ALEXiThymiA [Progression][Gamelit]

ALEXiThymiA [Progression][Gamelit]

by Lykanthropy

In a world filled with monsters and supernatural entities, the idea of schools and extracurricular activities being used to identify candidates worthy of advancing was a given. 

Schools and extracurricular activities have been used as a way to provide early advantages for the children who strive to work harder and prove themselves from an early age. In this world, where academic success could literally mean the difference between life and death, many students would develop emotional baggage.

Fortunately for Alexa, she does not suffer from the problems that plague most of her peers. Gifted with an intelligent mind to start, she realized early on that applying herself to both her academic and sports competitions was the number one way to succeed in this world.

How can she do it? Shuffle studying, school work, and sports practice, all while being a teenager? The answer is simple, she has no emotions. The only time she truly feels anything, is when she increases her attributes. With that as her sole guiding purpose in life, she is determined to advance and grow her attributes as much as possible.

What can a girl do in a supernatural world where the only thing holding her back, is how hard she is willing to work? The answer, anything she wants.

How can a girl with no emotions learn to function as an ordinary student, at least for appearances sake? Simple, biting sarcasm and deadpan responses.

This is the story of Alexa Thyme, a girl unwilling to bend to a world she can't relate to.

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Table of Contents
60 Chapters
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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Principal's Office (1) ago
Chapter 2 The Principal’s Office (2) ago
Chapter 3 The Aftermath ago
Chapter 4 A Typical Date (1) ago
Chapter 5 A Typical Date (2) ago
Chapter 6 It’s A Trap - Dungeon ago
Chapter 7 The Fix ago
Chapter 8 Down With The Sickness ago
Interlude I The Crime Scene ago
Chapter 9 Social Dynamics ago
Chapter 10 Lies We Tell Ourselves ago
Chapter 11 Progenitor ago
Chapter 12 Call it Brotherly Intuition ago
Chapter 13 Emasculated by a Former Crush ago
Chapter 14 The Interrogation ago
Chapter 15 The Consultant's First Case ago
Chapter 16 Outcast, Again ago
Chapter 17 The Tier II Dungeon (Entry) ago
Interlude II ago
Chapter 18 The Tier II Dungeon (Gold) ago
Chapter 19 Tier II Dungeon (RED)-RUM ago
Chapter 20 Return to Bottomless Gorge ago
Chapter 21 Grounded Forever (From Spelunking) ago
Chapter 22 First Day of Supers High School (1) ago
Chapter 23 Pecking Order ago
Chapter 24 First Day of Supers High School (2) Playing Hooky at the Petting Zoo ago
Chapter 25 Living on Campus ago
Chapter 26 First Date Consultation with A Super ago
Chapter 27 Dungeon Safety Briefing ago
Chapter 28 Trials of Ascension: Stage II ago
Chapter 29 Two By Three Completion ago
Chapter 30 Monday’s Indoctrination ago
Chapter 31 The One Guy In A Sea of Untouchable Beauties ago
Interlude III Master / Judge and Warder ago
Chapter 32 Singling Out The Pack ago
Chapter 33 Sports Related Activities ago
Chapter 34 Classroom Introductions ago
Chapter 35 The Rise of Aru'ka The Healer ago
Chapter 36 Making Amends ago
Chapter 37 Start to a long Weekend ago
Chapter 38 Return to Bottomless Gorge, with Friends ago
Chapter 39 What are the Odds, Truly ago
Chapter 40 The Duel ago
Chapter 41 The Return ago
Epilogue ago
Prologue II ago
Chapter 42 Sunday into Monday Reunion ago
Chapter 43 Super Time At the Hospital ago
Chapter 44 Poppycock ago
Chapter 45 Going Into The Trap ago
Interlude IV: Warder / Polyglot ago
Chapter 46 When Everyone Knows, But Cannot Say ago
Chapter 47 The New Girl ago
Chapter 48 The Truth ago
Chapter 49 Choosing a Path Forward ago
Chapter 50 The First Village- Outskirts ago
Chapter 51 The Village – Conqueror ago
Chapter 52 The Hidden Quest ago
Chapter 53 The First Monster of Pandora ago
Chapter 54 The Twin Connection ago

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The MC's characterization seems to change every handful of chapters.

She claims to never lie, because it didn't properly communicate her stance: "Alexa found the whole process annoying. Which was why she never bothered with lying, instead she often chose to be brutally honest, so there was no ambiguity of where she stood on any particular topic." And yet we regularly see her lying by omission or implication, which is inconsistent with her stated motivations regarding clarity.

She claims to dislike bartering because it is a "waste of time", despite willingly doing a bunch of bartering in one of the first chapters, and also despite it clearly being a better profit-to-time ratio then many of the things she does.

She claims to not be particularly interested in receiving "friendship and comradery" only to befriend Gina later on and spend her time on that friendship instead of something more in line with her core goals. 


Equally problematic is that the world reacts to the MC just doesn't make sense. Twenty-one chapters in, the MC reveals herself as a world-class healer; arguably the best in the world. She also does a bunch of stuff that upends the world's understanding of magic, and claims to be able to teach her skills to anyone as long as they have magic unlocked. How does the setting respond to this? Did you guess that patients flock to her, being willing to pay considerable sums for the privilege of healing? Did you guess that researchers fly in to understand what is going on with her magic? Did you guess that our MC will now use these revolutionary abilities to persue what the story claims to be an almost-single-minded goal of aquiring crystals?

Nope! None of that. Instead, the MCs access to phenomenal cosmic power is completely ignored, and she continues life as if nothing happened.


This story starts off strong, and it's got a neat premise that's done well and scratches an itch I didn't know I had.   I recommend just starting the first chapter and you'll very quickly realize if you like it or not.  The main character is a font of sarcasm and caustic blunt honesty that's very enjoyable to read.

That said, the story starts to go a little off the rails after a while.  I'd say it starts strong but loses its way sometime between ch20 and ch30.  At the beginning it feels like Alexa has some distinct advantages and significanly more motivation than her peers, but as the story continues she becomes just hilariously OP and it starts to become a bit much.  Some of the later events really stretch believability to its breaking point, and just aren't fun to read.

The grammar is mostly fine but I noticed the occasional missing or extra word or a word that was just wrong and seemed like it might have been autocorrected into the wrong word.  The mistakes aren't pervasive enough to be a large issue but an editing pass would be very worthwhile.


I'm not sure I like this but I can't stop reading

Reviewed at: Chapter 50 The First Village- Outskirts

So like the title says I have mixed feelings about this story.

First off the story is well written from a grammar and diction perspective.

Then the story itself is quite compelling but not without its problems. Alexa as a mostly emotionless character is difficult to make likeable but I think that is okay. You can read a book about an unlikable character as long as they are compelling.

I worry about how OP Alexa is getting but as of the chapter I'm reviewing this there have been plenty of breadcrumbs dropped that she may be OP now but big things are coming. 

I actively disliked how magic was glossed over. Alexa has magic powers and apparently didn't need a teacher she just self taught herself how to be amazing at them. Supposedly the system gives you a basic outline but I'm not a fan of just hand waving magic mastery.

So yeah despite my complaints I still give it 4 stars. It really does draw you in.


The main character is a Mary Sue, which makes the entire story fairly pointless, as nothing actually matters.

There's not much of a plot other than: "OP character wins." Events don't begin and end so much as happen, so I'm hard pressed to identify an actual arc. Its true things happen and can even be entertaining, but with so little at stake, there's really no facility for character growth.

Which brings me to character. They're all two dimensional. Well defined characters consist of Motivation, Growth, and Personality. I don't think a single character has all three.

I believe there's some sort of theme, but that even mentioning it in the review might consitute a violation of the review rules. How ironic.

There's even incorrect grammar, mostly in punctuation. Generally, I ignore mistakes in work such as incorrect word usage, typos, and the like. Yet, this usage occurs consistently. It pertains to commas, periods, and clauses.


So far (ch.33) I love this story. It is well written and with great humor.

The characters are well described and most importantly believable.

I especially like how much I care about the emotionless main character who is a lot of fun in conversations.

Now back to binging this story! 

Ohh thanks to the author for sharing this story! 


Well written. Fresh MC.

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Written after the epilogue for book 1.

Style: World-building without info-dumps. The author paints scenes well (i.e., show not tell). For example, in one scene the MC makes eye contact with each girl in her class one-by-one in a way that communicates something very specific. And then to enable readers to understand what just happened, the author has some side characters have a short, natural conversation that quickly explains without being an info-dump or unnatural.

Story: The story follows well-worn paths (e.g., teenager coming of age and becoming OP), but in ways that are unpredictable. There are some standard scene (e.g., bullying at school), but they are handled in fresh ways. The main challenge the author will have after book 1 is that the MC grows in power so quickly that it will be difficult to devise reasonable ways for her to continue to grow in power and be challenged in the future. By the end of book 1 she is easily killing monsters that apparently no human has ever killed before; afterhow can she grow from there without the story becoming ridiculous?

Grammar: The English is good; I can't remember ever having my immersion broken by misspellings, word-choice errors, or grammatical errors.

Characters: The characters have clear motivations and personalities, and are internally consistent. Some side characters are standard arctypes (e.g., the rich teenager who calls on his dad's position to try to get his way), but that is ok because the main character is NOT a standard arctype.

The main character is someone that we can root for. She works very hard and does good to others without being a doormat.

Well done! Thanks for writing!


A Great Start... Wait, it's already over?

Reviewed at: Chapter 43 Super Time At the Hospital

I can't wait for more! Let the Era of Alexa Thyme begin!

Style: The story has an interesting style, different POV's letting the reader get some insight into how different characters function and think. It helps add more perspective to the story, allowing us to see different facets of the world.  5/5 Stars! 

Story: The world-building and plot so far have been okay. I will say it seems to be moving a little too quickly with book one apparently already completed. I feel a little unsatisfied with how the story ended so abruptly, and some of the final plot points just left me confused. 4/5 Stars! 

Grammer: The author is open to edit suggestions, and makes very few mistakes in the first place. I would still recommend a quick scan through Grammarly or another editing software to catch anything the readers miss though. 5/5 Stars! 

Character: I love Alexa's character, her unique view of the world adds different layers to her character that make her feel more complex! Luke's character is fleshed out and he acts as a sort of character foil for Alexa, showing us what she might be like if she didn't have Alexithymia. The only issues I have noticed have been with side characters. With the quick speed of the story, we don't really get to see many of the side characters enough to really get a sense of who they are, leaving me confused with some of their actions in the story. So far I am mostly satisfied with the characters that have been shown. 4.5/5 Stars! 

Overall: The story seems to have a lot of potential, as long as the author takes some time to expand on what they have created, instead of rushing through the plot at a breakneck speed. 4.5/5 Stars! 


This is an amazing story about a girl with no emotions except when she gets her fix of attribute point crystals or Skills. It is fast paced but i think with the emotionless MC it is better that way, she is an addict that wants her next fix of life and this story is great enough to sit down and read it all in one sitting 


Ch 1-18 were fine to me, intelligent emotionally stunted girl, a twin brother who might be simultaneously a whiteknight for his sister and jealous of his sister, a plot and investigation that was pretty interesting and i could see it going in some direction.

CH 19+ The interesting plot/investigation is put on hold to make her extremely OP after each and every following chapter. The plot/investigation rears it head again but all it does at that point is tell us anyone else but her is incompetent, especially the investigators, who are supposedly on payroll by the government.. a government that promotes and employs 'supers', well guess not for this vital investigation team.. that's what MC is for. But by this point she is god, and makes it all pointless, whatever the strength of the baddie is doesn't matter anymore.

If you had the superhero tag, LIKE YOU SHOULD, i wouldn't even have started reading this. extra minus points for this.


Read if an interesting character and power fantasy appeals to you.


The protagonist is introduced very well and you quickly start supporting her through her life in an exaggerated world. You are hooked by increasingly bizarre details about the world.


Where the fiction started to falter for me started with the side characters and then the constantly accelerating growth.


Her brother whose character seemes to change, moving from a dependable brother to a jealous lackey between chapters.

Alexa goes from someone who can pass prowess checks to compete with 'normal' people to someone who terrifies hardened warriors within a few chapters.