Journey of the Immortal Grandmaster

Journey of the Immortal Grandmaster

by This_one_

Who is able to resist the allure of the cultivation world? The world where individuals can fly on their swords, crush mountains with a wave of the hand, dry up seas with another, and most importantly, have a chance to reach immortality?

Han Lingyun was certainly not planning on refusing the outstretched hand he had been offered. His conviction had only strengthened after the young boy had regained his previous lifeโ€™s memories as a famous mathematician. The pain of death was still etched deeply in his soul, the futility of a mortalโ€™s body.
But now Han Lingyun had found his hope to satiate his constant thirst for knowledge, his desire to uncover the laws of the world, his fascination for the universe.

Follow Han Lingyun as he embarks on a mythical journey to reach immortality. One step at a time, he leverages his brilliant mind while staying true to his cautious and calculative nature in order to weave his way through the many pitfalls of this unforgiving world.

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Table of Contents
75 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1- Old Man ago
2- Death and Life ago
3- Coming of age ceremony ago
4- Trial ago
5- Problem ago
6- Major and Minor ago
7- Martial Art ago
8- Choice ago
9- Cultivation Method ago
10- First Lesson ago
11- Cultivation ago
12- New Lifestyle ago
13- Answers ago
14- Unexpected surprise ago
15- High Market ago
16- Gains ago
17- Second Stage ago
18- Ranking Competition ago
19- Duels ago
20- Rise to fame? ago
21- Competition at the top ago
22- Mission Hall ago
23- Business ago
24- Cub’s Den ago
25- Edera Array Meet ago
26- Interest from high up ago
27- Efforts and Repetition ago
28- Plans and Deliberations ago
29- New rankings ago
30- Unavoidable trouble ago
31- Leaving the mess behind ago
32- Exchanging favors ago
33- Harvest   ago
34- Facing the beast ago
35- New rules ago
36- Consequences ago
37- Meeting ago
38- Shu Line ago
39- Ties ago
40- Rite of passage ago
41- Request ago
42- Willpower ago
43- Qi condensation ago
44- Mission ago
45- Kill ago
46- Family ago
47- Agreement ago
48- 1 vs 1 ago
49- Rematch ago
50- Full circle ago
51- New year, new rankings ago
52- The power of qi condensation ago
53- Water ago
54- Runic structure ago
55- A battle of wits ago
56- Teacher and Disciple ago
57- Hunt ago
58- Martial Heart ago
59- Waterfall ago
60- hello world ago
61- Design ago
62- Assessment ago
63- Updates ago
64- The Wood Element ago
65- Second year ago
66- Sun Cultivation Alliance ago
67- Sects ago
68- Auction ago
69- Human Behavior ago
70- Bouquet Final ago
71- A Black Rainbow ago
72- Stars Align ago
73- Teaming up ago
74- Dark Moon Combination ago
75- Provisional Ranking ago

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This cultivation novel is just solid all around. The setting and cultivation mechanics are very typical for a cultivation novel, with a slight westernization. Especially with some of the terms, describes, and slang.

Unlike most cultivation novels the plot and characters are very reasonable. There is arrogance and greed and face, but not taken to the ridiculous extremes of most cultivation novels. Similarly the main character isn't stupid, nor are they so unlucky that they have to constantly rely on plot device to stay alive.

I have no complaints about the prose or grammar.

The math is interesting, but unless you're a math major or a math fanboy, it's probably just going to be fun, but meaningless detail.

I think my only complaint is I binged it all in one night, and now I have to get used to the slow releases. The chapters are fairly bite sized, and the pacing steadily nibbles away at the plot.

Ah, that's what it is, the novel isn't very suspenseful so far. That's why the novel feels slow, while really things are moving along quickly. I'm not a big fan of suspense, but I'm so used to it, that without the big build ups and big payoffs the novel feels a little bland. There are some plot hooks that could build into major suspense.

Was not a big fan of the regular tournament arcs. I'm just not invested enough in the tertiary characters to care how they exactly rank month by month. At least the tournament's are each fished in a chapter or two.


I know I am only 6 chapters in, but I believe this should be enough to hook a reader if they were going to be hooked. I am not. 

Currently I am finding the story kind of boring and weird. Boring because of the too-often, long winded, and unnatural sounding exposition dumps.

As for why I find it weird, there is a few things. Firstly, the way a lot of the cultivators talk sounds a lot like modern day interaction rather than setting accurate. It is kind of jarring when the only time a conversation sounded cultivator-like was when he talked with the old man when still a mortal on earth. Secondly is the setting itself, mostly because I am bias towards original xianxia settings. So how this story sets up sects to kinda just be like a military highschool for elites really throws me off. But that's just personal taste, I am sure many others will like the unique take on the setting.

Other than that its fine. I only recomend the author rewrite the first few chapters at some point in order to better intergrate the exposition dumps. 


Why Isn't This Story On Rising Stars?

Reviewed at: 67- Sects

This is my first time giving an advanced review, but I couldn't help myself for this story that's not getting the attention that it deserves 

Style: It reads like any other traditional light novel. If you don't like how a traditional xianxia reads, then you should not read this book. But to me, it's AMAZING, flows well, and even better does not make me want to break the author's window (jk lol author ๐Ÿ˜†).

Story: This is the best part of this novel. There are no cringe, arrogant young masters jumping at the mc. There are no irrational decisions made by the Mc for some stupid reason. He actually thinks before he fights. So far, the story has also had a nice speed to it. 60 chapters in and almost two years have passed inside the story. I Can work with that. What I can't work with is 300 chapters and a month goes by.

Grammar: This is the only place where the story falls back a little bit. There are places in the novel where the grammar is a little bit off, kind of like me now since I'm typing on my phone ๐Ÿ˜€. But that doesn't detract much from the overall story; hence the four stars for grammer. The grammar could use a little bit of touching up, but I would personally prefer more chapters! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Character: Don't take my words for this. I'm the type of person who likes it when the side characters get left behind. But anyways, the Mc seems to be pretty well fleshed out, and has the hints of a relationship going on with one of the side characters as well. His three friends could also use a bit of fleshing out, but there are some side characters that contribute to the story. You might be wondering, 'then why did you rate character so high if there's so many problems with it?' Well, that's because I really only care about the mc's character.


I hope that you enjoyed my review if you bothered to read it all and thus got to this point. Please read and review this book that isn't getting enough attention. I want more chappies! ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Has potential but desperate need of edit/proofread

Reviewed at: 74- Dark Moon Combination

Cultivation stories are almost always fun to read. The author has a solid conception of their world and direction in which they want to take the story. Their cultivation system and general world building is certainly at this stage of the story the most well thought out and realised part of the story. However, as much as I don't want to disparage an obvious ESL writer, the author needs to have someone assist them with grammar/syntax. There are countless scenes in this series that are brought down by poor and awkward word choices that don't flow naturally alongside weird dialog and explanations. 


The style and story are the strongest parts of the work thus far. Both have great room for improvement but manage to paint a picture that is interesting. The characters are fairly shallow and the weird choice to start everyone at such a young age stretches the readers immersion for how murderous and cunning they are. I won't expand further on grammar as I alreadly touched on it above. I wish the author all the best in continuing the series. It's plain they have a talent for writing that they can steadily improve upon. I think they would definitely benefit from a slower release schedule where they could spend more time on making sure everything is at a satisfactory level. 


An excellent cultivation story.

Reviewed at: 72- Stars Align

This story can be offputting to some because it represents a much more traditional cultivation story. A lot of the cultivation novels on this site are some mix of magic/cultivation or system/cultivation and this novel is 100% eastern cultivation with a bit of western flair. This story if it continues will be spanning hundreds, thousands, or more years. This makes it hard to depart from what other reviews have called a boring cycle. This cycle consists of several events happening, a brief update on techniques, and then time spent in the background. I don't find anything intrinsically wrong or boring with this cycle but some people may be offput. Aside from story structure I think that the characters for the most part are pretty good but have the tendency to come off as too mature for their age. There is a relatively wide supporting cast that we check in with from time to time but there is a relatively small amount of characters that we really hear about and connect to. The cultivation itself is pretty good if nothing all that unique but we are still early in the story. I enjoy how the mc's past lends itself to his cultivation and I think it makes a lot of sense.  Overall I'm happy with the story and despite its issues I think its a great cultivation novel.

God Of Knowledge

Feels like a Danish dog inside a rocket

Reviewed at: 71- A Black Rainbow

Very good, I was able to read in about half a day. Character are good, not as 2d as other novels. Author could improve by fleshing out the characters a bit more, a little more personality. Anyway good cultivation system. Mc not too cheaty and mc progresses at an acceptable pace,  I feel like a bit more math would be fun, but I assume that that is were the story is progessing. Mc is able to manipulate those around him, which I find neat and important to mcs progression. Also nice that author doesnt take break mortal bonds as shun the mortal world, and that mc visits their parents. 5/5


It finally happened!!!

Reviewed at: 72- Stars Align

For years I've cringed every time a mountain gets destroyed in these stories.  I mean seriously every cultivation world out there should be flat plains with not a single bolder or tree left by now.  But here FINALLY an author actually acknowledges this!! Talk about shock value!   After finally picking my jaw off the floor when the elder put the mountain peak back together after his power demonstration, I knew this novel was going to be a true gem.  I just binged the 70+ chapters out overnight and honestly it's the best take on a cultivation sect I've ever read.


Basic cultivation story done poorly

Reviewed at: 48- 1 vs 1

The style for the story plain and simple just isn't very good. Basically every chapter is a repeat of the last with the Mac cultivating then going to do something for 5 minutes either by himself or with a side character that we know nothing about other than there name, cultivation level, and a few surface level details.

So far the story doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. We've gotten hints that the Mc is going to be some formations expert but we have yet to even get an explaination of what that entails other than it involves math. There is currently no direction in the story other than to get stronger and reach immortality. The only thing I can see moving the story forward in the immediate future is that someone has noticed the mc's potential and wants to use him for some nebulous goal that we don't understand yet.

the grammar in this story is absolutely horrible. It reads like a machine translated work. You basically can't go a sentence without a mistake. The dialogue is also quite bad, there are many instances in the story so far where instead of writing that a character laughed or giggled he will just write hihi in the same sentence as the dialogue. While this might not be horrible for some people it happens constantly and looks like random words or letters were left in the sentence because of an editing mistake. Overall I'm not sure if the author just doesn't know English very well or if they found a non translated work and used google translate so they could publish the story. 

the characters in the story so far have almost zero depth. For instance the Mc repeatedly talks about how in this life he will protect his family or do this for his family, we still know nothing of his life on earth other than the part we got in the first chapter. The mc is also described as awkward and having no friends his age before the sect but immediately upon joining the sect he makes friend with like 4 different people. There's also the fact that basically everyone the mc has interacted with so far in the story is below the age of 15 yet they act like war lords and bandits. Idk how many 10 year old y'all know but I'm pretty sure if you goto boarding school at 10 years old you're not going to be able to be self seficient or incredibly diligent like all 800 people in his year seem to be. Not to mention the fact that they basically form gangs and start killing each other less than 2 months into the school year. Overall the characters in this story are very 2 dimensional and I see little chance of that changing anytime soon.


It's great I really enjoyed it. The main character does not have any super cheaty powers while still being strong enough to keep him relevant. Most reincarnation cultivation stories either give the main character over powered abilities or make them weak at the start and then really over powered after some time through unrealistic mental capabilities. This story however made the main character powerful but not overpowered which makes the story far more engaging as there's always a chance that the main character loses a fight which makes it for more enjoyable.

Overall great story I hope the author continues to release chapters regularly.


To all serious readers I would recommend you stay away from this. I read all of 3 chapters and it seems to be a dogwater translation of a poorly written novel with a half witted meta approach. It's just all around bad.

The Main character is supposed to be a math prodigy but rather than do anything properly math related we mostly get a bunch of woe is me nonsense and the character more talks about worldly thoughs rather than proper mathematical truths.

Even worse is that the first part of the story proper is pretty much a super long exposition about how his family is and lives.