Accidentally Died After Seeing My Crush On New Years 2012, and Now I'm In Another World With My MP3 Player

Accidentally Died After Seeing My Crush On New Years 2012, and Now I'm In Another World With My MP3 Player

by Yorginvik

Sometime around New Year's eve 2012, Kono died. Perhaps they died after confessing their love to their crush during the party leading up to 2012. But, Kono doesn't really remember the details, or even some parts of their life, because their memories became blurry after getting reincarnated to another world. Luckily for Kono, the god(?) who administrated their reincarnation process left a super-magical-amazing gift for Kono...  an MP3 player?!? 

The story starts off slowly to build up the background and mentality of a person in shock after finding themselves in a fantastical world. Luckily for Kono, by using their knowledge in entertainment media to adjust, Kono manages to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. And by using her MP3 player to keep herself sane by listening to music, she will eventually discover her 'talent' for becoming a singer. It's both enjoyable and a necessary adventure for Kono to take part in, so that they could survive in this otherworld full of swords, sorcery, and singing!

(Ended for now)

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Royal Writathon October 2022 winner
Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
57 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 : pretty much the Prologue ago
Chapter 2 ago
Chapter 3 ago
Chapter 4 ago
Chapter 5: Is the story finally progressing?! ago
Chapter 6 ago
Chapter 7 ago
Chapter 8: Friends with Moralka ago
Chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10 ago
Chapter 11 ago
Chapter 12: So, just sing a song for them! ago
Chapter 13 ago
Chapter 14 ago
Chapter 15 ago
Chapter 16: Let's jump ahead! ago
Chapter 17 ago
Chapter 18: This is about when the story starts picking up... ago
Chapter 19: A game dev? (nope) ago
Chapter 20: A dissipating beam in the sky... ago
Chapter 21: Just waiting around... ago
Chapter 22: Mogap juice is not wine ago
Chapter 23: Don't drop your Mogap juice ago
Chapter 24: Aren't you supposed to be a priest?!? ago
Chapter 25: Can you even understand this? ago
Chapter 26: Princess Kono! ago
Chapter 27: You know about the Dwarves and Elves, but not Adapos??? ago
Chapter 28: Sweet dreams Kono! ago
Chapter 29: Ghosts of the Past ago
Chapter 30: Modern and Minimalist Design ago
Chapter 31: Rivals of the Future! ago
Chapter 32: WOW! Can't you hear this music? Oh, I'm sorry... we can only read it huh... ago
Chapter 33: An Unwanted Saint of Sapporonity ago
Chapter 34: Just another "Kono suddenly realized!!!" sort of thing... ago
Chapter 35: The Return of the King (Kono) ago
Chapter 36: Old-School Idols! No... not those ancient objects! Y'know... the cute and singing kind? ago
Chapter 37: Moving On ago
Chapter 38: Let the dungeon synth commence! ago
Chapter 39: Story time on the third floor ago
Chapter 40: Let's listen to some 'epic' chanting ago
Chapter 41: Eternally suffering inside a comfy-cozy underground lair ago
Chapter 42: A Duel between Rock and Dust ago
Chapter 43: A gentleman's farewell ago
Chapter 44: Admiring the scenary before Sapporo ago
Chapter 45: Welcome to Civilization ago
Chapter 46: Registering at the Bards College ago
Chapter 47: Give me Love and Money, Cha-ching! ago
Chapter 48: Internal feelings ago
Chapter 49: Between moonlight and fire ago
Chapter 50: Are you a Kuudere? ago
Chapter 51: A school day with Kono ago
Chapter 52: Prince Kono and Tsundere Lora ago
Chapter 53: A week later ago
Chapter 54: Don't shout at your elders! Cause they could literally get hurt... ago
Chapter 55: You'll need more than a hundred years to surpass me! ago
Chapter 56: What is 'Cool'? ago
Chapter 57: Act 1 End ago

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Has a solid plot with plenty of possible arcs. Versitile in direction along with a semi-new take on the isekai thing, and it deserves a swell 5 stars in my eyes. 10/10, can't wait to finish it! Oh, and due to reviews needing to be at least 50 words long, I get to ramble a bit more. I can tell that effort and emotion was put into this story, and as the cherry on top it's already complete, chapter binging all the way for me! Alright, good luck dear reader and great job Author, it's time for me to continue!

TL;DR: 10/10, good plot, can't wait to binge