All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

by zaifyr

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power, posting every day.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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You always end up expecting parody stories to be funny for three chapters and then slowly becoming redundant and shallow. 
Well, that's not what this roomba story did. 
Not only the style fits the novel perfectly and the jokes are never out of place, but also the other POVs we are introduced to are rich and colorful. 
The story unfolds slowly and deliberately. The pace allows for a good view of the castle and hints of world building have emerged to keep the most curious at bay. There's not infodump, no force-feeding the readers the rule of the world: everything is narrated organically and presented at the best possible moment. 

For what concerns the characters, main character is hysterical. The maid, bee, is a perfect backdrop for the initial silliness, it provides enough gloom to have a perfect balance of fun and serious. 

If the author manages to spun the narrative well enough to make this more than just a parody, this could easily become a mainstay on RR's top comedy roster. And so far, he's succeeding. 

The grammar is good but it does sometimes switch to present tense when it shouldnt. Nothing a decent proofreader couldn't take care of. 


Grim Thoughts

What more do you need to know? This story is perfection incarnate. All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name All hail the power of Spot the Roomba's name


Style/poise and grammar are impeccable. Not a spec of dirt in sight in these words - spot made sure to clean them up real good.

Jokes aside this is a roomba isekai. It heavily uses misconceptions for humor and spends a delightful amount of time detailing the struggles of a little bot just trying to clean things. You can tell the author owns a roomba - I don't think you need one to enjoy the humor but it definitely added to the experience for me.

The Story is a slice of life with a minor progression aspect. Theres a few alternative POV's that are mostly used for comedy but are well done. Personally I'm looking forward to any future mutations/growth but I'm also worried too many might break it from its currently well laid roomba roots. I'm stuck between hoping it never changes and knowing if it stays cleaning indefinitely the premise might grow stale.

The Character score is based soly on the roomba's internal monologue and viewpoint. I love it - I can imagine its what my own Roomba is thinking - and hope to see how it grows in intelligence and personality in the future.

Overall this is better than I was expecting - and I was expecting alot based on the name. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to read about an isekaied roomba


When a Roomba who prides itself in its ability to clean gets summoned to a world of magic you get this charming story.

From cleaning giant precipices (edge of a staircase) to evading its nemesis (a puddle of water) the Roomba fulfills its duty in a novel world while gradually upgrading its functions.

Story: Only thing I can call this is captivatingly original. Elements of LITRPG combined with an evolution aspect immediately opens up the future possibilities of this story. Great story for a casual read. 

Style: A combination of first and third person perspective oddly works in this story's favor. The Roomba's perspective is first person as you follow it's thought development while all the side characters get a third person perspective. This combination, I find, works in this story's favor.

Grammar: The story is as spotless and clean as you can expect from a story about a Roomba. While there might be the very occasional dust bunny (grammar mistake) in the story but just like actual dust you don't notice them.

Character: The Roomba is a delightful character. From it's loyal attachment to its humans to its interpretation of the world surrounding it. The choices it makes are sweet and completely fit the narrative.

Side characters will gradually be explored and I am curious for future interactions as the Roomba becomes stronger and more misunderstandings occur.


Our tidiness-obsessed hero seeks the death of all mess. Unfortunately for him, pesky magic users make magic circles of dust and salt! Shenanigans, over-estimations and fun views in the mind of a sapient vacuum ensuem. Grammar is perfectly fine, and the system isn't given much focus, which I love. I look forward to seeing how Spot the Endbringer, Enemy of Entropy, and Dust's Bane cleans up the rest of the castle he's found himself in.