Momo The Ripper [Isekai/LitRPG]

Momo The Ripper [Isekai/LitRPG]

by villa1ny

For Momo, an anti-social art major perpetually at risk of dropping out, college life wasn't a great fit.

When she wakes up one morning in a dark cavern full of skeletons and necromancers, she knows a new era of her life is about to start - and dedicates herself to actually being successful in this one.

Chosen for her meek and harmless personality, she is able to exist under the radar as she completes the Dawn's necromantic missions. Watch her as she gains confidence (and class levels), and reluctantly rises from meager apprentice to the Queen of the Underworld.

This is a lighthearted and humorous (but epic!) isekai LitRPG, with a vivid world full of characters for Momo to meet, battle, and revive from the dead.

Schedule: Mon-Thu on RR, with an extra chapter every Friday on Patreon.

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Table of Contents
96 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - The Newest Necromage ago
1.2 - Escape Plan ago
2 - Momo's Dead Pets ago
3 - The Wizard of Kalendale ago
4 - Momo’s First Exploitation ago
5 - One Person's Trash is Another Person's Undead Cat ago
6 - Excalibur ago
7 - Death by Tummy Ache ago
8 - Beast Tamer ago
9 - Bone Dance ago
10 - Devola and Valerica ago
11 - The Earl of Bruda ago
12 - All Classed Up ago
13 - It's Called a Cerberus ago
14 - I'm Not Paid Enough to Deal With This ago
15 - The Haunted Manor ago
16 - Some Mothers Have Infants, Others Have Zombie Globs ago
17 - Earl Yadek vs. The Zombie Glob ago
18 - The Wrongful Imprisonment of Momo the Totally-Not-Necromage ago
19 - Meal Prep ago
20 - Never Bring Your Necrodancer Grocery Shopping ago
21 - Corpse Party ago
22 - The Dumpling Guild & Class Evolution ago
23 - Even Gods Get Manicures ago
24 - A Blessing and a Curse ago
25 - Old Friends, New Beginnings ago
26 - There’s a System to this Magic?! ago
27 - Momo's First Quest ago
28 - Traitorous Ostrich ago
29 - A Hero in the Dusk ago
30 - Elaborate Trappings ago
31 - The Trial of Viktor Mole ago
32 - Momo The Ripper ago
33 - The Nam’Dal Terror ago
34 - The Slippery Warbler ago
35 - Cellmates ago
36 - The Escape ago
37 - Knight Momo ago
38 - Nia Nightsbane ago
39 - Con Artist II ago
40 - Biscuit the Bulky ago
41 - [Holy] Sh*t ago
42 - The Cracked Egg ago
43 - Mistaken Identity ago
44 - I Guess I'm Overthrowing the Government ago
45 - Hum Hum Hummingbird ago
46 - Like A Game of Chess ago
47 - Rat City Business ago
48 - Cheese Politic ago
49 - Riggly, Rat Of Old ago
50 - The Foretelling of a Witch ago
51 - Shark Bait ago
52 - Praying to the Dexterity Gods ago
53 - Dogubis, The Eternal Cagehound ago
54 - A Wolf In The Vents ago
55 - Never Forget to Lock the Back Door! ago
56 - The Goat Wasn't Crazy ago
57 - It Feels Good to be Queen Again ago
58 - Morgana Messes With the System ago
59 - Money, Money, Money, Must be Funny, in a Rich Momo’s World! ago
60 - Catling’s Cowl of the Void ago
61 - Valerica’s Golden Bauble Addiction: The Case Continues ago
62 - Roses for Kyros ago
63 - The Cult of Sera ago
64 - Nether Jedi ago
65 - What If We All Punched at the Same Time? ago
66 - Near-Death By A Thousand Cuts ago
67 - An Alliance Outside A Pig Farm ago
68 - Horsing Around ago
69 - Momo and the [Greater Demon Boar] ago
70 - If You Do Not Comply, You Will Die ago
71 - Momo the Merlin ago
72 - Momo Takes Flight ago
73 - Komodo ago
74 - Five Valericas is Better Than One ago
75 - Nap Time’s Over ago
76 - Momo. Just Momo. ago
77 - A Deathly Reunion ago
78 - Paralysis ago
79 - The Election (End of Book 1) ago
80 - Election Results (Start of Book 2) ago
81 - Heavenly Bureaucracy ago
82 - The Emperor's New Clothes ago
83 - Talking Shrooms ago
84 - The Nameless Quest ago
85 - Sumire the Sleepy ago
86 - ASMR ago
87 - Silent Mindreader ago
88 - Real Orders Only, Please ago
89 - A Heart for a Fingertip ago
90 - Spymaster ago
91 - A Discovery in Baryte ago
92 - Return of the Mole ago
93 – Hold, Please ago
94 - The Adventure Reluctantly Begins ago
95 - Forever Springtime ago

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All Momo ever wanted to do was pet her cat, binge Netflix shows, and finish her art degree; now she's the newest initiate in a necromage cult, but at least her boss is a hot dom necro-mommmy. Plus, she gets cool undead pets.

I'm pretty obsessed with this novel. Villa1ny has done a wonderful job incorporating real worldbuilding with fun comedy and multi-dimensional characters. Though the MC's will and social skills may be weak, their characterization as the POV narrator is strong, giving the story a smooth, pageturning readability that brings you into the world through Momo's eyes.

I really enjoy the story telling style that Villa1ny uses. Momo's lens is strong but (mostly) self aware, and her character is incorporated meaningfully into the progression of the story, driving (though not completely controlling) the plot as we explore Alois and Morgana's Dawn with our timid heroine.

The grammar is also quite good having little to no flaws. This fiction does a great job of Bone Dancing the line of comedy and seriousness, though at least until as far as I've read it stays far closer to the comedy side. That said, it's a wonderful time reading regardless of which genre camp you'd intially dump yourself in. 

Give this one a shot.


This Story rocks in all the right ways

Reviewed at: 27 - Momo's First Quest

Momo is a good girl, with one or more complexes. However, we follow her along her journey to less complexes and more badassery.

The story might not be for everyone (sometimes a bit light on the detailing side and Momo is propably not everyones cup of bug juice). However! This story is snarky, full of wit, has interesting side characters and internal monologue of Momo that is a skeletal riot.

Style: Somehow in my opinion resembles Terry Prachet, fun and easy to read. NIce flow of words, goes down like undead essence.

Story: Unique, fascinating world and hints of more to come, a fun insight into a world that is locked in battle between the "light" und the... Misunderstood... Dark. There are hints about a bigger conflict to come, but this seems quite far away right now.

Grammar: As a non-native, there was nothing that was glaringly wrong, which is always a good sign.

Charakter: Momo definitely is the main reason this story works as well as it is. She is weird, has a whole lot of complexes and would be delighted to keep it that way if it weren´t for those pesky intelligence points. She really is a loveable dork.

Overall: Do read this! It is fun!


Just a basic review for now as I'm not that far in yet.

But I really love this story.

The MC is just so lovable, falling into tears whenever someone raises their voice, then going mad with power once she can order someone around finally. We need more necromancers making necro-kitties to cuddle with too. 

The prose is rich and whimsical, and every village is full of dancing gnomes and bones. I laughed multiple times each chapter, so I can only hope this fic will keep giving. Will update to advanced later.


(just kinda a thought dump, takeaways would be good book, give it a try)very solid, alot of funny carecters and defently fufills its strengths as a comedy. the pacing can be a little odd somtimes but the unique system is a boon. I love the carecters and the world building is strong. one recomendation that could help fix the pacing and highlight the good worldbuilding is to include minor notes about traveling, for example insted of saying she was here and then she was here you could do a transtion sentence about the process. keep up the good work and highly recomend reading


From the first chapter, I was hooked on the story. The writing is snappy, the protagonist is immediately funny and likeable, and there's much I want to know about the world. 

And the story just improves as you move through the chapters; with strange wizards, bony bears, and the dreaded dragon Capalsm. I thoroughly recommend this anyone lookin for a fun read.

Style - The style is excellent and the writing makes it easy to read. I breezed through the first part of the story, and more than once I found myself smiling from reading some of the quips. The author has really captured the essence of the protagnist and I look forward to seeing how Momo evolves.

Grammar - The grammar is solid, but there are few problems sprinkled through the story, mainly to do with dialogue. But it's nothing that a second pass can't fix, and in no detracts from the reading experience. It's very solid for a work that hasn't been edited yet.

Story - So far, the story has been great. While it's still near the beginning, the groundwork for an overarching story has been experlty laid. Several factions have been introduced, along with some world building to explain the conflict in the story. If the author continues on the path, the story will be top-notch

Character - The character Momo is definitely the highlight of the book. She's instantly likeable, has great quotes, and you really feel for her plight. From a pair of yokels demanding she take a bath, to a disobedient bear, she's had to face some difficult challenges—and she overcomes them all with unique talents. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Overall, it's a very solid story, which I think will only get better from here. I'll update my review as more chapters are published.


A bit cringy from time to time but

Reviewed at: 92 - Return of the Mole

Okay so, some of the conflict are very "cringy". It feels a bit too lighthearted and some villains tends more to be comical, but I got used to it and if ya don't mind it, this is the perfect story for ya.

The character development is nice and I really love seeing the MC get out of her introvert shell. 

A lot of characters are way more catchy than the usual side characters we get for 3 chapters and boom spiritus disparitus. And it's kinda impressive that I got attached to some of them even without having the usual " this is the side character's POV chapter".

The world building is nicely paced, but I'm kind of surprised of how fast things become "bigger and meaner". Like a jump of responsibilities etc...(trying to not spoil xD) Why do I mention that? I'm kind of scared that the content becomes repetitive fast or devolve into the "grind, I'M POWAAAHHH, oh no villain #2726267, I'M VICTORIOUS, grind..." Cycle you know. BUT I do see something that the author is preparing that should atleast avoid the story to turn like what I said before. Atleast before the 300th chapters? XD 

In general, I'm lovin it. I'm sure you'll love it too!

Bone appétit ! 


Hard to begin,very good after the first 3 chapters

Reviewed at: 19 - Meal Prep

Very rare that an user ad lesds to an actually good story but this gem here was absolutley worth clicking on and reading it. The start is pretty slow and hard to ge through but once the first few carisma point slam in it gets easier and easier to just get lost in the story. 

Also, i am european and the mention of 80k student öoans made me go down a rabbot hole so curse you for that you coniving conartist caster. 


The humor is fine, but I found the story quite repetitive after a time. Momo always seems to trust someone she shouldn't, which always leads to her being a punching bag for some time, before she is somehow rescued. In most cases the offending party receives a light slap to the wrist and everything is fine.

It becomes kinda boring how passive Momo is.