An Angel Called Eternity: The Field Rat's Banquet

An Angel Called Eternity: The Field Rat's Banquet

by JackdawsAndSparrows

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

On the western shores of Kliskorios, a King sits without an heir. With his three children unwilling to allow each other to sit upon the throne, and a realm unable to decide the legal successor, the Kingdom of Teleytaios, strongest of the Heptarchy, stands on the brink of civil war, vultures circling all the while.

King Cordan's bastard son has proven himself in battle and rulership both in the last half a decade, though the coming challenges will put to test even the greatest of his efforts.
After all, to kill an enemy is one thing, but what about his own siblings?
There is no man as accursed as the kinslayer, so the saying goes.

The royal daughter, ever a staunch traditionalist and dangerous opponent, stacks the cards and the court in her favour whilst her brothers, bastard and trueborn both, waste away far from the capital. With the masses of dispossessed lords and ladies of the kingdom at her beck and call, there are few who find themselves outside of her reach.

The King's trueborn son, widely regarded as being mad and violent, will act as the wildcard in the coming feud. Whoever he chooses to support will surely triumph, though perhaps there is more to the youngest prince than meets the eye?

But there is more to the rising tensions than a simple succession crisis.
Ancient things are waking up the world over; Brythonic sailors let slip the things they have glimpsed in the Ouroborisian Sea in Anarian taverns, and the whispers of gutter rats and holy men alike tell of a cult long thought dead hiding in plain sight.
And then there are the findings of the King's own bastard son in the northern reaches of the kingdom.

When these threads coincide, fate may find itself rewritten by mortal hands for the first time since time immemorial.

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Oh, where to begin. While this is early days for this series as epic fantasy, I can tell already that this thing is going to be amazing throughout. So far, the introduction has been a wonderful introduction to the characters and the world with plenty of deep worldbuilding being shown of as well as the starts of plots, wars and battles. There are even a few rather intriguing mysteries here that have to be uncovered.

The chapters are also rather meaty so bare that in mind while you are reading this.

But anyway, onto the specific categories.


The prose is of brilliant quality and perfectly fits the tone of the series. I did knock off half a star due to some formatting issues leading to some rather large mega paragraphs made up of multiple paragraphs which is a little annoying when reading. But that’s a minor complaint to be honest.


As I say, there are a lot of things being set up here and being done. From political intrigue and plots, to a civil war about to kick off early into the story, to potential wars with other kingdoms. Hell, there even seems to be some things of a more mystical and magical nature that are lurking in the background… Suffice to say there is everything here that you could want.


Its impeccable so far in my eyes, so nothing much to comment here on.


The characters so far are very entertaining, distinct and colourful. Each with their own backstories, wants and desires that will shape the story. I’m already getting very invested in them and I hope they all survive. Please…


Overall, a very solid 5/5 and read it now!