Momo The Ripper [Isekai/LitRPG]

Momo The Ripper [Isekai/LitRPG]

by villa1ny

For Momo, an anti-social art major perpetually at risk of dropping out, college life wasn't a great fit.

When she wakes up one morning in a dark cavern full of skeletons and necromancers, she knows a new era of her life is about to start - and dedicates herself to actually being successful in this one.

Chosen for her meek and harmless personality, she is able to exist under the radar as she completes the Dawn's necromantic missions. Watch her as she gains confidence (and class levels), and reluctantly rises from meager apprentice to the Queen of the Underworld.

This is a lighthearted and humorous (but epic!) isekai LitRPG, with a vivid world full of characters for Momo to meet, battle, and revive from the dead.

Schedule: Mon-Thu on RR, with an extra chapter every Friday on Patreon.

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Table of Contents
93 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - The Newest Necromage ago
1.2 - Escape Plan ago
2 - Momo's Dead Pets ago
3 - The Wizard of Kalendale ago
4 - Momo’s First Exploitation ago
5 - One Person's Trash is Another Person's Undead Cat ago
6 - Excalibur ago
7 - Death by Tummy Ache ago
8 - Beast Tamer ago
9 - Bone Dance ago
10 - Devola and Valerica ago
11 - The Earl of Bruda ago
12 - All Classed Up ago
13 - It's Called a Cerberus ago
14 - I'm Not Paid Enough to Deal With This ago
15 - The Haunted Manor ago
16 - Some Mothers Have Infants, Others Have Zombie Globs ago
17 - Earl Yadek vs. The Zombie Glob ago
18 - The Wrongful Imprisonment of Momo the Totally-Not-Necromage ago
19 - Meal Prep ago
20 - Never Bring Your Necrodancer Grocery Shopping ago
21 - Corpse Party ago
22 - The Dumpling Guild & Class Evolution ago
23 - Even Gods Get Manicures ago
24 - A Blessing and a Curse ago
25 - Old Friends, New Beginnings ago
26 - There’s a System to this Magic?! ago
27 - Momo's First Quest ago
28 - Traitorous Ostrich ago
29 - A Hero in the Dusk ago
30 - Elaborate Trappings ago
31 - The Trial of Viktor Mole ago
32 - Momo The Ripper ago
33 - The Nam’Dal Terror ago
34 - The Slippery Warbler ago
35 - Cellmates ago
36 - The Escape ago
37 - Knight Momo ago
38 - Nia Nightsbane ago
39 - Con Artist II ago
40 - Biscuit the Bulky ago
41 - [Holy] Sh*t ago
42 - The Cracked Egg ago
43 - Mistaken Identity ago
44 - I Guess I'm Overthrowing the Government ago
45 - Hum Hum Hummingbird ago
46 - Like A Game of Chess ago
47 - Rat City Business ago
48 - Cheese Politic ago
49 - Riggly, Rat Of Old ago
50 - The Foretelling of a Witch ago
51 - Shark Bait ago
52 - Praying to the Dexterity Gods ago
53 - Dogubis, The Eternal Cagehound ago
54 - A Wolf In The Vents ago
55 - Never Forget to Lock the Back Door! ago
56 - The Goat Wasn't Crazy ago
57 - It Feels Good to be Queen Again ago
58 - Morgana Messes With the System ago
59 - Money, Money, Money, Must be Funny, in a Rich Momo’s World! ago
60 - Catling’s Cowl of the Void ago
61 - Valerica’s Golden Bauble Addiction: The Case Continues ago
62 - Roses for Kyros ago
63 - The Cult of Sera ago
64 - Nether Jedi ago
65 - What If We All Punched at the Same Time? ago
66 - Near-Death By A Thousand Cuts ago
67 - An Alliance Outside A Pig Farm ago
68 - Horsing Around ago
69 - Momo and the [Greater Demon Boar] ago
70 - If You Do Not Comply, You Will Die ago
71 - Momo the Merlin ago
72 - Momo Takes Flight ago
73 - Komodo ago
74 - Five Valericas is Better Than One ago
75 - Nap Time’s Over ago
76 - Momo. Just Momo. ago
77 - A Deathly Reunion ago
78 - Paralysis ago
79 - The Election (End of Book 1) ago
80 - Election Results (Start of Book 2) ago
81 - Heavenly Bureaucracy ago
82 - The Emperor's New Clothes ago
83 - Talking Shrooms ago
84 - The Nameless Quest ago
85 - Sumire the Sleepy ago
86 - ASMR ago
87 - Silent Mindreader ago
88 - Real Orders Only, Please ago
89 - A Heart for a Fingertip ago
90 - Spymaster ago
91 - A Discovery in Baryte ago
92 - Return of the Mole ago

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There are lots of necromancer stories on Royal Road, try using the search term "Necromancer" or "Necro". Momo the Ripper is shaping up to be a fun and unique addition to the pile. Momo is a recently deceased college student suffering from social anxiety with an extra helping of regular anxiety on top. She gets forcefully isekaied by a group of clandestine necromancers for the simple reason that she looks cute and harmless so she'll make a great "under the radar" grunt/minion/delivery girl. They need her since necromancers require access to cash and groceries but everyone is officially trying to kill them for being necromancers.

Momo's new world is a swords-and-sorcery fantasy realm, with game elements built-in.  The twist is that instead of standard boring blue boxes, everyone recieves their stat updates on pieces of ephemeral parchment that quickly evaporate, but while they are present EVERYONE can see and read them.  This makes being a clandestine necromancer girl-friday (she recently was upgraded to Sales Lead, whoot) more challenging if a Holy Warrior happens to look over one's shoulder and see the watermark of the Goddess of Death on one's parchment.  

What strikes me the most is how well Momo the Ripper works as a comedy while still containing gory necro-stuff, blood, gore,bones, zombies etc.  The tone reminds me very much of Terry Pratchet, all the characters are a little breathlessly manic and obliviously self-absorbed but there is still space to recognize that life involves pain, death, and disappointment. 

This is good stuff, I'm eager to see how it goes.


I feel calling Momo's tale that of shy necromancer is understatement of the year.

A coming of age tale about discovering self worth done in the most unprecedented maner. It is a comedic story about a girl that did not only reach the bottom of the barrel but has buried herself deep under it and now is dragged back up kicking and screaming, fighting against a world that believes in her even if she herself does not.

The power system plays fast and lose in the best possible manner, allowing for fun interactions with the word without getting bogged down with numbers too much but still remaining coherent and understandable.


Comedic coming-of-age story

Reviewed at: 11 - The Earl of Bruda

Momo the Ripper is a story about a young college girl torn from her painfuly mediocre life and thrust into a position of prominence. The actual plot itself takes a backseat to Momo's internal journey of learning to believe in herself. (btw there's a typo in the fic title lmao pls fix villa1ny)

Style: True to its name, the writing style in this story is lighthearted, with an almost surreal, absurdist feel. Momo has a tendency to just go along with things and the descriptions reflect that.

Story: Kinda weak so far tbh, it feels more like a framework upon which to hang Momo's character development. It's not necessarily a bad thing many famous authors like Joe Abercrombie are 90% character development with 10% plot, but it may not be to some people's tastes, especially in the progression fantasy genre. A lot of stuff in this world you're just supposed to not think to deeply about lmao like how skeletons have eyebrows or tongues. It's pretty funny ngl but it makes me take the world less seriously.

Grammar: Saw no issues here, five stars.

Character: The strong point of the fic. Momo is super cringe lol but the fact that it comes across so vividly is a point in the author's favour. Her perspective on things lends a natural humour to the story since she's really fucking weird and it works in contrast with other weird personalities like Valerica or Devola.

Overall, I'd recommend this for anyone looking for a comfort read about a girl finding her confidence in a wacky new world


Momo The Ripper is the parody of the game-like Isekai about the random student reincarnated in the another world as the necromancer that can only ressurect a cat and cows, and is powered by the undead hamster in her heart. And there is also the most terrifying summon of all, pink ostrich.


+ Lighthearted

+ Funny, absurdist comedy

+ Parody of LitRPG and fantasy tropes.

+ Staight forward silly and nonsensical humor, relying on absurdity. 

Negatives (that can be positives):

- Staight forward silly and nonsensical humor, relying on absurdity.

- Parody of LitRPG and fantasy tropes. 


Very fun and many spooky scary skeletons

Reviewed at: 10 - Devola and Valerica

A very fun and interesting sorry to read. Most of the necromancer stories I've read mainly focused on the building of power and the army and I love the more character focused storytelling. The main character is fun and very descriptive, sassy but only in her head, and has dreams of said power, even if she just started out.

Style is awesome, love the little things in the story that make everything feel real. Roadblock after roadblock, but the main character keeps chugging along.

Story is a bit of a slow burn, but still very enjoyable. You learn lore bits early on and it's all colored by which character is explaining it. Also gets right into the story with only a few paragraphs of her previous situation, and a quick acclimation to her surroundings. Very good pacing.

I especially liked the Pity ability, even when the character very much did not like it. XD


Grammar wise it's easy to read and get absorbed in, no noticeable writing flaws as far as I could see. Very well edited in my opintion.

Characters are where the story shines. Lots of insane and cooky ones, even the 'normal' citizens have quirks like shoving a bath onto the newbie necromage. Very fun to see them from her perspective. 

Can't wait to read more!


You will not regret the time spent on this work. The protagonist is an introverted girl who goes into the other world and helps the necromancers build empire and overcome their shyness.

She actually develops both in terms of strength and character. It is also worth noting the well-developed characters. At least they have some personality differences from regular NPCs.


A Fun Romp In the Lighter Side of Darkness

Reviewed at: 25 - Old Friends, New Beginnings

Momo is not your typical Isekai protagonist and that is definitely working in her favor. As a recently deceased herself, Momo finds a tenuous connection with the dead is easier to maintain than a two-sentence conversation with the living. The only thing she really has going for her in her new life is the confidence her cult leader inspires in her and a heart that might well be powered by a rat in a spinning wheel! I would highly recommend taking the chance to read about Momo's second chance!

Raoul Uddin

Like the story so far. Am at chapter 77. The story isn't to be taken seriously, it's more about character development of Momo(Mc). The only thing that is slightly bugging me are the minor sexist hints. Sometimes I have the feeling that this story pulls  a reverse Naruto a.k.a. all males are useless. Furthermore all somewhat competent characters are female.


Fun and mostly great story with great characters

Reviewed at: 35 - Cellmates

TLDR; the style is good, the grammar is good, the story is mostly good, and the characters are mostly great. Definitely give this one a read.

This story is fun in a way that few stories are. The humor makes you smile, the dialogue leaves you impressed, and the prose is fun to read. The best part of this fiction is by far the amazing dialogue. This author really knows how to write it well.

Take this example:

“Of course they do, superficially,” he laughed, “it’s all necromancers bad this, kill all necromancers that, until you can’t pay for the mortgage on your dwelling, and you need to sell off a few of your relatives' bones.”

It’s just so much fun to read, and little pieces like this are sprinkled all throughout the story.

The story itself is rather simple: a socially awkward, introverted girl is summoned into a necromancer cult, who make her feel validated. She then finds herself being pushed into missions where she has to be social, and grows from it.

The style was good, and I did have any problems. The prose reads well, and flows smoothly, and there are no awkward sentences or structures.

The same goes for the grammar. From what I’ve read so far, it’s been nothing but perfect. Not even a wrong, misplaced, or misspelled word.

The story is a little slow, and is mostly focused on Momo’s personal growth, and not so much about progression. Personally, I really enjoy this more than the stories that are nothing but “Fight! Level up! Fight! Level Up! Etc”. This isn’t for everyone, though, so keep that in mind before you start reading.

The only issue I have is with the world itself. It just doesn’t make sense sometimes, and bends to the needs of the story. It gives the story an unreal feeling, like it doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s not too big an issue, though, and something I could easily read past. It doesn’t really take away from the story either, as long as you accept the story isn’t too serious and mostly just fun.

Every character so far is great, I don’t really have much to say about this. The cast is likable, and there aren’t really any characters I dislike. My only gripe with Momo is that she seems a little too accepting of her circumstances, even given the situation and her character. It does let the story skip the awkward getting back on your feet moment most isekai have. 

Other than that, I think describing the character as socially awkward and introverted was overdone in the first chapter. It isn’t nearly as obtrusive after that, though, so just keep reading.

The story has a few issues, but nothing that makes it even close to unreadable. All in all, it’s fun to read and leaves me feeling good. Definitely give it a read.


Momo is isekaid to a world with magic here she gets to play with necromancy and magic there are puns and joke and it is really light hearted like getting a Mew skelton cat named dust or going on a free vecation ( Read prison) thouth it all you get to ser momo grow from being unsure of herself and having no confidents to slowing getting ger things toghter and even getting a cool nickname