Is it Reincarnation if I'm Still Dead?

Is it Reincarnation if I'm Still Dead?

by Calcium Oxide

Tyler Suesa was a normal undergraduate student, until the day he awoke beneath a bed of soil. He escapes his shallow grave, only to find he's no longer human. In fact, he's no longer alive...

This is the story of Tyler's "life" as a skeleton in the fantasy world of Garea.

  • Arc 1 (Ch.1-23): Rise of the Skeleton... Literally
  • Arc 2 (Ch.24-64): Afterlife with the Kobolds
  • Arc 3 (Ch.65-???): Legacy of a Lich

Note: I orignally posted my story on

Cover art by phasmonyc.

Warning: Tagged 12+ for Violence.

At least one chapter will be posted every weekend. Chapters will be released in 12-15 day intervals.
Make that once a month on average.

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Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arc 1, Chapter 1: It Seems I'm Actually Dead ago
Arc 1, Chapter 2: First Blood ago
Side Story: After the Attack ago
Arc 1, Chapter 3: Alive Inside ago
Arc 1, Chapter 4: Am I stuck in a RPG? ago
Arc 1, Chapter 5: What a Boar ago
Arc 1, Chapter 6: Fairy Lucky ago
Arc 1, Chapter 7: Who Called it a Well? ago
Arc 1, Chapter 8: A Fateful Encounter Part 1 ago
Arc 1, Chapter 8: A Fateful Encounter Part 2 ago
Arc 1, Chapter 9: Thick Skull ago
Arc 1, Chapter 10: The Changeling and the Skeleton ago
Arc 1, Chapter 11: Thank You Bear-y Much ago
Arc 1, Chapter 12: You're a Wizard, Tyler ago
Arc 1, Chapter 13: Pond of You ago
Arc 1, Chapter 14: Magic Lessons ago
Arc 1, Chapter 15: Custom Magic ago
Arc 1, Chapter 16: Back to the Life Well ago
Arc 1, Chapter 17: Signs ago
Arc 1, Chapter 18: Skeleton in the Closet ago
Arc 1, Chapter 19: Alpha Predator ago
Side Story: Waiting Room ago
Arc 1, Chapter 20: A Light in the Dark ago
Arc 1, Chapter 21: Reunion ago
Arc 1, Chapter 22: Farewell ago
Arc 1, Chapter 23: A New Journey ago
Arc 2, Chapter 24: From the Dead of Night ago
Arc 2, Chapter 25: Breaching my First Town ago
Arc 2, Chapter 26: A Hair's Breadth ago
Arc 2, Chapter 27: Save the Monster... wait, what? ago
Arc 2, Chapter 28: Nomura Clan ago
Arc 2, Chapter 29: Worldfarer ago
Arc 2, Chapter 30: A Feast for the Eyes ago
Side Story: Greater Purpose ago
Arc 2, Chapter 31: Home is Where the Humeris is ago
Arc 2, Chapter 32: Two Quarter Circles, Three Punches ago
Arc 2, Chapter 33: Spirit Theory ago
Arc 2, Chapter 34: A Dish Best Served for a Skeleton ago
Side Story: Still a Stranger ago
Arc 2, Chapter 35: Do they have Pointy Ears? ago
Arc 2, Chapter 36: Gone Like the Wind ago
Arc 2, Chapter 37: Breaching my Second Town ago
Arc 2, Chapter 38: Don't Talk to Strangers ago
Arc 2, Chapter 39: Between Humans and Demi-Humans ago
Arc 2, Chapter 40: Runt of the Litter ago
Arc 2, Chapter 41: Backfire and Ice ago
Arc 2, Chapter 42: Hidden Village ago
Arc 2, Chapter 43: Takashi's Legacy ago
Arc 2, Chapter 44: Fade to White ago
Arc 2, Chapter 45: Warmth of Family ago
Arc 2, Chapter 46: A Bone Chilling Trip ago
Arc 2, Chapter 47: Me, Myself and Bonny ago
Arc 2, Chapter 48: Rising from the Blackness ago
Arc 2, Chapter 49: Equivalent Exchange ago
Side Story: Letter of Foreboding ago
Arc 2, Chapter 50: At Peace ago
Arc 2, Chapter 51: Sayonara, Nomura Takashi ago
Arc 2, Chapter 52: Return to Lennon ago
Arc 2, Chapter 53: Fruit of His Labours ago
Arc 2, Chapter 54: Life Fall ago
Arc 2, Chapter 55: Three Thousand Years of Darkness ago
Arc 2, Chapter 56: Indiana Bones ago
Arc 2, Chapter 57: Prelude to Disaster ago
Arc 2, Chapter 58: The First Shot ago
Arc 2, Chapter 59: Between Leaders and Monsters ago
Arc 2, Chapter 60: Fanning the Flames ago
Arc 2, Chapter 61: Path of the Akuma ago
Arc 2, Chapter 62: As Black as Soot ago
Arc 2, Chapter 63: As White as Snow ago
Arc 2, Chapter 64: A Kobold's Life ago
Arc 3, Chapter 65: Whispers ago
Arc 3, Chapter 66: A Bone to Pick ago
Arc 3, Chapter 67: B.I.H.S. ago
Arc 3, Chapter 68: Saint or Sinner? ago
Arc 3, Chapter 69: Catorrem ago
Side Story: The Price is Wight ago
Arc 3, Chapter 70: Crying Not Raining ago
Arc 3, Chapter 71: Two’s a Party, Six is a Crowd ago
Arc 3, Chapter 72: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day 0 ago
Arc 3, Chapter 73: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day 1 ago
Side Story: Vivian Forest Expedition, Night 1 ago
Arc 3, Chapter 74: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day 2 ago
Arc 3, Chapter 75: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day 3 ago
Arc 3, Chapter 76: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day-saster ago
Arc 3, Chapter 77: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day End ago
Arc 3, Chapter 78: Someplace Far Away ago
Arc 3, Chapter 79: An Ode ago
Arc 3, Chapter 80: Otherworldly Philosophy ago
Arc 3, Chapter 81: Beetle-Juked ago
Arc 3, Chapter 82: One Day, If Our Paths Meet... ago
Arc 3, Chapter 83: Unravelling Facades ago
Arc 3, Chapter 84: Residents Evil ago
Arc 3, Chapter 85: Skele-teur ago
Arc 3, Chapter 86: Struggle for Life ago
Arc 3, Chapter 87: Dance of Death ago
Arc 3, Chapter 88: Hypocrisy ago
Arc 3, Chapter 89: From the Ashes ago
Side Story: Hierarch ago
Arc 3, Chapter 90: The Blackened Pot ago
Arc 3, Chapter 91: Honesty ago
Update Log 1 ago
Arc 3, Chapter 92: The Unwatched Pot ago
Arc 3, Chapter 93: Apostle of the Dark God ago
Arc 3, Chapter 94: Perfection ago
Arc 3, Chapter 95: Beyond Human ago
Arc 3, Chapter 96: Eye of the Storm ago
Arc 3, Chapter 97: Revelation ago
Arc 3, Chapter 98: Skeleton Key ago
Arc 3, Chapter 99: A Different Window ago
Arc 3, Chapter 100: InTERRORgation ago
Arc 3, Chapter 101: Beholder ago
Arc 3, Chapter 102: My Ode ago
Arc 3, Chapter 103: Primera Carro ago
Arc 3, Chapter 104: Until Midnight ago
Arc 3, Chapter 105: Darkest Knight ago
Arc 3, Chapter 106: Maverick or Messiah? ago
Arc 3, Chapter 107: Providence ago
Arc 3, Chapter 108: Rolled Bones ago
Arc 3, Chapter 109: That Incident ago
Arc 3, Chapter 110: Black and White ago
Arc 3, Chapter 111: In-Spectre Enbos ago
Arc 3, Chapter 112: Shadow Realm ago
Arc 3, Chapter 113: Raiders of the Lost Ark ago
Arc 3, Chapter 114: Temple of Doom ago
Arc 3, Chapter 115: Lost Crusade ago

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Calcium deficient MC needs to drink more milk - IGN 5/7

Great introduction + rapid release =  top weekly, congratulations on figurig out RR system.

Grammar - no noticeable error

Style - reincarnation? Firstly i thought, oh man another template intro. But vola! Its not! Great original start. Hook you in right from the start with the unique event unfolding from the get go. Game mechanic are not overly saturated like many ff out there. Keeping it mostly simple and memorable,  good job.

Characters - a little bland but its just the beginning so i guess i can live with it. But as the story progress,  the aimless MC cus he doesn't remember his death "CARD" is starting to wear out. Needs a stronger motivation.  For now all i can see is that he is taking it easy on wanting to resurrect a "certain someone" but thats it.

Story - Like i said earlier i cannot praise the author enough for hooking me in. Not gonna spoil, because the story pretty much started and here is nothing BIG yet. So far here is only 4 events


Conclusion (my opinions and advice) *spoiler*

it was great until chapter 27. One moment i was laughing at mc struggling to fit in. His entrance to the first town is hilarious. I was like "yay finally civilization!" I was like haha he left so damn fast. Since he got an ID he is going to the next town/city....but NOPE, gotta rescue a gob/kob whatever...ooookay. then boom! Another outworlder like him was conveniently introduce. I was like okay, we got to know a little more about MC's situation and learn more about the world settings. Nice, now let Mc be on his way to learn more himself possibly earning his own monry and leveling up as a lone mysterious adventure.  But fak that, let me join the clan and be a godamn nomad while letting every living being knows your identity despite emphasizing everytime that being an undead is basically a taboo and anyone who sees you will either run or want to pound you to dust. Not only that, sudden bromance bond with the another outworlder just "because". Da hell, that guy is not even japanese. You mentioned that mc will try not to stick out, possibly just staying under rank B to not get involved in politics stuff. so i was like "cool" now mc gotta try his best to lay low, despite hilariously sticking out like sore thumb and many funny events would occur whenever he tries to do something within the presence of people. Write about that. Are you worried that the adventure path, school arc, etc is too cliche and people might pelt you wih salt for writing something similar? Ofcourse not, you already set up a very unique mc! I don't know about others but i m not enjoying the traveling with this clan arc. I dont know how long i can keep track of the things that is happening cus i just scan through every chapter since then. I just wish that mc be on his way and leave this random nonsensical clan.  Well this is my honest opinion. Thanks for the fiction.

P.s you had the balls to add a cliche annoying overly violent female characters that like to punch the "spineless" mc. You dont know how much i would like to strangle such characters...



This story is not for me. It starts out very promising and the MC seems ... slightly intelligent. This fades fast, he turns int oa rather stupid MC who then over reacts emotionally to almost everything. I've read up to the 3rd Arc and basically everything after the first Arc fell really flat for me. I don't understand how this person ca nbe so emotional with NO BRAIN CHEMISTRY or any hormones. Story could have been great, it is well written but it just turnd into a whinge poor me fest. Really not for me.


So personnel opinion/ review. So when I read the first arc I was loving the characters and the emotions they invoked, hell the end of arc one was so emotional that i was almost in tears....... Then we get to arc two, started off just fine until oxide decided to change this series to be just another japanese light novel and the main cause behind this change is Hachirou who is essentially useless as far as everything goes with a tragic past that is ALL CONSUMING to the point that everyone in Hachirou's clan feels soooo sorry for him but can't do anything so they just wait for the magical MC to come along in the plot line to fix everything. So after that......... trainwreck I decided to grit my teath and see if arc 3 started off any better aaaaaaaaaaaaaand for my hopes to go up in flames when I find that the usless bag of waste Hachirou has just become the MC's traveling companion (why couldn't it of been the sister I could at least stand her personality but Hachirou just fills me with a burning HATRED)


So over all the first arc was totally worth the read but unless you like to read about the average spineless characters that show up in JP WN's stay away from arc two cause Hachirou just screws it all


If I had only read until he went to his first city I would have called this story a masterpiece but sadly. It went downhill pretty fast after that, I can say that the story got boring and not as funny. I started skimming through the chapters and all... Oh well, to new readers I shall say this instead, read this story and judge it yourself. Since you may like the way the author developed the story afterward which makes this story a masterpiece for you.


This isekai story started strong - magic, mystery, romance and a magnificent calling to the hero's journey - it had it all. Then it entered it's second arc and suddenly what we get is training montages, edgy personal drama, soul searching and pseudo-philosophical debates every other chapter. The fights are still decent but everything in between becomes a slog. There is still some great world-building going on but it's sparse and narrow.

Arc three will be the last for me as the story has turned into a shonen-novel at this point were everybody stutters like an imbecile and launches into monologues about dreams and convictions all the time. The style also has turned into what could be called 'manga-speech' which I can't stomach. 

Despite my misgivings there is still a semi-decent plot going on so if you can handle or even enjoy the type of narration this story now employs be sure to check it out and leave a rating.



So I just read all of this in one sitting, catching up to it at the current point with chapter 23, and I love it. 

The main character is fleshed out nicely, pun intended, and the author doesn’t shy away from obvious human conditions that normally get overlooked in fictions of this type. We see sadness, madness, anger, attachment, and loneliness, but also see him finding joy in simple things and making friends and growing into his new life. So far there’s two notable side characters, only one of which has spent enough time in the limelight for me to have an opinion of her – and again she was developed nicely, though if I say much more I’ll be unable to hold back spoilers.

The chapters are a little short for my liking, but the pacing is good and the written style is easy to follow. However, there are a lot of one- or two-sentence paragraphs which is the reason for only 4 stars for style, as I feel this does break the flow somewhat. Otherwise, spelling and grammar are good and there hasn’t been any moments where I have to re-read bits because the explanation or description of a thing wasn’t good enough.

The story doesn’t seem to have progressed too much even after 23 chapters and a few side chapters, it feels like the scene has finally been set for the story to properly begin, but what has been covered has been very enjoyable. I especially like the way skills work with the World Stream and the mechanism behind MC’s status screen, nice twists on common aspects that add in some originality and potential flair.


As a final note, I’ll warn you all to watch out for chapters 22 & 23. As far as the story is concerned they’re excellent, but I still can’t stop myself from cursing the author in my thoughts.


Starts off interesting, but turns into bad drama

Written after reading up to "Arc 3, Chapter 72". Mild spoilers relevant to the review.

Overall, the story starts off interesting, as one might expect from the premise, but starts going downhill rapidly after the first arc. The "LitRPG" and "Magic" tags quickly become irrelevant to the story as it devolves into a shallow, anime-ish drama.
Hardcore anime fans might want to take my admittedly low opinion on this novel with a grain of salt, though.

STYLE (3.5): The story is narrated in first person from protagonist's point of view, with occasional chapters or segments showcasing other characters' POV. Overall, it's simple and effective, my biggest issue with it being different text colours being used for different languages. It's a very lazy solution.
The narrator tends to deliver punch lines within narration, which I personally dislike, especially after protagonist becomes capable of normal communication.

STORY (1.5): It started off intriguing, with the first arc setting up the groundwork for protagonist's goals and character. Unfortunately, all of that goes down the drain in the second arc, once the protagonist joins a nomadic tribe which follows a very cliché anime culture. From that point on, every new character encountered is a cliché anime character and the protagonist becomes like that as well.
After the first arc, with every chapter, the RPG and Fantasy elements are less and less relevant and the story focuses more on poor anime drama. Honestly, the story before the second arc would get a 4/5 from me, and I kind of regret reading any further.

GRAMMAR (5): If there are any issues, I didn't spot them. The english used is very basic, though.

CHARACTER (1): Same issue as with Story, things start off interesting, and what little can be seen of characters is pretty good. But as soon as the second arc starts, every character devolves into an anime trope. The protagonist is not excluded from this.
It's difficult to get immersed into the plot, as a lot of it is carried by the story's characters, yet every single one's motivation and personality becomes plain as day as soon as they make their appearance.
As with Story, I'd rate first arc's Characters with 4/5.

To summarize my opinion, if you want a good and emotional read, reading just the first arc is fine. The rest of it, I don't recommend.


i cant bear to read it

it great and all.. but i cant read it.. im not good with this so much emotional mc.. he seems like a ignorant naive child that desperately trying to find a companion or family... shit often time time he tried to talk to someone knowing the fact that hes FUCKING UNDEAD!!! the most logical thing for him to do is to qietely become stronger before journeying around...

It's a different kind of read from the ones here on RRL, with its own pace and characters. The characters are not shallow at all, and the plot seems to be going in a good direction. The world building isn't as deep as the others, but the lightness is another kind of refreshing- the detail is just enough for the pace.

I read it on Wordpress, and I can deffo say it's a nice hooking read.

Gamph Madol

Was not bad, but got better anyway

Reviewed at: Arc 3, Chapter 107: Providence

I honestly found this story fairly average at the beginning. It didn’t have anything wrong with it. The grammar was more than passable, nothing that stands out or is frequent enough to cause a problem. The style flows smoothly and works perfectly fine, being descriptive and natural. The characters have depth, matching their roles and backstory, which are in fact entirely present, to the point that they carry the story quite well.

If I had written a review in the first half of the story, meaning the first or possibly second arc by the author’s devision, I would have said that the story was the weak point. It is not bad, still at least three stars if not more. But, there is a part in the middle there were things seem to drag. This may be why I am seeing a lot of reviews saying that the story loses interest.

However, once the 3rd arc starts to come around, a more over arching story becomes apparent. It doesn’t come out of nowhere, but still captured my attention and returned my active interest.

I would recommend reading, especially since the story starts out as a interesting narration of a protagonist displaced and not happy about it, goes on to their discovery and recognition of the world around them and how to deal with it and finally leads to a greater plan and struggle to achieve their discovered goals by the point I am writing this review.

I definitely hope this updates more consistently, since it has been dropping infrequent chapters for a while now, but would still recommend even with the on and off hiatus. If you are not off-put by the uncertainty in the middle, you will find an excellent pay off.