exploration, and a nice tinge of political intrigue. No lore dumps, and aside from one big Warcraft lore chapter later on, everything has been quite easy to understand and follow even for those without Warcraft knowledge.

In terms of grammar, I have not noticed any mistakes, period. If they are there, they are miniscule.

In terms of characters, Krivax is a really fun main character that develops organically, without too much concentration on his Isekai knowledge, which personally I like. His mentor and warrior buddy are both great side characters, and the new characters he's meeting as they navigate the world are shaping up to be fun as well.

Overall, give this story a try! I'll be following it from here on out.


Read on SB/SV, great story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

I must say this is a fantastic story!  I've read it up to the current chapter and I love it.  Check it out!  Spider peeps for the win! Will our Hero be able to avert his people's terrible fate or will the might of the scourge prove too much?  Just check it out, it's worth your time!  Do it!


Modern Tolkien in the wow universe.

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

There's a lot to like. All the characters have their own personality and motivation, and the story is unique with detailed lore. It currently reads like a modern Tolkien novel in the wow universe, which probably deserves to be in the top of rising stars. The basic plot is about stopping the lich king from exterminating the spider people. I like the slice of life world building and side characters. It hasn't gone that far into anything yet, and I'm actually enjoying the journey more than having any interest in the main threat. That said, the spider people themselves and their motivations are left vague, and I really do not want this to go from slice of life hero's journey to the spider people being worse than the lich king. There are hints going both ways, and I think it would ruin the story by taking it dark, especially when the spider people already opened trade routes, and they are not interested in invading the surface. It doesn't make sense to randomly go rogue, and would basically derail the slice of life hero's journey thing that makes the story great. Maybe some political issues sure, or even a few bad eggs, but over exaggerating it would ruin the vibe. Hopefully the next chapters are balanced against the existing material, and don't go off the deep end, but it still should be quality either way based on what I've seen so far.


Great World of Warcraft story!

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

Glad I found this series. It is a story from the perspective of one of the less known species in the WoW universe. It does show other viewpoints but the man is from the nerubians (spider people). I will admit if your not familiar of WoW lore some things will go over your head but I feel the author has made it friendly enough for anyone to read and be able to follow along. Also this is a story with some combat but it is mostly interactions so beware if your looking for a story with a lot of combat. 


Since I started this story I have been captivated by how smooth it is written and how it is unfolding, other than some minor mistakes with the names this story is really great.

You can really feel how the emotions of the main character are being portrayed.

The fact that it also isn't full of loredumps makes this story much easier to read.