All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

by zaifyr
Artist: Aster Loka

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power.

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Table of Contents
86 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Consequences of a Power Vacuum ago
Chapter 2: Today Sucked ago
Chapter 3: Deep Cleaning of the Soul ago
Chapter 4: Dust Bunnies ago
Chapter 5: The Light that never was ago
Chapter 6: In a Vacuum, No One Can Hear You Scream ago
Chapter 7: The World's Janitor ago
Chapter 8: The Vacuum Wanders as the Vacuum Wills ago
Chapter 9: Taking out the Trash ago
Chapter 10: Those Who Stare into the Void ago
Chapter 11: What Looks Back ago
Chapter 12: On the mortality of dirt ago
Chapter 13: Wiping the Floor with You ago
Chapter 14: I Suck at Reading the Room ago
Chapter 15: The Purity of the Void ago
Chapter 16: The Hockey Puck of Doom ago
Chapter 17: Chasing Perfection ago
Chapter 18: A Bath of Blood ago
Chapter 19: A Blank Slate ago
Chapter 20: An Unblemished Floor ago
Chapter 21: A Clean Start ago
Chapter 22: Strait Through the Mud ago
Chapter 23: Power Washing ago
Chapter 24: The Magic Eraser ago
Chapter 25: Meditative Cleaning ago
Chapter 26: Rolling Down the Red Carpet ago
Chapter 27: Spring Cleaning ago
Chapter 28: Bristling with Fury ago
Chapter 29: A Cluttered Mind ago
Chapter 30: The Pure Spirit ago
Chapter 31: Letting it Soak ago
Chapter 32: Germophobe ago
Chapter 33: The Best Disinfectant ago
Chapter 34: Down and Dirty ago
Chapter 35: Dusty Old Bones ago
Chapter 36: Dancing Around the Broom ago
Chapter 37: Every Body Clean Up ago
Chapter 38: Dust-Up ago
Chapter 39: Swept Away ago
Chapter 40: A Dust Trap ago
Chapter 41: What Lies Between the Starts Sucks ago
Chapter 42: A Pristine Oasis ago
Chapter 43: Clean UP ago
Chapter 44: The Clean Path ago
Chapter 45: A Brush with Death ago
Chapter 46: Time to Clean ago
Chapter 47: Getting Detailed ago
Chapter 48: Dressing Down ago
Chapter 49: Dust Devils ago
Chapter 50: Soil Sucking ago
Chapter 51: Of Voids and Vacuums ago
Chapter 52: Securing Supplies ago
Chapter 53: A Splash of Truth ago
Chapter 54: Farm Upkeep ago
Chapter 55: A Crummy Situation ago
Chapter 56: The Road to Salvation ago
Chapter 57: Sleep Mode ago
Chapter 58: Charging Station ago
Chapter 59: A Bounty of Crumbs ago
Chapter 60: Running Amuck ago
Chapter 61: Dust in the Wind ago
Chapter 62: Acceptable Deviations ago
Chapter 63: Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 64: Cooped Up ago
Chapter 65: Coming Clean ago
Chapter 66: Cleared Up ago
Chapter 67: V is for Vacuum ago
Chapter 68: A Step Up ago
Chapter 69: Nice Floors ago
Chapter 70: Clean Words ago
Chapter 71: Workload Optimization ago
Chapter 72: Hazardous Waste ago
Chapter 73: Immaculate ago
Chapter 74: Ramping Up ago
Chapter 75: Purest of Intentions ago
Chapter 76: Clearing the Air ago
Chapter 77: Operation S.P.O.T. ago
Chapter 78: A Messy Situation ago
Chapter 79: A Dance of Disinfectant ago
Chapter 80: Spray and Pray ago
Chapter 81: Breaking a Few Eggs ago
Chapter 82: On the Spot + Epilogue (End of Book 1) ago
Chapter 83: Prologue part 1 (originally Chapter 30.1: Rodent of Unusual Size (bonus chapter)) ago
Chapter 83: Tabula Rasa - A Cleansing Tide (Book 2 Prologue) part 2 ago
Chapter 84: Heavenly Ascent ago
Chapter 85: Falling In Place ago

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I've really enjoyed reading this story. Its mostly unique take on the isekai sub-genre is great and a lot of fun. The author does an amazing job making a roomba interesting, despite the fact that it's just a vacuum cleaner. The humor is great as well, and only gets better as the story goes on; I often found myself chuckling, or even outright laughing at the comedy. It's also a great example of non-human done right.

The prose is good, and has just the right amount of detail to really suck you in,—heh, suck—without having you stumble over excessively detailed descriptions of clothing and people. The POV jumps around a lot between Spot, Beatrice, and sometimes some other person., but it works really well, and it's always clear who's head we're in. It never felt forced or obtrusive and I always felt like it was worth reading, unlike POV swaps in some other stories.

The grammar is good. There's an occasional mistake, but it's usually just a spelling mistake or an accidental extra period at the end of a sentence. The sentences and paragraphs themselves read well, and I didn't encounter any problems with awkward phrasing.

The story so far has been rather lighthearted and fluffy with a good dash of comedy. It's nice, but like most of those stories, it can leave you wanting for more. Like eating cotton candy, it's sweet and delicious, but not very filling. It's still a lot of fun, though, and has some signs it is changing into something a bit more serious., so I'm looking forward to that.

Other than that, I found myself skipping over some of the paragraphs from time to time. Mostly some about cleaning, since they were a bit repetitive. They absolutely can be fun and interesting though, and they often are, but not always. The author is actually quite great at making cleaning entertaining. If only it was so much fun in real life.

Spot/Void is a great example of a non-human lead done right. Its entire world is the floor and cleaning it, and that reflects really well in its dialogue and thoughts. Spot doesn't have much personality, aside from cleaning, but that's fine. Its way of viewing the world is what makes it special, since we get to see this new world through its sensors. Spot experiences some growth as it realizes he isn't bound by his original rules and capabilities anymore, but personal growth isn't really the point of his character.

Beatrice, however, has a lot more personality, and she's great. Her mostly unfounded fear of Spot can be annoying, but nothing you can't read past. It's really interesting to read both their accounts of the same events since they both have such a different way of looking at things. Beatrice is also the character through which we learn the most about the world.

The other side characters we occasionally see are also good, but I don't think they're interesting beyond what we learn about the world through their eyes

This story is definetly worth a read if you're looking for something new and interesting, or are a big fan of non-human leads.


I thought this would be a ridiculous story that made for a bit of light fun. I was right, but I'm so interested in it! All the little things Spot doesn't understand but we do makes for great dramatic tension! And I'm genuinely invested in how clean the castle is.

James Hugo Yavin

Every word of this makes me smile. Easily the best chapter titles on RR. If this is ever available on Kindle, I'm buying it. Or, even better, if this ends up as a video game, I'm buying it. I'll definitely hop on again later for a more in depth reading and review, but for now just wanted to show a bit of support for some genuine fun. Thanks for writing!


The dumbest concept I've ever read.

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Letting it Soak

This masterpiece is dumb. Its brilliant. It makes me wonder if Sheogorath has somehow crossed into our dimension to twist the mind of this stories readers. This is cozy fantasy at its best. A fantastic parody of the isekai genre, while at the same time wholeheartedly embracing it. 

If you are at all familiar with isekai, self inserts or OC inserts, you have to read this story. It is incredible.


I don't normally go for stories with frequent perspective changes, but this story is amazing so far!

I gave it a whirl because the title was ridiculous. And definately didn't expect something I would enjoy so much.

I like our main character, I like the suporting characters, and how they all add to the story, and the different lenses our plot has so far!


Gimmick Better Suited to a Short Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: An Unblemished Floor

With funny ideas that depend on constant misunderstandings, it's best to keep them short and sweet.  I liked the first few chapters, but then the lack of dialogue and a plot based on misunderstandings began to feel thin.   When I realized the story was boring me, I dropped it.   This was a great unique idea for the first few thousand words, and then it became tedious.  Thanks for sharing, and best wishes on your projects.


I admit I didn't expect much when I came across it, but I devoured all 59 chapters available in two days. Reading about a roomba leveling is oddly compelling. I can't wait to see what Void/Spot and Bee get up to next.

There's hardly any grammar or spelling mistakes. I look forward to this being published properly so I can buy it.


There is a great layered connection between the fantasy world and the Roomba.  Much of the comedy is from the strange but kinda true relationships between their very different perspectives. It is sort of like 'reincarnated as a sword' if the sword were really a sword instead of a human. The Roomba's singular focus on cleaning sounds like it would be gimmicky and boring, but the story doesn't fizzle out and is able to really create some solid world building. I was hesitant to read this one and am glad I gave it a chance.

The Anthrax Addict

Our tidiness-obsessed hero seeks the death of all mess. Unfortunately for him, pesky magic users make magic circles of dust and salt! Shenanigans, over-estimations and fun views in the mind of a sapient vacuum ensuem. Grammar is perfectly fine, and the system isn't given much focus, which I love. I look forward to seeing how Spot the Endbringer, Enemy of Entropy, and Dust's Bane cleans up the rest of the castle he's found himself in. 


I wanted to like this- it seemed like a breath of fresh air. Well- for some it might be (from the other reveiews that seem to be the case)- but not for me. In fairness, I lost interest early- just seemed like too much work for no reward. I honestly only got to chapter 5. This means my review could actually be very wrong if it gets better- but unless someone tells me it does, (and why they think so)- I'm done 'following behind a Roomba'.

Style: I found the story to be a weird genre mix-up of (apparent (unexplained)) transmigrator fantasy into a (potentially?) Lit-RPG world where the 'system' gives fantasy or 'sci-fi' power-ups (curently uninvented Roomba features are 'sci-fi' to me). That 'seeming lack of focus' in itself suprisingly isn't the problem- not even the 'sci-fi and fantasy rarely mix well' hurdle poses much of a problem at this point-- but the 'written as cartoon' forced plot & humor dynamic which makes everyone around the MC a complete idiot doesn't really help the story.

Story: I often find stories like this are a bunch of (often) unrelated 'and then another thing happens' events barely strung together. This isn't one of those because there's so much 'string'. Plodding pacing. Too much reading 'details' while things don't happen. Please, something happen! Also, I'm not a Roomba. Though at first, being introduced to 'the mind and views of a Roomba' are neat- it get's tiring fast, as Roombas are uninteresting idiots. The story reveals plenty of questions, most of which will not be addressed. The 'meat' of the story seems to be the 'misunderstandings'- and those are 'because people are idiots that jump to ridiculous conclusions' (forced plotting/plot puppets).

Grammar: No problems, really. A few minor things not worth quibbling over.

Character: Needless to say, the MC gets no score (by design)- he's a clueless robot. Unfortunately, all the 'plot-puppet' characters who just exist to force the plot and create specific situations for the author get no score either. Everyone being 'idiots that jumps to convenient conlusions' doesn't help... I'm lost as to how this gets 5 stars anywhere.



   * Interesting premise
   * Solid writing skill

The Bad:

   * Pace is insanely plodding.
   * The comedy is very 'hit ot miss' (to me). It didn't do much for me, but I can see others might appreciate it more easily.
   * MC is... seriously?- I'm supposed to care about this guy? Why?
   * So much forced plot, plot armor, and characters who are just plot puppets. No one does anything remotely sensible, because 'humor' (I guess?).

The Different:

   * A valiant attempt to do yet another 'bet you would have never thought this could be an MC' fantasy story.

For me this doesn't work because it seems to think it's a cartoon. That in itself chouldn't be a problem, but in cartoons things happen... constantly- and in this... not so much so.

The crapload of things you're entirely not supposed to quention are also non-stop.

Gods are powerless to the MC's 'shutdown', but somehow wise in the way of futuristic upgrades? Say- aren't some of these upgrades hella powerful? Why? Oh- did we miss that during the 'shutdown'? Great 'not story-telling'. Wizards ALL are absolute cowards, and ignorant to the consept of 'scouting'? (at least in the days the story was forced to be a passive-aggresive 'misunderstanding'(confrontation) between a demon and another 'I'll just wait here till I die' extra). I won't even ask about all the imposed 'comedic' suffering. Not really 'funny' to me, but 'whatever'...

Even worse (to me) are the magical powerups that the MC gets for getting to levels 1 and 5. Putting aside that these are normally just increases in existing ability, OR (sometimes) a new skill- getting expanded or completly new mechanical aparatus... well, I kinda don't care, BUT being that he's in a mage.., something-- that's a 'missed opportunity' for a story segment where a blacksmith does surgery? I dunno. 'Here, cause you made level 5' works too I guess. Cuts out the middle-man. And motive. And reward for effort after realizing one'slimitations...

Ah, all that's 'story'. Let's talk about surfaces and spills for paragraphs instead because that's rivetting to other Roombas (which I am not one of)...

I'm not expecting the story to 'do this' just saying (by one example) 'shortcuts' are 'shortcuts'!

Anyway- hopefully it gets better depite my reservations

I may not have read all the chapters to date, but unless the author:

Started doing some proper character development
Abandoned forced plotting and determined some actual goals and motives. Maybe real obstacles? I dunno. If just 'cleaning' to level 1 can get you an offer of 'dimensional travel', I don't see any realistic effort/reward scenarios. (Yeah, I know it's supposed to be humor- but 'funny because he didn't take it' is less imporrtant than 'it was offered, though'). This is a writing 'style' that realy doesn't acknowledge the apparent genre.

Well, I really am only guessing what the author is 'trying to do' from the results. If this were a cartoon or movie where it could be visually 'sold'- then I can actually seing it work better- but just as a novel a lot of 'nuance' (that would be filled in by an actor or director) is missing.

That's how I see it anyway. There's a bunch more, but my point isn't that these are 'mistakes', so much as the balance for the story makes them unwieldly. Plot holes abound.

Please understand- I'm not saying this is bad- just that it needs editing, badly. I think with some cleanup (and a little enhancement) it would be impressive. I just can't follow what it is now without being dissatisfied.