The Dragon without a System

The Dragon without a System

by sqeesqad

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

All he needs to do is unlock his System, but luckily that's not a matter of chance. Right?

Felix is a dragon. “What is a dragon”, you ask? Excellent question! We have no idea, but if you have any credible information, please contact Administration as there is a substantial reward.

As the only dragon, Felix has always had trouble making friends. But now, with his coming of age ceremony, Felix will unlock his system and join the Academy. There his talons and dagger-sharp teeth should be an asset, instead of an obstacle, and he'll hopefully finally make some new friends. He desperately needs some.

But things hardly ever go as expected, so what will he do when he gets a crush on one of his new friends? And how will he deal with that while also figuring out what to do without a system? Because if he doesn’t figure something out soon, all his peers will leave him in the dust.

This story has gay male characters, so if that isn't something for you, please go find something you will enjoy instead. 

Edit: it's also a romance story. As it is tagged. Keep that in mind.

Updates on Thursday and Sunday.

Each chapter is between 2k and 3k words.

My cover, for which I'm incredibly grateful, was made by Asviloka, who can be found by clicking the name or through this link:

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Table of Contents
51 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Welcome to the Academy ago
Chapter Two: Making friends and enemies ago
Chapter Three: Hatchingday ago
Chapter Four: Shattered dreams ago
Chapter Five: Too many books ago
Chapter Six: Good food and an uncomfortable question ago
Chapter Seven: Hunting Grounds ago
Chapter Eight: Grounded ago
Chapter Nine: Goblins ago
Chapter Ten: Mutual comfort ago
Chapter Eleven: Sleepless night ago
Chapter Twelve: Healing up and moving in ago
Chapter Thirteen: Squirrely notes ago
Chapter Fourteen: A long way down ago
Chapter Fifteen: Shaking up the closet ago
Chapter Sixteen: Confused ago
Chapter Seventeen: Pancake talks ago
Chapter Eighteen: Math is fun, bigots are not ago
Chapter Nineteen: Broken trust ago
Chapter Twenty: Sitting on the sidelines ago
Chapter Twenty-one: Visiting the office ago
Chapter Twenty-two: Realization ago
Chapter 23: A convincing argument ago
Chapter 24: Skill issue ago
Chapter 25: A fishy dinner ago
Chapter 26: Combat class ago
Chapter 27: Shower thoughts ago
Chapter 28: Foreign mana ago
Chapter 29: Anticlimactic breakthrough ago
Chapter 30: Pick a hand ago
Chapter 31: The heart doesn't listen to what the brain knows ago
Chapter 32: Math is fun, physics is too ago
Chapter 33: Problems in all shapes and one size ago
Chapter 34: Down by the river ago
Chapter 35: To date or not to date, that is the question ago
Chapter 36: Drowsy ago
Chapter 37: Unshackled ago
Chapter 38: Support group I ago
Chapter 39: Support group II ago
Chapter 40: Cracks ago
Chapter 41: A new home ago
Chapter 42: Dinner at Viggi’s ago
Chapter 43: Important news ago
Chapter 44: Teaming up ago
Chapter 45: Rivers ago
Chapter 46: A talk with Viggi ago
Chapter 47: Tomato murder ago
Chapter 48: Relationship talks ago
Chapter 49: Lunch and practice ago
Chapter 50: Swimming ago
Chapter 51: He likes me back ago

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Good World building, with a slice of life feel

Reviewed at: Chapter Eleven: Sleepless night

Definitely a heartwarming story, the lead character so far has been remarkably likeable. It definitely comes across as a sheltered young adult, stretching his wings.

Thankfully, the story avoids the common pitfalls of a whiny MC, with Felix seeming to be more naive, than moronic.  

The world building has definitely grabbed my attention, and I'm excited to see more of Felix!


The Dragon Without A System, at its core, is basically what it says on the tin. There's a dragon, he doesn't have a system. In a normal fantasy/litrpg setting, this wouldn't be anything of note as dragons normally wouldn't have need of such a thing. However, this setting is far from normal.

The dragon in question is fully integrated into society, a nice take in and of itself. He is dreaming to attend the academy along with all the other species. However, he doesn't receive a system unlike everyone else around him. The story resolves around his acceptance of this fact, and him trying to live his life to its fullest despite his handicap. 

The action scenes in this story are well-written and tense, but it isn't all action. There is quite a bit of slice-of-life as well. Personally, I'm a sucker for slice-of-life and can't get enough, but I can see others who aren't as into it possibly seeing those sections as a bit slow. However, the action is well spread out so it's always around the corner to look forward to. 

The characters are very in-depth, and you can really feel them developing a real bond with eachother, something a lot of other stories lack, I feel. The author really nails the connection and growth between them. Makes me wish I could give them a hug. My only caveat is I wish the author was a bit more detaild with their character descriptions. We get a few adjectives here and there, but they can be a bit hard to visualize. 

The only real flaw with the story so far are minor issues with the grammar and style. Grammar-wise, just a few small errors that won't effect your reading. However, there are a noticeable amount of Tensing issues that can be somewhat distracting. The author has already mentioned their intention to edit and correct those, otherwise my score here may have been a bit lower.

Overall, it's a great story of a dragon wanting to be like everyone else and live a fulfilling life, while not letting his differences be a detriment. I hope Felix finds everything he's looking for.


These characters are Baby. I am going to squish their cheeks, and give them hugs, and tuck them into cozy blankets. They have entirely stolen my heart, and I wish upon them only exactly as much Hurt as is required to justify the Comfort. 10/10 squees. 

(Also there's, like, a good power system and interesting world and compelling introduction to a plot or whatever?)

Hobold the kobold

Interesting worldbuilding and lovable characters.

Reviewed at: Chapter Nineteen: Broken trust

Nice novel with a slice of life sort of feel (english is not my main language, please forgive any mistakes).

    There hasn't been much worldbuilding, but the little that was shown was very interesting. The setting is that of a high fantasy world. The main (and thus far only) location is that of a magic academy situated on a group of floating islands connected by magically enhanced bridges. There are members of pretty much every race going around (humans, beastmans, shadow elves, driads, lizardkins, etc.) so the "only" dragon in the world can blend in quite well without raising much of a fuss.

It's also a world in which science is, for once, at an advanced level. Base courses at this academy are basic physics, aerodynamics, etc. Because if you know the reason behind how something works on a scientific level, you are able to better and more efficiently influence it with magic (a cool concept rarely properly used). Hopefully we get to see some serious magiteck later on :P

    The MC, Felix, is a blue dragon whose egg was found by the leader of the academy during an expedition. He brought it home expecting to get a pet, and instead got a fully sentient being that he decided to adopt as his own son. And i must admit, i love how is character is portrayed. Most novels with the "monster living in society" trope try to depict them with a mixed personality. Either "civilized" traits get in the way of them fighting properly and efficiently, or cringy feral traits are thrust in the face of the reader randomly during social interactions.

Here we have a balance by extremes. Till chapter 18 there has been only a single serious fight "mini-arc" 2-3 chapters long. The MC fights as a feral dragon is fully supposed to be, completely annihilating his enemies by tearing open throats of magic beasts, pulverizing goblins with his tail and talons, etc.

Meanwhile in society he is as adapted as a fully sentient being as big as a SUV that always lived among others can be, without utilizing stupid tropes like trying to wear clothes or to walk on two legs.

    The grammar used is also on a nice level. I do not have neither the qualification or the will to write 2000+ words on the grammar of a novel, like i see others do on this site. Suffice to say that i never felt something was written weirdly and i never had to fill any gaps in a sentence on my on.

    The last 8 or so chapters have been focused on the budding relationship between Felix and Alex, a Lizardman that had to run away from his village in the middle of a desert to save his life when his family found out he was gay.

While i'm not usally into romance novels, i am actually interested in how this one it's going to develop. Their relationship and how they feel about both the other and themselves is analyzed from a very interesting psychological point of view, and both characters are extremely huggable :P.

Important note on this one, the author has promised in the comment section that things would not devolve into full smut chapters. If he is ever going to write them, he's gonna post them on platforms other than Royal Road.


I just started reading this series and I've already absolutely fallen in love with it. I adore the main characters, and the story is interesting enough to keep me craving more, lol. I cant wait to see what type of crazyness they get into. Keep up the good work! And ignore all the bad reviews, your doing great!!!


A well-rounded story by the time of this review, though I can't wait to carry on reading further. Overall, the tale holds up well as each subfactor of this review will hopefully help to explain. Simply put, I would have to be *extremely* nitpicky to find any sort of thing to criticise within this story.

Character: To me, this is the main gem of the story. Though other factors are great, the characters within the tale, especially Felix and Alex, are phenomenally portrayed through their actions, thoughts and dialogue.

Grammar: So far, I haven't found a single grammatical mistake that has brought me out of reading the story. Considering how many words this story already has, that's quite the feat.

Story: As I am only eleven chapters in, I can't comment on where this may lead, but so far the story has been rock solid, compelling and has enough questions and teasing details to make me want to read on- ideal, in other words.

Style: Like I said, I would have to be nitpicky to figure out a criticism. The style works for me, with good signposting when points of view change, or there are exerpts from notebooks, etc. I think, for only a couple of the chapters, it took me a moment to figure out where the scene was taking place, but that is honestly my only gripe.

Once again, a great story so far and I look forward to reading on!


Perfectly captures the inner monlouge of being gay

Reviewed at: Chapter 33: Problems in all shapes and one size

I love how it who's what Felix is thinking and how he thinks through his actions. He thinks the same why I have regarding problems in the past with Boys that started as friends. I love the romantic tension while also including action and magic. It's a great 5/5 for me. I'm just looking forward to more sexual parts. 


Fantastic world setting with character driven plot

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-one: Visiting the office

The setting is extremely intersting, countless worlds connected with an Academy training pupils from any. A omnipresent System that has become synonomous with adulthood and magic that hasn't replaced science, instead complimenting it. One detail that jumped out at me is having a scientific knowledge base increases the effiency of your magic use, with the stated example being knowing how aerodynamics works makes flying with wings a lot easier. I love that and hope it gets expanded on more.

The story follows Felix, a developed and developing character that feels like an actual person. He deals with the same feelings anyone would, struggles with friendship and his crush like anyone new to them would despite being the onloy dragon in a multiverse of humanoids. I particulary love how even though he is in a humanoid society clothing isnt a concern for him, he's not just mentally a human in a dragon's body.

Highly reccomend if you would enjoy a gay dragon dealing with his feelings with a mystery effecting his life


If you are looking for a fantasy story where to focus is on the simple day to day, you're at the right place!

The characters are the biggest reason you shold read this story. They are intricate, likeable and simply interesting. You want to see them be happy and find themself in the chaos of daily life.

The story is slowly progressing, and a mix of romance, social life at the magical school and slowly learning the intricacies of magic. As long as you are a decent person, you should be able to enjoy the gay romance because it isn't smutty at all. If you are annoyed with romances or even homophobic, simply ignore this story and leave the author alone, insulting him is unnecessary.

The style is heartwarming and cozy for the most part, it's really very enjoyable.

The Grammar is pretty great, I haven't found any errors yet


First things first - I'm a queer person and this story is written in a lgbtq friendly setting so I was already predisposed to give it a chance but.. its actually lovely? in terms of pacing and flow it seems to be going well- I'd like to seee more of a bite into why the protagonist lacks a system, it was billed as a core renet of title and yet its a slow burn on that front and as it stands I'm concerned it may just end up in a love story. In fairness though we're only 40 chapters in and the world building seems good and we have a decent cast and set of characters with decent building in place! I've read some excellent stories on royal road where spelling and grammar were lacking but this seems to be pretty excellently written with no glaring errors! there's a distinct style here but it feels like there's room to grow, with luck the author will continue - this story is definitely underrated due to containing lgbtq content, especially considering it has multiple magic styles, interesting approach and generally vibes. I'm surprised to see a lack of blue screens tbf as I feel they could drive home the mc status a little more. I hope the author keeps going post written!